Middle East Report

stories include: Israel faces extraordinary times, Well Known  speaker is confident of Israel's future and Iran transfers funds to Hamas to fu

Stories include:  The use of  3 different calendars in Israel can cause conflict, Former Vicar of Baghdad calls for UK to rise up and at

Stories this week include: The Jewish population in Israel has grown by over six and a half million since the Holocaust, Keynote speakers highlight

stories this week include:  Gaza residents protest at border fence with Israel, First ever Messianic investment management company operates in Israel and Christians groups working round the clock to delver aid to Syria.


stories this week include:  New route flies over Saudi Arabia, Former IDF Deputy  Commander shared how He came back to God through prayer

Stories this week include: Mining clearance begins near the site of Jesus, Looking at some of the highlights of Passover and Ancient freedom coins discovered at Passover.

Stories this week include: Despite police investigations support for Israel's Prime Minister increases,  Israel undergoes large scale training

Stories include: Historic Jerusalem church closes its doors for 3 days, Historic events mark season of restoration for Israel and the church and Ne

Stories this week include:  Archaeologist discovers ancient water channel, For the first time ever Messianic leaders invited Christians from t