This is LOVE

Bible studies on the word LOVE, each time it occurs in Scripture.

Bible Studies by Malcolm D. Powell © 1990.


Having written these notes many years ago, I feel that they need to be published. You, the reader, may find them useful as a point of reference, similar to a Commentary, but much more focussed, in this case on a specific word where ever it appears in the (AV - King James version) Scriptures.

To that end, an index is at the front of this book, rather than is more usual, at the back.

A series of studies of the LOVE of God (and of the world) using the this method: following the Crudens Concordance list of entries, in that order, in the Bible, of the word ‘LOVE’ and looking at each usage in turn in its context. Writing it down, then writing what I felt that the Lord was saying to me about LOVE in the particular context. LOVE occurs no less than 331 times in the AV, hence the number of studies following.

In this way, I believe that I have heard a great deal of what God says about LOVE, His LOVE especially and have written them out in order to shed some of that LOVE abroad.

I am very much aware, of course, that in many cases, that which I have written, is influenced by my own thoughts and views! I therefore ask any readers of these studies to forgive me if they feel that is the case when reading any particular study. The verses written out are from the Schofield version of the Authorised Version of the Bible, with the words changed to current English spelling.

The order of the references may seem a little strange, but they are the order they appear in the “Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments.”

Where I noted it at the time, I have added the dates of the actual original written studies, also added an index at the end.

I have been greatly blessed in reading these studies once again, in the process of typing them up (Started 12-Nov-10, finished 9-Sep-12) and marvel at our wonderful God and the things He has revealed to me. I trust that any who read these studies, will also be greatly blessed.

This is not intended to be a way of studying the Bible as in daily Bible study notes, but as an incentive for others to do real Bible study and write down what they feel the Lord is saying to them.

These studies are copyright to Malcolm D. Powell. ©1985 – 1990

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As mentioned, all these were originally hand written and I am in the process of typing them into MS Word. This is taking a very long time!

Index of verses

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1. I Corinthians 8 v 1: Now, as touching things offered to idols, we know that we have all knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but LOVE edifies.” 2nd February 1985

Whilst LOVE edifies and builds up those around us, knowledge, which we all have, tends to give us “Big Heads!” This is because with knowledge, we can reason things out and therefore do not need God and can operate without reference to Him – which is, of course, the way of death (i.e. SIN). Operating, by contrast, in the LOVE of God, not only builds up those around us, but also builds up ourselves. This is simply because we are operating in the LOVE of God and therefore, not necessarily in our own interests. Therefore, we do the Will of God, which desires the very best for all of us. Thus, God is glorified – Praise His wonderful name!

2. I Corinthians 13 v 1: “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of Angels, and have not LOVE, I am become as sounding bronze, or a tinkling Cymbal.”

This is the importance of LOVE, it does not matter what I say, how good or correct it is, if it is said without LOVE, it will not come across as I meant it to, and will be of no effect – or it will damage the cause of that of which I am talking. At best, my speaking – in English or in “tongues” - will make people wish I would shut up; because I, without LOVE, will simply sound repetitive – saying the same old thing every time I speak. Therefore, no matter what I say, I must have LOVE and speak in that LOVE when I speak if God is to be glorified. Not only this, LOVE in this context is the LOVE of God!

3. I Corinthians 13 v 2: “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, have all knowledge; though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not LOVE, I am nothing.”

What use am I to God, myself or anyone else without LOVE? Absolutely nothing! Even if I prophesy in the name of God in truth, it will not be able to accomplish its’ purpose without it being given in LOVE. Even if I understand ALL mysteries and have ALL knowledge – to the extent that God Himself does even – if I do not have LOVE, it is of no effect. God Himself would not be God for all that He is, has and can do, if the only part of Him that was missing were LOVE. LOVE is the cement that holds God in His greatness. Without it, even He would not be God! No amount of faith by me could overcome my lack of LOVE. I cannot operate without LOVE! I am nothing without LOVE!

4. I Corinthians 13 v 3: “And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not LOVE, it profits me nothing.”

Jesus told the rich young man to sell all that he had and to give the money away to the poor. Paul here in Corinthians is NOT saying that to do this is a waste of time, rather than to do it without LOVE is a waste of time. To the one giving, “it profits me nothing” and to those receiving it, it becomes like the dole today – expected and not appreciated – simply the cause for complaints like “it isn’t enough.” These first three verses of I Corinthians 13 list things to be done which are good (give my body to be burned?) in themselves, but are of no effect (or glory to God!) if they are performed without the LOVE of God. If they are done with LOVE, God will be glorified and it will “profit” the doer of them, but without that LOVE, they will be sterile and of no long-term use – as with the dole today, which has become a disincentive to work – as ordained by God in Genesis.

5. I Corinthians 13 v 4:LOVE suffers long, and is kind, LOVE envies not: LOVE vaunts not itself, is not puffed up.”

When we look at how long God has suffered His people Isra’el and all their whoring and apostasy for 4,500 years or so, then only can I begin to realise what it means when this verse says, “LOVE suffers long and is kind.” God has never refused His people when they turn back to Him, He does not impose new conditions upon them when they repent. God doesn’t strut around asserting Himself, stressing how LOVing and kind He is, He simply IS these things and is only other than soft and gentle with those who puff themselves up against Him, as is shown so many times in the Old Testament. LOVE does not need to puff itself up because of what it is! LOVE does not need to assert itself because its very nature draws people to itself. Praise the Lord God of Isra’el, praise His wonderful name.

6. I Corinthians 13 v 8:LOVE never fails, but, whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.”

LOVE never fails,” in other words, LOVE always succeeds, it may take some time, but LOVE always succeeds in the end. When everything else has passed away, things that we look upon as good things from the Lord, i.e. prophecies, tongues and knowledge, when they are all finished, LOVE will still be powering on as if nothing had happened, good or bad! “God is LOVE” says the word of God in I John 4:8 (and this is only written in this one chapter of the whole Bible) but it is nonetheless the whole essence of God Himself – when all else has finished and gone (or perished etc.) God Himself remains and therefore it can be said – as in this verse, “LOVE never fails,” it goes on and on and on for all eternity. Hallelujah!

