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Bible Studies by Malcolm D. Powell © 1983


Having written these notes many years ago, I feel that should they be published. You, the reader, may find them useful as a point of reference, similar to a Commentary, but much more focussed, in this case on a specific word where ever it appears in the (AV - King James version) Scriptures.

To that end, an index is at the front of this book, rather than is more usual, at the back.

These notes were handwritten over a long period as a result of trying to listen to the Lord whilst studying the meaning of the word RIGHTEOUSNESS in the Word of God - the Bible. The writer has used Crudens Concordance and gone through every verse (and its' context) where the word RIGHTEOUSNESS has appeared, writing out the verse concerned, followed by what the writer felt that the Lord God of Israel was saying about RIGHTEOUSNESS in that context. The writer has written them out in order to share what I felt that the Lord Jesus has revealed to me, they are in the order as found in the Concordance with an index in Biblical order at the back. May these notes be a source of instruction, comfort and uplifting to those who read them.

In this way, I believe that I have heard a great deal of what God says about RIGHTEOUSNESS, His RIGHTEOUSNESS especially, and have written them out in order to shed some of that RIGHTEOUSNESS abroad.

I am aware, of course, that in many cases, that which is written down is influenced by my own thoughts and views! I therefore ask any readers of these studies to forgive me if they feel that is the case when reading any particular study. The verses written out are from the Schofield version of the Authorised Version of the Bible, with the “thee’s and thou’s etc.” changed into the current English equivalent.

These note are not intended to be a way of studying the Bible as in daily Bible study notes, but as an incentive for others to do real Bible study and write down what they feel the Lord is saying to them.

All quotations are taken from Schofield's Authorised Version of the Bible, with the "thee's' and 'thou's' given their modern English equivalent. Nowadays, there is the “New King James” version…. Currently, I am using the CJB – Complete Jewish Bible.

These studies are copyright to Malcolm D. Powell. ©1983

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As mentioned, all these were originally hand written and I am in the process of typing them into MS Word. This is taking a very long time!

Index of Scripture references

These studies are copyright to Malcolm D. Powell. ©1983
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1. Deuteronomy 6 v 25: “And it shall be our RIGHTEOUSNESS if we observe to do all these commandments before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us.”       19th May 1983

The commandment: to keep the Law, but in the ‘Old Testament’ (called the “Scriptures” in the ‘New Testament.’) a sacrifice had to be paid for every transgression of the Law.  In the New Testament, the Law still had to be kept (Jesus said “Not one jot or tittle of the Law shall pass away” – Matthew 5:17-20 but we are now under Grace if we break the Law, provided that we confess it to the Lord and repent!  So we do have to keep the Law!  RIGHTEOUSNESS is: keeping all the commandments.  How can we be anything but ‘before the Lord our God?’  Not turning our backs to Him, but facing Him, i.e. not doing the commandments legalistically.

2. Deuteronomy 24 v 13: “In any case you shall deliver him the pledge again when the sun goes down, that he may sleep in his own raiment, and bless you; and it shall be RIGHTEOUSNESS to you before the Lord your God.” 19th May 1983

Deuteronomy 24:10 says When you lend...” So we should be open to lending.  It doesn’t say ‘if,’ it says “when.”  It was obviously normal in those days to look for some security for the loan, but if the borrower was poor & his only security was his blanket, then the loan-er should not keep that ‘essential to the borrower’ item when the borrower needs it, i.e. to sleep in!  So, in being prepared to loan to our brothers & sisters in the Lord, we should be prepared to convert the loan into a gift.  So we do have to look after our brothers & sisters in Christ. RIGHTEOUSNESS is: being generous to our brothers & sisters before the Lord, in loans (sharing what we have) and to our poorer brothers & sisters, in gifts (sharing what we have).  Again, this is “before the Lord,” i.e. not legalistically but in love and joy.

3. Deuteronomy 33 v 19: “They shall call the people to the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS, for they shall suck the abundance of the seas, and treasures hidden in the sand.” 24th May 1983

A sacrifice of RIGHTEOUSNESS?  This is making the effort to walk, in daily life, in the ways of the Lord, according to His Laws.  It is a sacrifice because it takes a lot of effort and concentration to stay in the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord!  Until one is offering the sacrifice of RIGHTEOUSNESS, one cannot call other people to the mountain to offer their own sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  There is an obvious implication that we can offer this sacrifice of RIGHTEOUSNESS, otherwise we wouldn’t be called to do it!  Also there is a promise of reward following: “for they shall suck the abundance of seas, and treasures hidden in the sand.” Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Great is our God!

4. Job 29 v 14: “I put on RIGHTEOUSNESS, and it clothed me; my justice was like a robe and a diadem.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS when ‘worn’ is like clothing, it is God’s Shekinah glory to be seen by those in the world around the one ‘wearing’ it!  RIGHTEOUSNESS is a deliberate act – like getting dressed.  Only a RIGHTEOUS person can give judgement, and then only a Godly RIGHTEOUS person, not a self-RIGHTEOUS person, their judgement is clouded.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is an anointing from God when we do God’s will.  It enables us to do things otherwise impossible!  Without RIGHTEOUSNESS, we are nothing at all, we must have God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in order to do His will in its every aspect.

5. Job 36 v 3: “I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and will ascribe RIGHTEOUSNESS to my maker.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS is to be ascribed to God.  We are to acknowledge His total RIGHTEOUSNESS in all things.  God is absolutely right in everything that He does and everything He allows to happen, because He knows the end from the beginning, and all things in between!  He alone is so RIGHTEOUS that He can claim His own RIGHTEOUSNESS!  He is so much more RIGHTEOUS than anyone else, the knowledge of that is spread afar, to the ends of the universe and further still.

6. Psalm 4 v 5: “Offer the sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS, and put your trust in the Lord.”

Not only must we offer sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS to the Lord as in study 3 (Deuteronomy 33:19) before, but we must sacrifice our own wants and even needs for Jesus.  These may be a PVR or a washing machine or just food.  We, I(!) must not put them before the Lord, if He wants something else from me or us.  The Lord knows both our wants and our needs and He will supply them all out of His riches if only we, I(!) will obey the second part of the verse, “put your trust in the Lord.” It is so easy, when credit is so very available in this day and age, to simply go out and write a cheque or enter the PIN for our Credit Card, for something we want or need, instead of trusting in the Lord to supply that need.  So, another aspect of RIGHTEOUSNESS is simply trusting the Lord, not passively, but praying for them and receiving them in faith, then waiting on the Lord to supply!  The hardest part is to keep praying until we receive the items in our faith.  Once we have received something in faith, then it will be supplied!!!.

7. Psalm 11 v 7: “For the Righteous Lord loves RIGHTEOUSNESS; His countenance does behold the upright.”

This equates RIGHTEOUSNESS with uprightness.  This means, therefore, that in worldly terms, I must ‘walk tall’ in the faith I have in Jesus, as my everything.  This doesn’t mean walking tall or very uprightly in a physical sense.  It means to be bold in the world in my faith.  To not be afraid to talk to the hitch-hikers that I sometimes pick up, about Jesus, or to those at work about what Jesus has done for me!  The Lord is RIGHTEOUS and we, I, must look to Him for the example of RIGHTEOUSNESS for us to follow and copy.  The Lord looks favourably upon the upright or those who are RIGHTEOUS in the Lords ways.

8. Psalm 33 v 5: “He loves RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice; the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.”

To be RIGHTEOUS in the Lord’s eyes is to be loved by the Lord, for He loves RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice.  Therefore RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice are qualities in me, or ourselves, to be greatly desired if we or I want to please the Lord!  So what is it?  RIGHTEOUSNESS is:

doing His commandments; 

lending to others without looking for repayment; 

to offer sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS

to wear RIGHTEOUSNESS as a garment; 

ascribing RIGHTEOUSNESS to God our maker; 

putting our trust in the Lord; 

to walk uprightly in our faith in God; 

to perceive the goodness of God in the Earth.

 Praise God that He loves the RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice that He is putting in place within me, so this means that He loves me.  I will practice the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God wants to see and love in me.  Amen!  I must also look for the goodness of the Lord in the Earth, i.e. be positive, don’t look for the bad things, don’t expect bad things!

9. Psalm 15 v 2: “He that walks uprightly, and works RIGHTEOUSNESS, and speaks the truth in his heart.”

Wow!  This is a description of those who will dwell in the Lord’s holy hill – Zion, or Heaven.  This confirms that RIGHTEOUSNESS is a job and a way of doing a job.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is very positive, it is not ‘thou shalt not...;’ it is all positive and again, here we have an equating of RIGHTEOUSNESS and uprightness, but also bringing in other things too, several of which have come into the previous study.

10. Psalm 23 v 3: “ He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS for His names sake.”

If I do not follow His leading, then I cannot be RIGHTEOUS!  For only God’s ways are RIGHTEOUSNESS!  The Lord must be glorified in me, so He is willing and able to lead (show) me the way to His glory.  The Lord restores my soul in order that I may be willing and able to follow Him in the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  He doesn’t ask me to do any impossible thing, but only that which is right and proper for His names sake, for His glorification.  I have only to follow the Lord’s leading, minute by minute in life, my life, to be walking in these paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Hallelujah, it is so simple.  Praise be to God for His simplicity.  Hallelujah.

11. Psalm 24 v 5: “He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and RIGHTEOUSNESS from the God of his salvation.”

So RIGHTEOUSNESS is a gift from God and is not something we or I can manufacture or just be of ourselves.  It comes to him who, as in verse 4, “... has clean hands, and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.”  So, it is a free gift from the God of my salvation, but there are strings to its being given, pre-conditions.  My heart must belong to the Lord, I must be sold out to Him.  The more sold out to Him that I am, the more RIGHTEOUSNESS and blessings He will be able to give me.  Hallelujah.

12. Psalm 40 v 9: “I have preached RIGHTEOUSNESS in the great congregation; lo, I have not restrained my lips, O Lord, You know.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS is to be encouraged and taught amongst all people, the “great congregation” is the whole world, not just Christians.  I have to preach RIGHTEOUSNESS!  I can only preach it from my own RIGHTEOUSNESS that God has given me, in which I walk.  I must be able to say to the Lord “I have not restrained my lips, O Lord, You know.”  I have to declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS to the world.  O praise the Lord God of Isra’el for His greatness and mercy.  O praise the Lord God of Isra’el for His tender loving-kindness.  O praise the Lord God of Isra’el for His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

13. Psalm 45 v 4: “And in Your majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and RIGHTEOUSNESS; and Your right hand shall teach you awe inspiring things.”

As a result of my God given truth and meekness and RIGHTEOUSNESS, such as I also seek them in my life, I shall be majestically prosperous in Jesus my Lord.  If I do not wear the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God has given me in Jesus, and I do not seek His truth and meekness in all the things of my life and all that I say and do, then I shall not attain His majesty riding prosperously in my life.  God will not be glorified in me, it is my choice, I must choose to go God’s way.  I will glorify the Lord!!!  Amen.

14. Psalm 45 v 7 and Hebrews 1 v 9: “You love RIGHTEOUSNESS, and hate wickedness: therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.”

Hallelujah!  This, of course, is partly prophetic of Jesus, especially in the context of verse 8 as well.  However, God applies it to all His sons!  Praise the Lord!  Since “you (I) love RIGHTEOUSNESS and hate wickedness: therefore God...”  So God’s promise to me is that if I love RIGHTEOUSNESS and seek after it, and hate wickedness and expose it, where-ever it is, with the light of RIGHTEOUSNESS, then The Lord God of Isra’el will anoint me with the oil of gladness more than those around me, who do not do these things!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Great and merciful is our God.  He is a God (there is no other!) who keeps His promises.  Lord, show me Your paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS and give me an overwhelming desire to follow them please.  Amen.

15. Psalm 48 v 10: “According to Your name, O God, so is Your praise to the ends of the earth; Your right hand is full of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The right hand is the one that holds the sword, the word of God, His “right hand is full of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  So the word of God is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  In order to obtain that RIGHTEOUSNESS, I must get hold of the sword, the word.  In other words, study the Bible, as in the case of which I am, under the Lord, writing.  O praise His name!  How wonderful that even the name of God is worthy to be praised.

16. Psalm 51 v 19: “Then shall You be pleased with the sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS, with burnt offering and whole burnt offering; then shall they offer bullocks on Your altar.”

So when shall the Lord be pleased with the sacrifices of RIGHTEOUSNESS?  What are the sacrifices?  Verse 17, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.”  Only by asking (seeking) God, verse 10, to “create in me a clean heart” and to “renew a right (or RIGHTEOUS?) spirit within me.”  So, I cannot please the Lord God of Isra’el on my own, or by my own devices!  I can only turn more and more to God for everything.  I must be broken in spirit towards God!  This means that I must completely turn myself over to God without reservation.  I must be contrite at heart: i.e. VERY aware of my sins and sinful nature!  WOW!  I have to admit to not being aware of my sins very much.  I must no longer brush aside my sins by not acknowledging, or minimising them or simply not letting them ‘show’ (we cannot hide them of course).

17. Psalm 52 v 3: “You love evil more than good, and lying rather than to speak RIGHTEOUSNESS. Selah.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS then, is to abhor all evil and lying, to prefer to speak RIGHTEOUSNESS.  To speak RIGHTEOUSNESS?  To speak the truth, God’s truth into every situation in which I find myself, moment by moment, throughout the whole of life.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is a lifestyle and much more, here I see it as a ‘speak style!’ It is totally positive.  There shall be no room for negotiations towards myself or anyone else.  It is unnecessary and not up-building for me or those towards whom I am negative in speech or attitude.

18. Psalm 58 v 1: “Do you indeed speak RIGHTEOUSNESS, O congregation?  Do you judge uprightly, O you sons of men?”

Do I speak RIGHTEOUSNESS?  Do I judge uprightly?  Well, do I?  I must confess that in the past I haven’t, certainly not always.  Now I must realise that it is within my power to do so!  God has already given that power to me; Psalm 24:5 showed me that RIGHTEOUSNESS is a gift from the God of my salvation, it is a part of the package of salvation, but, I must wear it as a garment (Job 29:14) and boldly at that, in the world!  How can I speak RIGHTEOUSNESS or judge uprightly if I don’t observe all the commandments of God to do them (Deuteronomy 6:25) or walk in the paths of God following His ways (Psalm 23:3) or love goodness more than evil (Psalm 52:3) etc. as in the foregoing notes?  I must follow RIGHTEOUSNESS in order to speak RIGHTEOUSNESS and judge uprightly!  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el that I can!  AND, praise God, I will!

19. Psalm 72 v 2: “He shall judge your people with RIGHTEOUSNESS and your poor with Justice.”

This RIGHTEOUSNESS is a gift from God in verse 1 of this psalm.  Here, RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice are equated, previously, uprightness was equated with RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So, only true justice comes from RIGHTEOUSNESS, or true justice comes from Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS!  It is necessary to have God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS to be just and upright.  Really it is necessary in order to do anything in God’s way.  A pre-requisite of Christian living!

20. Psalm 72 v 3: “The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Only by RIGHTEOUSNESS shall peace come.  Who are the mountains?  Who are the little hills?  The mountains speak of mighty powers, the little hills of lesser powers?  There is no peace without RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Lord, I don’t understand about the mountains and the little hills?

21. Psalm 85 v 10: “Mercy and truth are met together; RIGHTEOUSNESS and peace have kissed each other.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS and peace are partners!  Mercy and truth are partners.  This Psalm is a prayer for the Lord God of Isra’el to turn away His anger toward His people, and to revive them again to RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So, whilst God is angry with His people, we cannot be RIGHTEOUS. Therefore I must seek God in order to pray away His wrath for my sins, if I haven’t already done so (at conversion I confessed and repented of all my sins up until that time) in order that the Lord may revive in me the RIGHTEOUSNESS that He has given me.  So, sin is a barrier to the outworking of the RIGHTEOUSNESS within me by God’s gift, until it is confessed and I repent of it.  Praise God that He always provides a way back to Him!  Hallelujah!

22. Psalm 85 v 11: “Truth shall spring out of the earth, and RIGHTEOUSNESS shall look down from Heaven.”

Heaven is the source of RIGHTEOUSNESS, there is no other source.  Only the Lord Himself can give it and it is given as a gift and not to be abused.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is God, God is RIGHTEOUSNESS, He, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS looks down upon the earth.  Since God cannot ‘look’ upon sin, it is the barrier between us and Him, as that act in looking, would take away His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Neither must we allow our RIGHTEOUSNESS to be diminished by ‘looking’ on sin ourselves!  All that the Lord made is good, and is truth.  That truth, we see here, will “spring out of the earth, and RIGHTEOUSNESS (God) shall look down from Heaven” to see it, and it shall glorify God.  Praise His holy name.  Amen.

23. Psalm 85 v 13: RIGHTEOUSNESS shall go before Him, and shall set us in the way of His steps.”

We shall be “set in the way of His steps.”  What comforting words, to realise that this is God’s intention for us.  It is His RIGHTEOUSNESS that goes before Him, that “sets us” in His ways.  Praise God, we cannot do it (we can stop it by our self-will) but the Lord God of Isra’el, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, can do it.  So great is His desire to have us in His Kingdom worshiping Him.  Praise the Lord, He is greatly to be praised.

24. Psalm 94 v 15: “But judgement shall return to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all the upright in heart shall follow it.”

In RIGHTEOUSNESS; we need not worry because we are overlooked for promotion at work; or because we are ignored among others; or downtrodden by others or circumstances; because we here see that God’s judgement shall return and will judge those unbelievers who in any way ill treat us.  We shall follow God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and judgement if we rest in God’s vengeance and trust Him to sort out our situations.  Not passively, but actually following God’s ways in these and every other area of our lives, as against bemoaning our problems.  God is a God of solutions, not problems.  Hallelujah!

NB. Note that ALL the upright in heart shall follow it.  Praise God.

25. Psalm 98 v 9: “Before the Lord; for He comes to judge the earth; with RIGHTEOUSNESS shall He judge the world, and the peoples with equity.”

The Lord our God is NOT FAIR!  Not in human terms anyway.  What He is, is RIGHTEOUS! He shall judge the world (all the people) with RIGHTEOUSNESS and equity.  Human standards of RIGHTEOUSNESS are not constant, they are relative, relative to the times, culture and places in which we live.  TV standards of sex and violence are slowly (well, maybe not that slowly) going down for instance, over the last years, we have seen bare boobs becoming the normal thing in plays and documentaries etc. homosexuality is being pushed down our throats now!  God’s standards of RIGHTEOUSNESS are absolute and do not change (Malachi 3:6).  We must not compare our words, actions and attitudes to any human, but to the Son of God, Jesus, alone.  He and the Scriptures are the only standard!  Humanly, we all come short of these standards, hence that is why we need the Grace of God.

26. Psalm 96 v 13: Before the Lord; for He comes, for He comes to judge the world with RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the people with His truth.”

Judgement is part of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is with RIGHTEOUSNESS that God WILL judge. It is because of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS that God must judge.  God made us to be in His presence, to worship Him and to have fellowship with Him; but we, through Adam, became (by choosing) unrighteous!  Therefore, God must judge each of us to see that we are now righteous through Jesus.  If we are, then we shall go into God’s presence to fulfil that for which the father made us!  If we are not in Jesus’ RIGHTEOUSNESS, then we cannot enter into His presence, for to do so would pollute His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

27. Psalm 97 v 2: “Clouds and darkness are round about Him; RIGHTEOUSNESS and Justice are the habitation of His throne.”

His throne is in RIGHTEOUSNESS and Justice.  Therefore God dwells in RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice, since He dwells on His throne.  As God is RIGHTEOUSNESS and Justice, then this can only be so.  So, what is this bit about “clouds and darkness” being round about Him?  They cannot come up to Him because God is light, and light overcomes the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome the light (John 1:5).

28. Psalm 99 v 4:The King’s strength also loves justice; You do establish equity, You execute justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS in Jacob.”

The Lord’s strength loves to act and work in justice. In fact every aspect of the Lord loves to act and work in justice.  He does everything in justice and equity.  He cannot do otherwise.  The Lord “executes justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS in Jacob,” or in other words, Isra’el.  All the terrible things that have happened in and to Isra’el, are the result of the Lord executing justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS toward them as a nation (and as individuals?).  We have seen what the Lord has done to His chosen people – and they still are His chosen people (Psalm 94:14, Isaiah 54:7-8) we should therefore, fear the Lord, as in Romans 11:21.  Those things were done to Isra’el in justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and they will happen to us just as easily if we do not stay in God’ RIGHTEOUSNESS.

29. Psalm 103 v 6: “The Lord executes RIGHTEOUSNESS and judgement for all who are oppressed.”

So in RIGHTEOUSNESS, there is no need for me to try to ‘get my own back’ on those whom I think have wronged me in any way.  In fact, to try to do so will move me straight out of that RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Romans 12:19 – “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”  This confirms Deuteronomy 32:35, Psalm 94:1 & Hebrews 10:30.  From these readings, I see that, although the Lord doesn’t want me to be a pacifist, He is quite adamant that His is the vengeance and that He will “execute RIGHTEOUSNESS and judgement for all those who are oppressed,” and it is not my place to, in any way, seek vengeance myself for that oppression.  The Lord looks after those who are oppressed!  Not just Christians or Jews – it says ALL.  After all, mankind was made for Heaven and worship of the only God, the Lord God of Isra’el.  Lord, save those who are oppressed please.  Amen.

30. Psalm 118 v 19: “Open to me the gates of RIGHTEOUSNESS; I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord.”

Hallelujah!  For He has opened to us, the gates of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is my choice whether or not I go into them.  If that is my desire, then I will praise the Lord – without reservation.  Praise the Lord because He alone could open those gates of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  He did that because it is the only way by which I could attain RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise the Lord, He gave each one of us the right to choose to go in or not, as He does with salvation; but, how much is RIGHTEOUSNESS tied up with salvation?  Obviously, we cannot have RIGHTEOUSNESS without salvation, but is RIGHTEOUSNESS then a separate option?  Or is it all part of the same thing?  I await further study on RIGHTEOUSNESS to reveal this to me.  Thank You Lord, for what you have already revealed to me.  Praise You Lord, for You alone are worthy to be praised!!!

31. Psalm 119 v 114: “The RIGHTEOUSNESS of Your testimonies is everlasting; give me understanding and I shall live.”

To understand the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is to have life!  The Lord’s testimonies will never change and have never changed.  They are constant.  Our human testimonies are relative to the time in which we live. RIGHTEOUSNESS is absolute, not relative when we talk about the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  What are His testimonies?  I must from this verse understand them in order to have life.  Scripture is His testimony.  Revelation 19:10 also tells us “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  So, to understand His testimonies is to seek Him and the truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS of His word and to understand them in the spirit, not in the flesh.

32. Psalm 119 v 172: “My tongue shall speak of Your word; for all Your commands are RIGHTEOUSNESS .”

O Lord, that my tongue shall speak of Your word!  I have to confess that I haven’t done much of that up to now.  BUT!  The word of God says here, that my tongue shall speak of your word.  Hallelujah!  Here the Lord tells me it shall be so.  O praise His name!  He’s my Lord!  I want to proclaim His commandments and their RIGHTEOUSNESS, not only with my tongue, but with my lifestyle!  “For all Your commandments are RIGHTEOUSNESS,” they are of themselves and to do them is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  I cannot perform them without His RIGHTEOUSNESS within me.  Praise the name of Jesus for His free gift of His RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation.  Amen.

33. Psalm 132 v 9: “Let your priests be clothed with RIGHTEOUSNESS, and let you saints shout for joy.”

This verse refers back to Job 29:14 in exhorting me to wear RIGHTEOUSNESS like a garment.  Since we are now, as Christians, all priests.  We are not to wear “vestments of office” in terms of special clothing or badges etc. but we are again exhorted to “be clothed with RIGHTEOUSNESS,” or in other words, to wear. RIGHTEOUSNESS.  In order to wear RIGHTEOUSNESS, I have first to realise that the Lord has given it to me(!) otherwise, it is self-IGHTEOUSNESS!  Having put on the garment of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as saints, we are exhorted to “shout for joy.”  We are, in RIGHTEOUSNESS, free to do that shouting for joy.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

34. Proverbs 2 v 9: “Then shall you understand RIGHTEOUSNESS, and justice, and equity; yes, every good path.”

When shall I understand RIGHTEOUSNESS?  Verses 1 – 5 of this proverb answers this!  When I receive the Lord’s words; laying up His commandments in my mind (learning them):  When I incline my ear to His wisdom and apply my whole heart to understanding; when I cry out after His knowledge and lift up my voice to seek understanding; seeking it is as after silver and hidden treasure.  Obviously, the “fear of the Lord” is a part of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as we see in verse 5.  So, this study of God’s use of the word RIGHTEOUSNESS is a start to understanding what it is.  Praise God, now He has told me in His word, why I am studying this!  Hallelujah!  Amen.

35. Proverbs 8 v 18: “Riches and honour are with me; yes, durable riches and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Here I see that RIGHTEOUSNESS is a durable thing, unlike gold and silver; that in RIGHTEOUSNESS are durable riches of God, like the peace of heart, salvation, an unquenchable joy etc. etc.  The whole chapter speaks of wisdom being with God from before He created time itself.  It speaks of wisdom having with it, “durable riches and RIGHTEOUSNESS,” so it follows that wisdom, God’s wisdom, is at least associated with RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is to be desired along with RIGHTEOUSNESS and those durable riches . Praise God that He wants us to move in His spiritual wisdom, durable riches and RIGHTEOUSNESS.  They are His gift to me and us all – but we, I, have to reach out to God to claim them!  Praise Him.

36. Proverbs 8 v 20: “I lead in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS, in the midst of the paths of justice.”

“I” in this case is wisdom.  The wisdom of the Lord God of Isra’el.  This shows that God’s wisdom leads me “in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Therefore to seek after (and to find, of course) God’s wisdom is a way or part of the way attaining to RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Also, in this verse, we see again, an equating of justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS, or at least an associating of them.  The “way of RIGHTEOUSNESS” is shown here to be “in the midst of the paths of justice.”  So Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS in the centre of justice, and the way to find it is to follow God’s wisdom.

37. Proverbs 10 v 2: “Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but RIGHTEOUSNESS delivers from death.”

Self-RIGHTEOUSNESS delivers from nothing, only into Ha'Satan’s (the English translation is The Adversary) hands.  It is one of the “treasures of wickedness” that profit nothing.  Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is only obtainable from God Himself – free – on the other hand, will deliver from death as the proverb shows.  Because our God is a holy God, nothing that isn’t pure and holy and righteous can come near Him because that would pollute Heaven and God Himself as a direct result.  That is why Lucifer had to leave the instant he took pride to himself.  However, because God made us to have fellowship with Him, above the angels, as His sons, He wanted us so desperately that He gave His own Son on the cross in order that we might be cleaned and saved from death to have fellowship with Him!  Praise God in the highest!  Amen.

38. Proverbs 11 v 4: “Riches profit not in the day of wrath, but RIGHTEOUSNESS delivers from death.”

Again, “RIGHTEOUSNESS delivers from death.”  Eternal death – permanent separation from all that is good – God.  With RIGHTEOUSNESS, we shall have eternal life with God, in fellowship with Him.  Oh praise His name!  Riches and good works will avail us nothing in the “day of wrath.”  The only thing that will save us on that day is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God – freely given for us to walk in.  Even if we say, “but I did **** in the name of the Lord, ”Jesus will say “depart from me, I knew you not.”   What a terrible situation on the day of judgement – “depart from me, I knew you not.” (Matthew 25:41)

39. Proverbs 11 v 5: “The RIGHTEOUSNESS of the perfect shall direct his way, but the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness.”

