Welcome to Bible Studies on a Word

Having written all these 2771 (in total) notes many years ago, I feel that they need to be published. You, the reader, may find them useful as a point of reference, similar to a Commentary, but much more focussed, in this case on a specific word where-ever it appears in the (AV - King James Version) Scriptures. The latest Study, on the word, 'BLESS,' uses the CJB - the Complete Jewish Bible. Should I do any other studies like these, I will probably also use the CJB.

To that end, an index is at the front of each of the studies, rather than is more normal, at the end.

A series of studies of a single word, of what I felt God was saying to me in the Bible, using the this method: following the Crudens Concordance list of entries, in that same order, in the Bible, of the word and looking at each usage in turn in its context. Writing the verse down, then writing what I felt that the Lord was saying to me about the particular word, in its context. For instance, LOVE occurs no less than 331 times in the AV, hence the number of studies following. Then other studies followed, see the list below and click on the one you wish to see.

In this way, I believe that I have heard a great deal of what God says about each of these words and have written them out in order to shed some of the love of God abroad.

I am aware, of course, that in many cases, that which I have written down, is influenced by my own thoughts and views! I therefore ask any readers of these studies to forgive me if they feel that is the case when reading any particular study. The verses written out in the first 5 Studies, are from the Schofield version of the Authorised Version of the Bible, with the words changed to current English spelling. As mentioned, the 6th study uses the CJB.

The order of the references may seem a little strange, but they are in the order they appear in the "Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments."

Where I noted it at the time, I have added the dates of the actual original written studies.

I have been greatly blessed in reading these studies once again, having started doing them in 1983, now in the process of typing them up (started typing 12-Nov-10 and still going...) and marvel at our wonderful God and the things He has revealed to me. I trust that any who read these studies, will also be greatly blessed.

This is not intended to be a way of studying the Bible as in daily Bible study notes, but as an incentive for others to do real Bible study and write down what they feel the Lord is saying to them.

These studies are copyright to Malcolm D. Powell. ©1983 - 2022