7. I Corinthians 13 v 13: “And now abides faith, hope, LOVE, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.”

There is nothing, but nothing, that can overcome LOVE! When all else is gone, LOVE will still be continuing. As we have seen earlier in these studies, LOVE overcomes all. It is sometimes a slow process, but LOVE cannot itself be overcome, it cannot cease. This is, of course, the LOVE of God, not natural LOVE, which is fickle and changeable. LOVE is the very nature of God Himself who is unchanging and unchangeable - Malachi 3:6! God cannot change Himself or He would not be God!!! LOVE will continue and will wear down evil in all its’ forms. Evil may withstand LOVE for a season, but (God’s) LOVE cannot NOT triumph in the end. Praise the Lord!

8. I Corinthians 14 v 1: “Follow after LOVE, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that you may prophecy.”

Since God is LOVE, this verse exhorts us to follow after God! In that LOVE, we are to desire the spiritual gifts that the Lord would give to us, they are on offer from Him, we have but to accept them. Such is His LOVE for us, that he offers us everything that He is – LOVE, such a LOVE is to be followed – i.e. to be emulated. This is God’s Command to us, as His people, “follow after LOVE.” This is not sexual LOVE or family LOVE, but the LOVE of God, for God. This is God glorifying LOVE, enduring LOVE, unchangeable LOVE, and LOVE that does not give up, overcoming LOVE. Praise you Lord Jesus that you came as a man to live that LOVE for all to see, a righteous LOVE, a God given LOVE, a man LOVing LOVE!

9. I Corinthians 16 v 14: “Let all your things be done with LOVE,”

This does not say “let everything be done with LOVE!” It says “let ALL YOUR THINGS be done with LOVE!” The difference is that it is personal to ME, the reader of this study. It also conveys the idea that LOVE is something done and not something felt. Thus, the Lord is saying: “Do LOVE,” not “be LOVEd” or “feel LOVEd.” I must remember at all times, that what I am doing at that (and every) moment must be done with LOVE. Even if I feel aggrieved, I must respond with LOVE and not a desire for vengeance. I must, obviously then, never be spiteful, for that would not be letting “all my things be done with LOVE.” Praise the Lord that I am filled with His LOVE and hence I do not have to rely upon my own LOVE – which really is no LOVE! AAANND He is ready to forgive me when I get it wrong!

10. Colossians 3 v 14: “And above all things, put on LOVE, which is the bond of perfectness.”

This verse is preceded by a list of “do’s” for the Christian, followed by this verse, which sets God’s idea on into context. LOVE is to be put above all other things! In fact, if I do “put on LOVE,” then all the preceding things will work out in me quite (super)naturally. However, the last part of this verse shows a further aspect of LOVE, it is the “bond of perfectness.” Now bonding implies the joining of parts, so, it is the “cement” of the LOVE of God, which binds: a) me to God; and b) me to the rest of the body of Christ, i.e. to all other Christians. This is no human LOVE though, this is the LOVE of God and it comes from Him. It differs from human LOVE in that human LOVE is a feeling and a response, whilst the LOVE of God is an action as we have seen earlier in these studies. Praise the Lord for His LOVE and thank Him too. Amen.

11. I Thessalonians 3:6: “But now, when Timothy came from you to us, and brought us good tidings of your faith and LOVE, that you have good remembrances of us always, desiring greatly to see us, as we also to see you;”

My LOVE pouring out of me over others will create joy in those who see the LOVE of the Lord operating in me. So, LOVE produces joy, not only in me for operating as a channel of the Lord’s LOVE, not only in those upon whom that LOVE is poured, but joy in those afar off who hear about the LOVE operating in our midst. LOVE, and its resultant joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faith meekness and self-control, is magnified greatly when it is seen to be operating between many people in a fellowship. Amen.

12. II Thessalonians 1 v 3: “We are bound to thank God always for you, brothers, as it is fitting, because your faith grows exceedingly, and the LOVE of you all toward each other abounds.”

LOVE must grow! LOVE is of God, comes from God, and must, of course, be directed primarily towards Him: But, our LOVE towards Him is “out of order” if His LOVE in us is not directed correctly towards ALL those around us. If we are not “in LOVE” with everyone – family, friends, those at work, in shops, garages etc. etc. who serve us or we serve daily or from time to time, then our relationship with God cannot be correct! Conversely, if our relationship with God is wrong, then we cannot deal correctly (i.e. in LOVE) with those around us. We cannot please God whilst we shun anyone. The LOVE of God abounds towards EVERYONE! Jesus died for all, ALL sin, not just mine, in the supreme demonstration of His LOVE for us all. Therefore, I – we, must demonstrate to all around us that LOVE of God that He has placed within each of us who have accepted Jesus as Lord and saviour. Amen.

13. I Timothy 1 v 5: “Now the end of the commandment is LOVE out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and out of faith unfeigned.”

“The end of the commandment is LOVE” – all commandments must be LOVE. The commandment must be given with LOVE in mind, must be given in LOVE, with the purpose of up-building in LOVE! In order for this to be so, that LOVE can only come out of a “pure heart, and of a good conscience;” in other words, I cannot give commands to anyone unless I am right with God AND with those to whom the command(s) may be given. Naturally, all this can only come out “of faith unfeigned,” in other words, a real deep faith, not just a surface one that says the right things! Therefore, LOVE does not have to be the motive for a command, but LOVE DOES have to be the way in which it is given – and received.

14. I Timothy 2 v 15: “Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and LOVE with sobriety.”

Here we see that LOVE is a condition, “if … LOVE …” So operating in LOVE as a husband and wife (as well as in faith and holiness soberly) is God’s desire for the husband and wife team. It is apparent here, that the wife’s wellbeing is conditional not only on her actions and reactions, but on the husband also! This shows that the husband has a responsibility before God, not only for himself, but for his wife also, and that this responsibility is not to see that the wife “continues in faith and LOVE and holiness with sobriety,” but to see that THEY continue so! Since this is so, the husband’s responsibility is to set such an example of LOVE etc. to his wife that she cannot but respond in like manner, in the same way that we respond to the LOVE of Jesus. Such is the power of the LOVE He shows us, that we must particularly LOVE our wives, in and by the same LOVE. Amen.