Here again, RIGHTEOUSNESS is our guide.  How can I say that in this verse?  I am perfect by the action of God through Jesus who died to save me!  Therefore I can say that I am part of “the perfect,” as in this verse.  So, my RIGHTEOUSNESS, given me by God Himself as a free gift, must be followed in order that my way shall be directed in line with God’s will.  Or, by following my RIGHTEOUSNESS, I shall follow the will of God.  We have here then, by implication, an equating of the RIGHTEOUSNESS given me by God, and the will of God for me personally.  In other words God put his will for me into me in one ‘go’ when He gave me His RIGHTEOUSNESS for myself.  Thus, RIGHTEOUSNESS is not only essential to get to Heaven, but also in order to live God’s Will out in my life!  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

40. Proverbs 11 v 6: “The RIGHTEOUSNESS of the upright shall deliver them, but transgressors shall be taken in their own iniquity.”

Here we see that, basically our salvation is, in fact, the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God gives to us upon our salvation.  We see too, that it is that RIGHTEOUSNESS that delivers us on the day of judgement.  So what happens if, having been “saved” we fail to walk in that RIGHTEOUSNESS – seeking and doing the will of God?  Surely, “transgressors (of that RIGHTEOUSNESS?) shall be taken in their own iniquity,” it says in this verse.  Since we don’t really know the answer to this, regarding what is in effect, loss of salvation, it behoves us to ensure our salvation, once born again, by making sure that we follow the guidance and direction (Proverbs 11:5) of the RIGHTEOUSNESS that the Lord imparted to us at salvation, just in case we might lose it.  Praise God that He is just and merciful to forgive those that confess and repent of their sins as He reveals them to us!  Praise God anyway!  Hallelujah.  Amen.

41. Proverbs 11 v 18: “The wicked works a deceitful work, but to him that sows RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be a sure reward.”

So, RIGHTEOUSNESS is something to sow.  How?  By following the guidance of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in our lives – my life – to the extent that it shows to others.  To Christians this will be an encouragement to go on with the Lord.  To non-Christians, they will see Jesus and this will probably condemn them, yet give them hope.  That RIGHTEOUSNESS will be sown into their live through their eyes (and ears!).  The Lord here promises, that if we sow RIGHTEOUSNESS then there is a sure reward to be with Him in Heaven.  Our reward, in part, will be to judge the angels (!) to rule the world with Jesus in the millennium, to worship God and much, much more.  From this and previous verses, we see that deceit is NOT a part of RIGHTEOUSNESS, it is a part of Ha'Satan’s (in English, The Adversary) works.  Up until now in this study, the Lord has been showing me what RIGHTEOUSNESS is, now He is beginning to show me what it isn’t.  God is positive, He is not a negative God!  Hallelujah.

42. Proverbs 11 v 19: “As RIGHTEOUSNESS tends to life, so he that pursues evil pursues it to his own death.”

“Tends” here must mean ‘leads.’  I would love to know what the original Hebrew says in this verse.  This verse shows that we have a choice of only two ways!  To follow either RIGHTEOUSNESS or evil.  It also shows that following RIGHTEOUSNESS “tends” to life,” whilst following (or pursuing) evil leads to death – spiritual death, but also to physical destruction.  The problem with following evil is that sometimes it looks, at the early stages, that it is the right thing to do!  Only later, when we are fully ensnared in our humanitarian thoughts and attitudes, does it become apparent that we are on the wrong track – that we allowed Ha'Satan to side-track us from God’s purpose for us.  This can be seen in things like CND or animal rights groups etc. – they seem to the most laudable aims and purposes, but the love of Jesus doesn’t shine in it or in the actions of the supporters.  CND for instance, with its sign of a broken cross is not a communist plot, but Ha'Satan’s plot!!!!

43. Proverbs 12 v 17: “He that speaks truth shows forth RIGHTEOUSNESS, but a false witness, deceit.”

So, speaking the truth (in love, of course) is a part of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  In fact, we see here that it is a “visible” demonstration of the RIGHTEOUSNESS within one’s self.  Perhaps, if one has difficulty in speaking the truth in a difficult situation, one should question the amount of RIGHTEOUSNESS within!  We see here also, that if we don’t speak the truth in a situation, then we are a false witness and we are, in fact, in deceit!  Being silent in a wrong situation is being a false witness because we are not declaring God’s truth into it.  So I can’t just ignore something and hope it will go away!  If God calls me to witness that wrong situation – then it is in order that I can witness of Him into that wrong situation – not just watch (or listen) and say ‘oh dear, how terrible.’  He wants me to get up and say or do something about it!  Praise God for the Mary Whitehouse’s of this world, who are prepared to stand up and be counted.  I must move into that condition as part of my RIGHTEOUSNESS!

44. Proverbs 12 v 28: “In the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS is life, and in the pathway thereof there is no death.”

Hallelujah!  What a statement!  To follow RIGHTEOUSNESS is to find life, and, by implication, many more good things.  Here again we see the desirability of following RIGHTEOUSNESS since it leads to life and not death.  So I will not die (eternally) if I follow RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This is God’s promise to me in this verse.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  Thank you Father God.  Amen.

45. Proverbs 13 v 6:RIGHTEOUSNESS keeps him that is upright in the way, but wickedness overthrows the sinner.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS therefore, is self-correcting.  The desire to follow RIGHTEOUSNESS produces a correction from within to those who are doing the following.  It keeps me upright as I go, so the more I follow RIGHTEOUSNESS, the more I will be able to follow RIGHTEOUSNESS and be upright.  If I don’t follow RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I will be following wickedness and that will eventually lead to my downfall in Heavenly terms.  I’m not absolutely sure that I cannot lose my salvation, because Lucifer, who was the leader of God’s praises, turned after pride and wickedness and he, as Ha'Satan, was turned out of Heaven, never to return.  So to me, this is a big incentive to follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, not wickedness, especially as I learn here, “RIGHTEOUSNESS keeps him that is upright in the way.”  Amen.

46. Proverbs 14 v 34:RIGHTEOUSNESS exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Why sin?  It is always seen by the rest of the world and destroys the confidence of the world in that nation!  RIGHTEOUSNESS, as an ongoing course of actions and words, is also always seen by the rest of the world.  Sometimes it is taken advantage of, but basically, that nation is trusted in areas where other nations would not be trusted.  Great Britain was once like that, but no longer are we exalted in the world.  So RIGHTEOUSNESS is not only a lifestyle for an individual, but for groups of people small, as in a fellowship, or large as in a nation.  Don’t forget that this RIGHTEOUSNESS is God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and not SELF- RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This nation is polluted with Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and the ‘always been there’ - Atheism.  We have allowed the building of temples in this land in the name of tolerance and humanism – this nation once proud to be called Christian.  We have allowed ourselves, as individual and as a nation, to be polluted by these things, by allowing them to happen in exactly the same way as did Isra’el in times past.  With result that we are now, no longer a respected nation in the world.  We must, as a nation, get back to God’s standards of purity and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

47. Proverbs 15 v 9: “The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but He loves him that follows after RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

“Following after RIGHTEOUSNESS” is shown now to be a sign of my love for the Lord.  So, if I love the Lord, I will – I must – follow the ways that His RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is within me from salvation, leads me along.  If I don’t follow that way, then I am following “the way of the wicked” and I see here that is an abomination to the Lord.  I don’t have to worry about ‘am I following RIGHTEOUSNESS’ because He will let me know when I am not.  As Harry Greenwood said, “I am in His will until He tells me I am not.”  All I have to do is that which is supernaturally right, at the same time reading and studying His will – the word of God – as it is revealed to me!  Amen.

48. Proverbs 16:8: “Better is a little with RIGHTEOUSNESS than great revenues without right.”

If I feel that God is not prospering me in the way I feel that He should, then it is not up to me to go out and take more prosperity, whatever form that taking may have.  If God sees, for whatever reason, that I should have only what I see that I have, then my RIGHTEOUSNESS in God, is to work with what I have willingly and without complaining to God OR anyone else.  I can examine myself to find out what in me is stopping me receiving that extra prosperity and I can ask God to help me find out, BUT, it must be done with RIGHTEOUSNESS, remembering that it is God’s will for me to prosper in all things.  As this verse says: “Better is a little with RIGHTEOUSNESS than” having a lot that is not mine by God’s will or gift.  ‘Praise the Lord in every situation’ may summarise this verse – or paraphrase it.

49. Proverbs 16 v 12: “It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness; for the throne is established by RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Any throne (or power) established by RIGHTEOUSNESS will last – none on earth here, so I draw my own conclusion on that!  What this verse is saying is that a throne or power is established, then when it goes wrong (which is a mild way of saying “commit wickedness”) then that going wrong is an abomination to the Lord.  There is a special extra responsibility upon kings and any leader, to ‘get it right.’  Since they are in a position of leadership, the leading must be in RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This is because they are responsible before God only to lead, if their ‘subjects’ choose not to follow the RIGHTEOUS leading, then that is the ‘subjects’ problem; but if the king “commits wickedness,” the subjects see that and are led astray and that going astray is the leader’s responsibility(!) and that is an abomination to God.

50. Proverbs 16 v 13: “The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

What is a “hoary head?”  Grey, white or silvery haired head?  Note that this is only a crown of glory if it be found in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So grey hairs are not a sign of God’s glory within someone, unless they are accompanied by RIGHTEOUSNESS.  In other words, RIGHTEOUSNESS is essential in life to be able to wear the crown of glory, without it being apparent to others that something, somewhere is wrong in that person.  Praise God that I am “in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS” and that He is working in me to perfect that RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Hallelujah for Jesus who makes it all possible.  Praise the name of Jesus.  Amen.

51. Proverbs 21 v 21: “He that follows after RIGHTEOUSNESS and mercy finds life, RIGHTEOUSNESS and honour.”

To follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS and mercy then is to find much more than just life that we have seen in previous passages.  In this verse, I see also RIGHTEOUSNESS and honour!  So, the more I seek and follow RIGHTEOUSNESS, the more I will find – the more I will become RIGHTEOUS and the more apparent will be that RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life here on earth.  To that will be added honour, not a self-honour or an honour that I have sought for myself, but God’s honour, His glorious honour in the life to follow in the Kingdom, that I also find by seeking and following after RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God.  It is not necessarily so at all that I will have honour in this world at this time, so I certainly shouldn’t expect it!  The mercy is God’s mercy, that with which His justice is tempered – that is the same mercy with which I should run my own attitude towards others.

52. Ecclesiastes 3 v 16: “And, moreover, I saw under the sun the place of justice, that wickedness was there; and the place of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that iniquity was there.”

Where do I stand in this?  Praise God that I am perfected in Him through salvation in Jesus.  So this is a description of the world.  Not that I am fully perfected yet - or at least, that I am displaying that perfection to the world yet.  What does the Lord want me to do about it?  Proverbs 12:17 (see study 43) showed me that I must speak out against the things that are wrong, and Proverbs 14:34 (see study 46) showed me why – because sin is a reproach to us as a nation and that my RIGHTEOUSNESS (along with others) will exalt this nation.  This verse shows me that God is fully aware of the state of the world, and that, in the Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS which He has given to me.  He wants me to do something about it!  Amen.  

53. Isaiah 1 v 21: “How is the faithful city become a harlot! It was full of Justice; RIGHTEOUSNESS lodged in it, but now murderers.”

Although this refers directly to Jerusalem, it also refers to ourselves if the word “murderers” is changed to the broader word “sinners.”  The Lord is pointing out how easily I, or any of us change rapidly from a “faithful city” into a “harlot.”  Harlot means, in our case, anything from religiosity to going away from the Lord and religion altogether or even getting stuck in a rut and not moving on when the Lord wants us to do so.  If I don’t follow the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice, of which I am full in God, then that is becoming a harlot in the Lord’s eyes.  Thank you Father for pointing that out to me.  Thank you Father that it is Your will that I follow those paths of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS and that You prompt me to stay in those paths.  Help me Lord Jesus, to never miss one of those prompts.  Amen!

54. Isaiah 1 v 26:And I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counsellors as at the beginning; afterwards you shall be called, the city of RIGHTEOUSNESS, the faithful city.”

The Lord has made this promise to me! In verse 21,  I had become a sinner, a harlot, but here the Lord promises to restore me to be a city of RIGHTEOUSNESS, a faithful city!  O praise the Lord for He knows me, He knows how I’m going wrong and how I am going to go wrong in the future, yet He still promises to restore me to where and what He wants me to be!  Praise God in the highest!  What a mighty God who loves me that much!  The judges and councillors are the Holy Spirit within me – that I shall be sensitive to Him again. I will hear His word and His guidance and follow it.  I shall be RIGHTEOUS and faithful to Him.  Hallelujah!  O what a wonderful God, so patient, so sure that what He ordains shall be done.  O praise Him in the highest all you Angels.  He has ordained my RIGHTEOUSNESS and faithfulness to Him!  Praise His name.

55. Isaiah 1 v 27: “Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and her converts with RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Zion already has RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Praise God that I am a convert and so I too am redeemed – with RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Zion’s converts are those who come to the Lord God of Isra’el as Messiah, when the 144,000 Isra’eli Evangelists go out into the world with the Gospel.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is what is needed for redemption, we see here, it is that which God gives to us at salvation.  We are stamped with it when we accept the Lord Jesus as Lord of our lives.  O praise Him that He loves us so much that He is prepared to sacrifice so much in order that we can be with him in His Kingdom.  O praise the name of Jesus.  Amen.

56. Isaiah 5 v 23: “Who justify the wicked for reward, and take away the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the RIGHTEOUS from him!”

Now we are coming again to what happens to those who do not follow the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  In Isaiah here, it is “Woe to those....” When the Lord says “Woe” to someone – I’m just so glad that I’m not that someone!!!  In effect, we have a part list of Don’ts to those who do follow in God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  But Lord, I don’t justify the wicked for reward, do I Lord?  If I sit back and say nowt for the sake of peace – then I do!!!!  The positive side of this is that, again as in Proverbs 12:17, I must be prepared to stand up and be counted – not seek the quiet life.  In the world, only the wicked imagine that they can “take away the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the RIGHTEOUS from him.”  Only in this world’s eyes can they succeed, not in God’s eyes!  They do this by running down people Mary Whitehouse – the press loved it when her son was found guilty on drug charges, but they will have to answer to God for that wickedness.  If I find that something on TV (for instance) is bad, I shouldn’t switch off and leave the matter there, I should put pen to paper and complain to the producer etc.  After all, they have no other way of being corrected!  Praise God for the power we have, even in a pen!!!

57. Isaiah 10 v 22: “For though Your people, Isra’el, be like the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return; the full end decreed shall overflow with RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

“Overflow with RIGHTEOUSNESS!?!”  Hallelujah, that’s how I want to be for the Lord!  Jesus says here that is how it is going to be for me and many others.  “The full end decreed shall overflow with RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  If the Lord says it, then it shall be so!  That then is my goal, to overflow with RIGHTEOUSNESS. AMEN!  Lord show me those areas where I fail, that in Your Grace I may repent of them and fail no more, that I might manifest more and more of Your holy RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life, until I do indeed “overflow with RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Amen.

58. Isaiah 11 v 4: “But with RIGHTEOUSNESS shall He judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth; and He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked.”

We have nothing to fear from the Judgement Day, since we know from this verse that we shall be judged with RIGHTEOUSNESS on the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God gave us upon salvation!  All He will see on that day is His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Amen!  He shall “reprove with equity for the meek of the earth.” Who are these “meek of the earth?”  Numbers 12:3 tells us that Moses was “very meek, above all the men who were upon the face of the earth.”  So, the meek are those who obey God and stand in His authority.  Who then, shall the Lord reprove for Moses and all the others who are meek?  Surely, those who disobey the Word of God through those who are meek and refuse to be subject to the God given authority in the meek – who are in fact SELF-RIGHTEOUS not Godly RIGHTEOUS in His sight.  Since their RIGHTEOUSNESS was either, not in place as a result of salvation, or, their RIGHTEOUSNESS was supplanted by SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS.  They shall be “reproved with equity,” i.e. with God’s fairness and judged with His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God that is where I stand – in His RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Hallelujah.  Amen.

59. Isaiah 11 v 5: “And RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his waist.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS is such an essential part of God, that it is that which holds Him altogether!  The very girdle of His loins.  If RIGHTEOUSNESS is such an essential part of God, then how much more essential it is that we have that RIGHTEOUSNESS in us before we can enter His presence – down here on earth or up in Heaven.  Is it any wonder that when we feel ‘off,’ that we can’t seem to get close to God?  Under these circumstances, the only thing we can do is to take off our feelings and put on the RIGHTEOUSNESS that He has so freely given to us.  Then, we can enter His presence.  Praise God that He has made it possible for us to enter into His holy presence.  Praise God that He loves us so much that He wants us to enter His holy presence!  Praise the living Lord God of Isra’el.

60. Isaiah 16 v 5: “And in mercy shall the throne be established; and He shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking justice, and swiftly executing RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

On the day of judgement, there will not be any hanging about, everything will be either black or white, guilty or righteous!  Praise God that is how it happens at the time of salvation too – “swiftly executing RIGHTEOUSNESS” there and then.  Oh praise God, He is so swift to bless and slow to anger.  When we read the Old Testament and how He treats His people, Isra’el, as they go after other ‘gods. ’ Wow!  His throne is established in mercy, we see this in our own lives, we let Him down time and time again, yet still He is merciful to us.  He forgives us every time we repent, and it is forgotten immediately, remebereed no more.  We never need to repent twice of the same thing!  Oh praise the Lord for His RIGHTEOUSNESS and for the RIGHTEOUSNESS which He gives to us.  Praise His wonderful name!  Amen.

61. Isaiah 26 v 9: “With my soul have I desired You in the night; yes, with my spirit within me will I seek You early; for when Your judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Amen to that!  Can I truly say that about desiring and seeking as does that verse?  What is “early?”  It must be earlier than usual and therefore, by definition, it cannot be my normal time.  So, by definition, if I get up earlier in order to seek Him every day, that would then be my normal time; so by seeking Him early must only be an occasional thing; so I am not condemned anyway if I cannot truly say that part for myself.  Hallelujah.  Would that I could say that verse though, praise God that by His grace and RIGHTEOUSNESS I can!  Truly, “when His judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  It is down to me then, that in order for the “world” to learn RIGHTEOUSNESS, I must show forth the Lord’s judgements.  I must not become a harlot as in Isaiah 1:21, as we saw there from God, but I must, as in Proverbs 12:17, “speak forth truth” into situations and, as in Job 29:14 “put on RIGHTEOUSNESS and it clothed me; my justice was like a robe and a diadem,” for all to see it!  Not Self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, but God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS within me.  I can only do this with God’s help.

62. Isaiah 26 v 10: “Let favour be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn RIGHTEOUSNESS; in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the Lord.”

An unsaved person (wicked) cannot learn RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The word of God says it here!  If that person is up into a land where everyone else is upright and RIGHTEOUS, then that person will, by his nature corrupt the others; he will set one against another; he will try to get more for himself of the good things; he will work on the basis of trying to get more for himself even though there is plenty of everything for everybody.  All because he cannot see, think and act spiritually.  He will not behold (acknowledge) “the majesty of the Lord.”  This is a picture of what Heaven and God would become if even one unsaved person were permitted to enter the presence of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven, and shows why we must shine in this world such that people will want to ask us about salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven.  Question: where do I stand in all this?

63. Isaiah 28 v 17: “Justice will I also lay to the line and RIGHTEOUSNESS to the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.”

God’s justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS are the only standards by which we are all measured.  All lies and hiding places shall fall away on the Day of Judgement – they will be seen for what they are!  There is no way we can hide from God’s standards; there is no way that we can fool God as we can ourselves with a web of ‘white lies,’ self-deceit and gobbledegook: they are absolutely transparent to His RIGHTEOUSNESS and there is no way we can emulate His RIGHTEOUSNESS except by the one way in which God ordained – by His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ!  In order to obtain His RIGHTEOUSNESS for ourselves, and therefore measure up to God’s standards, is to accept Jesus as Lord of our lives and submit to Him all our choices – going only His way.  AMEN!

64. Isaiah 32 v 16: “Then Justice shall dwell in the wilderness, and RIGHTEOUSNESS remain in the fruitful field.”

When?  When Jesus returns as King of kings to the earth.  O Lord, I like the “and RIGHTEOUSNESS remain in the fruitful field.”

“Justice shall dwell in the wilderness,” or in the whole world!  Amen to that Lord.  Yet, it compares the “wilderness” and the “fruitful field.”  So the “fruitful field” is His people whilst the rest of the people of the world are the wilderness.”  “RIGHTEOUSNESS remain in the fruitful field.”  Praise God that we are going to be a fruitful field and that RIGHTEOUSNESS will remain in us!  Once we have that RIGHTEOUSNESS, we must never let go of it.  We must wear it, display it in our lifestyle, exercise it, use it for God’s glory, spread it about, talk about it, praise God for it and generally be sold out in it . Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!

65. Isaiah 32 v 17: “And the work of RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be peace; and the effect of RIGHTEOUSNESS, quietness and assurance forever.”

Praise God that through the RIGHTEOUSNESS He has set within us, we are having worked into us peace, quietness and assurance of an eternal quality.  It is not a peace that we can lose, but an eternal peace, a peace that the world cannot know or even understand, much less obtain through anyone or anything else except Jesus the Messiah.  The sign therefore, in our lifestyle, that shows to the world – our friends, workmates and all, Christian and non-Christian alike, of the RIGHTEOUSNESS operating within each of us, is the peace in our lives, the quietness and assurance within which we run our lives!  In other words, our supernaturally peaceable lives, out of our quietness and assurance of eternal life.

66. Isaiah 33 v 5: “The Lord is exalted; for He dwells on high: He has filled Zion with Justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Yet another promise that the Lord has filled Zion – me – “with justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Surely the Lord IS exalted!  He is exalted on high, for He dwells on high!  Praise his holy name, He is exalted on high.  Praise him for the justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS with which He has filled me!  Because I am filled with justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS, I cannot but praise Him, I will exalt Him in all the earth.  His RIGHTEOUSNESS within me must exalt the Lord.  With that RIGHTEOUSNESS within me, I must exalt the Lord.  I must extol His virtues to those around me at work and otherwise. I must remain silent no more; I must tell of who He is and what He has done for me; of His salvation so freely given at such a price.  Praise His name on high. “The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high: He has filled Zion with justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

67. Isaiah 45 v 8: “Drop down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down RIGHTEOUSNESS; let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let RIGHTEOUSNESS spring up together:  I, the Lord, have created it.”

So this is the proof that God, the Lord God, created RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Also that both Heaven and earth were made for RIGHTEOUSNESS: “Let the skies pour down RIGHTEOUSNESS” and let RIGHTEOUSNESS spring up from the earth.  Also, here, is the equating of both RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation.  In fact it shows to me that the saving part of salvation is the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is imparted to me at the time of salvation.  Praise God for His RIGHTEOUSNESS and praise Him again for His RIGHTEOUSNESS, which He has given to me and has set within me.

68. Isaiah 45 v 19: “I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth.  I said not to the seed of Jacob, seek you Me in vain; I the Lord speak RIGHTEOUSNESS, I declare things that are right.”

The Lord is declaring that we shouldn’t do things in His name behind closed doors!  O Lord, how does that work out in these present days in the (Bracknell Christian) Fellowship (24th August 1983?)  [How does that work out when the meetings have been cancelled and the elders are going to see individuals in their homes?]  The Lord doesn’t speak in secret or in dark places, He is not teasing us to seek Him in a game of ‘hide and seek.’  The Lord speaks RIGHTEOUSNESS and declares that which is right.  I should speak RIGHTEOUSNESS and declare things that are right!  It is His RIGHTEOUSNESS within me to do so!  I should do these things supernaturally naturally in my lifestyle. I must no longer speak in secret, or mutter and grumble behind my closed front door.  I must seek the Lord and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, He is to be found and not hiding, and when I have found Him and heard Him, then I must declare it publicly.  Amen.

69. Isaiah 45 v 24: “Surely, shall one say, in the Lord I have RIGHTEOUSNESS and strength; even to him shall men come, and that are incensed against him shall be ashamed.”

When I acknowledge “in the Lord, have I RIGHTEOUSNESS and strength,” it will be acknowledged by others that it is true and men shall come to me.  They will come to me to find the Lord in their situations.  Christian men will come for Jesus’ RIGHTEOUSNESS to go into their lives; and pagan men will come to look for the salvation (RIGHTEOUSNESS again!) of Jesus in their lives.  Praise God that this will happen – has happened a little in the past, but will happen more and more as I acknowledge these things in the Lord.  All “that are incensed against me shall be ashamed.”  Those who have spoken against me and acted against me “shall be ashamed” once I operate in the RIGHTEOUSNESS and strength of the Lord.  Glory be to God that He has spoken these things and THEY SHALL COME TO PASS(!) because He has spoken them.

70. Isaiah 46 v 12: “Hearken to Me, you stubborn in heart, that are far from RIGHTEOUSNESS:”

This is a call to me as well as all others, Christian and non-Christian alike, in the world.  I and everyone in the world, is ‘stiff necked’ or “stubborn in heart” to a greater or lesser degree.  However, Christians are not so far from RIGHTEOUSNESS, for it is set within us at salvation, but we cannot – nor even would – do anything but hearken to the Lord if we want to follow in His ways and do His will and glorify Him in our lifestyle.  Praise God that He wants, and in fact, is talking to all of us, Christians or not, all the time.  We can only listen, and it is when we listen that our prayers rise above the ceiling!  Hallelujah!

71. Isaiah 51 v 1: “Hearken to me, you who follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, you that seek the Lord; look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which you were digged.”

The Lord calls us to listen to Him.  The last study was a call to non-Christians; this one is a call to Christians (“you that follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, you that seek the Lord”) to listen to the Lord, and remember from whence we came.  Give the Lord the glory, for we were on a path to Hell, the burning lake of fire, and He saved us from that to follow the narrow path to Heaven!  Praise God that He has given us that RIGHTEOUSNESS to follow.  This is also a call to stop and listen to the Lord, not to be in such a rush in our lives, gabbling off my prayer requests and Bible study, then rushing off to the next thing.  I must learn to do that ‘stopping and listening!’  I must learn to get my priorities right, if I am too busy, then this is because I have my priorities wrong!  Oh Lord, how easy it is to say these things.

72. Isaiah 51 v 7: “Hearken to me, you that know RIGHTEOUSNESS, the people in whose heart is My Law; fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their reviling.”

I must not fear the reproach of men, nor their reviling or even ‘mickey taking.’ That is the word of the Lord to me and to all those who know RIGHTEOUSNESS and have His Law in their heart.  We have gone beyond the mere definition of RIGHTEOUSNESS and are going into the things of the Lord, of how those who have His RIGHTEOUSNESS and Law within them, should act at all times, and of how we should react to the actions of men of the world towards us, those who don’t want to know God – or think they don’t!  We must not be afraid of them, what they say or even what they do.  Amen.

73. Isaiah 45 v 17: “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgement you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their RIGHTEOUSNESS is from me, says the Lord.”

This is literally true for Isra’el today, but for me, it is my spiritual defence that the Lord speaks of here.  This is my heritage and my RIGHTEOUSNESS from the Lord – He says so here!  So there is no reason now for me to feel spiritually intimidated by the world or anyone in or of the world.  I have the courage to speak out.  I don’t need to look any further for it – I have it already.  Praise God for the RIGHTEOUSNESS and the heritage which is mine since I am grafted in to the nation of Isra’el (Romans 11:17- 24).  Praise Him for all the things which are mine, in which I must have confidence.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el!  I shall condemn those – ALL those who speak against me, I don’t have to shout about it now, just do everything with a quiet confidence. Amen!

74. Isaiah 58 v 2: “Yet they seek me daily and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did RIGHTEOUSNESS, and forsook not the ordinance of their God; they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching God.”

