Middle East Report

Stories this week include: Mining clearance begins near the site of Jesus, Looking at some of the highlights of Passover and Ancient freedom coins discovered at Passover.

Stories this week include: Despite police investigations support for Israel's Prime Minister increases,  Israel undergoes large scale training

Stories include: Historic Jerusalem church closes its doors for 3 days, Historic events mark season of restoration for Israel and the church and Ne

Stories this week include:  Archaeologist discovers ancient water channel, For the first time ever Messianic leaders invited Christians from t

stories this week include:  Israel face military clashes with Iran and Syria, US supports Israel's right to defend itself, Well Known Pro Life

stories include:  Israel struggles to deal with illegal immigrants from Africa,  The number of fatal drive by shootings attacks on increa

Stories this week include:  Archaeologists find ancient theatre near former Jewish temple, US Vice  President's visit to Israel receives

stories this week include: PLO  President causes stir over speech, Former Trump adviser  pleads guilty to lying to FBI, Special events&nb

Stories this week include: New film traces Jewish man's story of how he came to Christ, Knesset strengthens hold on Jerusalem, Trumps recognition o