15. I Timothy 4 v 12: “Let no man despise your youth, but be an example of the believers, in word, in conduct, in LOVE, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

The LOVE of Jesus must be seen in us by all those around us all the time. As Paul says here to Timothy, “be … an example of … LOVE …” Nothing puts LIFE into a situation as does LOVE. Nothing will put the heathen off Christianity quicker than them seeing us operating without LOVE. What Paul is saying here, is that there is no excuse for not LOVing, that LOVE, amongst other things, must SHINE out of our lives, in order that men do not despise us for, in Timothy’s case, his youth. As we shall see, LOVE overcomes all things, and will triumph over all! Amen.

16. II Timothy 2 v 22: “Flee also youthful lusts, but follow righteousness, faith, LOVE, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”

Paraphrasing that verse, ‘Those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart, follow righteousness, faith, LOVE and peace, but flee youthful lusts.’ Therefore, one may say – ‘following … LOVE … is a way to a pure heart.’ Since I desire a pure heart – in order to praise and worship the Lord, it follows that I must follow after … LOVE … So LOVE is an essential ingredient to having a pure heart, and a pure heart is an essential ingredient to being able to praise and worship the Lord! Lord, make me a channel of Your LOVE, that I may be filled and overflowing with Your LOVE. Amen. Amen.

17. II Timothy 3 v 10: But you have fully known my doctrine, manner of life, long suffering, LOVE, patience,” …

Yes, I have fully known His … LOVE …, He died for me! “Greater LOVE has no man than this – that he lay down his life (died!) for his friend,” a slight misquote of the words of Jesus maybe, but Jesus laid down His life for His enemies as well as for His friends! This is the ultimate ACTION of LOVE, showing that LOVE is not a feeling at all, but an action, as we have seen before in these studies. Maybe it cannot be emphasised too much, that LOVE is something one does and not something one feels. In ordinary secular terms, LOVE is a verb, and a verb describes an action, not a feeling. Hallelujah, that Jesus loves me! Amen.

18. I Peter 4 v 8:”And above all things have fervent LOVE among yourselves; for LOVE shall cover a multitude of sins.”

Here, we are not called to “have LOVE among” ourselves, that is not what the word of God says at all! It says, “have FERVENT LOVE among ourselves!” So, what is “fervent LOVE?” Fervent means “on fire” or “burning.” So we are to have “burning LOVE” among ourselves. No waiting for a problem to thrust itself under our noses before we start thinking, “how can I help so-and-so, but, in burning LOVE continually searching each other’s lives to avert problems and so manifest that LOVE of the Lord Jesus amongst us. That manifestation is not restricted to spiritual things either, it is to be an intensely practical LOVE, where none of us should be in need of any practical help. In worldly terms, a very powerful community spirit, except that the spirit is the Holy Spirit operating amongst us, spreading the LOVE of God Himself! Praise the Lord that this can happen, and with our seeking, it will happen, as it did in the New Testament times when, as the Word puts it; “by their LOVE one for another, shall they (the world) know that you are My disciples.” Amen.

19. I Peter 4 v 8: “And above all things have fervent LOVE among yourselves; for LOVE shall cover the multitude of sins.”

Again, the Word of God here does not say, “for LOVE shall ignore the … sin.” It says “cover” and that means “to protect from.” We are therefore called upon to protect each other from the multitude of sins! This is mine and yours in the Christian world, as well as that from the world itself. So what does this mean in practical terms? It means one thing, do not talk about sin or even think about it. Philippians 4:8 tells us what to think and talk about! It means that we try to repair situations where sin has come in, by pouring in the LOVE of the Lord Jesus – the “fervent LOVE” of the first part of this verse. It does mean also that the world’s standard of LOVE is not going to be effective for long, only the LOVE of God. Amen.

20. I Peter 5 v 14: “Greet you one another with a kiss of LOVE. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Here, I am reminded that this differentiates between LOVE and sex. LOVE, in the context of this verse, is quite obviously divorced from sex. LOVE is akin to that into which we are called in Romans 12:10 “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly LOVE, in honour preferring one another.” So, this kiss of LOVE, is to be as between brothers, seeking to help and exhort each other in every good thing! This kiss of LOVE is not to be given lightly, as in every time you meet in the house, but, maybe daily in meeting for the first time, or something like that. It certainly should NOT be on the lips, but on the cheek – lips are for LOVErs! We are definitely called upon to greet each other – in meetings and in the street, but, this greeting of each other is to be, not something of itself, but an outward expression of a LOVE operating between us – the LOVE of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen.

21. II Peter 1 v 7: And to Godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, LOVE.”

The context of this verse is “… add to your faith …,” So we see here the things which the Lord is seeking to persuade me to do, with all diligence in faith – LOVE! It says three times in James 2 (verses 17, 20 & 26) that “faith without works is dead!” So the works called for by the Lord in this verse and its context, is, amongst other things, LOVE, which is an action or work as we have seen. So the Lord God is telling me to LOVE, in faith, all those around me, Christian or non-Christian; for me or against me; easy to LOVE or hard to LOVE – ALL! Praise the Lord – Amen. He gives me the ability.

22. III John v 6: “Who have borne witness of your LOVE before the Church; whom, if you bring forward on their journey after a Godly sort, you shall do well.”

My witness of LOVE must be such as to cause others not only to notice it, but to cause others to talk of my LOVE in action. This does NOT mean that my LOVE in action should be ostentatious or “showy,” but that it should be naturally supernatural, transcending friendship or enmity, to show the LOVE of God shining in my life. I must be God’s LOVE in every situation or place, pouring out all over those around me at ALL times and circumstances. This means that it must never be turned off and on! For the LOVE of God never changes. This may be thought of as an impossible demand, and in carnal terms, it is. I must never forget, however, that I am no longer carnal, but spiritual and I have the full power of God available to me inside, in the form of the Holy Spirit. Praise you Holy Spirit and thank you Father God. Amen.

23. Jude v 12: “These are spots in your LOVE feasts, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear; Clouds they are without water, carried about by the winds; Trees whose fruit withers, without fruit, twice dead, plucked roots;”

LOVE feasts?” These are when we, as Christians, feast together. So two things come out of this; a) as Christians, we should expect to eat together in the Lord’s presence (not communion in this context) and b) that things should be without spot or blemish between each of those feasting and God, at that time. Naturally, or supernaturally, it is good to be together with fellow Christians when having a meal, to extend the LOVE of God to each other in giving and receiving hospitality, but this must not be restricted to those who could return hospitality, nor to those with whom we have no problems. This is a call to deal with problems, in order to enjoy LOVE feasts together. I am aware that this is not the “spots” in this passage, but, this is what the Lord is saying.

