Middle East Report

Stories this week include; Israelis prepare for travel abroad during the Passover holiday, Arab Christian who was once associated with terrorist group  seeks to bring reconciliation between Arabs & Jews and British  actress Helen Mirren to host Jewish Nobel Prize ceremony in Jerusalem.

Stories include:  The President of Israel hosts animal welfare charity, Former Palestinian  linked to terrorist group now has a

Stories this week include:  Israel's High Court involved in the development of natural gas, A crackdown on Christians in Egypt is on the incre

This week's programme - stories include:  Multiple terror attacks in Brussels claim 34 lives, Jews throughout the world celebrate the Feast of

Stories this week include:  Jerusalem plays host to international cultural week, Rebuilding the lives of Christians in the Middle East and The

Stories this week include: Israel marks International Women's Day, An international conference in Jerusalem addresses the Genocide of religious mi

Stories this week include:  A well known Jerusalem landmark gets a name change, Ebenezer Emergency Fund celebrates 25 years helping the Jewish people return to Israel and Egyptian schools to teach peace treaty with Israel for the first time.

Stories this week include: Former Prime Minister of Israel begins prison sentence for bribery, A rise in Anti Semitism sees more families making A

Stories this time include: The Israel Trail is the longest hiking trail to be accessible on computer, A new initiative challenges the church to get involved with what God is doing in Israel and Israel is expected to suffer with another year of drought.

Stories this week include:   A report reveals spying by Britain on Israel, Fellowship of Israel  Related Ministries goes global and