This is part of a rebuke from God to the house (nation) of Isra’el and to modern day Christians, yet I see the Lord’s encouragement for me in it.  The Lord is pointing out what my lifestyle should be, not legalistically seeking Him, but naturally wanting to spend time with Him and His ways.  To exercise the RIGHTEOUSNESS within me and do the things outlined in this verse.  To really delight not only in knowing Him and His ways, but, again, to really put them into practice for the glory of God, not to show how good I am!  Because of the way in which Isra’el was self-righteously approaching God,  it was wrong and this is the rebuke for this attitude, yet, this approaching God is exactly what God wants us to do, but, not as if we were people “that did RIGHTEOUSNESS” i.e. falsely.  Praise God for His desires and plans for me and the love that motivates the Lord.

75. Isaiah 59 v 17: “For He put on RIGHTEOUSNESS as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon His head; and He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was glad with zeal as a cloak.”

Paul was obviously quoting the first part of this verse in Ephesians 6, where I am told to do these things.  The RIGHTEOUSNESS that the Lord gives me, is part of the armour that I must wear in order to withstand the onslaught of Satan and to speak out boldly for the Lord – of His salvation for repentant souls and against the things of evil in the world.  Here we see Jesus, armoured in RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation, ready to take vengeance like a zealot on His enemies.  We have the same commission, to be armed ready to be zealous for Jesus – not to take vengeance though – ‘vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay!’

76. Isaiah 60 v 17: “For bronze I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood, bronze, and for stones, iron.  I will also make your officers peace, and your exactors RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Whatever I think of God, He is better.  Whatever I think of God, He IS better!  Whatever I expect of God, He does better.  In God, if I expect something to be of bronze in quality, He will come up with gold, and so on down the line . I cannot imagine how good God is, or how high are His standards.  However high I imagine them to be, they are higher.  I cannot attain them! Praise God, that now, through Jesus, I am those standards, because He is those standards within me.  What are my “exactors?”  Ones who enforce payment of a debt or debts.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is the one who enforces my paying the price of sin, but the price is already paid!  Hallelujah!  I have RIGHTEOUSNESS already.  Praise God in the highest – I’m forgiven!  I have been made RIGHTEOUSNESS in His son, Jesus Christ – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

77. Isaiah 61 v 3: “To appoint to those who mourn in Zion, to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of RIGHTEOUSNESS, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.”

Why has the Lord done all this for me?  In order “that He might be glorified,” in my being called a “tree of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  What then, does it mean to be a “tree of RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  Well, trees grow.  If I grow, then the Lord will be glorified in that, because it will be seen.  Trees grow upwards, so in my growing up,  I will become closer to Heaven and the Lord and His ways – more like Him – glorifying Him in so doing.  As a “tree of RIGHTEOUSNESS,” in growing, I grow more RIGHTEOUS – for all to see!  Trees are durable, strong – in the Lord, planted by the Lord am I! I must grow where He has planted me.  There is no-where else – trees cannot uproot themselves and move – only God can do that!

78. Isaiah 61 v 10: “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.”

So the coverings on me of salvation and RIGHTEOUSNESS are as bright and colourful as the Hebrew bride and groom, in other words, they will show, in public, in my life for all to see – like ornaments and jewels.  To this I aspire!  So no wonder that “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord” and that joy will come from deep within me – from my soul; for the garment of salvation and the robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The robe is the outermost garment, so here again is the Word of the Lord that my RIGHTEOUSNESS both does and will show for all the world to see.  This is cause for me to rejoice and give the glory to God.  Hallelujah!!!  Amen.

79. Isaiah 61 v 11: “For as the earth brings forth her bud, and as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, so the Lord God will cause RIGHTEOUSNESS and praise to spring forth before all the nations.”

Hallelujah!  If I don’t bring forth RIGHTEOUSNESS and praise before the nations, i.e. in public, then the Lord will cause the stones of the earth to bring forth “RIGHTEOUSNESS and praise.”  However, as the Lord says, “so the Lord God will cause,” so I am going to bring it forth, because I am one of God’s sons who is bearing fruit.  Praise the name of Jesus!  Lord God, I praise You and ask You to cause RIGHTEOUSNESS and praise to spring forth before all the nations through me.  AMEN!

80. Isaiah 62 v 1: “For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her RIGHTEOUSNESS go forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns.”

The Lord is speaking – He will not hold His peace, because Isra’el had gone wrong and was not following after Him and His ways.  He rebuked Isra’el so gently, but firmly, because of her apostasy.  He says that He will not hold His peace for Zion’s own good, and for the sake of Jerusalem He will not rest until the RIGHTEOUSNESS (of Zion, of Jerusalem) that He has put there, goes forth as brightness, and as a lamp that burns. In other words, for all to see.  The Lord is not going to give up on Isra’el – or on us.  Praise His name!  He will go on rebuking those who are going the wrong way, and show them the right way. He will not rest from doing this until His RIGHTEOUSNESS within each of us believers, goes forth as brightness and His salvation within each of us as a lamp that burns.  Praise God for His constancy – He never changes or gives up.  Here again is the coupling of RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation!  Both are a brightness as a lamp that burns.

81. Isaiah 64 v 5: “You meet him who rejoices and works RIGHTEOUSNESS, those who remember You in Your ways; behold, You are angry; for we have sinned; in those is continuance, and we shall be saved.”

Jesus meets him who rejoices and works RIGHTEOUSNESS and those who remember You in His ways.  There is continuance in those who do these things, we have all sinned, yet there is salvation in those who seek the Lord and do His ways, rejoicing and working RIGHTEOUSNESS.  They bring the word of the Lord in the situations of others who are still sinners and are thus the means of salvation for them who have not yet received it.  They bring news of the availability of salvation through Jesus, our Lord and saviour.  Praise God for those who worked RIGHTEOUSNESS in rejoicing and who went the Lord’s way, who brought the salvation of the Lord to me.

82. Jeremiah 9 v 24: “But let him that glories, glory in this, that He understands and knows me, that I AM the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, justice, and RIGHTEOUSNESS, in the earth; for in these things I delight, says the Lord.

The Lord delights in these days!  That was true when the Lord wrote that in Jeremiah’s day and it is true now. In the same way, the Lord exercises loving-kindness, justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS in the earth today as well as in Jeremiah’s day.  Again, in the same way, when I glory, I must glory in understanding and knowing the Lord Jesus.  I must glory in the Lord Himself and in all that He is and has done (!) be that for me or for anyone or anything else.  Praise be to God!

83. Jeremiah 22 v 3: “Thus says the Lord, execute justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor; and do no wrong, do no violence to the sojourner, the fatherless, or the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.”

Again, RIGHTEOUSNESS is something to be executed, not to be received and sat upon!  Nor even squashed.  The fact that I have received RIGHTEOUSNESS from God as my salvation is not to be hidden from view, it is to be executed or operated for all to see.  Not in a big headed way, of course, but in the spirit, in order to glorify God.  We see in this verse, that the executing of “justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS” (coupled together again in this verse) will result in the deliverance of those who are spoiled, out of the hand of the oppressor and the lack of wrongdoing and violence and an end to the shedding of blood “in this place.”  ‘In this place’ means to only defend oneself against those who come against you where you are, as against going out to attack the enemy!  (We can see this in action in Isra'el today, 2016, where they only respond to attacks.)

84. Jeremiah 23 v 6: “In His days Judah shall be saved, and Isra’el shall dwell safely; and this is His name whereby He shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

No other RIGHTEOUSNESS have I, but the Lord’s.  I shall be saved by His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He has given me.   O that I might be known as “The Lord my RIGHTEOUSNESS,” not as a ‘Mickey taking’ name, but a name given out of respect (to the Lord’s doing).  Should I be constantly using the words, “The Lord my RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  NO!  People around me should know that I am a Christian and therefore, that the Lord IS my RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Such should be the level of the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS shining out of my being – my whole lifestyle, that they should be seeking to know more of God as a result of my being around them.  Is it?  Praise God!

85. Jeremiah 33 v 16: “In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely; and this is the name by which she shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

“The Lord our RIGHTEOUSNESS;” we have no other RIGHTEOUSNESS except self- RIGHTEOUSNESS and it is this last that we must give to the Lord in order that we become “the Lord our RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Jerusalem shall be called “the Lord our RIGHTEOUSNESS” and at that time, she shall dwell safely.  That safety has not happened yet, so it is something to which we may look forward and anticipate with joy; dwelling in safety!  Judah, in those days too, shall be saved, so another sign of the approach of these things, is the turning of the Jews to Jesus as their Messiah.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el!  Amen.

86. Jeremiah 33 v 15: “In those days, and at that time, I will cause the Branch of RIGHTEOUSNESS to grow up to David; and He shall execute justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS in the land.”

“The Branch of RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  This can only mean Jesus, David was dead and gone long before these words were committed to writing by the Lord God.  Jesus IS RIGHTEOUSNESS and what He did when He was living and walking in Isra’el as an ordinary man, was to execute justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS, all that He did was just and right.  However, this also refers to the time to come when Jesus returns to rule this earth in power and majesty.  Jesus cannot but rule and execute justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS because He is God.  For me to learn of RIGHTEOUSNESS, I must, quite simply, look to Jesus.  I have no better example of what RIGHTEOUSNESS is than Jesus.  He is the definition of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God! As for me and my family, we will follow the Lord (it isn't happening yet, but it will).

87. Jeremiah 51 v 10: “The Lord has brought forth our RIGHTEOUSNESS; come and let us declare in Zion the works of the Lord our God.”

So the Lord is the one who has brought forth the RIGHTEOUSNESS that we have in Him.  In other words He is the one who has made our RIGHTEOUSNESS apparent to others.  The exhortation here in the second part of the verse is to declare in Zion, or, amongst the Lord’s children, the works of the Lord our God.  In other words, encourage each other in the body of Christ, by declaring what the Lord has done in and through us as individuals and collectively.  Making sure that in the words and in the way in which we say them, gives ALL the glory to God and doesn’t reflect any upon ourselves, for God alone is worthy to be glorified among men.  This doesn’t mean that we should demean ourselves, we are surely kings (and priests) and should know and operate in our standing, but never forget that we are kings.

88. Ezekiel 14 v 14:Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver only their own souls by their RIGHTEOUSNESS, says the Lord God.”

Firstly, no-one with God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS within them can save anyone else!  Absolutely no-one can do this but our Triune God.  Not even Abraham, Moses, Daniel or anyone else can deliver us from the Lake of Fire – Hell.  ‘There is but one name by which men must be saved, and that is Jesus.’  What then, were Noah, Daniel and Job in?  They were, in this context, in the ‘land.’ The Lord usually refers to rest – resting in God in the RIGHTEOUSNESS which He had ascribed to them.  So what God was saying here is that not even such great men as Noah, Daniel and Job being in the ‘land’ didn’t and couldn’t help anyone else!  The Pharisees claimed Abraham as their father, but Jesus simply told them how valid that was (or rather not) as a means of obtaining RIGHTEOUSNESS, and hence, a way into the presence of God, or to escape from His wrath!

89. Ezekiel 14 v 20: “Though Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, as I live says the Lord God, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall deliver only their own souls by their RIGHTEOUSNESS:”

Not even their own sons and daughters can even the greatest men of faith save from Hell.  Not all their prayers and supplications added together can save even one person!  This is not to say that we shouldn’t pray for others because it is only a waste of time, but, to ascribe sovereignty to God alone.  He alone can save – and He knows from before each one of us is born, which of us is going to Hell and which of us is to be saved – for He knows if we will accept the salvation on offer or reject it.  He alone can give us that RIGHTEOUSNESS which is unto salvation.  He knows beforehand, which of us will accept it and which of us will reject it, even though He has given us free will, He knows which choice we will make.  Praise His holy name!

90. Ezekiel 18 v 20: “The soul that sins, it shall die.  The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son; the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the righteous shall be upon him and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”

My RIGHTEOUSNESS cannot avail for anyone else’s wickedness, nor can my wickedness be cancelled by anyone else’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  If I sin, I shall die, it is a simple as that.  My RIGHTEOUSNESS (from God of course) shall be upon me and upon no-one else.  Each of us is unique in God’s eyes and must answer to Him for ourselves, not for anyone else.  Even if I were a leader, I am only responsible before God for my leading, not for if and how others follow.  So if I lead others badly and they go wrong as a result, then they are not ‘in the clear’ before God necessarily, but I am in the wrong before God because I led wrongly.  In that respect, I am accountable for others, but no other way.  Praise God that I’m not a leader anymore, only a servant.  Praise God for my leaders!

91. Ezekiel 33 v 12: “Therefore, you son of man, say to the children of your people, the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the righteous shall not deliver him in the day of his transgressions; as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turns from his wickedness, neither shall the righteous be able to live for his RIGHTEOUSNESS in the day that he sins.”

However much RIGHTEOUSNESS God has ascribed to me, I can nullify it by sin.  Praise God that if I confess it and repent of it, it is as if it never happened in God’s eyes.  If I do not repent of sin, then I will have to account for it to Jesus Himself when I die – or when He comes again, if that happens first!  In the Old Testament times, some people were righteous in themselves (Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS) but what this is saying here, is that even one little sin is enough to nullify that RIGHTEOUSNESS.   Also, here is confirmation that a wicked person could turn from his wickedness to God and he would then be accounted as RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So, whatever is our current state, before God is our current state.   Praise God for His RIGHTEOUSNESS and mercy.

92. Daniel 4 v 27: “Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto you, and break off your sins by RIGHTEOUSNESS, and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor, if there may be any lengthening of your tranquillity.”

The opposite of sin is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This is God’s plea with everyone – give up sinning and take on my RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God that the man to whom this was addressed did eventually take God’s advice, although he did go through some pretty traumatic situations before giving in to God. (Isn’t it so much easier if we do it God’s way first time?)   We don’t have to go through such traumas as eating grass like an animal if we don’t want to do so.  God doesn’t want us to do that, but....  Well, it is up to us really.  By accepting His RIGHTEOUSNESS, we lengthen our tranquillity, or, in other words, we will have His peace within us at all times. Amen.

93. Daniel 9 v 7: “O Lord, RIGHTEOUSNESS belongs to You, but to us confusion of face, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Isra’el, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries to which I have driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against You.”

RIGHTEOUSNESS does indeed belong to You!  “To us belongs confusion of face” as long as we don’t operate in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.  If I operate in all areas under His RIGHTEOUSNESS, then the confusion of face belongs to them who would come against me, because I am Yours Lord.   Praise God, that if they that come against me as I operate in the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, will repent of whatever they are doing wrong, then the Lord is merciful and gracious to forgive them (and so must I!) and to give them that same RIGHTEOUSNESS in which they will then operate.

94. Daniel 9 v 24: “Seventy weeks are determined upon Your people and upon Your holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS, and to seal up the vision and prophesy, and to anoint the most Holy.”

The everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS is the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God gives to us and to the Jews in Jesus Messiah, His Son.  Up until that time, there was only the keeping of the Law and sacrifices to keep or regain the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God and the next sin needed another confession and sacrifice to get back into that RIGHTEOUSNESS.   Praise God that the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, provides an everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS, that no longer calls for sacrifices, but it doesn’t negate the need for confession – or repentance either.

95. Daniel 12 v 3: “And they that be wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to RIGHTEOUSNESS, as the stars forever and ever.”

Now we see the coupling of RIGHTEOUSNESS and wisdom.  This is Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS and Godly wisdom of course.  Those of us with Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS and wisdom, shall shine “like the brightness of the firmament.”  To me, this ‘firmament’ is the ‘vault of the heavens” (as per the dictionary) and the brightness of that is the sun in physical terms or the Son in spiritual terms.  So Jesus is going to shine brilliantly in our lives – praise God!  Not only this, but, in our shining in this way, we shall “turn many to RIGHTEOUSNESS,” and here we see that we shall be many – “as the stars” – they are countless!  We shall be forever and for ever.  Amen.

96. Hosea 10 v 12: “Sow to yourselves in RIGHTEOUSNESS, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, ‘till He come and rain RIGHTEOUSNESS on you.”

If I sow to myself in RIGHTEOUSNESS, then here is a promise that the Lord will water these seeds with the rain of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Not only that, but I am instructed to do the groundwork myself (each of us is to do that) I am to sow, to reap, to break up my fallow ground and seek the Lord!  I am to do all these things in RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Having sown the seed in RIGHTEOUSNESS – by letting the brightness of the Lord shine out through my life and lifestyle, sowing seeds in the lives of others; then, in reaping in mercy – I must be prepared to lead souls gently but firmly into the Kingdom, and once there, to lead them into higher things in the Kingdom.  Not only these things, but I must examine myself for areas of fallow ground, that I must break them up ready for sowing.  In other words, I must find out those areas of myself and my life that are not turned over to the Lord and break open the surface of them in order that the rain and the seed of the Lord can enter in and take root in them. Amen.

97. Amos 5 v 7: “You who turn justice into wormwood, and leave off RIGHTEOUSNESS in the earth.”

The Lord is speaking to God’s children!  They are not, however, the ones who are doing His will. “Seek Me and you shall live” He says to them in verse 4.  This verse is a description of those who were not following the will of God, nor even seeking it or God Himself.  Wormwood is absolutely useless for any purpose and it is to uselessness that these people had turn justice.  It was not justice at all.  They had totally forsaken RIGHTEOUSNESS, they made no attempt to execute God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in the earth – or where they were.   Please God that I may never turn justice to wormwood or leave off RIGHTEOUSNESS in my lifestyle and life.  Amen.  Amen.

98. Amos 5 v 24: “But let justice run down like waters, and RIGHTEOUSNESS like a mighty stream.”

This is God’s desire for me, that in my life, justice should pour out of me in every situation and run down like waters.  Also that RIGHTEOUSNESS should be like a mighty stream running out of me!  The NIV puts it a little differently, “but let justice roll on like a river, RIGHTEOUSNESS like a never failing stream.”  This changes the emphasis a little, after all, what is a mighty stream?  A mighty river, yes.  A never failing stream, yes, this is how God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS should be flowing in and through me.  It should flood over all those around me – family, friends, workmates and customers!  It should be obvious to everyone that I am different to the world and its people.  Praise God, I am heading that way in Jesus.  I don’t need to strive for it, but I mustn’t stop it!  Just let it flow.  Amen

99. Amos 6 v 12: “Shall horses run upon the rock?  Will one plough there with oxen?  For you have turned justice into gall, and the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS into hemlock.”

The signs of sin: a) Turning justice into gall, or, in other words, into something to cause bitterness.  There is no bitterness in true justice, true justice is seen by all to be right; b) Making the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS into hemlock, or, in other words, making the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS which is very good for all those around to see and taste, into hemlock, which is a poison to the body, either the physical body or the body of Christ.  Proverbs 11:18 shows that the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS sown is a “sure reward.”  Hebrews 12:11 shows that the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS is “peaceable.”  There is no peace in hemlock(!) only death.  RIGHTEOUSNESS is sown in peace by those seeking peace – James 3:18. UnRIGHTEOUSNESS or self-RIGHTEOUSNESS negates all these things.  So I must keep on sowing God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life!  Amen!

100. Micah 6 v 5: “O My people, remember now what Balak, king of Moab, devised and what Balaam, the son of Beor, answered him from Shittim to Gilgal, that you may know the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord.”

Numbers 24:9b says “Blessed is he who blesses you and cursed is he who curses (speaks against, denigrates, talks down, delegitimizes) you.”  Similar to Genesis 12:3.  These are the words of Balaam, the son of Beor in Shittim when Balak, king of Moab, hired Balaam to curse Isra’el.  This is what Balak had devised (to have Isra’el cursed) and this is what Balaam unshakeably said in reply, ‘to curse Isra’el is to curse yourself and to bless Isra’el is to bless yourself.’  These are the words of God!  I must remember them as the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord.  It says here in Micah, that remembering these things is to know “the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord.”  So it is part of my RIGHTEOUSNESS to bless God’s people Isra’el and not to curse them!  Hallelujah!  Amen!

101. Zephaniah 2 v 3: “Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, who have kept His ordinances; seek RIGHTEOUSNESS, seek meekness; it may be you shall be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger.”

Here is an exhortation to “seek RIGHTEOUSNESS, seek meekness.”  It is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Lord’s Will for me, and for everyone, to seek His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and here we see that we should also seek meekness too.  So RIGHTEOUSNESS is coupled with meekness, in the same way that I saw it in a previous study, coupled with justice.  So what is meekness?  It says in Numbers 12:3, that Moses was the meekest man on earth.  Cruden’s Concordance defines being meek as: ‘gentle, kind, not easily provoked, ready to yield rather than cause trouble, but NOT tamely submissive and servile.’  So, is meekness and is justice, the fruit of Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS?  I believe that this is what the Lord is bringing me to see.

102. Malachi 4 v 2: “But to you that fear My name shall the sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS arise with healing in its wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up like calves of the stall.”

Calves of the stall are those that are well looked after as they grow up, they don’t have to forage around, the best food is brought to them – all they have to do is to eat, and become strong and healthy.  Do I fear the name of the Lord?  Hallelujah, I do, but not as much as I should perhaps!  Praise the name of Jesus, the “sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS arises” for me and “with healing in its wings.”   Healing for my body and healing for my soul!  Praise God!  What a way to move now into the New Testament usage of the word RIGHTEOUSNESS, but with the arising of the “sun of RIGHTEOUSNESS!” Amen.

103. Matthew 3 v 15: “And Jesus answering, said to him, permit it to be so now; for thus it becomes us to fulfil all RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Then he consented to Him.”

“It becomes us to fulfil all RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Even Jesus had to comply to God’s Will here too.  So how much then is it incumbent on me to “fulfil all RIGHTEOUSNESS?  It is a totally free choice for me.  Either I do God’s Will, in His way, in His timing, doing all and being all RIGHTEOUSNESS; or, I go my own way, doing my own thing, or even doing His Will in MY way.  There is no middle path. RIGHTEOUSNESS cannot be compromised!  That RIGHTEOUSNESS of God must be seen in my life, not here and there, but every part of my life must show that commitment to His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  AMEN!  AMEN!  No matter what the circumstance.  Oh Lord, when I look at my life, I see that I let You down far more than I uphold these things.  Please help me Lord.  Amen.

104. Matthew 5 v 6: “Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after RIGHTEOUSNESS; for they shall be filled.”

Hallelujah!  What a promise!  If I hunger and thirst, in other words, really seek for God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life, then I shall be filled!  With what?  With God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Hallelujah, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, says the Scriptures, and God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is the key into that Kingdom, and here is the promise that I will be filled with the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God!  Amen!  “Blessed are they...”  So not only will I be filled with God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, but here I learn that I am to be blessed as I seek.   Blessed with what, I ask myself?  Better to ask God, I realise.  Blessed with peace in my heart no matter what comes against me; blessed with joy everlasting in my heart no matter how oppressing my circumstances; blessed with love in my heart for all my brothers and sisters in the Messiah.  How about that just for starters!  These things are the fruit of the Spirit!  Hallelujah, the list is in Galatians 5:22-23.  Praise God in the highest.

105. Matthew 5 v 20: “For I say to you that except your RIGHTEOUSNESS shall exceed the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The Scribes and the Pharisees were exceedingly RIGHTEOUS!  Jesus didn’t say ‘marginally exceed their RIGHTEOUSNESS’ either.  In order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, our RIGHTEOUSNESS would have to greatly exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees!  Now it could be implied that Jesus was saying that this is possible.  Well, it is, but not in human terms.  It is only possible by the Grace of God!  Salvation through the Blood of Jesus is the only way to obtain sufficient RIGHTEOUSNESS of the right sort, to enable us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus did not say that the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Scribes and the Pharisees was all self-RIGHTEOUSNESS either, He said that what they had was not sufficient to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

106. Matthew 21 v 32: “For John came to you in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS, and you believed him not; but the Tax Collectors and harlots believed him; and you, when you had seen it, repented not afterward, that you might believe him.”

There are those in the world, many of them, who, even when confronted with the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, will not accept it, or the Grace with which it comes on offer.  God knows from the beginning who will or will not be going to Heaven, which is the essence of pre-destination, because He knows who will accept salvation in Jesus Christ, His Son.  John the Baptist preached RIGHTEOUSNESS, and in fact, lived totally in it, he “came to you in the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS,” yet some did not accept the need for repentance, and still many today do not accept that need for repentance.  They were, and are, filled with self-RIGHTEOUSNESS and cannot see that they need to repent of anything.

107. Luke 1 v 75: “In Holiness and RIGHTEOUSNESS before Him, all the days of our life.”

Verse 74 says “might serve Him without fear” in Holiness and RIGHTEOUSNESS.  We are reminded of God’s covenant with Abraham here, that we might be delivered out of the hands of our enemies and thus be able to serve Him without fear, in Holiness and RIGHTEOUSNESS before Him, all the days of our life.  That is something we haven’t yet been able to do.  Why?  In Genesis 22:16-18 we see that it was because Abraham held back nothing from the Lord, not even his own son.  His whole life (with a few mistakes, of course) was given over to the Lord.  So, the lesson here is that I must give everything I possess and my whole self to the Lord, including Angel Talk Limited (Closed 2008) and my job at D.E.C (made redundant 23rd December 1994).  in order to serve Him in Holiness and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

108. John 16 v 8: “And when He is come, He will reprove the world of sin, and of RIGHTEOUSNESS, and of judgement.

“He” in this passage, is the Holy Spirit; and in verses 9-11 explain each of the three things of which He is going to reprove the world.  Why then, is He going to reprove the world of RIGHTEOUSNESS?  Verse 10 says: “of RIGHTEOUSNESS, because I (Jesus) go to my Father, and you will see me no more.”  Now reprove means to rebuke, so what this is saying is: that the Holy Spirit will rebuke the world over its self-RIGHTEOUSNESS and its lack of Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The last form, Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, is only obtainable from God supernaturally, through salvation in Jesus Christ and turning over our whole life to Him, every single area, as shown in Luke 1:75 (Study 107 above).  God knows, however, that many, many people will reject His Son Jesus and thus reject salvation and Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS.  They, those rejecting, therefore are condemning themselves to the judgement and the Lake of Fire.  A reprobate is one who is hardened to and by sin and who utterly rejects God and His salvation – The Oxford Dictionary.

109. John 16 v 10: “Of RIGHTEOUSNESS, because I go to My Father, and you will see Me no more.”

I see Jesus no more in the flesh, but, as I look at every other Christian I see Jesus, because He dwells within each one of us.  If I fail to see Jesus in someone I know to be a Christian, then something is wrong with me (one of us is wrong) and I must, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, seek the Lord for the reason, expecting, in humility, to find myself to be ‘out of line’ and not the fellow Christian.  I must follow Jesus, He has gone to the Father and, likewise, I must seek the Father too, for the issues above, and in every other area of my life.  Amen.  How else can I be called a ‘Christian,’ which means ‘a follower or disciple of Jesus.’

110. Acts 10 v 35: “But in every nation he that fears Him and works RIGHTEOUSNESS, is accepted with Him.”

One’s nationality is not important, it is the fact that I fear God and that I work RIGHTEOUSNESS that counts.  The RIGHTEOUSNESS that I work must be God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and not mine.  Praise God that He is a patient and loving God who waits, correcting me along the way in gentleness, for me to turn to Him and to His way.  (Lord God of Isra’el, I am so sorry that I am still having so much trouble in turning to You and to Your ways. 8th August 2013.)  What this is saying is that it is my actions and attitudes that get me into Heaven – accepted by God.  My ethnic origins will not get me accepted by God, be I Jew or Gentile, makes no difference.  I must “fear Him.”  This does not mean to be frightened of God (!) but to give Him proper respect – to hold Him as always right – which HE IS ALWAYS!  God has never ever been wrong.  So, if I disagree with Him, then it is me that is wrong and I must always acknowledge that.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el!

111. Acts 13 v 10: “And said (Paul) O full of all deceit and all mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of all RIGHTEOUSNESS, will you not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?”