24. Revelation 2 v 19: “I know your works, and LOVE, and service, and faith, and your patience, and your works; and the last to be more than the first.”

Jesus says here that He knows “...LOVE…” This is, of course, very true since He made us in His LOVE for us. The question becomes then: “does our LOVE compare with His and should it?” The answer to the second part is YES for He made us in His image! That leaves the question “does it?” The answer to that it does, only to the extent to which I allow it to show!!! I must submit myself more and more to be open to the living Lord God, in order that I might receive more of His LOVE to pour into me and overflow from me over those around me. Praise God for His LOVE! Amen.

25. Romans 14 v 15: “But if your brother be grieved with your food, now walk you not in LOVE. Destroy not him with your food, for whom Christ died.”

If I continue doing something, in this case eating food, that upsets my “brother in the Lord,” then I must question myself very closely to see why I continue! It is probably because I am eating, or doing what upsets my brother because of self-will instead of LOVE. My LOVE for Jesus in him, should enable me to see this for myself – I am not walking in LOVE! If I continue to do this thing, then I am putting a stumbling block into his life, which results in him becoming angry and tempting him to sin, and at best, this is not very good for me to do! I must remember that LOVE is an action and the action called for in these circumstances is self-sacrifice. Praise God. Amen.

26. Genesis 29 v 20: “And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed to him but a few days, for the LOVE he had for her.”

Jacob LOVEd Rachel from when he first met her and agreed to serve her father seven years for her as his wages. In other words, he paid for her. This is just what Jesus did for me – He paid for me, not with seven years of labour, but with His life! Such is the quality of LOVE, that it will endure much for the object of that LOVE. Jacob laboured seven years with that LOVE for Rachel burning inside him. Jesus died the most agonising death on the cross, with that LOVE for me burning inside Him. LOVE was the “thing” that sustained Jacob and LOVE is the “thing” that sustained Jesus through all those hours of mental, physical and spiritual agony. As the seven years seemed as a few days, so for Jesus, that death was of little importance compared with what would be obtained as a result – His Bride, the Church – me! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus that You considered me to be worth so much! Amen.

27. II Samuel 1 v 26: “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me. Your LOVE to me was wonderful, passing the LOVE of women.”

A sanctified brotherly LOVE, as between David and Jonathan, is here told to be more wonderful and fulfilling than sex! Sex is a transient thing, exceedingly wonderful at the time without doubt, but LOVE is not sex although both are actions not feelings. Here, we are shown that Jonathan’s LOVE to David was wonderful. So this kind of LOVE did not last forever – brotherly LOVE. So it is plain that there is more than one kind of LOVE, PHILEO in the Greek – LOVE between brothers. When the brothers are dead, the LOVE is gone and no longer exists. The LOVE that God is, is everlasting – without end!

28. II Samuel 13 v 15: “The Ammon hated her exceedingly, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the LOVE with which he had LOVEd her. And Ammon said to her, arise, be gone.”

This shows just how closely related are human LOVE and hatred. It is often said that the opposite of LOVE is hatred, but it is not, both are positive attitudes! The opposite of LOVE is APATHY! The LOVE of Ammon here, in this verse is really lust; this should never be confused with LOVE as in God’s LOVE. To start with, God’s LOVE is unchanging and constant, in fact, unchangeable! So Ammon’s “LOVE” in this verse, because it changed to hatred, cannot be God’s LOVE. So I learn in this verse and in Study 27 above, that what is called LOVE is not necessarily LOVE at all, i.e. there are several different types of LOVE, but, as we shall probably see later in these studies, that only one is God’s LOVE and not just one LOVE with several different aspects or angles. However, we must not pre-judge the issue!

29. Proverbs 5 v 19: “Let her be as the LOVing Hind and pleasant Roe; let her breasts satisfy you at all times, and be you ravished always with her LOVE.”

This is one of those verses that are often furtively quoted by children, but what does it really show? It shows what God wants us to think of LOVE and marriage. God never changes! What He is saying here is that marriage for His people should also be unchangeable. God is instructing men, in verse 18, to rejoice in the woman he married – even if it was a very long time ago. In verse 19 now, God is telling us never to look upon the breasts of another woman with lust, but to be totally satisfied and happy with those of our wife and to be always totally captivated by her LOVE, and to not even think of any other woman in the context of sex, LOVE and marriage! This “thinking” bit should be considered in the context of Philippians 4:8 and thus, we men must think only of our own wife AND think of her that God has given to me as “Whatever is pure.” Thank you Father for the woman you have given me as my wife! Amen.

30. Proverbs 7 v 18: “Come, let us take our fill of LOVE until the morning; let us solace ourselves with LOVE.”

This is an exceedingly sad verse, for it so true to life today – non-Christian life. Here the word LOVE is not LOVE at all, but lust, the lust of an unfaithful wife, and how she is “in LOVE” with sex. This LOVE is in contrast with Study 29 above, and shows the snare of sex outside marriage. This is not a form of LOVE to be followed, much less sought after as is shown in Verse 23 that follows – it leads to death, the death of both parties! We must remember that God made sex for two things or reasons: a) for our pleasure; b) for the creation of life – both only within the context of marriage! To take hold of sex (or lust) outside marriage is to disobey God and to call down the consequences upon our own heads. Sex is to be enjoyed by both husband and wife, but only within marriage – God does not believe in divorce either! Hallelujah! Amen.

31. Proverbs 10 v 12: “Hatred stirs up strifes, but LOVE covers sins.”

What more can one add? LOVE covers all sins! We are back to the LOVE of God now, and we can see how LOVE is an action once more, and not a feeling. Covering does not mean to ignore or try to pretend that the sin does not exist – that is simply unreality! Covering with LOVE means to cover over the effects of the sin upon the sinner and the sinned against. It means not to talk about it, which would tear down the sinner instead of lifting up the sinner from the sin. It means that we must concentrate on LOVing the sinner and not concentrating on the sin itself, to give the sin to God and very gently encourage the sinner to do the same. We can only do this by uplifting that sinner. O praise the Lord for His LOVE, which covers all sins! Amen.

