Middle East Report

stories this week include: Disabled citizens in Israel protest to get disability payment increases, In a ceremony marking 50th anniversary of Israe

stories this week include:  Two major building projects are underway in Israel, Christian Journalist Charles Gardner wants to see more people

Stories this week include:  Archaeologists in Israel discover a new find from the time of Jesus, Christian Journalist shares the impact of his

stories this week includes;:  An important convention  for  educators of Jewish studies has just been held in Jerusalem, Looking at

Stories this week include:  Jews mourn over the destruction of the temple, The  BDS movement is hurting Palestinians, Worship leader Paul

Stories this week include: Jerusalem's religious site becomes a focus of protest by Muslims, The mother of a terrorist who killed 3 members  o

Stories this week include:    Jerusalem stages annual film festival, French President Mr Macron wants to see peace talks resume and Iraqi

Stories this week include:  One of the largest sporting events in the world is underway in Israel, Iraq's Prime Minister declares victory over

stories this week include: India's PM makes historic visit to Israel, Israel confirms Iran is operating underground weapons factory in Lebanon, Eva

Stories this week include: Israeli Cabinet  prevents non-Orthodox Jews having their own prayer area, Israel's ground breaking technology helps