The enemy of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Ha'Satan!  Now we know that Ha'Satan is the enemy of us all and here we see one of the ways in which he operates to bring us down through “all deceit and all mischief.”  He perverts the right ways of the Lord, by blinding us to the consequences of what appears to be a good thing to do.  In other words he gets us to do “dead works” (Hebrews 6:1) works which are ostensibly good, but are not what the Lord wants us to do and lead us into trouble, even self-RIGHTEOUSNESS from self-satisfaction and taking our eyes away from God.  As soon as Ha'Satan can persuade us to take our eyes off God, by whatever means that he can, then he can start to divert our energies into dead works, like CND or animal rights etc.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el, that He can cause us to turn our eyes back to Him and get things right again.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

112. Acts 24 v 25: “And he reasoned of RIGHTEOUSNESS, self-control, and judgement to come, Felix trembled, and answered, go your way for this time; and when I have a convenient season, I will call for you.”

When Felix thought out these things, “RIGHTEOUSNESS, self-control and judgement to come,” it frightened him and he didn’t like it, obviously seeing where he stood in respect of them; so he decided not to decide and sent Paul away, making an excuse.  Escaping the issue, he thought.  Do I seek to escape when the Lord wants me to face something or someone?  To my shame, yes, I do sometimes.  It is part of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS to face issues and not duck them; to get things sorted out with God, to allow Him to come into my life to bring things up to the surface and let Him deal with them.  In short, God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is walking with God in His way, not mine.  Praise God – come into my life anew and sort me out!  Amen.

113. Romans 1 v 17: “For in it is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, the just shall live by faith.”

My faith is accounted as RIGHTEOUSNESS and “justice” and here God tells me that I shall live by faith, because in His eyes, I am one of the “just.”  “It” in this case is the Gospel.  So, in the Gospel is revealed “the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.”  This RIGHTEOUSNESS is revealed by His faith to my faith.  I have simply to believe and then not-so-simply to act upon what is in God’s word.  That is living by faith, to believe and act upon His word!  O praise God O my soul!  Living by faith has little to do with not going out to earn a living!  It is to walk in His word! I must eat His word for food and follow His direction for life abundant!

114. Romans 2 v 26: “Therefore, if the un-circumcision keep the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law, shall not his un-circumcision be counted for circumcision.”

Outward signs mean nothing in God’s eyes!  Circumcision, singing choruses and Psalms etc., these are only of value if we keep the Law in every respect.  What God looks for is a heart attitude towards Him . It is my keeping “the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law” that God is looking for in me.  So what is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law?”  The RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law is the keeping of every element of God’s Law in every area of my life without breaking even one tiny aspect of it.  God says that is impossible, “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)!  This, of course, is why Jesus, the Son of God, and Himself God, came to live as a man and to be crucified and raised from the dead, in order that “the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law” might be imputed to us when we repent and give our lives over to Jesus, for Him to be Lord of every area of our lives.  So if I keep that repentant attitude in my heart, then that is accounted “keeping the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law” to me!  Praise God in the highest.  Praise His holy name.  Amen.

115. Romans 3 v 5: “But if our un-RIGHTEOUSNESS commend the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, what shall we say?  Is God unrighteous who takes vengeance?  (I speak as a man).”

God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is shown to be such by my un-RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This is not to say that I should go about exercising the un-RIGHTEOUSNESS that is within me, in order that the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God should be shown up for the better.  That is licence!  And not at all the thing to do.  What this shows is that I must look to God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS always and at all times and to “strive” to exercise that RIGHTEOUSNESS!  I mustn’t look at other Christian’s un-RIGHTEOUSNESS, because they are no worse than me!  I mustn’t base my lifestyle or actions or reactions on any other person, not even a Christian.  I must look only to God and try to emulate Him – in the power of the Holy Spirit.  AMEN!  Praise God.

116. Romans 3 v 21: “But now the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God apart from the Law is manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets.”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS of God is manifested in Jesus!  The Law and the ancient Prophets witnessed to Him.  The Law, because Jesus was the first and only man who kept every single aspect of the Law, in word and in the spirit of the Law; and the Prophets because they ‘predicted’ the coming of the Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach) down the centuries.  God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS produces the Law, not the Law, but rather the keeping of the Law producing God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is absolute and correct, and was given to show that man couldn’t help but break it, when operating in his own strength.  But only by never ever breaking even the tiniest and most insignificant part of the Law, could we enter Heaven!  In other words, there is no way in which we can earn our way into Heaven!  Simply because there is no way in which anyone can keep every part of the Law from birth to death.  “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el all the more then, for Jesus!  Hallelujah.  Amen.  Jesus is the only way to Heaven and the Father.

117. Romans 3 v 22: “Even the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe; for there is no difference.”

My RIGHTEOUSNESS is by faith in Jesus Christ, as is my salvation, for my (Godly) RIGHTEOUSNESS is my salvation – the only thing which will allow me into Heaven – by the grace of God.  This Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS is offered to all (whether they accept or not is another question) and is upon all that believe!  Praise God, He doesn’t differentiate between people at all, He loves every single person in the world, even one like Yasser Arafat(!) and He will only differentiate when the Day of Judgement comes and then only on the basis of whether or not that individual has believed on Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach).  God doesn’t differentiate because in His eyes, as verse 23 explains, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) so therefore, all men are equal in His eyes!  This is what makes it so important to give out the Gospel, in order that everyone may have the opportunity to accept it and the salvation that goes with doing so!

118. Romans 4 v 6: “Even as David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God ascribes RIGHTEOUSNESS apart from works.

I received RIGHTEOUSNESS from God, solely as a result of my faith in His ability to save me from sin, through Jesus, His death and resurrection and the Blood shed there for me.  Here in this verse, God tells me that I am blessed as a result of my faith in Jesus!  I am sure that this is not only the blessing of salvation and RIGHTEOUSNESS, but the blessing of knowing God personally and the privilege of being able to talk with Him at all times.  Not only those blessings but also the material blessing of my home and job and family and, and, and, and all things pertaining to me.   Praise God, for that I am blessed with so much!  Much more than I can even reckon!  Hallelujah.  Amen.

119. Romans 4 v 11: “And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the faith which he had yet being un-circumcised, that he might be the Father of all them that believe, though they be not circumcised, that RIGHTEOUSNESS might be imputed to them also.”

“He” is in this case Abraham, and Paul is here explaining that when Abraham was still not circumcised, i.e. not within the covenant, he had RIGHTEOUSNESS “sealed” within him.  Thus showing that God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is available to everyone and not just the “Jews.”  To have a “seal of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of faith?”  To be sealed with RIGHTEOUSNESS means that we are unable to follow sin any longer, that our lifestyle will be radically different from what it was previously, sin is unable to penetrate us anymore!  Hallelujah, we don’t have to struggle against sin, just follow the Lord!

120. Romans 4 v 13: “For the promise that he should be heir of the world was not to Abraham or to his seed through the Law, but through the RIGHTEOUSNESS of faith.”

The promise of God toward us (or Abraham or his seed) are nothing as a result of the Law, or as a result of God’s written word, the Bible!  They are promises to us, Abraham or his seed, only as a result of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God that we have as a result of our faith in God.  In other words, to Christians or Jews, those promises of God in His word or elsewhere, are only ours if we lay hold of these promises in faith.  If we don’t believe them, for instance, then they are NOT ours; if we never see them (by not reading His word!) then they are not ours; if we don’t want them then they are not ours.  ONLY, by the RIGHTEOUSNESS of faith (in the Lord God of Isra’el) are they ours!  So, only by faith in God and the Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS that this produces, and exercising that faith and RIGHTEOUSNESS can obtain God’s promises for us individually or corporately, and no amount of Law keeping and legalism will get us anywhere.  This doesn’t say that we don’t need to keep the Law!!!!  AMEN.

121. Romans 5 v 17: “For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one, much more they who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS shall reign in life by One, Jesus Christ.”

Hallelujah!  By the gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS I shall reign in life.  Thank You Lord, You remind me again here of the fact that Your RIGHTEOUSNESS is a gift!  You also have shown now, to me, that victory in life (reigning means to be over or above life, controlling life, not being controlled by it!) comes as a result of moving in the abundance of Your grace (forgiveness is not dwelling on you past failures) and the gift of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise You Lord Jesus for that gift, move me in it and in Your grace.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el.  Amen.

122. Romans 5 v 18: “Therefore, as by the offence of one, judgement came upon all men to condemnation, even so, by the RIGHTEOUSNESS of One, the free gift came upon all men to the justification of life.”

Praise God for that One and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  There would have been no hope at all for me, or anyone else, if it had not been for God’s grace, through His people, the Jews, He made it possible for all men to obtain forgiveness through sacrifice.  Now, through His grace, He has, again through His people, the Jews, made it possible for all men not only to have their sins forgiven, but through faith in Jesus Christ, a Jew, to have the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God!  Which is salvation.  Without that RIGHTEOUSNESS, I was condemned to Hell, the lake of fire, no matter what I did, however right I was, Adam’s sin in my nature barred me from Heaven.  What a wonderful God, who made me to have fellowship with Him, knowing that He Himself couldn’t have that fellowship whilst I was a sinner, sent One, His only Son, Jesus, to be the final sacrifice and so much more!  Thank You Lord Jesus!

123. Romans 5 v 21: “That as sin reigned to death, even so might grace reign through RIGHTEOUSNESS to eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.”

So another effect of RIGHTEOUSNESS is to allow grace to reign.  Without God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in me, His grace couldn’t reign in me.  So praise God the more for His RIGHTEOUSNESS!  To what purpose then, does grace reign in my life?  This verse tells me that it is to “reign .... to eternal life by Jesus Christ.”  So, without God’s grace, I couldn’t have eternal life, for which Jesus shed His blood for me on the Cross.  I see now, a little of how God has tied all things together to work for good (Romans 8:28).  Grace then, is reigning in my life instead of sin, the result of that is that instead of heading for death, I am heading for eternal life!  Hallelujah Lord!

124. Romans 6 v 13: “Neither yield your members as instruments of to un-RIGHTEOUSNESS to sin, but yield yourselves to God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of RIGHTEOUSNESS to God.”

“As instruments of RIGHTEOUSNESS to God?”  In other words, seek to glorify God in all that I say or do.  Wr see in this verse, God’s instruction to each of us to not yield to sin, it is a great temptation to go the way of the world, but we must not.  Concentrate rather on seeking to glorify the Lord God in every way.  “Your members?”  This can be either, members of the body of Christ, people in the Church, or members or parts of my own body, legs, arms, eyes, and, I believe, particularly in the passage, the sexual organs and the mouth (in what is said).  The verse refers particularly to the personal rather than the group level.  I must not sin, but I must seek to be an “instrument of RIGHTEOUSNESS to God.”  Amen.

125. Romans 6 v 16: “Know you not, that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are whom you obey, whether of sin to death, or of obedience to RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Here I see the Lord saying to me, that RIGHTEOUSNESS is a result of obedience to God and death is the result of obedience to sin, or anything else which is not obedience to God.  The two ends of the scale are shown to be death at one end and RIGHTEOUSNESS at the other.  Perhaps ‘road’ would be better than ‘scale.’  We can choose to travel in either direction, but not both.  I will choose obedience to the Lord, and gather more of His RIGHTEOUSNESS on the way.  Amen.

126. Romans 6 v 18: “Being then, made free from sin, you became the servants of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Hallelujah, I don’t HAVE to sin anymore!  I am now the servant of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This means that I now have to obey the dictates of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that whatever RIGHTEOUSNESS, Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, not self-RIGHTEOUSNESS of course, shows me, that I must do.  I can test the validity of those dictates to make sure that they are of God, by looking for the glory of God in it and also looking to the witness of the Holy Spirit within myself that I am being correctly led.  Praise God in the highest for Him and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God that I am to follow Him and His RIGHTEOUSNESS for ever as His servant.  Amen.

127. Romans 6 v 19: “I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh; for you have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to impurity, unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to RIGHTEOUSNESS, unto holiness.”

The Lord is here talking about the members of my body: arms, legs etc.  And how previously they were my servants, looking after the desires of the flesh and how they must now change their allegiance to be servants of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  How I must learn to use them to the glory of God.  My broken leg and ankle at the moment (22nd of December 1983) must be mended and used for the glory of God.  At the moment, I don’t see how, but, no doubt in God’s good time, I will understand why it has happened.  In the meantime, I must use the members of my body to seek and to do the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God and not self-RIGHTEOUSNESS.

128. Romans 6 v 20: “For when you were servants of sin, you were free from RIGHTEOUSNESS.

I didn’t have to obey the dictates of RIGHTEOUSNESS when I was a servant of sin, but I am, thank God, no longer a servant of sin, obeying the dictates of my flesh.  I don’t have to eat all the time now, I’m free to fast if that is what RIGHTEOUSNESS calls me to do.  I don’t have to sleep if the Spirit of God calls me to pray.  I don’t have to indulge myself in pleasures if RIGHTEOUSNESS decrees otherwise.  I am in fact, no longer in a position to indulge myself at all in following the demands of my flesh, because I am no longer free from RIGHTEOUSNESS.  I am the servant of RIGHTEOUSNESS, praise God, and in serving RIGHTEOUSNESS, I am doing that which is glorifying to God.  Amen.

129. Romans 8 v 4: “That the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

In walking after the Spirit, it follows that I will fulfil the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law.  This goes right back to study number 1 of these studies: if I am in RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I will fulfil the Law, supernaturally!  I will not transgress the Law, not as a result of conscious effort, but as a result of following after the Spirit of God and being in His RIGHTEOUSNESS!  O praise God, He is so wonderful, He provides us with the Law knowing that there is no way we could keep it.  He gave it to show us that we could not attain the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Law, then He sent His only Son, in order to provide RIGHTEOUSNESS to those who believe in Him and walk after His ways – which results in our keeping the Law anyway!  Praise God in the highest, praise Him in the Heavens, let His praises ring out upon the earth!  Amen.

130. Romans 8 v 10: “And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

If” Christ be in me?  How do I know that Christ is in me?  I know because Christ died for me on the cross at Calvary and I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour!  I know that He is on the throne of my heart and He lives within me.  Praise God that He ascribed Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS to me at salvation and since I have that RIGHTEOUSNESS, I see the Spirit is life to me!  O praise His name, God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and the Holy Spirit for the love and care that they lavish upon me.  O praise God for His wonderful greatness.  O praise the Lord. Amen.

131. Romans 9 v 30: “What shall we say then?  That the Gentiles, who followed not after RIGHTEOUSNESS, have attained to RIGHTEOUSNESS, even the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of God;”

Even though, Paul is saying, I didn’t grow up following after RIGHTEOUSNESS (as a lifestyle) before I was saved, “as did the Jews.”  I, as a Gentile, “have attained to RIGHTEOUSNESS, even the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of faith!”  O praise God for His infinite mercy and wisdom, by which I am able to exercise faith, faith unto salvation.  That RIGHTEOUSNESS which I have from God is nothing to do with my earthly origins, as a Gentile or as a Jew, but is ascribed to me solely as a result of my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour!  It is the result of my repentance of my former lifestyle and belief in Jesus which is my salvation.  Amen.

132. Romans 9 v 31: “But Isra’el, who followed after the Law of RIGHTEOUSNESS, has not attained to the Law of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Isra’el failed as a nation and as individuals to obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS by following the Law!  God sent the Law in order to show that it wasn’t possible to keep it and gave the order of sacrifices to obtain forgiveness, but when God sent Jesus to be the final sacrifice of Blood; He also sent, in Him, the means to obtain not only forgiveness, but RIGHTEOUSNESS too!  O praise the name of Jesus!  He alone is worthy to be praised.  Lord You are so gracious to us, first You show us how impossible it is to obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS by following the Law (by our own strength) then You show us how it may be obtained.  Praise Your holy name.  Amen.

133. Romans 10 v 3: “For they, being ignorant of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, going about to establish their own RIGHTEOUSNESS, have not submitted themselves unto the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.”

Isra’el, like us, spent much time and effort to try to establish their own RIGHTEOUSNESS. Doing ‘good works,’ doing the ‘right thing,’ being the ‘good guy’ etc.  It is easy to do it, even for me as a Christian: ‘Oh that ????? seems to be the right thing to do,’ and off I go to do it because it seems like a good thing to do and should ‘please the Lord.’ (This is very similar in attitude to Isra’el in Judges 17:6, & 21:25) If I do that, and I often do, then I am as much wrong as Isra’el, of whom Paul is talking here.  I must learn to take everything to the Lord God, and practice doing just that AND waiting for the answers too!  That is submitting myself to the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  To do this doesn’t come naturally (!) but it is to exercise the RIGHTEOUSNESS that God has given me. Amen.

134. Romans 10 v 5: “For Moses describes the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of the Law, that the men who do these things shall live by them.”

Moses described how keeping the Law could bring a man to life and RIGHTEOUSNESS, in the Tanach or Scriptures (the Old Testament in today’s language).  Yet, legalistically keeping the Law brings only self-RIGHTEOUSNESS!  So how could anyone obtain God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS?  As said in Study 133 above, it is not possible to keep the Law in the way in which God meant it to be kept, so He sent Jesus to give us His salvation, which is the imputing to me of His RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Praise God for His mercy to me.  Praise God for the RIGHTEOUSNESS He has given to me at salvation, without which I couldn’t enter into Heaven nor have eternal life!  Praise God!  Amen.

135. Romans 10 v 6: “But the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of faith speaks on this wise, ‘say not in your heart, who shall ascend into Heaven?’ (that is, to bring Christ down from above):”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS of faith doesn’t question God! In other words, don’t say to yourself when something bad happens to you, ‘why does this happen to me?’  Instead, praise the Lord in the situation, even praise God for allowing ‘it’ to happen to you (or me) because He knows best (AND Romans 8:28) and seek the Lord to know His purposes for you in the situation.  With my present broken leg/ankle, I could easily take this wrong attitude towards it, but, at the moment, I have still to seek God and His purposes for me in this situation.  Praise God that He is gracious and merciful and patient with me!  Hallelujah.  Amen.  I must seek God and His purposes for me.

136. Romans 10 v 10: “For with the heart man believes RIGHTEOUSNESS; and with the mouth confession is made to salvation.”

We cannot have belief without confession and in the same way, we cannot have RIGHTEOUSNESS without salvation.  They go together and, for man, cannot be separated.  It is not possible to have RIGHTEOUSNESS without it comes from being saved by God.  Our salvation is the RIGHTEOUSNESS imputed to us upon salvation, which allows us to enter into the presence of God the Father Himself; for we are washed free of sin and covered over with His own RIGHTEOUSNESS for a garment, and thus allowed into the presence of the Almighty.  O praise God all you His Angels, praise God all you His people!  Praise Him for His salvation and for His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He gives to us upon salvation.  This is why we are now, each of us, High Priests and can enter the Holy of Holies at any time, not just once a year!  O praise God that I am eternally His and that He is the Father I never had on earth (during my formative years) to whom I can talk at all times and who knows me so much better than I know myself!  Amen.

137. Romans 14 v 17: “For the Kingdom of God is not food and drink, but RIGHTEOUSNESS, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Here I see that not only is RIGHTEOUSNESS the key to entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, as I have seen in previous studies, but now I see that the Kingdom of Heaven IS RIGHTEOUSNESS ( and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit).  So, to be in God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, is to be in God’s Kingdom, the two are the same thing.  O praise the Lord for this revelation!  Thank You Lord Jesus for the peace and joy of Your Holy Spirit too, which is part of Your Kingdom.  Psalm 24:3 asks the Lord to lead me in the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS, actually, it states that the Lord does this.  In other words, follow the Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven because this is the same thing as the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is to be done for His name’s sake, i.e. for His glory.  Amen!

138. I Corinthians 1 v 30: “But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, who of God is made to us wisdom and RIGHTEOUSNESS and sanctification and redemption;”

Jesus, the Son of God, is made all these things to us, by God the Father.  It is for His glory that Jesus is made these things to us: Wisdom, RIGHTEOUSNESS, sanctification and redemption.  God has, in fact, made Jesus Christ to be our wisdom, our RIGHTEOUSNESS, our sanctification and our redemption.  When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I immediately became wise, RIGHTEOUS, sanctified and, of course, redeemed!  Hallelujah!  NB. I did not become wise etc. in the worldly sense at all, but in the spiritual sense!  As long as I continue in Christ Jesus, I continue to be wise, RIGHTEOUS, sanctified and redeemed, but as soon as I go my own way, I lose the benefit of these things in my living etc. not that I lose the eternal benefits!  Hallelujah!

139. I Corinthians 15 v 34: “Awake to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God.  I speak this to your shame.”

I am shamed!  That ‘some have not the knowledge of God’ means that I haven’t told them.  I am not ‘awake to RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ I am still sinning in this area then!!  So what am I going to do about it?  This verse tells me, ‘awake to RIGHTEOUSNESS!’ and stop sinning.  What does this mean in practical terms?  Realise the full meaning of RIGHTEOUSNESS and walking in the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  I must now repent of my not doing this – not as easy as it sounds.  I must now go through all the previous 138 of these studies and find out what the Lord is telling ME about RIGHTEOUSNESS and start immediately to put it into practice.  Oh my Lord!  Hallelujah Amen!  Hallelujah Amen!

140. II Corinthians 5 v 21: “For He has made Him, who knew no sin, to be sin for us, that we might be made the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in Him.”

Jesus didn’t just bear our sins and their ‘reward’ for us, this verse (in the AV) tells us that He actually became sin for us (I now think that may be a bad translation – how could He BECOME sin?).  What a miracle this is, God cannot have sin in His presence, yet Jesus Himself has been cleansed, of what He became, by God in order that He now sits at the right hand of God!  So not only did God cleanse us of our sin through the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus; and thus give to us the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God to allow us into His presence, but, and I’ve never see this before, He first cleansed His own Son of the sin He had become, by the same sacrifice, in order to allow Jesus also to return to His side.  What a revelation!  Hallelujah.  So, nothing is impossible to God.  There is no sin that He cannot cleanse and has not already cleansed by the sacrifice of His only Son Jesus.  So for me, there is nothing of which I cannot confess and repent of it to Him, for which I cannot obtain cleansing and forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus.  Hallelujah!  Amen!

NB. Would the reader please come their own conclusions about this study.

141. II Corinthians 6 v 7: “By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS on the right hand and the left,”

‘The armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS.’  Now armour implies protection from something.  One of the major problems today, is Satanic assaults from within the fellowship of believers!  By wearing the armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that will make me unassailable from within the fellowship.  I must wear that armour at all times though, not just in the meetings and when I talk to someone from the fellowship.  God says here ‘the armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS on the right hand and on the left,’ in other words, be completely covered at all times by that armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  There is no other way to be covered, except by the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  We cannot protect ourselves from Ha'Satan’s attacks, which is why we are liable to fall victim to Ha'Satan when we move out of God’s will and covering.  So wear the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God at all times!

142. II Corinthians 6 v 14: “Be you not unequally yoked together unbelievers; for what fellowship has RIGHTEOUSNESS with un-RIGHTEOUSNESS?  And what communion has light with darkness?”

Father, what un-RIGHTEOUSNESS or darkness in my life are you trying to clean out of me by this verse?  Or is this just a warning to me to be careful?  I must cease courting friendship with non-Christians, yet don’t avoid them.  Tell them of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and the Gospel.  Extol the Lord Jesus to them.  Tell them about Heaven and ask if they think that they are going there, and how they know.  Bless the Lord in their eyes and hearing, and don’t worry if you never see or hear from them anymore!  Once they have heard the Gospel through me, that is the end of my responsibility towards them, it is then the Holy Spirit’s job.  Am I too much in the world with my job (at Digital Equipment Co. at that time).  Or with Angel Talk Limited even (a company Sheila and I ran, doing, initially, Audio Cassette copying and later CD and DVD copying, bycontact)?  Is Angel Talk a god to me before the Lord, i.e. of the world?  May they never be so Lord.  Help me Lord Jesus, to remain pure and RIGHTEOUS in Your eyes.  Thank You Lord Jesus.

143. II Corinthians 9 v 10: “Now he that ministers seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your RIGHTEOUSNESS,”

For me to give to someone else, or to the fellowship offering box, is to minister food and seed for more food in the future and also by so doing, increases the fruits of ‘my’ RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS?  These are the outward manifestations of the RIGHTEOUSNESS (God’s) within me, as seen by others, in my lifestyle, my words and my actions day-by-day, and minute-by-minute.  These fruits are not any sort of facade or in any way ‘put on’ by me, but are the supernaturally natural me, as a witness to the Lord God.  The Lord is here promising to increase these fruits as I minister in them to others.  AMEN!

144. II Corinthians 11 v 15: “Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of RIGHTEOUSNESS, whose end shall be according to their works.”

The context of this verse tells me that ‘his ministers’ means Ha'Satan’s ministers!!!  Beware of those who seem to be doing all the right things, yet give me an uneasy spirit within me!  Ha'Satan is, having transformed himself into the ‘angel of light,’ is quite capable of transforming his demons into ‘ministers of RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ and also those who quite unwittingly serve him too.  Be not deceived Malcolm, God is not mocked, those who are taken in by Ha'Satan’s ‘ministers of RIGHTEOUSNESS ‘ will have to answer for it before the Judgement seat, and those ministers will receive the reward of their works.  Only by remaining in the (Holy) Spirit at all times, am I going to discern those who masquerade as the ministers of RIGHTEOUSNESS but are not.  O praise the Lord O my soul, for He has done great and wondrous things, He has set within me, the ability to discern who are God’s children and who are not.  Amen!

145. Galatians 2 v 21: “I do not make void the grace of God; for if RIGHTEOUSNESS come by the Law, then Christ is dead in vain.”

Jesus Christ did not die in vain, so here is further proof that we cannot obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS by keeping the Law, only by the grace of God through belief in His Son, Jesus, can any of us obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS, true Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Whilst this says that we cannot obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS by keeping the Law, it doesn’t say that we can ignore the Law, for that is licence!  Rather, because we are now filled with the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, it follows that we will keep the Law out of love for God, and as a supernatural effect of being filled with God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Naturally, we shall make mistakes from time to time (since we are only Human) but, praise God, Jesus is the final sacrifice and we obtain forgiveness in the grace of God by confessing the mistake to Him and repenting of the mistake, WHATEVER it is.  God’s grace knows no bounds!  Hallelujah!

146. Galatians 3 v 21: “Is the Law, then, against the promises of God?  God forbid; for if there had been a law given which could have given life, verily RIGHTEOUSNESS should have been by the Law.”

Praise God that His RIGHTEOUSNESS comes to us as a free gift by His grace, through faith in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ) as Lord and saviour.  Yet it says here that ‘God forbid’ that the Law is against God’s promises.  The Law is NOT against His promises!  The Law was given by God!  The Law therefore, is good and not to be transgressed, even by Christians.  This does not mean to say that Christians have to legalistically keep the Law, but out of their God given RIGHTEOUSNESS (which the Law cannot give!) then they will not find themselves transgressing that Law whilst they operate under the direction of their Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God in the highest.  Amen.

147. Galatians 5 v 5: “For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of RIGHTEOUSNESS by faith.”

To paraphrase this verse: by faith we received the certainty of RIGHTEOUSNESS through the Spirit.  This seems to imply that we haven’t yet received God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, Father, what are you saying?  What is the ‘hope of RIGHTEOUSNESS?’  It is surely the final ability to enter into the presence of the Father as the Bride of His Son, Jesus Christ!  O praise the Lord, that is our ‘hope.’  The meaning of the word ‘hope’ has changed somewhat down the centuries and originally expressed the meaning, in today’s language: ‘looking forward to something that will definitely happen.’  Praise You Lord for that revelation of what this verse means.  I do look forward eagerly to being Your Bride, Lord Jesus and entering into the presence of God the Father as Your perfect Bride.  AMEN.

148. Ephesians 5 v 9: “(for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and RIGHTEOUSNESS and truth),”

Galatians 5:22-23 describes the fruit of the Spirit and here in Ephesians 5:9 we see where and how that fruit of the Spirit will be manifested: ‘in all goodness and RIGHTEOUSNESS and truth.’  So, without RIGHTEOUSNESS, the fruit of the Spirit cannot be manifested!!!  WOW!  Just praise the Lord that His RIGHTEOUSNESS is mine and He therefore can plant the seed of His love and His word in my life and expect it to grow and mature, and to bring forth fruit.  Hallelujah,  Amen!  Lord, let it be so for You can do all things.