32. Proverbs 15 v 16: “Better is a dinner of herbs where LOVE is, than a stalled Ox and hatred therewith.”

Herbs are bitter to the taste and are basically used as flavouring in very small quantities, not as food in themselves. It is shown here that it is better to eat herbs alone, served with LOVE, than to have the finest meat served with hatred. So, as long as LOVE is generously present (how else can it be?) we can stomach anything, but good food served with anything else will only leave a nasty taste. So LOVE is an essential ingredient to the serving and eating of food. A meal served resentfully will taste as good as a snack served willingly – with LOVE. Also, it seems here that hatred is shown as the opposite of LOVE, but both of these are tangible, whilst apathy would not have provided anything to eat at all!!!

33. Proverbs 17 v 9: “He that covers a transgression seeks LOVE, but he that repeats a matter separates friends.”

A sign of LOVE then is that the LOVEr covers the sin or transgression of the one who has transgressed. Oppositely, the one who “repeats a matter,” or in plain English – gossips, separates friends! This second one, does nothing to cover the sin, neither does he or she actively set out to damage the “sinner,” but rather does nothing positively – LOVE or hate – but is apathetic about the matter and is probably entirely ignorant of the effect of their talking about the sin. This is far more dangerous than hatred, because those who hear these things (hatred) can see it for what it is, but the apathy is far more insidious! However, LOVE in this case would not be seen by others - BUT, it is seen by Father God in Heaven. Hallelujah for treasures in Heaven!

34. Proverbs 27 v 5: “Open rebuke is better than secret LOVE.”

One thing first! This verse does not seek to compare rebuking and LOVE. What it is saying is that LOVE, being an action, is not secret. If a father LOVEs his son, he will correct him – or rebuke him if the son does wrong or does something in a wrong way, because he wants the best for his child. So rebuking is a sign of LOVE, when it is done in LOVE – one part of the action of LOVE. When Paul rebuked Peter, for his actions after dealing with Jews and Gentiles , Paul did not do it for spite, or to get his own back on Peter or even for his own satisfaction. He rebuked Peter in LOVE, in order that Peter should not continue in error, because he LOVEd him so much that he could not bear to see him continue in the error that would eventually harm him and others. Praise the Lord for those who LOVE me enough to rebuke me. Amen.

35. Ecclesiastes 9 v 1: “For all this I considered in my heart, even to declare all this, that the righteous and the wise, and their works are in the hand of God; no man knows either LOVE or hatred by all that is before them.”

When a man looks around him of all the things of nature, or man-made, none of them teach him of LOVE or hatred, he can only learn of that from God. So this is the answer to those who deceive themselves that they can do all their communing with God that is needed, by walking to and fro in a garden, say, enjoying God’s creation. This verse give the lie to this – “No man knows either LOVE or hatred by all that is before them.” We can only learn of LOVE (or hatred) from God Himself, in the Spirit or from His word, the Bible. We must individually study His word and learn from it of LOVE, and seek the face of God for Himself, to LOVE and adore and worship Him for Himself. Amen.

36. Ecclesiastes 9 v 6: “Also their LOVE, and their hatred and their envy are now perished; neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the Sun.”

Difficult to learn anything of the LOVE of God in this verse, since it speaks of the attributes of the dead and how that all they did and said when alive is gone and forgotten, and that they have nothing to do with what goes on today and tomorrow! Their LOVE, i.e. human LOVE is gone – perished – no longer existing and therefore irrelevant. This is in complete contrast to the LOVE of God, which, like God Himself, has no beginning and no end! God’s LOVE is therefore always relevant, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It always exists! Praise the living Lord God of Isra’el for His everlasting LOVE, and for its relevance to today and to me! Amen.

37. Song of Solomon 2 v 4: “He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was LOVE.”

O what a God we have! This verse sums up so much about Him – how He wants the very best for us, in His banqueting house; and yet, because we are not worthy, in fact completely unworthy to have this, He covers us with His banner of LOVE in order that He can bring us into the banqueting house for all that He has for us! Now, the banner here is LOVE, that is the covering of us. A banner usually has words and signs or symbols on it, God’s might have:- everlasting, longsuffering, almighty, merciful, just and many, many more! Praise God that His banner is OVER me, and that it says that I am:- forgiven, LOVEd, cleansed, justified and much, much more! Hallelujah! Amen.

38. Song of Solomon 2 v 5: “Sustain me with cakes of raisons, comfort me with apples; for I am sick with LOVE.”

How can anyone be sick with LOVE? In human terms it usually means heartache as when one’s LOVE is not returned for reasons of not being able to respond (because they are not together?) or being unwilling to respond to the LOVE. I am sure that this shows the state of the heart of God in the situation down the centuries that His people, Isra’el have not been responding to His LOVE, mostly for reasons of being unwilling – which must be the most agonising situation. After all, when we are separated from our LOVEd ones, we always have the hope that we shall be together again; but when the one we LOVE does not return our LOVE or does not respond at all, that is when we have the real pain of heartache! So think of the pain in God’s heart as He sees His LOVE for His people, Isra’el rejected; and of course, in many places amongst His Church which is grafted in amongst His people Isra’el, also rejecting that same LOVE. Praise God that HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!! Amen.

39. Song of Solomon 5 v 8: “I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell him, that I am sick of LOVE.”

God is Himself “sick with LOVE” for His beloved Isra’el! Isra’el, as a nation, is not yet returning to God’s LOVE, not yet responding to God’s LOVE at all. As a nation, they do not realise that it is God that is gathering them together in the promised land. He has LOVEd them without any response from the nation down countless centuries and He is “sick with LOVE” for them! Oh, when we think of the pain of LOVE in our youth, when all that mattered was our next meeting with the one we LOVE, and that what went on between our meetings was of so little consequence, that is how God views the times when Isra’el is not with Him. He only looks forward to the time when they are together again. O praise the Lord, for He is so good! Amen.

40. Song of Solomon 3 v 10: “He made its posts of silver, the bottom of it of gold, its covering of purple, the midst of it being paved with LOVE, from the daughters of Jerusalem.”

This chariot, or transport that Solomon made to fetch his bride, is described in this verse. This is also a description of how God is going to gather His nation of Isra’el to Himself for the marriage supper of the Lamb. The midst of it is paved with LOVE. The whole core of God’s means of transport is LOVE. LOVE is central to everything He does. God woo’s us and Isra'el with LOVE. He does not employ any force in any form, but solely woo’s us by the power and joy of His LOVE. He makes it so attractive to us that we cannot deny it, nor do we want to forego it. It is the LOVE of God to which we respond by LOVing Him. After all, “we LOVE because He first LOVEd us.” LOVE so powerful so divine, it doesn’t cover the midst of the chariot as a veneer – very thin, but it PAVES the midst, like paving slabs, thick concrete or stone – very, very strong and able to support! Praise God for the strength of His unremitting LOVE!!! Amen.

41. Song of Solomon 7 v 6: “How fair and pleasant are you, O LOVE, for delights.”

Here Solomon speaks of the joy and goodness of the recipient of his LOVE, speaking of all the natural good parts of his bride. He is agreeing with all that the daughters of Jerusalem had just been saying about her. There is no imperfection in her.

In the same way God delights in His people – Isra’el (with the Church grafted in) when the time comes for us to be the bride of the son, Jesus, on the wedding day of the Lamb! We are so perfect in every way at that time, because He created us that way in the beginning and also because, after being washed in the blood shed at Calvary, we have been cleansed of all impurities, in other words, made perfect again. Hallelujah! God speaks of me as He sees me! No longer a miserable sinner as I was, but perfectly fit to be the bride of Jesus (well, a part of the Bride). Hallelujah! Amen.

42. Song of Solomon 8 v 6: “Set me as a seal on your head, as a seal on your arm; for LOVE is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as She’ol; its coals are coals of fire, which has a most vehement flame.”

Here we learn something of the strength of LOVE, an aspect not often thought about, not by me anyway. “LOVE is as strong as death.” Now that is pretty strong!!! No one except God has managed to overcome death, so not much is left that is stronger than death, outside God that is. So from this passage, we learn that LOVE is incredibly strong, so strong that no man can overcome it! In fact, because God is LOVE (I John4:8) even He cannot overcome LOVE – He cannot overcome Himself! One must deduce therefore, that nothing is as strong as LOVE and therefore again, absolutely nothing can overcome LOVE! O praise God that He is LOVE! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!

43. Song of Solomon 8 v 7: “Many waters cannot quench LOVE, neither can the floods drown it. If a man would give all the substance of his house for LOVE, he would be utterly rejected.”

LOVE is everlasting, it cannot be destroyed. At the flood, everything was destroyed except LOVE and Noah – the object of that LOVE. So LOVE has the ability not only to survive, being indestructible (since God is LOVE and God is indestructible, this must follow) but is also able to save the object or recipient of that LOVE! But of course, how else could we be saved?!?! Hallelujah, what a revelation, because God is LOVE and He is indestructible, then LOVE is indestructible, even the power of the waters of the flood cannot quench or destroy LOVE. In the second part of the verse, I see that God is telling us that LOVE cannot be purchased! Not only can it not be purchased, but he that would even attempt to purchase it is doomed to rejection. We see this in the world, where a parent (or parents) would try to purchase their child’s LOVE by giving the child every material thing that he or she desires and even more, instead of giving the time and attention of the LOVE of the parent(s), then eventually that child will reject the parent(s) unless God intervenes. Praise the Lord.

44. Jeremiah 2 v 2: “Go and cry in the hearing of Jerusalem, saying, ‘thus says the Lord, I remember you, the kindness of your youth, the LOVE of your espousals, when you went after me in the wilderness, in a land not sown.’”

The LOVE of your espousals. I suppose that the modern equivalent of espousals is engagement, that was or is the time in our lives when we feel human LOVE at its strongest, when all that mattered was to be with our fiancée, and how that fiancée filled our thoughts when we were not together. The Lord is saying here, that He remembers when we LOVEd Him like that! He is calling us to remember that time and indeed, to come back to a LOVE of Him that burns as that did. He is also reminding us that at that time, we were short of no essential thing, but, by implication now we have too much luxury – non-essentials and they are taking the place of Him in our lives. He is, in His LOVE, calling upon us to correct this situation, not necessarily by getting rid of the material things (He may have a use for them) but to put them back in their place – AFTER Jesus in our hearts! Amen.

45. Jeremiah 2 v 33: “Why trim your ways to seek LOVE? Therefore have you also taught the wicked ones your ways.”

To trim one’s ways, as in trim one’s sails in a boat, is to pull them in tighter or take greater control or care. The Lord is asking His people here, why, with all the rest of your life and lifestyle, are you taking care in one area only – LOVE? Obviously, despite all their sin, Isra’el still had a spark of decency in them, despite the fact that they taught others all of their wicked ways, they still saw in the Lord God of Isra’el, LOVE and mercy. So when they thought He may be looking at them, they amended their ways a little. Such falseness! This is not the sort of LOVE which is holy and of God.

46. Jeremiah 31 v 3: “The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have LOVEd you with an everlasting LOVE; Therefore with Loving-kindness have I drawn you.”

An everlasting LOVE! We will forget for now that this may imply that there is another type of LOVE and concentrate on this ‘everlastingness’ of God’s LOVE. We have seen previously that LOVE cannot be overcome, even by death; that like God Himself, it is indestructible, so it cannot be anything else but everlasting LOVE if it is indestructible! When we talk of LOVE then we talk of the very nature of God Himself. Conversely, when we talk of God, we talk of the very nature of LOVE itself, the two are one and the same! Hallelujah, my God is a God of LOVE, an everlasting LOVE. So the Loving-kindness is the only way in which God will draw Isra’el or anyone else into the kingdom of God. He will never use force in any way. He will only ever try to persuade us that His way is best by the use of His LOVE! He will always allow us our freedom of choice. So help us Father God, that we may always choose your way, in Jesus name. Amen.

47. Ezekiel 16 v 8: “Now when I passed by you, and looked upon you, behold your time was the time of LOVE; and I spread my skirt over you, and covered your nakedness. Yes, I swore to you and entered into a covenant with you, says the Lord God, and you became mine.”

“The time of LOVE?” So LOVE has a time? Does this mean that there is a time without LOVE? What can we learn from this verse about the “time of LOVE?” We see that there was a time when the Lord passed by and when He spread His skirt upon Isra’el and entered into covenant with them. So this was the beginning, when Abraham was the one from whom the nation of Isra’el was to be brought out from his seed. Yet, “your time was the time of LOVE,” so this is the time of your existence; since we have already seen that LOVE is everlasting, then LOVE is here shown to be the connection between time and eternity. LOVE is the connection between time and eternity! Hallelujah -thank you Father! Amen.