149. Ephesians 6 v 14: “Stand, therefore, having your loins girded about with truth, and having on the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS,”

I must have on the armour of God at all times, not just when I think about it, but at all times.  There is no alternative to this if I am to survive in the world, my own armour is as paper.  The whole armour is listed in this passage, Ephesians 6:13-17.  RIGHTEOUSNESS can be seen here to be, probably, the single most important part of the armour of God, the breastplate, protecting the heart, lungs, shoulders and the whole upper abdomen.  This sets God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in priority position for our lifestyles!  It is so very important to wear RIGHTEOUSNESS, we see this in Job 29:14, Isaiah 61:10, ‘He has covered me with the robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ again the only way we can enter into God’s presence; II Corinthians 6:7 ‘by the armour of RIGHTEOUSNESS on the right hand and on the left;’ and now in Ephesians 6:14 ‘having on the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS.’  The first two references show the importance of RIGHTEOUSNESS in entering the gates of Heaven and the second two references show the importance of RIGHTEOUSNESS to safely get us to the gates of Heaven.  Amen!

150. Philippians 1 v 11: “Being filled with the fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS, which are by Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”

“The fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  The fruit of the Spirit is love, so what are “the fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  The fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS are, by implication in the Bible, the outworking in each of us, of the will of God for us.  In other words the changes in our lifestyles and lives becoming apparent to those around us and also the good works that we do as we follow the will of God for us.  We must submit to the Lord God of Isra’el and to His will, our entire being in order to be “filled with the fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  If I do not submit entirely like this, then this lack of submission forms a barrier to the formation of these “fruits of RIGHTEOUSNESS” and the changes of lifestyle etc.  I do submit myself to Your glory Father.  Amen.

151. Philippians 3 v 6: “Concerning zeal, persecuting the Church; touching RIGHTEOUSNESS which is in the Law, blameless,”

Paul is explaining his own RIGHTEOUSNESS under the Law, not self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, but the RIGHTEOUSNESS due to him because he so zealously kept the Law in every respect, making correct sacrifices for all his mistakes, i.e. blameless as he said.  Unfortunately, as he explained in the following verses, a waste of time for Christians – or his case, Messianic Jews!  Paul attained the highest standards, yet he counted it as but loss for the Christ whom he now served.  The RIGHTEOUSNESS which we now have in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the annointed one), transcends all of that, and yet, because the Law is now written upon our hearts, out of that RIGHTEOUSNESS given us as a gift by the Father, we should find that we don’t transgress the Law anymore.  If we do, then the correct sacrifice has already been made in Jesus!  Hallelujah, the sacrifice, the price is paid.  Amen.

152. Philippians 3 v 9: “And be found in Him, not having my own RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is of the Law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of God by faith;”

Trying to obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS by keeping the Law cannot be done, as Paul found out from the Lord at and after his Damascus Road experience.  No-one could have tried harder than he, and he eventually found, after years of zealously persecuting the new Jewish Church and upholding the Law in every respect, that only by faith in the resurrected living Jesus, his Messiah, could the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God be obtained.  Praise God that there is no other way by which we may be saved and able to enter into the presence of the Living God.  No matter how hard we try, it cannot be done!  Praise the Lord.  We are not to strive after the Law, but to walk in the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, and to honour and glorify Him in so doing.  Amen. Hallelujah.  Amen.

153. I Timothy 6 v 11: “But you oh man of God, flee these things, and follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”

I must get rid of my desires to follow after worldly things, I must “flee these things” and instead “follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”  God is showing me now more things to follow after besides RIGHTEOUSNESS, but I note here that RIGHTEOUSNESS is first on the list, hence the most important thing.  I note too, that all five things after RIGHTEOUSNESS in this list, also coincide more or less, with the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.  So, if I follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I will be following after the fruit of the Spirit and that fruit of the Spirit will manifest itself in my life!  Amen!!!  I will not need to strive after them, simply follow after RIGHTEOUSNESS to the exclusion of worldly things, so the main future of Angel Talk Limited is in the brochure (NB. Angel Talk Limited closed at the end of 2008. ). Thank You Lord Jesus.  Amen.

154. II Timothy 2 v 22: “Flee also youthful lusts, but follow RIGHTEOUSNESS, faith, love, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

At first sight, this is the same as study 153 above.  There is, however a big difference in the first part, where Paul is ‘majoring’ on “youthful lusts.”  So what are these?  Obviously sex or the desire of it is a major one, but only outside of marriage, I can find no-where that the Bible condemns sex within marriage!  This verse says far more that is positive than the first part, which is a bit negative.  “Follow RIGHTEOUSNESS, faith, love, peace.”  This is so central to our Christian faith, to follow RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Again it is listed as the first and hence, most important!  It does say also, “with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”  They are the ones who are really going on with the Lord.  By keeping with them, we are continually up-building one another and encouraging one another to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and that RIGHTEOUSNESS is purifying to the heart.  “Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10).  Amen.

155. II Timothy 4 v 8: “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of RIGHTEOUSNESS, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing.”

What a wonderful re-assurance, that the Lord has ready for me a “crown of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Up until now, we have a robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that is present tense, but now, the Lord is giving me a glimpse into the future, of when we actually arrive at His side in Heaven, that He has waiting for each one of us that is looking forward to His appearing in glory, a CROWN of RIGHTEOUSNESS!!  This is also a reminder that we are not ‘Kings kids,’ but each of us is a king in Jesus own right.  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Also, we have here another name of our Lord – “Righteous Judge,” which is another re-assurance to us. Amen.

156. Titus 3 v 5: “Not by works of RIGHTEOUSNESS which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit,”

RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation come to us as a result of the mercy of God, nothing at all to do with anything we have done, no matter how good!  All I had to do, could do, was to accept the gift of salvation which is by His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Since God had such mercy towards me when I was rejecting Him, to give me His own RIGHTEOUSNESS, how much more merciful is He now that I am saved and I keep taking my eyes off Him to go my own way!  He loves me so much that He is so merciful towards me, He keeps on and on forgiving me,  “He is merciful and just to forgive” He says of Himself.  Not that I have licence to keep going my own way!  Oh praise the Lord, O my soul.  Praise His wonderful name, Jesus, the name above all names.  Thank you Lord Jesus, for Your grace and mercy towards me.  Bless You for it.  May I no more disgrace You or Your name.  Amen.

157. Hebrews 1 v 8: “But to the Son He said, Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; a sceptre of RIGHTEOUSNESS is the sceptre of Your Kingdom.”

God said to Jesus, “You are God” in this verse, and not only God, but God “forever and ever.”  If ever there was any doubt that Jesus is God, then this verse will and does dispel those doubts!  A sceptre is the symbol of the highest authority, a king, so what the Lord is saying here is that because Jesus is RIGHTEOUSNESS, absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, then that is the symbol or sceptre of His authority in Heaven and in earth.  Hence “a sceptre of RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  Since the sceptre of RIGHTEOUSNESS is the sceptre of His Kingdom, we may approach in absolute confidence, unlike Esther, who approached that throne in fear and trepidation, since that throne’s sceptre was not absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS as is Jesus’ sceptre.  Hallelujah!

158. Hebrews 5 v 13: “For everyone that uses milk is unskilled in the word of RIGHTEOUSNESS: for he is a babe.”

If I can only assimilate the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in His word, by listening to other expound it, then I am only a babe in God’s eyes.  To be skilful in the “word of RIGHTEOUSNESS” means that I am able to be fed with God’s word by Him, direct from His word.  Now “skill” is a relative word and whilst I am being fed directly by God from His word, as in this study on the word RIGHTEOUSNESS, this indicates that I am feeding myself on the “solid food” of the word of God.  I am still learning the “skill” of doing this as I go along.  I am still not averse to some milk in the form of listening to “teaching tapes,” or going to meetings to hear a well-known speaker, especially one teaching on a particular subject in which I have an interest, e.g. Isra’el.  The important thing is not to rely on others for my feeding, using daily devotionals and the like, but to get into the word of God for Him to feed me direct with “the word of RIGHTEOUSNESS” and thus grow up and no longer act as a babe!  Amen!

159. Hebrews 7 v 2: “To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being, by interpretation, King of RIGHTEOUSNESS, and after that also king of Salem, which is, King of peace.”

Melchizedek, king of Salem, this is saying that he is like a type of Jesus, who is the King of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Jesus is the absolute epitome of RIGHTEOUSNESS, He is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and that is why I, we, must follow in His footsteps, in the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS, not looking to anyone else as an example, except Jesus.  Everyone else’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is relative and therefore likely to give rise to failure.  Only Jesus provides the perfect example of RIGHTEOUSNESS because, as it says in this verse, He is the King of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Melchizedek was not the King of RIGHTEOUSNESS, only Jesus is that, but Melchizedek was King of RIGHTEOUSNESS only by interpretation.  Praise the Lord God of Isra’el for our example in Jesus.  Amen.

160. Hebrews 11 v 7: “By faith, Noah, being warned by God of things not as yet seen, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house, by which he condemned the world, and became heir of the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is by faith.”

I am an heir of RIGHTEOUSNESS which is by faith, I declare it!  Amen.  Being in faith as was Noah, I am “warned of God of things not seen as yet.”  They are in the word of God and also by faith, I can hear from God directly as did Noah.  I have an advantage that Noah didn’t have, that I have the Scriptures, which were not written at that time.  Noah had only the witness of his spirit to verify that it was of God, and I have that and the Scriptures by which to test what I hear.  Praise God for His mercy and grace to me.  Amen.  I am an heir of RIGHTEOUSNESS by the love, grace and mercy of God, my Heavenly Father.  Thank You Lord Jesus for making it all possible.  Amen.

161. Hebrews 11 v 33: “Who through faith, subdued kingdoms, wrought RIGHTEOUSNESS, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions,”

This verse shows how the prophets “wrought RIGHTEOUSNESS” by faith.  What does that mean “wrought RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  It means that by faith, by exercising their faith.  In other words, they did the right things on every occasion they were seen to be RIGHTEOUS in all that they did.  RIGHTEOUS in God’s eyes as well as men’s.  Wherever they went, whatever they did, they did the works of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Every decision they took was taken in faith that they were doing the will of God.  In other words, their lifestyles exhibited God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, not, of course, in showy way, but supernaturally naturally.  That is the way in which God wants me and all of us to live – to His glory.  Amen.

162. Hebrews 12 v 11: “Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous, but grievous; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS to them who are exercised by it.”

No-one enjoys being chastened, many would go to some lengths to avoid it, but if (and it does!) it will end up with me producing “the peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS,” then, Lord Jesus, chasten me as You see fit!  It is easy to say that, and almost as easy to write it down; but to actually open my life to Jesus to that extent is a different matter altogether.  So, if I want to produce in my life “the peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS, then it shows quite clearly, here in this verse, what I must do.  Lord Jesus, I open up my life to You to chasten me as much or as little, and as and when You see fit, in order that my life shall show to others those “peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS” in order to further glorify You.  In Jesus name.  Amen.  Hallelujah, Jesus heard that prayer and He will answer it too.  Hallelujah.  Amen!

163. James 1 v 20: “For the wrath of man works not the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.”

If I try to do anything for the Lord in anger (or wrath) it will avail nothing.  No RIGHTEOUSNESS will come out of it nor glory to God.  This does not say that I should not get angry, but rather that I should not work out that anger.  I must hand it over to the Lord and do nothing until I have.  I must not harbour it at all, as this will breed further anger within me.  Praise God that He wants my anger, only He can defuse it and render it as nothing, that is why I must hand it over to Him.  Praise the Lord, praise Him in the highest Heavens.  Praise His name, praise the name of Jesus.  Hallelujah!   Amen!

164. James 3 v 18: “And the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS is sown in peace by them that make peace.”

See how this verse contrasts with James 1:20 above. In that verse, there is a sense of frustration, of wanting to do our own thing, knowing it to be wrong in some way.  Yet this verse today, seems to create a sense of peacefulness, praise God.  “As far as is possible, live peaceably with all men” says the Lord in Romans 12:18, and in this verse I am studying today, the Lord says to sow RIGHTEOUSNESS in peace.  Now this RIGHTEOUSNESS that is sown, is the outworking of God’s will in me.  The good works will follow as a result of my following the will of God for me, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.  By doing this, the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS will be sown into the souls of those around me.  As I learn to more and more hand over all my anger to the Lord Jesus, so I will become more and more at peace,  His peace, which the world cannot understand, and so, as a result, I will become one who makes peace.  In that peace, I shall be able, as this verse says, to sow the fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS in peace.  Amen!  Amen!

165. I Peter 2 v 24: “Who His own self bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live to RIGHTEOUSNESS; by whose stripes you were healed.”

Living to RIGHTEOUSNESS is the ‘norm’ for the Christian, because we are dead to sins.  We have the power to do this as “by whose stripes you were healed” is the one, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, “who His own self bore our sins in His own body on the tree.”  He took them away from us (by our choice to receive that, having free will!) at Calvary, that also made each of us a new creation in Christ Jesus, so, we “being dead to sins” (plural, i.e. all sins) “should live to RIGHTEOUSNESS,” or be able to “live to RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  It is our pleasure to try to please the Lord by living “to RIGHTEOUSNESS,” because we love Him for who He is and for what He has done for us and for how much He loves us!  It is of little or rather, no interest to us to sin anymore, because the ways of RIGHTEOUSNESS exert a greater pull on us.  Amen.

166. II Peter 1 v 1: “Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God and our saviour, Jesus Christ:”

There is only one standard or RIGHTEOUSNESS, against which all other forms fall short and indeed, so far short that they are not even comparable with it, and that is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God!  If I change one word in this verse, then the message becomes clearer: “to them that have obtained the same precious faith with us through the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.”  Our faith come to us through the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  If He were not absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, then we could not have faith in Him.  God is absolute and He never changes (Malachi 3:6, my favourite verse) He has only one plan for everything, no “plan B,” because He is right first time EVERYTIME!  He is never wrong!  This is why we can have faith in Him and also why if we put our faith in anything else, it is changeable and therefore not to be trusted, or to have faith put in it.  Everything else in which we put our faith, will let us down sooner or later.  So, we may only put our faith in the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!

167. II Peter 2 v 5: “And spared not the old world, but saved Noah, the eight person, a preacher of RIGHTEOUSNESS, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;”

“A preacher of RIGHTEOUSNESS.” One who tells others about the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, extolling that RIGHTEOUSNESS of God as something good in itself and good to get into and live as a lifestyle.  Before anyone can preach something, they must be into “it” in their own lifestyle, otherwise it doesn’t ring true to those who hear the preaching.  So this verse tells me that in God’s eyes and the world’s eyes at the time, Noah was a RIGHTEOUS man.  He wasn’t perfect, because he was still a man, so if I were to start to preaching RIGHTEOUSNESS, it won’t be because I am perfect at it, but because my lifestyle is after RIGHTEOUSNESS, it is my aim in life to be RIGHTEOUS in God’s eyes and to extol God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS to the world about me, including my family (oh if only).  Praise God in the Highest, please help me Lord!  Amen.

168. II Peter 2 v 21: “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS then, after they had known it, to turn from the Holy commandment delivered to them.”

This verse is very frightening, as it implies that a Christian who turns his back on Jesus, literally or in legalism, faces something worse on the Day of Judgement than those who never did “know the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS. It isn’t frightening to me personally, because I am not deserting the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS, I make (many) mistakes though, but I am concerned for my sons in this verse, and for others who have left the Lord!  Lord Jesus, have mercy upon us and draw them back to you and to your ways, and keep me in those ways.  Amen!  Now, what is the “way of RIGHTEOUSNESS?”  This is God’s way, following God’s will, doing His commandments, following after Jesus and, in other words, seeking first the Kingdom of God (or Heaven) and doing God’s works, not dead works (Hebrews 6:1) or evil works.  Not sitting passively by and letting the world go by, standing up and being counted etc. etc. etc.  Lord, lead me back into Your ways, in order that You may be glorified in and through me.  Amen.

169. II Peter 3 v 13: “Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new Heavens and a New Earth, in which dwells RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

When Heaven and Earth pass away, we, according to His promise, will inhabit the New Heaven and Earth, and we shall dwell in God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS for ever and ever because we shall become, as this verse tells us, in which dwells RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  At that time we shall be perfect in soul, spirit and body in God’s eyes.  His Kingdom will reign on Earth, Ha'Satan’s reign will be finished, AMEN!  Oh to dwell in God’s perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS and to be part of it!  Hallelujah, this is His promise for me.  Amen.  It is going to happen, God has purposed it and it cannot not happen.  Praise the Lord.  Amen.

170. I John 2 v 29: “If you know that He is RIGHTEOUS, you know that everyone that does RIGHTEOUSNESS is born of Him.”

We know that God is RIGHTEOUS, and He alone.  So what is doing RIGHTEOUSNESS?  It is doing as God does, doing His Will.  Not taking to ourselves Godly powers and authority, but ascribing these things to God Himself alone and seeking His Will for us, in order that we might do it AND do it in the way and timing in which God wants it done.  In other words, not find out that the Lord wants me to do “xyz” and rush off and do “xyz” by the most obvious (to me) way, i.e. in my own strength, but to seek God for the means and the time of doing “xyz.”  It is so easy for us to do God’s Will for us, yet completely mess it up by not seeking Him for the direction and timing of what looks like good works and in so doing, convert them into “Dead Works!”  Lord, I am born again of You, therefore I ask You to keep me from “Dead Works,” that I may seek You in all aspects of my life.  Amen.

171. I John 3 v 7: “Little Children, let no man deceive you; he that does RIGHTEOUSNESS is righteous, even as He is righteous.”

There are those who seek to deceive us, to pervert us from God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  They seek to show how reasonable it is to do this, that and the other, and how unreasonable it is to be expected to do other things.  They are the followers of the Angel of Light – Ha'Satan himself.  I must be wary of other people’s advice and weigh it against the witness of the Spirit within me (the Holy Spirit, of course) and against Scripture.  I am RIGHTEOUS for 2 reasons: God gave me His RIGHTEOUSNESS at salvation, through the blood of His Son at Calvary; and because I do RIGHTEOUSNESS in the name and in the strength of the Lord Jesus.  No-one can take that away from me, but I could be foolish enough to get rid of it myself.  Praise God in the highest!  Praise His Holy name, Jesus!  Amen.

172. I John3 v 10: “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the Devil: whosoever does not RIGHTEOUSNESS is not of God, neither he that loves not his brother.”

If I do not do RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I am not of God in what I am doing.  This is not to say that I have lost my salvation, but that I am not doing God’s Will for me at the time and therefore not doing RIGHTEOUSNESS in God’s eyes!  One crown not gained...  The Lord couples together here, His RIGHTEOUSNESS and the love of brothers for one another.  I have been shown previously, by the Lord in this study, the coupling together of RIGHTEOUSNESS with justice and uprightness and peace and truth and mercy.  Now, the Lord is bringing in another aspect of doing or outworking of RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life, my love for my brothers in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ)!  As I was reminded last evening, my own sons, two of whom are saved (as I type this, 19th of January 2014) are in fact my brothers in Christ, therefore, I must show the same love for them as for all my other brothers in Christ.  Amen.

173. Revelation 19 v 8: “And to her (the Bride of Christ) was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of saints.”

A garment of praise, a robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS, these are the fine linen of the saints.  It is only as the saints wear these garments – praising God and doing His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that we shall be fitly arrayed as the Bride for our Messiah (Jesus) to be ready as the Bride for the marriage to come.  Praise God they that He has given that garment of praise (of Him) and the Robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS (doing it) to replace our own filthy rags, of which we were so proud before we were saved.  Praise God that He has granted that we “should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white.”  Praise God for His grace and mercy and love toward each of us.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

174. Genesis 15 v 6: “ And he (Abram) believed in the Lord; and it was counted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Abram received his salvation because he believed in the Lord.  That is all I have to do, believe in the Lord!  In exactly the same way, those Jews in Isra’el today who do not yet see Jesus as their Messiah, will still go to Heaven if they believe in the Lord as did Abram!  So, the Jews who are the branches in Romans 11 that were not broken off are not only the Messianic (Christian) Jews, but all those who believe in the Lord as did Abram.  What a revelation! To believe in the Lord as did Abram, will mean that God will count it to them as RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Praise the Lord!  The belief in Jesus Christ as Lord is for us Gentiles!  Abram believed in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the annointed one) before he had ever heard of Him.  In the same way, Jews of today can go to Heaven, even if they haven’t accepted Jesus as their Messiah, provided that they believe in the Lord!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Amen!  Praise the Lord!  (Wow, that is very controversial!!! Malcolm, typing up these notes, 19-Jan-14)

175. Psalm 106 v 31: “And that was counted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS to all generations for evermore.”

Phin’ehas executed judgement and that was counted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Numbers 25:7, 8 tell that Phin’ehas saw that something very wrong, before the Lord, was going on, and that Phin’ehas didn’t stand idly by, fuming at how terrible this was, he did something “terribly wrong” too and yet it was counted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS, Phin’ehas killed the two people concerned in the wrong doing!!!  Thank God for Mary Whitehouse and the way she is standing up for right as did Phin’ehas.  It IS counted to her for RIGHTEOUSNESS by the Lord!  Now, I must start to do the same in God’s eyes.  Amen.  Phin’ehas was zealous for the Lord!  I have been so half-hearted that it isn’t even a joke,  I MUST CHANGE!  Amen!

176. Romans 4 v 3: “For what says the Scripture (i.e. the Old Testament)? Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

RIGHTEOUSNESS IS imputed to Abraham because he believed God.  In other words, he trusted God (for what?) for everything.  He didn’t set out to do good works at all, he set out to do God’s Will for himself and to follow God in everything.  This is what was counted to him as RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Now, I have RIGHTEOUSNESS ‘counted’ to me by salvation through my belief in Jesus, but, because I have RIGHTEOUSNESS, I will follow the Lord and do His Will for me.  The same end result, but for the same reasons, around the other way.  Praise God!  I have the RIGHTEOUSNESS to go and do His Will.  All glory and praises and honour to God!  Amen.

177. Psalm 143 v 11: “Revive me, O Lord, for Your Name’s sake; for Your RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake, bring my soul out of trouble.”

What a prayer!  “Revive me O Lord for the sake of Your name, the Name above all names; for the sake of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, bring my soul put of trouble.”  Verse 8 says “cause me to know the way wherein I should walk,” Lord I can only echo these prayers.  Verse 10 says “Teach me to do Your Will.”  Wow, Lord, I ask these things of myself!  And really mean it too.  Praise God, He does hear my prayers and supplications, He hears them for the sake of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, to uphold His own position, not for anything I am, say or do.  He hears my prayers because He loves me, He said so, and nothing can change that because God is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Praise God for His love for me and my family, teach me Your Will to do it.  O Lord, cause me to know the way wherein I should walk.  Revive me O Lord, for Your Name’s sake, for Your RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake, bring my soul out of trouble and do all these things.  Amen.  Hallelujah!

178. Isaiah 5 v 7: “For the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the House of Isra’el, and the men of Judah His pleasant plant; and He looked for justice, but behold oppression; for RIGHTEOUSNESS, but behold a cry.”

Whilst the passage and verse apply strictly to the nation of Judah (and Isra’el today); It is nonetheless true that the Lord looks to His people, the Church, for justice and RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So, the Lord is looking at me and you to seek to find justice (NOT judgement!) and RIGHTEOUSNESS in me (and you).  What does He find?  Praise God, He finds the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God as a result of our salvation, but is this all He expects?  The Lord expects to find us going on with His ways and exercising that RIGHTEOUSNESS and justice that He has set within us, letting it shine out of our lives for all the world to see, not burying ourselves in a morass of worldly things – self, materialism, dead works etc. – smothering the light of the world within us.  Father, I want that light to be uncovered within me, that I might be used for Your glory.  Amen.

179. Matthew 5 v 10: “Blessed are they who are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

So all those behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ (Islamic lands today, 2014) who really are persecuted and imprisoned for their faith in Jesus (and the Jews for their belief in the Lord God of Isra’el) which is counted to them as RIGHTEOUSNESS, have the Kingdom of Heaven for their possession for ever and now.  I have to confess that whilst I would like the blessing, I do not relish the idea of the persecution.  However, I must realise that the persecution isn’t necessarily physical, as the next verse goes on, it includes the reviling of men, “mickey-taking” is a mild form of that, and even that little is sometimes very hard to withstand!  Praise God that He is building my courage and RIGHTEOUSNESS for just these purposes.  Praise God!

180. Romans 4 v 5: “But to him that works not, but believes on Him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This does not refer to working for a living, but to those trying to work to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by those works.  There is no way by which anyone can enter Heaven by the result of what he or she has done or not done.  This verse reinforces that and also shows the only way by which we may enter Heaven – by faith.  Only by believing in the salvation of God and His mercy upon us can we enter His presence.  We are ungodly by nature, yet God in His infinite mercy, justifies each of us IF we believe on Him.  That belief (or faith, to give it another title) is counted for RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The RIGHTEOUSNESS of God is imputed to me, unworthy and ungodly as I was, I had and have only to believe on Him!  Praise God for His love and mercy toward me – a sinner and totally ungodly person before I believed.  Now God is changing me.  I am no longer ungodly but Godly!  Praise God!  Hallelujah!

181. Galatians 3 v 6: “Even as Abraham believed God, it was accounted to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Justification is by faith by the accounting to each of us RIGHTEOUSNESS if we believe in or trust God.  This is why we shall meet Abraham in Heaven, because he trusted (believed) God, as this verse says.  This is the third time I have read (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:3) that “Abraham believed (trusted) God and it is accounted to him as RIGHTEOUSNESS,” so this must be very important for the Bible to repeat itself in almost the same words.  It is, in fact, the most basic tenet of all we believe – Jews and Gentiles: That to trust God implicitly for everything, means that God will account to us individually, His RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!  There is no club or association to belong to in this, no special place to be, it is down to each one of us individually to believe or trust God, no-one else can do it for us, God deals separately for each person.  Amen.

182. Romans 4 v 22: “And therefore it was imputed to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Again, for a 4th time so far, I am told in Scripture, that Abraham’s faith (or trust) in God is accounted to him, or imputed, as RIGHTEOUSNESS.  O praise the Lord, O my soul, that God is so merciful and yet just, that whilst we cannot escape the judgement of God, He provides a way in which His Law may be overcome – by believing God, or trusting in God, believing that He both can and will do all those things which He has said; and that this belief causes God Himself to account that belief by us, as being Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS in us!  O praise His Holy Name – Jesus, saviour of the world.  Thank You Lord Jesus.  Amen.  This belief in God is so obviously very, very important, help me Lord to believe . Amen.

183. James 2 v 23: “And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS: and he was called the friend of God.”

Now I see the 5th occasion where God, in His mighty wisdom, says in His word that belief (trust or faith) in God causes RIGHTEOUSNESS to be imputed to the believer.  Thus faith, belief or trust in God, that He can and will do those things that He has said, is so fundamental to the Christian faith (and the Jewish faith too) that it cannot be stressed too heavily; for us , our whole life hangs or balances on this one concept.  Without this RIGHTEOUSNESS, there is no way in which any of us could stand before God as part of the Bride of the Lamb.  This RIGHTEOUSNESS is the perfection of us individually and collaboratively as the Church, which every bride seeks to be, specifically for her wedding.  God has made this provision for us Gentiles through the cleansing blood of His Son, Jesus.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

184. Romans 10 v 4: “For Christ is the end of the Law for RIGHTEOUSNESS to everyone that believes.”

Because RIGHTEOUSNESS is given to all who believe Christ died for their sin and their forgiveness, there is no longer any call upon them to keep the Law, as such, in order to obtain RIGHTEOUSNESS in God’s eyes.  In the very first of this series of studies, we were commanded to keep the Law, here we see that “Christ is the end of the Law” as a means of obtaining RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This doesn’t say that we no longer have to keep the Law, not to keep the Law is licence and that is where many Christians make their biggest mistake!  We now find ourselves naturally keeping the Law as a result of the Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS that is set within us at salvation!  If we, or I, don’t find myself keeping the Law, i.e. if I break the Law, then I must question myself over what I am doing that breaks God’s Law to find out where I am going wrong.  Amen.  