48. Ezekiel 23 v 11: “And when her sister Oholibah saw this, she was more corrupt in her inordinate LOVE than she, and in her harlotries more than her sister in her harlotries.”

Corruption of LOVE? Yes, this is sexual sin by inordinate LOVE. Inordinate means excessive in the dictionary. Can LOVE be corrupted then? No way!!! LOVE, we have already seen is indestructible, everlasting, so if it were corruptible, it could not be indestructible. I am beginning to see now, in the Bible, that there are two forms of the word LOVE: firstly, as I have seen in the previous 40 odd studies, God’s LOVE and its various interpretations and forms; then secondly, worldly LOVE, which is a corruption of the understanding of God’s LOVE. This verse then, is talking of that corrupted version.

49. Ezekiel 23 v 17: “And the Babylonians came to her into the bed of LOVE, and they defiled her with their harlotry, and she was polluted with them, and her mind was alienated from them.”

Once one starts with corruption (or defilement) one thing leads to another, then to another and so on down an increasingly steep and slippery slope! So we see here, that this is so with a corrupted idea of LOVE. The worldly term ‘make LOVE’ is not at all what it says, it means ‘have sex,’ nothing more. LOVE already is, thus it cannot be ‘made’ as the world says. This shows how far the corruption of the perception of God’s LOVE has gone and the need for Christians to set out to raise the world’s perception of real, or God’s LOVE, by following Jesus command to “LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you!” Jesus went on to say, “by this shall all men know that you are my disciples.” So, Jesus not only told us what to do, but also told us why we should. So let us do it. Amen.

50. Ezekiel 33 v 31: “And they come to you as the people come, and they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they will not do them; for with their mouth they show much LOVE, but their heart goes after their covetousness.”

All mouth and no action LOVE. Here we have another form of the corruption of our understanding of God’s LOVE. We like to hear about it and to talk about it but, whilst we say all the right things and may even fool ourselves and others too, this is not Godly LOVE. What we talk about may be God’s LOVE and what we say may be all the right things, and those who come to listen may think to themselves ‘how wonderful.’ It is a sad fact that they and we could NOT be in God’s LOVE at all, but in a fool’s paradise! (We saw in the first few of these studies on LOVE, that LOVE is an action, not a sexual one either, it is not a feeling or an emotion.) The great danger here is that what is in our hearts and what comes out of our mouths could be very different things – as this verse says: “but their heart goes after their covetousness,” If we only talk about God’s LOVE, I, or we could be in that ‘fool’s paradise.’ Lord, please keep me from any fool’s paradise. Amen. Thank You Lord.

51. Daniel 1 v 9: “Now God had brought Daniel into favour and tender LOVE with the prince of the eunuchs.” 9th January 1987

“Tender LOVE” and favour. God Himself brought Daniel into this place with the prince of the eunuchs, and we see here, another aspect of LOVE – tenderness. Tenderness is also associated with earthly LOVE, so this is an area of commonality between the two. Tenderness, according to the dictionary means: soft, easily touched or wounded, susceptible to grief or pain, delicate, affectionate. So God Himself had brought the prince of the eunuchs into a place where he felt for Daniel, forcibly removed from home and family at a young age, brought as a prisoner to a distant foreign land, unable to speak the language or know the customs. The prince had great compassion for Daniel. So, God’s LOVE is compassionate and tender LOVE! Thank You Lord for Your tender LOVE which You shower upon all of us. Amen.

52. Hosea 3 v 1: “Then said the Lord to me, go yet, LOVE a woman beloved of her friend, yet are adulterers, according to the LOVE of the Lord toward the children of Isra’el, who look to other gods and LOVE cakes of raisins.”

This seems to be a self-contained verse – able to stand on its own, out of context. Here, Hosea is commanded by the Lord Himself, to take an adulteress as his wife (Gomer) and to LOVE her in the same way in which God LOVEs the children of Isra’el. Isra’el doesn’t return God’s LOVE; they only “LOVE” cakes of raisins and look to other gods for their provision (note the small “g” in this case!). Contrast this with the way in which God LOVEs the children of Isra’el. We have seen, much earlier in this series, how much and how enduringly God LOVEs His people, the children of Isra’el, so what is God saying new here about His LOVE? He is saying to Hosea, to LOVE Gomer, and to go on LOVing Gomer, and to always go on LOVing Gomer, no matter how much she throws that LOVE back in his face! Now, there is no way Hosea could do this if LOVE is only a feeling – it can only be an action! Wanting the best for Gomer and doing the best for Gomer, even though it is continually thrown back in his face. In the same way, God has “abandoned” Isra’el to her own devices, in order that she may learn the foolishness of her ways and so come back to the true position that God has for her as His wife! Thank you Father, that I am grafted into (amongst) Your people Isra’el (see Romans 11) and so You LOVE me just the same way. Amen! Hallelujah! Amen.

53. Hosea 11 v 4: “I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of LOVE; and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid food before them.”

11th January 1987

“Bands of LOVE.” Bands indicate strong bindings – of LOVE. God woo’s His people, be it Isra'el as a nation, Jew or Gentile as individuals. He woo’s all people! None are excluded from God’s LOVE by His doing. His LOVE goes out to everyone, but not all respond to that LOVE by receiving it, and if it isn’t received, then the situation for that person or nation is the same as if the LOVE had not been offered! However, although the effect of the LOVE may in certain respects be nullified, the LOVE itself cannot be broken or destroyed, as we have previously seen, hence the term here of “Bands of LOVE.” That LOVE of God is strong, almost irresistible, but many do resist it and will suffer for resisting. God’s LOVE is only overcome because God gave each one of us free will to accept or reject that LOVE. Thank you Lord Jesus that I have chosen to accept that LOVE that You so freely offer. Amen.