NB. Note that this does NOT refer to the ceremonial Laws, think in terms of the 10 commandment and the like.  Praise God for His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Hallelujah!

185. I Peter 3 v 14: “But and if you suffer for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake, happy are you; and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled.”

It seems as though it would almost be a good thing to suffer for the sake of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Probably, although the suffering itself would be unpleasant to the flesh, the inner joy at being called upon to suffer for the sake of RIGHTEOUSNESS would transcend any pain as when I “broke” my leg.  What does it mean though, to suffer for the sake of RIGHTEOUSNESS?  I see this as, in its mildest form, suffering “mickey taking” for doing the “right” thing and in an extreme form, suffering for doing what God says rather than doing what man says, as in Iron Curtain countries at the time of this Study – Christians being hounded out of jobs, into prison, having their children taken away, even tortured in their bodies.  Both extremes are to “suffer for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake.”  I don’t look forward to the suffering, but I do look forward to the spiritual joy, whether it comes from suffering or not.  Amen.

186. I Samuel 26 v 23: “The Lord render to every man His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His faithfulness; for the Lord delivered you into my hand today, but I would not stretch forth my hand against the Lord’s anointed.”

“The Lord render to every man His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His faithfulness.”  David is here calling upon the Lord to pour out His RIGHTEOUSNESS and faithfulness upon all men that acknowledge Him, thus claiming his own RIGHTEOUSNESS in the Lord because he honoured the Lord’s anointed – Saul, even when he had the opportunity to kill him.  I worldly terms, it would have been very sensible in those days, to kill the man who was trying to kill you, but, it was counted as Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS to not kill him if he is or was the Lord’s anointed.  So what is the Lord telling me? I must not stretch out my hand (or even tongue!) against the Lord’s anointed.  In fact, I must go out of my way to protect them, even from the critical tongues of others.  This will be counted as Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS by the Lord.  So who are the Lord’s anointed today?  All the leaders and members of Fellowships and Churches.  Praise God!

187. I Kings 8 v 32: “Then hear you in Heaven, and do, and judge Your servants, condemning the wicked, to bring his way upon his head, and justifying the RIGHTEOUS, to give him according to His RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Whilst God will hear everything, because He is God, He will judge the wicked, who will not acknowledge their sin nor turn to God for forgiveness; God will recompense them with condemnation, rewarding them according to their ways.  He will, however justify the RIGHTEOUS, in their turning to God for forgiveness for their sin which they do acknowledge before Him, not only this, but, He will give to the RIGHTEOUS according to His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This implies that there are degrees of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  God is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and out of His RIGHTEOUSNESS will He give RIGHTEOUSNESS, but there is a degree of response from us as to what we do with the RIGHTEOUSNESS once it is given to each of us.  A question almost, of Stewardship really, if we hide it, then the world doesn’t see it, whilst at the other extreme, we can walk in total Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, as did Abraham.  He was very well rewarded for his faith!  Amen.

188. II Chronicles 6 v 23: “Then hear You from Heaven, and do, and judge Your servants, by requiting the wicked, by recompensing his way upon his own head, and by justifying the RIGHTEOUS, by giving him according to his RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Who are the RIGHTEOUS?  Those whom God justifies!  Who does God justify?  Those who believe God, and put their whole trust in Him.  How does God justify them?  By ascribing to them His RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Amen.  So God gives according to His RIGHTEOUSNESS.  This also means to me then, that God is giving (not will give!) all that He has to those that trust Him.  So why don’t we all prosper?  It is because we don’t all trust the Lord in everything – we like to go our own way sometimes.  To do things in our own strength and ability.  To even say to ourselves, ‘God gave me the ability to do this or that, so I’m alright, I’ll just go and do it whatever,’ instead of seeking the Lord, to see the way in which He wants the thing done.  So seeking the Lord in all things is vitally important in doing the Lord’s Will, if we are to receive all that the Lord is giving to each of us individually and corporately.  Amen.

189. Job 33 v 26: “He shall pray to God, and He will be favourable to him, and shall see His face with joy; for He will render to man His RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Lord, I shall pray to You and know that You will be favourable to me and that I shall see Your face with joy; for You have rendered to me Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Amen.  The Lord’s or God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is absolute.  There are no degrees to it, no variables to it, it is absolute!  Unchangeable it is!  There is none like it in this world or outside of it.  Only God is RIGHTEOUS, only God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is able to come near to God.  Praise be to God, He has given me His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that is why I can draw near to Him, enter into the presence of God.  I need no man to intercede for me, I have Jesus as my High Priest, I need no other!  Hallelujah, I am accepted in God’s eyes by the Blood of the Lamb, shed for me at Calvary’s cross.  Praise God, I am RIGHTEOUS with His RIGHTEOUSNESS only because I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.  He hears my prayers and will be favourable to them – i.e. He will answer them.

190. Psalm 7 v 17: “I will praise the Lord according to His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.”

What I feel like on any given occasion, has no bearing upon whether or not I should praise the Lord.  My feelings on the subject are irrelevant!  As David says here, ‘I will praise the lord according to HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ there is no better reason why I should always praise the Lord.  Since the Lord is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and He gives that RIGHTEOUSNESS to me, His RIGHTEOUSNESS within me should be allowed to reign and that will cause me to praise the name of the Lord most high.  I must not allow my feelings or emotions to get in the way of my praising the Lord God of Isra’el.  I must learn to control myself, for that is what feelings and emotions need, in order that the Lord in His RIGHTEOUSNESS may reign within me.  This way, I will walk in the ways of RIGHTEOUSNESS and perform God’s Will for me.  Amen.  Praise the Lord O my soul!

191. Psalm 22 v 31: “They shall come and shall declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS to a people that shall be born, that He has done this.”

‘They’ in this case, is all mankind, “They shall come and declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS to a people that shall be born.” Or is it all mankind? This must prophecy the 144,000, ‘a seed shall serve Him’ in verse 30, “to a people that shall be born,” in other words, they do not exist at the time of the writing of this Psalm. “That He has done this,” as in His Crucifixion as described in verses 14 – 18, and His resurrection as in verses 27, 28.

So, a seed shall serve Him and they shall come and shall declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS to a people that shall be born, that He has done this for them. Praise God, His RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be declared. The only RIGHTEOUSNESS that is absolute, Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, praise God in the highest. Amen

192. Psalm 50 v 6: “And the Heavens shall declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS; for God is judge Himself. Selah.”

How will the Heavens declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS? The Saints will be gathered together to God (v5) who is in Heaven, all they and all creation shall thus declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS!

God is shown to be the judge of Himself, and of everything else, in this verse. Only God Himself can be judge, because only He is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and all the Heavens declare this, and as witnesses, they cannot withhold their witness. The Heavens have been with God since the beginning and so they are unable to hold back their declaration of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. They will give voice to their declaration by the mouths of the Saints gathered to God at His command. Amen!

Selah – ponder this point.

193. Psalm 97 v 6: “The Heavens declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all the peoples see His glory.”

The Heavens declare the glory and RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord all the time, but they are not presently seen by all the peoples of the world. They have never been seen by all the peoples and this verse is a prophecy of when Jesus returns in glory and majesty and triumph. For then, ALL the peoples shall see His glory. There will be no doubt about it at all. They shall every one know who it is and will every one know that it is too late to give their lives to Jesus, accepting the salvation so freely offered now, but not available when Jesus returns in glory.

At that time, all the peoples shall not only see His glory, but will recognise the declaration of His RIGHTEOUSNESS in the Heavens. Praise God! NOW is the time to speak salvation to His people that haven’t yet accepted it. Amen.

194. Psalm 98 v 2: “The Lord has made known His salvation; His RIGHTEOUSNESS has He openly shown in the sight of the nations.”

Hallelujah! The salvation and RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord are not hidden, they are there for all to see. Many fail to recognise them, but they are available to be seen – that is why we must tell all people about Jesus and His love, but there are many who wilfully refuse to recognise them and they are the ones for whom there is no hope in the world to come, they are destined for the fiery lake!

Ever since Jesus came, died and rose again, His salvation has been known (available to everyone, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS has been openly acknowledged by many, many people. The Islamic faith holds Jesus (Issa) to have been a very RIGHTEOUS person, so much so that God didn’t allow Him to die, on the cross, but spirited Him away, but they deny His Deity! JWs acknowledge His RIGHTEOUSNESS as the SON of God, but deny His Deity! We must not deny His Deity when we look upon His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His salvation! Praise God for Jesus and His Godliness! Amen!

195. Psalm 103 v 17: “But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon those who fear Him, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS to children’s children.”

The mercy of the Lord never ceases as far as those who fear Him are concerned! Hallelujah! He always looks at us through eyes of love because God is love. Praise God that as long as I held Him to be RIGHTEOUSNESS, then His mercy is forever upon me and to my children. This must not be confused with salvation however, as no one can accept this for anyone else! God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS will be known to my children though, because the more I hold God to be RIGHTEOUSNESS, the more Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS will shine out of my life, to be seen by my children and all the others around me. O praise the Lord , O my soul, for that is what the Lord wants to see in my life. O praise the Lord , for that is what He is seeing in me, He see only the right things in me! The Holy Spirit is working within me to correct those things that are wrong in me, but God doesn’t see them when He looks at me – He sees not what I used to be, He sees Jesus, as the song goes. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen! Amen! Amen!

196. Psalm 111 v 3: “His work is honourable and glorious, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever.”

All that God does is honourable and glorious because He is honourable and glorious. He is due all honour and glory too, it is His right because of what He is and who He is. He made us to have fellowship with Him and to praise and to bow down and worship Him. He made us to do His will and when we do, then these works will show forth His honour and glory too. All this is because He is RIGHTEOUS and His RIGHTEOUSNESS does endure forever. Praise God that His RIGHTEOUSNESS, being absolute, has never changed at all and it never will – His word says in the verse we are looking at, that “His RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever,” and that word never changes either. The things of man disappear because man’s standards vary and are relative. God’s standards are absolute and therefore do not change, with the result that they do not pass away – in other words, His RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever. Hallelujah. If God’s standards changed, where would we be? Praise the Lord! Amen.

197. Psalm 112 v 3: “Wealth and riches shall be in His house; and His RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever.”

These things are for the man who fears the Lord! Whilst it is a description of the House of the Lord, it is also a description of what happens to a man who hears the Lord and fears Him enough to obey what the Lord says. This fear is not a cowering sort of fear, but a holy awe and respect for who and what the Lord is, and results in the man having delight in doing the commandments of God. They are not burdensome to him, because the Lord says that He bears the load if we are yoked with Him.

So this man will have the result – “Wealth and riches shall be in his house; and his RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever.” This is not a promise that the Lord will make that man materially wealthy but certainly that man will be spiritually “well heeled!” The material side is up to the Lord, but there is here a promise that the man’s RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever! We cannot lose our salvation! Hallelujah! Amen!

198. Psalm 112 v 9: “He has distributed, he has given to the poor; his RIGHTEOUSNESS endures forever; his horn shall be exalted with honour.”

This man, who obeys the Lord, shall see “his RIGHTEOUSNESS endure forever.” This promise of the Lord, it is in His word, shows that the RIGHTEOUSNESS ascribed to him by the Lord, i.e. Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, can never be taken away from the man. Nor yet can the man give it away or dispose of it or dispense with it in any way. It endures forever! Once ascribed to him, even God Himself cannot take it away, because God cannot break His word.

This is a) wonderful assurance for me, that the RIGHTEOUSNESS God has ascribed to me will endure forever, and b) a prompt or reminder that I have the gift of God within me, and that I am responsible for it and its application and visibility to the world. In other words, I will have to answer to the Lord on my stewardship over His RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is not given to me to hide away in a hole in the earth, as in Matthew 25:25. I must use it as God directs for the spreading of the Kingdom of Heaven and His glory. Amen.

199. Ecclesiastes 7 v 15: “All things I have seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perishes in his RIGHTEOUSNESS, and there is a wicked man that prolongs his life in his wickedness!”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS ascribed to me by the Lord at my salvation is my ‘key’ to get into Heaven, but it is not any sort of guarantee of wealth and material riches in this life. These things are the prerogative of the Lord and not in any way guaranteed. For instance, look at the abject poverty and persecution of really dedicated Christians behind the Iron Curtain (or at the time of typing up this manuscript, in North Korea or China or in the Muslim States) they are being robbed (by the State) of all that they have, they are not even allowed to hold a job, such is their persecution.

It is relatively easy for us to look for plenty in our environment, but they are scratching about for enough to eat. Help me Father, to learn the lesson from this, in Jesus name. Amen.

200. Isaiah 42 v 21: “The Lord is well pleased for His RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake; He will magnify the Law, and make it honourable.”

The Lord must move to protect His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Since it is absolute, nothing must happen that would cause it to become in any way diluted or devalued. Now those who devalue the Law by obeying it legalistically, are dishonouring the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, but the Lord says here that ‘He will magnify the Law and make it honourable.’ How will He do this then? Well, the first thing to realise is that He has already done it!!!

He made the Law honourable and magnified it when He died on the Cross. He had honoured every aspect of it, He kept it absolutely in love, not legalistically; but He magnified the Law in each of us when we were born again to salvation and filled with the Holy Spirit, because, at that time, He wrote His Law upon our hearts. So now, if we had a heart for God, we will not set out to keep the Law (i.e. legalistically) but we will follow Him and His ways, and thus find that we don’t break His Law! Hallelujah! He has given us a way to keep the Law. Amen.

201. Isaiah 59 v 16: “And He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; therefore His arm brought salvation to him; and His RIGHTEOUSNESS sustained him.”

When God saw that His creation, man, whom He loved so much and with whom He wanted fellowship (for which express purpose He had created mankind) was without hope or help, He was moved with His great mercy and compassion, because He saw that there was no-one amongst mankind who could or even would intercede for us. So this great and wonderful, loving, merciful God, worked out a plan to bring salvation to man, and by His own Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS upheld mankind! The cost to God was enormous! To give us salvation, He had to part with some of His own RIGHTEOUSNESS and sacrifice His own Son to His vilest enemy – Ha’Satan (The Adversary). Satan thought that was it, he had control, but he failed to realise that this was only part of God’s almighty plan for taking mankind out of Satan’s control! God raised His RIGHTEOUSNESS – His only Son – from the dead, out of Satan’s grip, out of Satan’s strongest stronghold! God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is His strength and it is with His RIGHTEOUSNESS that He sustains us. Hallelujah! Amen.

202. Ezekiel 3 v 20: “Again, when a RIGHTEOUS man does turn from his RIGHTEOUSNESS and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you have not given him warning, he shall die in his own sin, and his RIGHTEOUSNESS which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand.”

Whilst this is Old Covenant, said by the Lord before the time of Jesus, when we cannot now lose our salvation, it is nonetheless a dreadful warning about failing to perform one of the duties of our RIGHTEOUSNESS – keeping not only ourselves on the ‘straight and narrow,’ but also our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are, in fact, our ‘brother’s keeper’ in the respect of helping a brother when he goes wrong and must seek to help him not to stumble in the first place, and if he does, then to gently and lovingly, with great care and humility, help him back out of his sin and into the presence of the Lord.

O praise God O my soul! Hallelujah. Amen.

203. Ezekiel 18 v 24: “But when the RIGHTEOUS turns away from his RIGHTEOUSNESS, and commits iniquity, and does according to all the abominations that the wicked does, shall he live? All his RIGHTEOUSNESS that he has done shall not be mentioned; in his trespass that he has trespassed and in his sin that he has sinned, in them shall he die.”

If I sin, now that I am covered by the Blood of Jesus, I won’t have to answer to the Father on the day of Judgement, but, I will have to answer for it to Jesus if I haven’t confessed it to Him and repented of it. Praise God that for Christians, this verse doesn’t have the full and terrifying impact that it does have on non-Christians, but, it is important to realise that the last part is true, but that in our case it is to Jesus that we have to answer and that any sin will not bar us from Heaven, but what effect it will have will certainly not be good. Hallelujah! Amen. This is NOT a license to sin!!!

Lord, bring me to confess my every sin to You that I may truly repent of it and get it out of our way together. Amen.

204. Ezekiel 18 v 26: “When a RIGHTEOUS man turns away from his RIGHTEOUSNESS, and commits iniquity, and dies in them, for his iniquity that he has done shall he die.”

For those sins we have committed and not confessed to Jesus and repented of them, by the time we die, for them we shall have to answer to Jesus when we get to Heaven. For the person not saved, all his or her RIGHTEOUSNESS will avail them for nothing, because, here in this verse, is God’s word on what will happen to them – ‘dying in them, they shall die.’ In other words because they die in the flesh in sin, they shall die spiritually too. This is God’s decree! We cannot change or cancel that. The only way it may be overcome is by salvation through the Lord Jesus!

This is why there is an urgency about telling others of what Jesus has done for us all in reconciling man to God and God to man.

Lord help me to discern the occasions when you want me to witness for you and encourage me to grasp those opportunities and speak out of what You have done. Amen.

205. Ezekiel 18 v 22: “All his transgressions that he has committed, they shall not be mentioned to him; in his RIGHTEOUSNESS that he has done he shall live.”

Praise God that He is not looking for our wickedness, but at our last state for RIGHTEOUSNESS in it. God is love and I Corinthians 13:5 says love ‘thinks no evil,’ in V4 it says love (God) ‘suffers long’ and again in V5, ‘love (God) is not easily provoked.’ What an unbelievable situation, we have to knowingly set out to provoke God in order to succeed in doing that. Naturally, when we make mistakes in God’s eyes or unwittingly take a wrong turn when we are trying to do God’s Will, God does not think evil of us and He tolerates our wrong doing whilst He is working in us by the Holy Spirit to bring us back into the paths of RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is in these paths of Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS that God sees us once we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Praise God.

206. Ezekiel 33 v 12: “Therefore, you son of man, say to the children of your people, the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the RIGHTEOUS shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression; as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turns from his wickedness, neither shall the RIGHTEOUS be able to live for his RIGHTEOUSNESS in the day that he sin.”

The Lord is saying here that it is our final state in this life, or when He comes, that counts for the Day of Judgement. I shall not fall by my sins as long as I have confessed them and repented of them to the Lord. There will be no problems at all for me on that day as long as I am in that state at the end.

However, if I am in sin on the day I die or Jesus comes again, then I will have problems! If I am not a Christian, then I will be consigned to the Lake of Fire, if I am a Christian, then I will have to answer to Jesus for my final state. I cannot lose my salvation, so I’m not at all sure of what happens, but I would rather not be in that state to find out!

Praise God, He doesn’t want me to find out either. Amen. I must ‘keep short accounts with Jesus!’

207. Ezekiel 33 v 13: “When I shall say to the RIGHTEOUS, that he shall surely live, if he trust to his own RIGHTEOUSNESS, and commit iniquity, all his RIGHTEOUSNESS shall not be remembered, but for his iniquity that he has committed, he shall die for it.”

The Lord is saying that any RIGHTEOUSNESS other than godly RIGHTEOUSNESS does not avail when we go wrong! If one were totally RIGHTEOUS, even in God’s eyes, and started to trust in that instead of in God, then the smallest sin, a white lie even, is enough to totally nullify that RIGHTEOUSNESS and consign that one to the Lake of Fire!

The only RIGHTEOUSNESS that avails for us in eternity is Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS and the only way to obtain that is from God by belief in His only Son, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and His death on Calvary, followed by His resurrection and second coming! Hallelujah. Amen.

208. Micah 7 v 9: “I will bear the indignation of the Lord, because I have sinned against Him, until He pleads my cause, executes judgement for me; He will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

I will on that day, begin to understand the magnitude of ‘His RIGHTEOUSNESS.’ I will on that day begin to realise just how much I have fallen short of ‘His RIGHTEOUSNESS.’ I will begin to realise, on that day, just how much it cost the Lord in ‘His RIGHTEOUSNESS, to bring me into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have sinned against the Lord, therefore I will bear the indignation of the Lord until He pleads my cause, because I will trust Him in everything, as I know that He has my long term benefit at heart. Ha’Satan (the adversary) desires to destroy me, but I am in the Lord’s hands and I know that He loves me, enough to die for me! He will not allow any ‘evil’ to befall me that He cannot use for His glory.

May all that I am be for the glory of the Lord. Amen.

209. Matthew 6 v 33: “But seek you first the Kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The first priority in each of our lives is laid down here, “seek you first the Kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.” I must learn to seek God first in my life, I must learn to submit every little detail of my life to Him and to do everything ‘in Him.’ It is not easy to submit everything to Him, it is so obvious what we should do most times, that I just go and do it without thinking about ‘is this God’s way in these circumstances?’

RIGHTEOUSNESS, God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is the thing to be sought after most in my life, God’s way of doing things in every situation. God will see that I have clothes & food & warmth & shelter etc. if I trust Him in everything. I won’t need to strive or worry ‘about things’ if I put my whole trust in God in my work, health, play, fellowship, home, social & every other part of my life. Amen.

210. Romans 3 v 25: “Whom God has set forth to be a propitiation through faith in His Blood, to declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God.”

Jesus came “whom God has set forth ..... to declare His RIGHTEOUSNESS.” This shows, that for an example of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, we have a supreme example in Jesus. In order to know how to live in RIGHTEOUSNESS, we must be in faith in His Blood, and copy the way in which Jesus lived on this earth. This does NOT mean that we have to give up work and become an itinerant preacher; but, that we must recognise our circumstances where we are and react in the same way as did Jesus in similar circumstances. Before His ministry began and during it, He did all things in accordance with the Law, He was perfect in the Law. He didn’t set out to keep the Law, but operated in RIGHTEOUSNESS, declaring it to the world, which resulted in Him never breaking the Law.

Jesus, our perfect example of operating in the absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. Lord, help me to follow Your example. Amen.

211. Romans3 v 26: “To declare, I say, at this time His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that He might be just, and the justifier of him who believes in Jesus.”

The purpose of Jesus first time coming is shown in a nutshell in this verse: to declare the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God; to show the justness of God; and to justify before God, those who believe in Jesus as Lord and saviour.

To declare means to show forth or give example and this is what came out yesterday in v25. If ever I am in any doubt, I must look to Jesus to see what He would do or say in my situation, and then follow Him. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His RIGHTEOUSNESS,” says the word in Matthew 6:33, in other words whatever else is happening, seek Jesus at all times, for He is the declaration or showing forth of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS. If I seek that RIGHTEOUSNESS and follow it in my life, then I too will show out that RIGHTEOUSNESS of God in my life to all those around me. Amen.

212. II Corinthians 9 v 9: “(As it is written, He has dispersed abroad; He has given to the poor; His RIGHTEOUSNESS remains forever. v10....)”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS of God as shown in Jesus is, as I have seen before in this study series, absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS; but now the Lord is showing me not only the absoluteness of His RIGHTEOUSNESS, but also the everlasting nature of His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

We have already seen the absoluteness, now the everlastingness of His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Putting these two together shows us the unchanging RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. Absolute means complete, perfect and pure (Oxford Dictionary) if it were to change in any way, it could only reduce its completeness, perfection and purity and hence it would no longer be absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Since God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is absolute, it must remain forever, it cannot change (I am the Lord and I change not, therefore you O Isra’el are not destroyed – Malachi 3:6) or diminish in any way.

Praise God for His unchanging RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen.

213. Leviticus 19 v 15: “You shall do no unRIGHTEOUSNESS in judgement; you shall not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the person of the mighty, but in RIGHTEOUSNESS shall you judge your neighbour.”

As a Christian, I am called upon to ‘judge not lest you be judged’ (Matthew 7:1) and this means that I must not criticize, especially in my heart, others in Christianity or outside.

However, in this verse, I am called upon not to defer to a person’s position at all, but to judge in RIGHTEOUSNESS. So this is a different form of judging? In the Christian context, this means that I must not ignore sin, but seek to restore a brother, who is in sin, with love. I must NOT seek to condemn that brother in judgement. So, to us Christians, this verse means that we must discern sin, but only in love, to seek to put it right in order that the brother may come back to the Lord and God be glorified. Praise God in the highest. Amen.

214. I Kings 3 v 6: “And Solomon said, You have showed to Your servant David, my father, great mercy, according as he walked before You in truth, and in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and in uprightness of heart with You; and You have kept for him this great kindness, that You have given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day.”

The Lord is one who keeps His Word, He doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6). David, king David walked before the Lord “in truth and in RIGHTEOUSNESS and in uprightness of heart;” and for this, the Lord “showed.... great mercy.” So if I honour the Lord in all my ways, by walking in truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS and in uprightness of heart before the Lord, then I can expect the Lord to honour me before the Father with great mercy, as He did to king David.

Praise God for His mercy and love to me. Thank You Lord for what You did to enable me to receive that mercy and love. Amen.

215. Psalm 9 v 8: “And He shall judge the world in RIGHTEOUSNESS; He shall minister judgement to the peoples in uprightness.”

By God’s own unchanging, unchangeable standards of RIGHTEOUSNESS will He judge every single person who has ever lived and will live in this world. “He shall ‘serve’ judgement to the peoples.” The Lord has taught me much about RIGHTEOUSNESS over the last several months, about both SELF- RIGHTEOUSNESS and Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, and what He is saying here in this verse, with considerable emphasis to me, is that these standards of His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He has shown me, are the ones by which I and all other people will be judged!!!

Lord, have mercy upon me, and pour out Your Holy Spirit upon me, for without Him I am lost, quite unable to live up to Your standards of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen.

216. Psalm 17 v 15: “As for me, I will behold Your face in RIGHTEOUSNESS; I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Your likeness.”

When I meet the Lord face to face, it will be in RIGHTEOUSNESS, His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that He ascribed to me through the Cross when I was saved. If I did not have that RIGHTEOUSNESS, I could not look upon the face of God, Jesus, because I would feel so ‘dirty.’ So thank God for His gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

“I shall be satisfied .... with Your likeness” because when I see Jesus face to face, His appearance will be to me as all I ever dreamed or needed. I will know just how much He is and always has been all that I need, my all in all. At the moment, I really don’t know how much He means to me, but then, all will be revealed to me about myself. Hallelujah! The song says: “Jesus, who could mean more to me than You. Jesus, You are everything. Jesus, You are all I need. Jesus, You are eternity.” When I see You face to face, then the full meaning of that, will be revealed in His appearance and I will be able to sing with so much realisation, the last line: “Jesus I love You!” Amen.

217. Psalm 65 v 5: “By awesome things in RIGHTEOUSNESS will You answer us, O God of our salvation, who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of those who are afar off upon the sea.”

The things which frighten us, which God says and does, are His RIGHTEOUSNESS. I must come to realise that all that God says or does, are done in His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Obviously I must submit to God in His RIGHTEOUSNESS in these things, because I don’t understand them. None of us understand the mysteries of God, it is not for us to understand God, but to serve Him in confidence that He does (or allows) all things for our good (Romans 8:28). Even Jesus was not given to know all things, He didn’t know when the kingdom was to be restored to Isra’el, because that was only in the Father’s remit, not His. So, I must learn to trust God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in all things and situations. Amen. O praise the Lord, O my soul, for His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He has imputed to me in my salvation.

218. Proverbs 8 v 8: “All the words of my mouth are in RIGHTEOUSNESS; there is nothing crooked or perverse in them.”

This is true for a RIGHTEOUS man, but there are not many of them about. Jesus is the only good example, a perfect example. All the words of His mouth are in perfect RIGHTEOUSNESS. We can only seek to emulate Him and His ways. This does not mean that we should simply repeat His words, because the right word in the wrong place or time, is every bit as bad as the wrong word anyway.

I must learn to be sensitive not only to what God is saying to me, but also be sensitive to what God is telling me and when He is telling me to say it; which is a very different thing. If I learn to do that, then I will be able to say, “All the words of my mouth are in RIGHTEOUSNESS.” There would be no room for anything “Crooked or perverse in them.” Praise God that is His desire for me and for all of us.

Lord, I desire to be able to say this verse for myself, teach me O Lord, to be sensitive to all that You are saying to me. Amen.

219. Proverbs 25 v 5: “Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

This verse has me excited as soon as I read it. It tells me to search out all wickedness in my life and my heart and put it away from me, then that action will allow my throne (life) to be established in RIGHTEOUSNESS!

My life cannot be seen to be RIGHTEOUS whilst there is wickedness in it. If I want God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS to shine out from my life and my lifestyle, and I do, then I must start right away, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to clean out my life of all unRIGHTEOUSNESS and impurities as well as downright wickedness. There must be nothing left that isn’t of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen.

220. Isaiah 5 v 16: “But the Lord of Hosts shall be exalted in justice, and God, who is Holy, shall be sanctified in RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

God is sanctified, He is Holy in RIGHTEOUSNESS. Only God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS makes Him Holy, set apart; the degree of Holiness is beyond description and it is this Holiness of God that prevents us from approaching Him in our natural state, because in so doing, we would defile His Holiness!

It is only through the grace of God in giving us His RIGHTEOUSNESS through salvation, by the death and resurrection of His only Son, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ, that we are made holy and therefore RIGHTEOUS in God’s eyes, that we are enabled to approach Him as sons and heirs.

God made us to have fellowship with Him, knowing that we were going to go so terribly wrong, so He planned the sacrifice of His Son to sanctify us, long before He created the world. By that sacrifice, we are made holy and sanctified in RIGHTEOUSNESS, just as God is, enabling us to be His kings and priests. Amen.

221. Isaiah 32 v 1: “Behold a King shall reign in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and princes shall rule in justice.”

As in the earliest of these Bible Studies in RIGHTEOUSNESS, the Lord is linking together RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. The inevitable result of reigning in RIGHTEOUSNESS will be, and in God’s case, is that the subjects of that reigning will have true Godly justice.

Under true Godly justice the RIGHTEOUS man has nothing to fear, but the self-RIGHTEOUS man, and the ungodly have much to fear, because the RIGHTEOUS man will go to be with the Lord God in Heaven for all eternity, whilst the man who spurned God’s love and rejected Jesus as saviour, will be condemned to the Lake of eternal Fire along with the one that didn’t even realise that he was following Ha’Satan, the Angel of Light.

Praise the Lord O my soul, for Jesus and the RIGHTEOUSNESS that comes through salvation in Him. Amen.

222. Isaiah 42 v 6: “I, the Lord, have called you in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and will hold your hand, and will keep you, and give you for a covenant of the people, for a light to the nations.”

In His RIGHTEOUSNESS, the Lord has called me! He will hold my hand and keep me to be a light to the people as an unbreakable deal. The Lord will never go back on this. His covenant is permanent , He will never break this covenant, it was to the Jews of Isaiah’s time and it still stands. He, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, will never alter that, but the promise is also to me and to many other Gentiles, not transferred to us, but extended to cover us that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour, we are grafted in amongst the Jews (Romans 11:17).

The very fact that the Jewish nation still exists after around 4,000 years, still retaining their way of life, language, customs, laws and national identity, is proof that this people is given for a covenant of the people in God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS. It will come to pass because God has said so! Amen.

223. Isaiah 45 v 13: “I have raised Him up in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I will direct His ways; He shall build up my city, and He shall let go my captives, not for price, nor reward, says the Lord of Hosts.”

God the Father is saying these things about God the Son. Jesus has been raised up in RIGHTEOUSNESS from the grave and all His ways are directed by God the Father – Jesus said so when He was on earth as a man. This is also the pattern for me to follow – copying Jesus.

The Lord has raised me up in His RIGHTEOUSNESS when I was born again, and He will direct all my ways, all I have to do is follow His direction all the time, in what I say and in what I do and when I say or do them! Praise God, that when I fail Him and go wrong by not listening to Him, He is gracious and merciful to forgive me and then we carry on in His ways. Praise God for ever.

224. Isaiah 45 v 23: “I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and shall not return, that to me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.”

There is no higher authority than God, that is why when He makes an oath, He can only swear by Himself, as this verse shows.

Because He is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, the word that goes out of His mouth has to be in “RIGHTEOUSNESS,” therefore, what He says will come to pass; and what God says here, is that, by His word, “very knee shall bow” to Him in homage, and “every tongue shall swear” to Him of His RIGHTEOUSNESS. In other words, sooner or later, every individual person that has ever lived on this earth, is living or will live on it, will know, really KNOW, the awesome majesty and RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.

It behoves us therefore, to spread the good news (Gospel) of the reconciliation of man to God through Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ), in order that people can come in confidence of His salvation, to the day of Judgement, and not find out the truth when they get there – too late! Amen.

225. Isaiah 48 v 1: “Hear this, O house of Jacob, who are called by the name of Isra’el, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah; who swear by the name of the Lord, and make mention of the God of Isra’el, but not in truth, nor in RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The Lord Jesus said, in the New Testament, “there will be many who will call after me – Lord, Lord, but I shall say to them, depart from Me. I know you not.” This verse in the Old Testament is saying a very similar thing. It is a warning to the tribes of Isra’el, especially Judah, and also to the Church, that your birth, family nor your usage of the words “God of Isra’el” or “Lord” etc. must be used only in RIGHTEOUSNESS. Many in Judaism and the Church who think that they are very pious and Christian, are going to find out on the Day of Judgement, that their scorning of the need of salvation, means that they don’t have the RIGHT to enter into Heaven, because they don’t have the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God to enable them to enter into His presence. O Lord, save them. Amen.

226. Isaiah 54 v 14: “In RIGHTEOUSNESS shall you be established; you shall be far from oppression; for you shall not fear; and from terror; for it shall not come near you.”

Praise be to God, this is His promise to me, that I shall be established in RIGHTEOUSNESS, Amen. Hallelujah!

The Lord is also promising to me that, as a result of being established in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that I shall not be oppressed and terror shall not come near me – I shall not fear. O praise His holy name – Jesus, the Lord of lords and King of kings has decreed it! Amen.

“Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me!” Psalm 23:4. That is one of God’s promises to me, but this verse in Isaiah confirms it rather more specifically. O praise the Lord. Hallelujah!

227. Isaiah 63 v 1: “Who is this that comes from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? This that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of His strength? I who speak in RIGHTEOUSNESS, mighty to save.”

I shall swear – “the Lord lives in truth, in justice and in RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Absolute truth, absolute justice and absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS are all descriptions of the living God. For He is absolute truth, He is absolute justice and He is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS; this last, in particular, has been the focal point of this whole study of which this is the 228th part. Earlier, we have seen the fact of God being absolute justice being inseparable from His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, now I see Him as being absolute TRUTH. God, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, cannot be other than absolute truth, to be otherwise would destroy His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and thus He would no longer be God!!!! This JUSTICE and TRUTH therefore, are functions of His RIGHTEOUSNESS and springs out of this RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Therefore, since His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS is set within me and each and every true Christian and Messianic Jew, I cannot (as long as I am not in idolatry or rebellion against God) operate outside of Justice and Truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS myself. Hallelujah! Amen.

228. Jeremiah 4 v 2: “And you shall swear, the Lord lives, in truth, in justice and in RIGHTEOUSNESS: and the nations shall bless themselves in Him, and in Him shall they glory.”

I shall swear – “The Lord lives in truth, in justice and in RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Absolute truth, absolute justice and absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS are all description of the living Lord God of Isra’el. For He is absolute truth, absolute justice and He is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS; this last, in particular, has been the focal point of this whole study, of which this is the 228th part. Earlier, we have seen the fact of God being absolute justice being inseparable from His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, now I see Him as also being absolute truth. God, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, cannot be other than absolute truth, to be otherwise would destroy His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and thus He would no longer be God!!! This justice and truth therefore, are functions of His RIGHTEOUSNESS and spring out of this RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Therefore, since His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS is set within me and each and every True Christian and Messianic Jew, I cannot (as long as I am not in idolatry or rebellion against God) operate outside of Justice and truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS myself. Hallelujah! Amen.

229. Hosea 2 v 19: “And I will betroth you to Me forever; yes I will betroth you to Me in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and in justice and in loving-kindness and in mercies.”

Praise the Lord O my soul. I am betrothed to the Lord in RIGHTEOUSNESS forever. This is the Lord’s covenant, so it is unbreakable forever. I am part of His bride in RIGHTEOUSNESS, in justice, in loving-kindness and in mercies.

In the context of this verse, it is His RIGHTEOUSNESS, justice, loving-kindness and mercy in which He declares His love for me, not mine, mine is as filthy rags! Yet He will give these things to me in the love, He is “wooing me as a virgin” as Schofield interprets “Betrothed” in this verse, Jesus is making me as pure as a virgin! Hallelujah. Thank You Lord, words cannot express my gratefulness for this. Praise Your Holy name Lord Jesus.

230. Hosea 10 v 12: “Sow to yourselves in RIGHTEOUSNESS, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, ‘til He come and rain RIGHTEOUSNESS upon you.”

If I sow (Godly) RIGHTEOUSNESS, I will reap in mercy, and if I seek the LORD and to set Him as Lord in my fallow ground (those areas of my life where He is not presently Lord) this is my duty until the Lord comes and rains RIGHTEOUSNESS upon me.

It does not say He will trickle RIGHTEOUSNESS upon me, but the He will rain (pour) RIGHTEOUSNESS upon me! Hallelujah, it will be like baptism all over again. I shall be saturated with His RIGHTEOUSNESS! I need to be, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and here is the promise of it.

Sow to myself in RIGHTEOUSNESS!? All that I do or say, to myself or to others, must be done in RIGHTEOUSNESS. I cannot do this of myself, that is why I must seek the LORD, for it is only in Him that I have any RIGHTEOUSNESS. All my own RIGHTEOUSNESS is as filthy rags to Jesus.

Lord, please work Your RIGHTEOUSNESS into me and reveal it as You wish. Amen.

231. Zechariah 8 v 8: “And I will bring them, and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God, in truth and in RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The Lord says this and He will bring it to pass. This word was given to the Jews at the time and also to the Church now! We shall be His people and we shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem with Him.

However, when the Lord says “I will be their God in truth and in RIGHTEOUSNESS, He is not only referring to His own truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS, but to ours too. Such is His grace towards us and His desire to have fellowship with us, for which we were created in the first place, that through Jesus His own Son, He offers each of us His truth and justice and His RIGHTEOUSNESS! We must accept them on His terms only in order to be able to dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, as His people, with Him. Praise God for His grace and favour towards His people. Amen.

232. Malachi 3 v 3: “And He shall sit like a refiner and purifier of silver; and He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them like gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord an offering in RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The Levites could not make an offering to the Lord for the people, until they themselves had been purified. This purification is carried out by the Lord Himself.

In the same way, the only way for us, as children of God, may be purified is by the Lord. This process – and it is a process – starts at salvation, and continues until we go to Heaven. It is an ongoing process that only we can hold up (delay) by not being open and willing to change as the Lord purges us. However, we cannot stop the process once it has started by salvation, as we shall be RIGHTEOUSNESS when we enter Heaven, we cannot be otherwise! The amount of RIGHTEOUSNESS that we are at that stage depends upon each one of us. The Lord says “buy from Me pure gold (RIGHTEOUSNESS)” and all we need to pay for it is our own self, our self-will, our self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, our very lives, which will be purged away anyway, so get rid of it now, for more of His RIGHTEOUSNESS (gold)! Amen.

233. Acts 17 v 31: “Because He has appointed a day, in which He will judge the world in RIGHTEOUSNESS by that man whom He has ordained; concerning which He has given assurance to all men, in that He has raised Him from the dead.”

This is again the linking of judgement and RIGHTEOUSNESS. God will judge the world in RIGHTEOUSNESS, God, being absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, cannot do otherwise, and, the standard of His RIGHTEOUSNESS by which He will judge the world is that only one perfect man who has ever lived (acknowledged even by pagan religions) Jesus Christ – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. This perfection and RIGHTEOUSNESS God proved to all men by raising Him from the dead – to which there were many of eye-witnesses, several hundred all told!

Praise the Lord that I am covered over with the robe of RIGHTEOUSNESS and that my judgement on that appointed day, will be on the basis of that robe. Hallelujah! Praise God! Amen.

234. Romans 9 v 28: “For He will finish the work and cut it short in RIGHTEOUSNESS; because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.”

What the Lord says He will do, He cannot not do because He is RIGHTEOUSNESS and if what He says doesn’t happen, then that ‘fact’ would mean that the Lord cannot be RIGHTEOUSNESS! There are no false hopes in Jesus, what He says must come to pass. If it doesn’t, then I am without hope, as Paul said, I am of all men most miserable!

Praise God that I am not without hope, Jesus is my reality, I know that my Redeemer lives and that when He says that I am made RIGHTEOUSNESS in Him, then it is so. Amen.

The Lord says in this verse, that “He will finish the work” and that work is many things, one of them is to perfect me in order that I will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Praise His holy name – Jesus Christ is Lord.

235. Ephesians 4 v 24: “And after that you put on the new man, which after God is created in RIGHTEOUSNESS and true Holiness.”

I am a new creation, God says so here in Ephesians! He has made me anew when I was born again, and within me and without, is that new creation made exactly like God in RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUE HOLINESS. Now, if this is true, and God’s word says so in this verse, so it cannot be otherwise but true, then how can I act and say anything that is not glorifying to God? Yet, on occasions, I do! So at those times I must be acting and speaking in the flesh. This must cease!!! But how? Well, the Lord is saying in this verse “put on the new man,” which must be an ongoing thing. Every time I realise that I’ve gone wrong, then confess it to the Lord and repent of it; which is “being renewed in the spirit of my mind” as in verse 23; then do as verse 24 says, “put on the new man” again and go on in God’s will again. Amen.

236. II Timothy 3 v 16: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

There is no exception to this: “ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable….” So I cannot exclude or ignore any of it and say that it is irrelevant (as where Replacement Theology reigns and always ignore such passages as Romans 9 -11). God Himself says that it is profitable and instructive in RIGHTEOUSNESS. That means that even if it doesn’t contain the words RIGHTEOUS or RIGHTEOUSNESS etc. etc.

Now when this was written, only what is now known as the Old Testament (Tanach) existed, but I believe that the New Testament (B’rit Hadashah) is also covered by this statement of God, and is also profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for instruction in RIGHTEOUSNESS, without any exception.

I must study the Scriptures more and more, in order to learn more about the Lord and how He wants me to live. AMEN!

237. Revelation 19 v 11: “And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in RIGHTEOUSNESS He does judge and make war.”

This is an exceedingly intimidating statement to those who don’t know Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Jesus says that “in RIGHTEOUSNESS He does judge and make war.” Now I know from previous passages that Jesus would judge in RIGHTEOUSNESS, but this is the first time that war has been mentioned as such. So Jesus has declared war in RIGHTEOUSNESS upon Ha’Satan (the Adversary) and his hordes, and when He comes again, at which point it will be too late for salvation, He will declare war upon all of Satan’s followers amongst the Human Race!

Jesus is called here, “Faithful and True,” and this begs the question of, to whom is He Faithful and True? The answer to this in in the latter part of the verse - RIGHTEOUSNESS. All that God says, thinks and does is in RIGHTEOUSNESS – His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen and Hallelujah!

238. Genesis 30 v 33: “So shall my RIGHTEOUSNESS answer for me in time to come, when it shall come for my hire before your face: every one that is not speckled and spotted among the goats and brown among the sheep, shall be counted as stolen with me..”

A RIGHTEOUS person does not have to justify themselves, because, if their RIGHTEOUSNESS is transparently honest and is sufficient to show in their lifestyle, then that RIGHTEOUSNESS is there for all to see and there is therefore no need for anyone to question or doubt it. In other words, their RIGHTEOUSNESS shall answer for them if it ever came to a question of their integrity.

A Christian who finds he has to justify himself, either doesn’t exhibit God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in his lifestyle, or he or she doesn’t trust God enough to know that God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is a free gift and our passport into His presence in Heaven.

Lord, let me never doubt Your RIGHTEOUSNESS in my life, and may it show. Amen.

239. Deuteronomy 9 v 4: “Speak not you in your heart, after the Lord your God has cast them out from before you, saying, for my RIGHTEOUSNESS the Lord has brought me in to possess this land, but for the wickedness of these nations the Lord does drive them out from before you.”

When Angel Talk Limited prospers, it will not be for my sake that the Lord will prosper it, rather it will be in order that the Lord will be glorified. It will not be for my sake at all, although as it prospers, I will be blessed and that is the Lord’s intention I know. The difference is that I must not look for blessings in and through Angel Talk Limited, but rather to seek only the Lord and to see Him glorified.

O Lord, reveal the truth and the whole truth of this verse to me in my life. Amen.

Note: Angel Talk Limited closed at the end of 2008.

240. II Samuel 22 v 21: “The Lord rewarded me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS; according to the cleanness of my hands has He recompensed me.”

Only a man like David could utter these words, and I can be like David too if only I seek the Lord as diligently as David, in all things and clothe myself in God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and be washed in the blood of Jesus to ‘clean my hands.’ David committed many sins and yet he could say these things.

When I try to seek the Lord on issues pertaining to my life, Satan has been saying to me they didn’t have: smoking; cars; cassette tapes; computers and all these things which I have tried to seek Him over. However, the word of God is living and proceeding and what the Lord is saying to me now is: that there were problems in David’s life for which he sought the Lord for help and guidance, which were not covered in the Scriptures of those days! So I am not in a new area, but in the same area with slightly different problems!

Hallelujah Lord, there is nothing new for man, we can still seek You on everything because You never change. (Malachi 3:6)

241. II Samuel 22 v 25: “Therefore the Lord has recompensed me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS; according to my cleanness in His eyesight.”

O praise the Lord that it is only in His eyesight and not in other people’s, since we tear each other to pieces, or at least try, unwittingly sometimes, to do that. Just praise the very name of Jesus that the cleanness we are in His eyesight is that which comes from the blood that was shed for me at Calvary by Him. Lord I bless You because You have recompensed me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS of which there is none except that which Jesus has given me.

This verse re-iterates what was said only 4 verses earlier in these studies, so this stresses the importance of having the right sort of RIGHTEOUSNESS within us, as only His RIGHTEOUSNESS will be allowed into the presence of the Father in Heaven. I don’t want to be recompensed for my own RIGHTEOUSNESS, that would be awful! Praise God for His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen.

242. Psalm 18 v 20: “The Lord rewarded me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS; according to the cleanness of my hands has He recompensed me.”

What other kind of RIGHTEOUSNESS is there, or cleanness of hands is there whereby I may claim reward from the Lord except by His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His cleansing, yet here is David claiming them for his own. Well, if the Lord gives us something, then it is ours! Praise the Father that through His Son Jesus, He has given to those that have repented and accepted His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His cleansing for our own. In this way only could David, and we say what this verse says, knowing that the reward and recompense is to be with Jesus for Eternity.

But, this verse is none the less true for all mankind! So what is the reward and recompense of the Lord for them? It is, of course, to be condemned to the Pit of Hell, the Lake of Fire and Brimstone! That is why this verse and all the other similar ones are so intimidating to those who have not repented and accepted the salvation of God so freely offered.

O Lord, help me to realise and tell others that there is a closing date to this amazing free offer. Amen.

243. Psalm 18 v 24: “Therefore has the Lord recompensed me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, according to the cleanness of my hands in His eyesight.”

“In His eyesight.” I must remember always, that it doesn’t matter how I see anything or any situation: it doesn’t matter how I hear what people say or do; it doesn’t matter how I feel about anything, all that does matter is how the Lord sees or hears or feels about these things. This verse reminds me that the Lord does things according to “His eyesight,” or, in other words, according to the way in which HE sees and hears and feels things.

I must learn to develop in myself, with His help, the ability to see, hear and feel as Jesus does. Starting with myself and how I act and speak, in order to bring my speaking and acting to be RIGHTEOUS in Jesus eyes. This can only be done by seeking to remain always in the Will of God and doing His Will in His way, not mine. In this way I will be able to say: “Therefore has the Lord recompensed me according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, according to the cleanness of my hands in His eyesight.” Praise the Lord!

244. Job 6 v 29: “Return I pray You, let it not be iniquity; return again, my RIGHTEOUSNESS is in it.”

A call for backsliders to return to the Lord, return again, the Lord is saying here. His RIGHTEOUSNESS is in that returning if the backslider will return. This call is not only for those who have completely turned their back on God, but for everyone, including me, who has areas, however small, in my life which I haven’t returned to the Lord.

The Lord therefore, is calling for me (& everyone else) to search out those areas, recognise them for whose they are, mine or the Lord’s, and return them to the Lord for His RIGHTEOUSNESS to be able to enter into those areas of my life.

Lord, I want Your RIGHTEOUSNESS to be in charge of every area of my life, teach me how to search out those that are not, and how to recognise them, and then help me to hand them over to You in Your grace. Amen.

245. Job 27 v 6: “My RIGHTEOUSNESS I hold fast, and will not let it go; my heart shall not reproach me as long as I live.”

My RIGHTEOUSNESS (which the Lord has given me!) I hold fast and will not let it go! I must be absolutely determined in this and not let it go. How could I let it go? If I compromise with the world, then I have not held fast to the RIGHTEOUSNESS given me by Jesus, and so, my heart, or conscience, shall reproach me as long as I live in that compromise. Praise God that He has made us a way out of that reproach, it is called repentance.

I saw yesterday, an idea of how I can hold back some of those areas of my life from the Kingship of Jesus, and what the Lord is showing me today is how easy it is for me to compartmentalise my life, and so keep some parts for myself, and so be compromised with the world in some of those compartments. Lord, show me them that I may repent and turn them over to You. Amen.

246. Job 35 v 2: “Think you this to be right, that you said my RIGHTEOUSNESS is more than God’s?”

I must never get to the state where I even think in terms of being even equal to God, much less of exceeding Him in any areas of existence! This is a dire warning to me, and to all. There is no way in which my RIGHTEOUSNESS can even approach the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, since my RIGHTEOUSNESS at its best is from His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

His RIGHTEOUSNESS is absolute and is the standard by which ALL others are judged and not only this, but all other forms of RIGHTEOUSNESS which do not come from God, i.e. self- RIGHTEOUSNESS , fail miserably by His standard.

I must never presume upon the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord God of Isra’el or His favour, yet I am a son of the living God and an heir, so this is not a contradiction, but a true statement. Praise the Lord for my RIGHTEOUSNESS which He has given me. Amen.

247. Psalm 4 v 1: “Hear me when I call, O God of my RIGHTEOUSNESS, You have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me and hear my prayer.”

The Lord always hears those who trust in Him, or in other words, those to whom He is the God of their RIGHTEOUSNESS.

If I call upon Him as my God of my RIGHTEOUSNESS in humility, then He will answer. In the case of David here, he is testifying that God had enlarged him, made him big enough to cope with the problems besetting him previously and the Lord will do the same for me every time I call upon Him in the humbleness of heart which He desires from me.

O praise the Lord that He doesn’t want me to go through this life doing everything in my own strength, He loves to get me to the point where I know I can’t cope, just in order that He can show His love for me by helping, and showing His glory. Amen.

Psalm 7 v 8: “The Lord shall judge the peoples; judge me O lord, according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, and to my integrity that is in me>

248, Psalm 7 v 8: “The Lord shall judge the peoples; judge me O lord, according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, and to my integrity that is in me.”

Praise God that Jesus is in me, for without Him it would not be safe for me to be judged by Him. Yet this verse invites the Lord to judge me with a confidence that all will be well for me when I am judged. My RIGHTEOUSNESS is from the Lord and my integrity is also born from my RIGHTEOUSNESS from the Lord!

So praise God again that He has given me of His RIGHTEOUSNESS, for without it, I would be condemned and lost. Praise God too, for my integrity that comes of being filled with His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Help me Lord, to walk in ‘my’ RIGHTEOUSNESS and may Your Holy Spirit show me when I step outside it. AMEN!

249. Isaiah 41 v 10: “Fear you not; for I am with you. Be not dismayed; for I am your God. I will strengthen you; yes I will help you; yes I will uphold you with the right hand of my RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Fear not! I am with you says our God. His right hand of His RIGHTEOUSNESS will uphold me. Praise the Lord I don’t have to uphold myself; the Lord God of Isra’el says that He will uphold me. His RIGHTEOUSNESS is sufficient for me, I need no other at all. He will strengthen me, He will uphold me. He will help me, so what must I do in return for all this, in His RIGHTEOUSNESS, I must not fear nor be dismayed. To be afraid or dismayed then would be to deny His ability to be my God and to strengthen, help and uphold me, to deny the abilities of the right hand of the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Praise the Lord for His RIGHTEOUSNESS!

250. Isaiah 46 v 13: “I bring near my RIGHTEOUSNESS; It shall not be far off, and My salvation shall not tarry; and I will place salvation in Zion for Isra’el, My glory.

“I bring near my RIGHTEOUSNESS” not I will bring. The Lord has spoken and it is. No maybe, no perhaps. The Lord has made a statement, therefore it is a fact!

I will place salvation in Zion for Isra’el my glory. Praise God that Jesus, His only Son, was placed in Zion for the salvation of Isra’el. Isra’el is the glory of God and will remain so.

Salvation shall not tarry because RIGHTEOUSNESS is near. Salvation for me, salvation for Isra’el (Romans 11:26) is the ascribing of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS to me, to Isra’el, so that God will be glorified in Isra’el. Praise God, I look for that glory.

God is quite capable of ascribing His RIGHTEOUSNESS to the nation of Isra’el, even though she doesn’t look much like a glory to God at this time. Hallelujah, she will, God said so! Amen.

251. Isaiah 51 v 5: “My RIGHTEOUSNESS is near; My salvation is gone forth, and My arms shall judge the peoples; The coasts shall wait upon Me, and on My arms shall they trust.”

I can trust in His arms to judge me because His salvation has reached me and His RIGHTEOUSNESS is near. It is ascribed to me in my salvation and so I can and do trust in His judgement of me that I will not be destroyed or condemned to hell as a result.

Praise God, here His word prophesies that the Gentiles (coasts or isles) shall wait upon Him and that is exactly what is happening today, millions of Gentiles all over the world, wait upon God and trust in or on His arms for their protection and covering. Praise His Royal and Holy Name for ever. Amen.

252. Isaiah 51 v 6: “Lift up your eyes to the Heavens, and look upon the earth beneath; for the Heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall grow old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner; but My salvation shall be forever, and My RIGHTEOUSNESS shall not be abolished.”

Hallelujah! God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS shall not be abolished and His salvation is forever! O praise the Lord that His salvation is a once and forever job and can never be lost or given away because of His RIGHTEOUSNESS! Not my RIGHTEOUSNESS, His RIGHTEOUSNESS! Amen.

All other things shall pass away, it says here, but His salvation and His RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be forever and shall not be abolished. This is the very word of God. He says in Malachi 3:6: “I am the Lord and I change not, therefore you O Jacob are not destroyed!” Praise the Lord, for He is worthy to be praised. He is absolutely consistent, He never changes. Everything else will pass away but, faith, hope, love, salvation and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, these will remain.

Hallelujah! Amen.

253. Isaiah 51 v 8: “For the moth shall eat them up like a garment and the worm shall eat them like wool, but My RIGHTEOUSNESS shall be forever, and my salvation from generation to generation.

Absolute, Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS, will never end and all His salvation will endure for ever and ever. Once I am saved, I am saved, I cannot lose it in anyway, because God has ascribed to me His RIGHTEOUSNESS, which He tells me in this verse, “shall be forever!”

All other things will pass away and be eaten up and destroyed, but not God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and salvation, nor faith, hope and love. So these are things which I must seek after and forsake all others. If I hold fast to these things, then I shall remain in the Will of God always. Praise His Holy Name. What have I done to deserve this? Thank You Lord, for Your Grace towards me. Amen.

254. Isaiah 56 v 1: “Thus says the Lord: keep justice, and do RIGHTEOUSNESS; for My salvation is near to come, and My RIGHTEOUSNESS to be revealed.”

So we see here that RIGHTEOUSNESS is something to be done; this verse is the Lord’s instruction to each of us to do that RIGHTEOUSNESS. So what does this mean to me? I must seek the Will of God, because He is RIGHTEOUSNESS, in order to do it and to do the Will of God is to do His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The Lord says here too, that His RIGHTEOUSNESS is to be revealed and also His salvation is near to come. This does not mean that God needs to be saved, but, that He is bringing to us, the human race, the salvation that we need in order to enter into His presence.

Lord, I praise You that Your RIGHTEOUSNESS is not to be hidden, but to be made manifest to all the world, believers and non-believers alike and that Your RIGHTEOUSNESS is not hidden from me at all, such that I AM able to do RIGHTEOUSNESS in Your Name! Praise You again Lord. Amen.

255. Philippians 3 v 9: “And be found in Him, not having my own RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is of the Law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of God by faith.”

I must dwell in the faith of Christ, for it is only by His faithfulness that I have any RIGHTEOUSNESS worth having. My own RIGHTEOUSNESS, like Paul’s, is of the Law, and I don’t have to look closely at my life to see how tattered and full of holes (i.e. transgressions) my RIGHTEOUSNESS is, and therefore how useless it is.

“Be found in Him….. the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of God by faith.” This is the command of God! No if’s and but’s or maybe’s – “Be found in Him!” Don’t let anyone find me not moving in the RIGHTEOUSNESS that is given me by faith in Christ to save me. Amen.

256. Isaiah 64 v 6: “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our RIGHTEOUSNESS is as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities like the wind, have taken us away.”

Here is the confirmation in the Word of the Lord, of how much good all my own RIGHTEOUSNESS is to me (or anyone else too!). The Lord compares them to “filthy rags,” (the real meaning here is of menstrual rags) a comparison which He makes again in the New Testament when “our works” are mentioned somewhere.

So what is to be done? All that I (or anyone else) can do, is to look for another, whose RIGHTEOUSNESS is acceptable in God’s eyes – God alone has that!

Praise God, He made way for us and I to obtain His RIGHTEOUSNESS through the sacrifice of His only Son Jesus on the cross in substitution for me. Praise You and thank You Lord for that sacrifice for me. Lord, I can never sufficiently express my thanks for that, but I will try! Amen.

257. Daniel 9 v 18: “O my God, incline Your ear and hear; open Your eyes and behold our desolations and the city which is called by Your Name; for we do not present our supplications before You for our own RIGHTEOUSNESS, but for Your great mercies.”

If I presume to ask the Lord things and supplications in my own RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I have no right to do that and the Lord may not answer me. It is only by His great mercy that I can plead with Him and it only by His great mercy that He will answer. He is a merciful and just God and He hears and answers us, Gentile Christians, only because we have the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God ascribed to us through faith in His only Son Jesus and that we have, only out of His great mercy

O Praise the Lord O my soul, for His great and wonderful mercy. Amen.

258. Deuteronomy 9 v 5: “Not for your RIGHTEOUSNESS, nor for the uprightness of your heart, do you possess their land, but for the wickedness of these nations the Lord your God does drive them out from before you, that He may perform the word which the Lord swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

The Lord does me good, not because I, in any way, deserve it or am good enough; but, in some cases, in order to punish others for their wickedness before God

The Lord God uses one group, in this case, Isra’el, to punish another group, in this case – the Canaanites; to give to Isra’el the possession of the Canaanites. This was also done to fulfil the promise which the Lord had given centuries before to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’akov).

So what the Lord saying is that He never breaks His word! It may take centuries by our timescales, but the Lord never breaks His word.

Praise the Lord then, He told us to set up Angel Talk Limited as His company (in 1981) so we can only rely upon Him to prosper it, as long as I follow His leading. Lord help me to see Your guidance. Amen. (Angel Talk Limited was finally closed in 2009 due to my age - 73.)

259. Deuteronomy 9 v 6: “Understand therefore, that the Lord your God gives you not this good land to possess for your RIGHTEOUSNESS; for you are a stiff necked people.”

No way, the Lord says are these good things given to them, me or us as a result of their, my or our RIGHTEOUSNESS, for I and we have none at all! The Lord says here to Isra’el, that they are a stiff necked people – they wouldn’t change their ways, and I and we are not to think in terms of that statement only referring to the nation of Isra’el. It applies just as much to His people today, including “Charismatic Christians too! It is a rebuke for all time and for all people, including me. I cannot separate myself from it.

The Lord is not saying that I and we won’t do His Will, but that we don’t do His Will.

Lord Jesus, help me to know and to do Your Will. Amen.

260. Job 8 v 6: “If you are pure and upright, surely now He would awake for you, and make the habitation of your RIGHTEOUSNESS prosperous.”

The first thing here that strikes me in this verse, is the wrong attitude towards God, of the speaker – Bildad. To start, God never sleeps and therefore doesn’t need to “awake for you.” The Lord God sees and hears everything and is constantly working for the glory of Himself and for the RIGHTEOUS when they are in His Will.

The word RIGHTEOUSNESS is paired here with habitation, which begs the question: what and where is the habitation of my RIGHTEOUSNESS? The answer, of course, is my body (which is the Temple of the living God). Now, my home, wherever it be, reflects my character and I must ask myself: does the habitation of my RIGHTEOUSNESS (remembering that I have none of my own, only that which God has given me) reflect and exude that which should be dwelling within me, Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS? When I look at my lifestyle, do people around me see self- RIGHTEOUSNESS or do they see Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS?

Lord, so work in me, I pray, that those around me will only see Your Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen.

261. Job 35 v 8: “Thy wickedness may hurt a man like you are: your RIGHTEOUSNESS may profit the Son of man.”

The Son of man is Jesus. So Job’s RIGHTEOUSNESS may profit, or give glory to the Son of Man, or Jesus. This surely was the aim of Job, to glorify God in all that he did. Just as surely, it should be my own aim to give glory to God in all that I do, say or even think and in the attitudes behind those actions, speech and thoughts. Let me search myself for my aims in life, to ensure that I will seek to glorify God in everything associated with me, my job at Digital Equipment Company, my work for Angel Talk Limited, my relationship with God, my relationships with my wife and family, my home lifestyle, my relationships within the Fellowships and God’s people everywhere. Praise God that some parts are right and glorifying to God.

Please Lord, help me and change me, that every part of me may be glorifying to You. Amen.

262. Psalm 5 v 8: “Lead me, O Lord in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS because of my enemies; make Your way straight before my face.”

What a prayer – Lead me in the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and make His way clearly apparent to me, that I may follow His leading. Praise the Lord, that is exactly the prayer that is in my heart but not put into words! Hallelujah! Amen!

The RIGHTEOUSNESS of the Lord is the only one worth following or worthy of being followed, it is the only one that gives salvation in God’s eyes. If I am lead in the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, then I will be in His Will and in His peace and joy and in His love, because all these follow from His RIGHTEOUSNESS. Lord, please lead me in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS whether I have enemies or not. Whatever happens, I want and need Your RIGHTEOUSNESS Lord. I must have it whatever the cost to me. Lord, please make it clear to me, where I am falling short of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, that I may submit that area, areas, to You and let You put it right in Your eyes, and that the world may see Your glory in me, my family and my home. Amen.

263. Psalm 31 v 1: “In You, O Lord, do I put my trust; Let me never be ashamed. Deliver me in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

If I do not put my trust in the Lord, how can He deliver me at all? If I do put my trust in the Lord and then take it back again, how can He deliver me at all?

The deliverance is in the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and not mine, but I reject that deliverance and that RIGHTEOUSNESS if I do not put my trust in the Lord!

So help me Lord , to put my trust in You and leave it there, not to start worrying about situations when I have handed them over to You. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen.

264. Psalm 71 v 2: “Deliver me in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, and cause me to escape; Incline Your ear to me, and save me.”

Escape from what, by deliverance in His RIGHTEOUSNESS? One thing is the eternal deliverance from the Lake of Fire by His RIGHTEOUSNESS, in other words, salvation. But there is also a more immediate meaning: that of deliverance from the enemy here in this life on earth.

It does not mean simply, “Lord, I’m in a mess, get me out of this,” but rather that the Lord in His RIGHTEOUSNESS can and will move, in circumstances such as oppression by the enemy, to remind me of the power I have in the name of Jesus, to enable me to overcome those circumstances, as in “Lord, please change me in these circumstances.”

The Lord also reminds me in this verse, that there are times when He knows that I need His help and that His ear is always inclined to me and He does save me – from “dropping myself in it,” so to speak.

O Praise God for His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He so freely imparts to me, who am so unworthy, when I pray to Him. Praise the Lord in the Heavens. Praise the name of Jesus – Yeshua! Amen.

265. Psalm 35 v 24: “Judge me, O Lord my God, according to Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, and let them not rejoice over me.”

If I were to be judged according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS (of myself, not that ascribed to me in salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection) then I would be condemned many times over and there would no longer be any hope for me at all.

Praise God, that according to His word here, I will be judged according to His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS is merciful and full of grace and love! In that mercy, grace and love, He made a way whereby I can escape from the judgement according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, because, along with all my sin, that He has washed away by the Blood of Jesus, the Son of God and I am judged therefore according to the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God Himself, because I believe in the salvation of Jesus, the Messiah – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. My eternal praise and thanks to God. Amen.

266. Psalm 35 v 28: “And my tongue shall speak of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS and of Your praise all the day long.”

O that this were true of me! It certainly hasn’t been up until now, but, praise God, I am not condemned by that at all, praise God again, this is a prophetic word in this verse, “and my tongue SHALL speak of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS and of Your praise all the day long!” O praise the Holy Name of Jesus. It shall be true!!!

So what is this RIGHTEOUSNESS of God of which I shall speak? It is of its absoluteness, of its unfailingness, of its mercy, of its grace, of its love and loving-kindness, of its completeness, of its uprightness, of its truthfulness, of its glory, of its praiseworthiness, of its ability to give salvation, of its justice, of its wisdom, of its peace and joy, of its forgiveness. With all these things and many more, how much longer can I keep silent about it and not “praise the Lord all the day long.”

Lord, bring me into that state soon, where I can keep silent no more.

267. Psalm 71 v 24: “My tongue also shall talk of thy RIGHTEOUSNESS all the day long; for they are confounded, for they are brought to shame, that seek my hurt.”

The Lord’s anointed, this is who is saying this Psalm. Whoever would in any way seek to harm the person or the reputation of the Lord’s anointed, will be confounded and brought to shame! It may not happen immediately, but it will happen, it cannot not happen, for the Lord has said so. I must therefore be on my guard when I speak to or of God’s anointed ones, whether their anointing be for eldership or tape recording messages or whatever, I must not call them wrong nor malign them or whatever they do under their anointing.

O Lord, when will it be that my tongue shall speak of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS all the day long?

268. Psalm 36 v 6: “Your RIGHTEOUSNESS is like the great mountains, Your judgements are a great deep. O Lord, You preserve man and beast.”

The Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is like the great mountains. So what are great mountains like? If I am not in the Lord’s Will, i.e. In the flesh, they represent huge insurmountable obstacles. However, when I am operating in the Will of the Lord, then they are natural barriers defending me from the enemy. Praise the Lord then for His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

So the way in which I see the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is a measure of my spiritual state! If I am in the Spirit or not, if I am in the Lord’s Will or not.

Hallelujah! Amen.

269. Psalm 36 v 10: “Oh, continue Your loving kindness to those who know You and Your RIGHTEOUSNESS to the upright in heart.”

The “upright in heart” are those who go God’s way because that is the way they want to go – with God. So this prayer is asking the Lord to continue His RIGHTEOUSNESS and loving kindness to them. Now, does that include me? Only God and I know the answer to that and I suspect that He knows it even better than me, because He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between. Note that here, the Lord ties together His RIGHTEOUSNESS and His Loving kindness.

Since the word says “continue” His loving kindness and RIGHTEOUSNESS to us, this one word tells me that

a) it is already in being an

b) that it always will be because we have asked according to His word, and God always hears our prayers, especially when they are in accord with His word, He answers them! Praise the Lord! Amen.

270. Psalm 37 v 6: “And He shall bring forth your RIGHTEOUSNESS as the light, and your justice as the noonday.”

The Lord says here that He will bring forth my RIGHTEOUSNESS and my justice for all to see. In other words, He will justify me, so that when I feel down and accused of things of which I am not guilty, then I don’t have to worry about it, just hand the whole situation over to the Lord, which is easy, and then leave it there, which is not so easy. Only if the Lord tells me am I to do anything at all about it.

Praise the Lord that He is in control of ALL things and I can trust Him to look after me and my interests as long as I let Him and don’t try to take them back from Him.

He SHALL bring forth my RIGHTEOUSNESS as the light and my justice as the noonday. O praise His wonderful name that He loves me so much! Thank You Lord Jesus for Your love for me.

271. Psalm 40 v 10: “I have not hidden Your RIGHTEOUSNESS within my heart; I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation. I have not concealed Your loving kindness and Your truth from the great congregation.”

O that I could say that “I have not hidden Your RIGHTEOUSNESS within my heart.” I confess Lord that it has been hidden from the view of others. Praise Your name Lord Jesus that You are just and merciful to forgive, and to help me to let Your RIGHTEOUSNESS shine out from my heart and no longer be hidden. Praise Your holy name Lord Jesus, that the way You do it is to pour more and more of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS into my heart until my heart can no longer contain it all and it spills out from where I hide it, so that others around me cannot fail to see Your RIGHTEOUSNESS within me! Amen. Hallelujah! Amen.

272. Psalm 51 v 14: “Deliver me from blood guiltiness O God, You God of my salvation, and my tongue will sing aloud of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

From what “blood guiltiness” have I to be delivered? The blood of Jesus for a start! But I was delivered from that when I received my salvation, was I not? Do I crucify Jesus again in my life?

Cain was blood guilty from killing Abel, have I destroyed anyone by killing? How about character assassination?

Surely this verse is about keeping me from these things, by the grace of God. Thank You Father that when I confess things to You and repent of them, then I am delivered from them. Thank You Father God, that when I ask, You can and will keep me from falling into sin.

O Praise the name of Jesus, who cleanses me by His blood. Praise His holy name. Amen.

273. Psalm 69 v 27: “Add iniquity to their iniquity, and let them not come into Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Wow! This is for those who reject Jesus and His salvation. This is really a curse upon them and I am not sure that I want anything to do with it. Yet here it is in the Word of God! So what do I do about it? I must accept it as the Word of God and heed it as a warning. It is an impeller to sharing the Gospel with all that the Lord tells me.

If anyone steadfastly rejects Jesus, then I must warn them that they will never be able to come into the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus and that more iniquity will be added to the sin that they already have.

Lord help me, motivate me to tell all the people the Gospel, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

274. Psalm 71 v 15: “My mouth shall show forth Your RIGHTEOUSNESS and Your salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof.”

My mouth SHALL show forth the Lord’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and His salvation all the day. O Lord, let it be so. Amen. I do not know how many oppress me and wish me harm. Even so, will I praise the Lord continually and I will show forth, or proclaim, His RIGHTEOUSNESS all the day.

Because I may be oppressed to a greater or lesser degree, it doesn’t alter God in any way. If I love Him as I should, then the degree of oppression to which I am subjected cannot alter Him, as I have said, and therefore cannot cause me to cease from extolling the Lord and His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and His salvation, and His love and mercy towards me. O praise His name for ever and ever, for He is worthy to be praised! Hallelujah! Amen.

275. Psalm 71 v 16: “I will go in the strength of the Lord God; I will make mention of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, even of Your’s only.”

There is no point at all in doing anything in my own strength, as, in the long run, it doesn’t get anywhere. Whatever I do, I must do it in the strength of the Lord God; and His strength will only be put into His Will!

Now here is a “new” revelation: I must not go about “shouting” about the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God unless He commissions me to do it! Wow! That means that only then will I be able to talk of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, because only then will I be able to do it in the strength of the Lord God. So how do I know when? I won’t, until I am in the middle of talking of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS or even afterwards; when I will realise that it was the most (super) natural thing to do at the time. Amen.

276. Psalm 71 v 19: “Your RIGHTEOUSNESS also, O God, is very high, who has done great things. O God, who is like You?”

RIGHTEOUSNESS is very high? The NIV says it reaches to the skies. In other words, it cannot be hidden. God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is of such a magnitude and is absolute, and that means that it is not to be compared with anything else. It is the standard by which everything else is measured and it does not vary in any way. Like God Himself, His RIGHTEOUSNESS is unchanging and unchangeable! (see Malachi 3:6) Praise His name.

The great things which God has done, referred to in this verse, are done out of His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and not that His RIGHTEOUSNESS is as a result of the great things which He has done! It is very important to remember which way around this is, otherwise God becomes relative to His great works in our minds.

For the last part of this verse, of course, there is none who is even like the “shadow” of God. Amen.

277. Psalm 72 v 1: “Give the King Your judgements O God and Your RIGHTEOUSNESS to the King’s Son.”

Here is a prayer to God the Father, to give His Son Jesus, RIGHTEOUS judgement; i.e.at the Day of Judgement; and to give to the King’s son, that is me and all those who love the King, God the Father, His RIGHTEOUSNESS that will enable me to enter into the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

So RIGHTEOUSNESS, being absolute in God, can be given to those who are the King’s sons. I am a king though, in my own right, by the grace of God, that is why God is the King of kings.

O praise the Lord for His RIGHTEOUSNESS and for His grace and mercy toward me. I love You Lord. Amen.

278. Psalm 88 v 12: “Shall Your wonders be known in the dark? And Your RIGHTEOUSNESS in the land of forgetfulness?”

The dark is Satan’s kingdom. Forgetfulness? Your wonders are performed everywhere, in Satan’s kingdom, i.e. the world, You perform the wonder of salvation. So, from that point of view at least the Lord’s wonders shall be shown in the dark! The implications of this is that His RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL be known in the “land of forgetfulness.”

What is the land of forgetfulness then? God never forgets, nor do the angels or demons. So we, mankind are the ones who forget. It therefore becomes easy to realise that God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS IS known in the land of forgetfulness. We, however, especially the not-yet-saved among us, very often fail to remember that God is absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS and try to use Him as if He were RIGHTEOUSNESS in a relative form. This is something of which we, I, must repent as soon as the Lord shows us when I or we are doing it.

O praise His name for His absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS, may it ever be. Amen.

279. Psalm 89 v 16: “In Your name shall they rejoice all the day, and in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS shall they be exalted.”

I shall rejoice all day long in the name of the Lord Jesus, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, because it means so much to me. It is by the name of Jesus that I am saved, that I am healed, that I am loved and so many other things, praise His holy name.

I shall also rejoice all the day long in the name of the Lord Jesus, because in my salvation, He has given me His RIGHTEOUSNESS and I cannot have that RIGHTEOUSNESS without being exalted. At the very least, I am lifted up in salvation. At the other end of the scale, I am exalted into the Kingdom of God, to sit with Jesus, at His right hand! Into the very presence of God Himself. Praise God the Father, that all this is in His RIGHTEOUSNESS which He ascribed to me to give me salvation from the result of my sin. Thank You Lord Jesus for that sacrifice which You made for me. Amen.

280. Psalm 119 v 40: “Behold, I have longed after Your precepts; give me life in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The God given desire of my heart is for His precepts, His Law and His way to be my way.  Only in this way will I have life in His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

“Life in His RIGHTEOUSNESS” is surely the Kingdom life; life where Satan attacks and where we have the victory; life is the life more abundantly that Jesus promised, more fully, the “don’t blink you’ll miss something” type of life.  Not an aimless sort of life without clear direction, wandering about unfulfilled, wondering what to do next.

In His RIGHTEOUSNESS, i.e. only after each person’s salvation, can that person have that “life in His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Praise the Lord, O my soul, for His RIGHTEOUSNESS ascribed to me.  Amen and Amen.

281. Psalm 119 v 123: “My eyes fail for Your salvation and for the word of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

Without the “Word of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS,” my vision will fail.  What the “Word of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS” is, is the proceeding Word of God as written down in the Bible in both Testaments.  So, if I don’t keep in the Word of God, my vision will fail.

So what is my vision?  My vision is my awareness of God’s plan for me in my life and the things and situations in which I am, and will be involved in the future.  So what is this verse saying is, that if I lose touch with the Word of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, i.e. fail to read and study the Word of God, then I will lose touch also with God’s plans for my life, with the result that I will drift aimlessly through life without any clear goals of where God is leading me.

282. Psalm 119 v 142: “Your RIGHTEOUSNESS is an everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS, and Your Law is truth!

Here is confirmation of the everlasting nature of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  “Everlasting is an attribute of “Absoluteness” and absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS cannot change, it wouldn’t be absolute if it were to change.  Also, to disappear is a form of change, so, if God’s absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS were to disappear, then that would mean:

a) it would not be absolute because it had changed;

b) it would not be everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS because it had disappeared!

Therefore God’s Word here affirms the everlasting nature of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in so many words, and, by implication, this verse confirms the absoluteness of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, because unchanging means everlasting and that is an aspect of absoluteness.

Praise the Lord for His absolute and everlasting RIGHTEOUSNESS and that His Law is the truth. Amen.

283. Psalm 143 v 1: “Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications; in Your faithfulness answer me, and in Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The only way in which I can expect my prayers to be heard in Heaven, is though the grace of God.  Only through that grace and my repentance towards God, can I expect God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and faithfulness to operate to hear my prayers.

It is only through His RIGHTEOUSNESS and faithfulness, note, that those ears are inclined to hear me.  It is not due in anyway at all to any action on my part.  His RIGHTEOUSNESS means also justice for me, not for my just desserts, but for me as God’s adopted son.  O praise His name for ever and for ever, I am His son by His RIGHTEOUSNESS ascribed to me at salvation.  Praise the name of Jesus.  Amen.

284. Psalm 143 v 11: “Revive me, O Lord, for Your name’s sake; for Your RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.”

What a wonderful prayer!  “Revive me, O Lord, for Your name’s sake.”  Amen!

The reason for God to answer this is given in the other half of the verse: for the sake of the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.  Jesus said, whatever you pray in my name (John 14:13) in other words, in His Will, He will do it in order that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Now, to be asked to be revived is definitely in accordance with the Will of God, when we need to be revived.  This prayer, God must answer because of His RIGHTEOUSNESS, if He didn’t answer prayers that pray His Will into being, then He would not be absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS.  So, for His RIGHTEOUSNESS sake, bring my soul out of trouble!

This is why the prayer of a RIGHTEOUS man avails much (James 5:16).  The words “effectual, fervent” prayer are not descriptions of the effort of praying, but the place from which the man prays: right in the Will of God!  It says “of a RIGHTEOUS man.” Whilst he is in that place, all his prayers are fervent and effectual.  Praise the Lord.  Amen.

285. Psalm 145 v 7: “They shall abundantly utter the memory of Your great goodness, and shall sing of Your RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS of God is not only worth talking about, it is worth singing about too.  Such is God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS that we must praise Him for it; remembering God’s great goodness (to us) is such that we should “abundantly utter the memory” of it; but that pales into insignificance compared to His RIGHTEOUSNESS, that is to be sung about!

We are to praise God, not so much for what He can or cannot do, or for what He has or has not done; but rather we should sing His praises for who and what He is: Absolute RIGHTEOUSNESS!

In other words, God wants us to praise Him for Himself, not what we may or may not get out of Him! Praise His holy name, Jesus and I AM – YHWH!

286. Isaiah 48 v 18: “O that you had harkened to My commandments!  Then had your peace been like a river and your RIGHTEOUSNESS like the waves of the sea;”

“Your RIGHTEOUSNESS like the waves of the sea?”  What are the waves of the sea like?  They are ceaseless and they are powerful (to move floating objects up and down, to move coastlines about.). Yes, they are VERY powerful.  So is God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS VERY powerful, it is the motivation of all that He has done.

So RIGHTEOUSNESS is a motivational force.  In God’s case, it is His motivating force, but what about love?

God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is the reason why we could not come near to God.  God’s love is the reason why He made it possible for us to come near Him.  So in this respect at least, love overcomes.

So what does this verse mean?  That when I obey the God given commandments, then my peace is like a smooth flowing river and my (God given RIGHTEOUSNESS) is as powerful and as continuous as the waves of the sea.

Praise God for His grace toward me.

287. Isaiah 57 v 12: “I will declare your RIGHTEOUSNESS, and your works; for they shall not profit you.”

The Lord is saying this to the UNRIGHTEOUS men.  The Lord then will declare the RIGHTEOUSNESS of UNRIGHTEOUS men. In other words, their self-RIGHTEOUSNESS and their works – of evil(!) and is telling them that they shall not profit them.

My RIGHTEOUSNESS will get me nowhere, I must not trust in it at all.  My works will achieve as much, even those that I do for the Lord!  Now there is a shaker!  All that I do for the Lord counts for nothing on the day of Judgement. Wow!

So what does count then?  Only the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, which is my salvation, counts to avoid Judgement.  After that, Jesus looks for obedience in my life, to His commands, this must not be confused with living a lifestyle of religion like a monk or a minister of religion.  A Christian lifestyle will result from my obedience, not the other way around!  Amen.

288. Isaiah 58 v 8: “Then shall your light break forth like the morning, and your health shall spring forth speedily; and your RIGHTEOUSNESS shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”

When I consider this verse in its context, the Lord shows me that when I get it right by His standards, “then shall my light break forth….”  At this point, my (God given) RIGHTEOUSNESS shall go before me.

Now what do I learn from the Lord in this?  It is that although I have a God given RIGHTEOUSNESS, it will not go before me like a good reputation unless I not only have His RIGHTEOUSNESS, but that I also operate in that Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS and am perceived by others to be operating in Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS.

So RIGHTEOUSNESS must be operated in, in order to be. Amen.

289. Isaiah 62 v 2: “And the nations shall see your RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all kings your glory; and you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.”

Although this has a specific application to Isra’el, it does show another aspect of God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, that it is the Will of God that His RIGHTEOUSNESS in me and us believers, shall be seen by all the nations and all the kings and leaders of the nations.

Now why is this?  It is because God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS in me is glorifying to God when it is seen by others.  Which means that RIGHTEOUSNESS is God glorifying.  Amen!

This does not mean that I should seek to show off the Godly RIGHTEOUSNESS that He has put within me, but “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33.

290. Daniel 9 v 16: “O Lord, according to all Your RIGHTEOUSNESS, I beseech You, let Your anger and Your fury be turned away from Your city, Jerusalem, Your holy mountain; because for our sins, and for the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and Your people are become a reproach to all that are about us.”

Such is God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, that it is the only standard by which we may appeal to God for His mercy to be shown.  If God were not so RIGHTEOUS, then we could not appeal to Him in any way.  It is a paradox that God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS and its absoluteness that keeps us from coming into His presence unless we also have it, yet, it is only by His RIGHTEOUSNESS that, as Daniel shows here, that we can come near to Him to appeal to Him, with the obvious prerequisite that we have His RIGHTEOUSNESS through salvation for ourselves.

So, God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS is absolute yet merciful. It is ascribed to us at salvation and indeed is our salvation. His RIGHTEOUSNESS is to be sought by us and it is His Will for us to follow.  His RIGHTEOUSNESS is everlasting and is life for us.  It is His Word and to be praised and revealed in each of us.  It is to be acknowledged in God and is to be obeyed. RIGHTEOUSNESS is only for those saved from the Lake of Fire – Hell.