54. Matthew 24 v 12: “And because iniquity shall abound, the LOVE of many shall grow cold.”

We have here, a contrast to God’s LOVE. The LOVE in this verse is the LOVE of people, man’s LOVE and whilst God’s LOVE never changes, because it is everlasting and indestructible, “the LOVE of many shall grow cold.” So what sort of LOVE is this? It obviously is not the same as God’s LOVE. This can only be human or worldly LOVE, a selfish LOVE, a LOVE that seeks its own good. It grows cold because iniquity abounds. So where does that iniquity abound? In the hearts of many! These are the ones of whom one could say, “salvation didn’t take.” Why not? Because they did not wholeheartedly accept the LOVE of God, but only took what they wanted and rejected the rest! They are not interested in eternal values, only the here and now values of the world, so that the things of the world become more valuable to them – even life itself is more important than eternity.

55. John 13 v 35: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have LOVE one to another.” 13th January 1987

Here we have further proof that Godly LOVE is not a feeling, because no one can see a feeling. Oh, sometimes we show our feelings, but that is not what is meant here. Having “LOVE to one another” can only be in actions. That sort of LOVE can only be seen by others if it is in action: like doing the shopping for an old person; decorating a house for someone crippled; sitting and talking with the lonely; comforting the bereaved and sick; not by bodily contact between boy and girl! Jesus commandment here is to demonstrate the LOVE of Christians for each other and not selectively either, but without reserve. Praise God that we can do it all – but only in the power of the Holy Spirit! So let us seek the LOVE of God and the Holy Spirit in order that we may obey wholeheartedly this new commandment of Jesus. Amen

56. John 15 v 13: “Greater LOVE has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

“Greater LOVE has no man than this” means that there is no greater LOVE than this, as it says. So what IS “this?” “This” is to lay down his life for his friends. Jesus was, of course, referring to His own death as showing the ultimate act of a LOVing God in demonstrating that LOVE! What Jesus, as the son of God, and God as Father did and allowed to happen, we are told by Jesus Himself, is the supreme act of LOVE. He said that there could be no more demonstrative way of acting LOVE than this. No man could, can or will be able to have more LOVE than this. We see in this, that LOVE is an action too, nothing soft, gentle or lovey-dovey about it, this is harsh reality! He made this act of LOVE consciously in front of all mankind – completely publicly, knowing that He could pull out of the situation at any moment. Also knowing that no one had even the faintest idea, as they watched, why He had allowed it to happen to Himself – in fact, all those watching had no idea that Jesus had indeed “allowed” it to happen at all! Only weeks after the event did we begin to learn the full import of what Jesus had done at Calvary. Oh, praise the name of Jesus, glorious Lamb of God! Thank You Lord Jesus.

57. John 17 v 26: “And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the LOVE with which You have LOVEd me may be in them, and I in them.” 16th January 1987

With what LOVE then has the Father LOVEd Jesus? Well, it is the LOVE of God obviously, but, in this case, because Jesus is a triune God with the Father, it is as the LOVE of one’s self! It is written, “LOVE your neighbour as yourself” in Romans 13:9, Galatians 5:14 and James 2:8; so, since that is the same commandment three times, it must be true. That means then, that one’s LOVE for one’s self is the aiming point for the level of LOVE to others and so, it must be a very high level of LOVE, if not the highest of all! We see here then, that this same level of LOVE is Jesus’ desire for the Father, to put within each of us. So Jesus desires that each one of us are (or will be) His, that we each be filled with God’s LOVE and with Jesus Himself. Hallelujah! Amen.

58. Romans 8 v 35: “What shall separate us from the LOVE of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril or sword?”

We have seen something of the indestructibleness of the LOVE of God and its unchanging nature. Now, since that LOVE cannot be stopped by any means, we look now to see if it can be diverted such that it does not come our way. The question is asked – can anything separate us from the LOVE of God in Jesus? This and the next few verses list “things” which can separate us from worldly LOVE, but these verses also go on to say that there is NOTHING in the world that can separate us from the LOVE of God!!! We are, in the LOVE of Jesus (God) more than conquerors of these “things” that would seek to effect a separation – but – it cannot be! The LOVE of God is such that it does penetrate all these “things” and so they are no barrier to that LOVE. They simply do not exist as far as that LOVE is concerned. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord Jesus that what You have done enables me to receive Your LOVE and nothing on earth can stop me getting it! Amen!

59. Romans 12 v 9: “Let LOVE be without hypocrisy. Abhor that which is evil; cling to that which is good.” 19th January 1987

“Mean what you say,” is what this says, not “say what you mean.” Hypocrisy popularly means, not doing yourself what you tell others to do. So, let LOVE be true and shine out of my actions and attitudes as well as my mouth. Not only this, but I must be the same to everyone, not differentiating between others at all! Now, that is the really hard part – treating everyone the same in LOVE. I must be honest, and face the fact that I don’t do that, confess it to the Lord, repent of the wrong, then go out into life and LOVE everyone the same, no longer differentiating. That is not easy. In fact it is exceedingly difficult, because it means ceasing from criticizing anybody, and I do like to do that, if the truth were known! (It makes me feel better than that other person!) Help me Lord Jesus to face this and do what is right in Your eyes. Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus.

60. Romans 12 v 10: “Be kindly affectioned to one another with brotherly LOVE, in honour preferring one another.”

Brotherly LOVE. There are, several different words in the Greek for LOVE, probably the best known are “Agape, Phileo and Eros,” one of them – Phileo, means brotherly LOVE. Now, as I understand things, the most powerful LOVE is the LOVE of God, and this is what we are commanded to have, above all. The next form of LOVE is toward one’s wife or husband, then family and then the rest of the world, which is still a pretty powerful form of LOVE! Jesus gave us a new commandment, “LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you” in John 13:34, so Paul is here reinforcing that command, and in his choice of word in the Greek – saying that it, not any lower form of LOVE, but to treat each other as if they are part of one’s own family – “preferring one another.” As one always promotes the interest of one’s own family members, do the same thing with our own Christian brothers and sisters! Amen.

61. Romans 13 v 10:LOVE works no ill to its neighbour; therefore LOVE is the fulfilling of the law.” 21st January 1987

LOVE is the fulfilment of the law. Jesus said that the commandment (or law) saying “LOVE your neighbour as yourself,” is a summary of the whole law. Jesus also showed in a parable (the good Samaritan) that there are none really who are not neighbours to us – even those we might call enemies. I look after and protect myself from harm, I do not say wicked things about myself (not to others, but I do try to acknowledge my sin to Jesus – and repent) or run down myself to others. I feed myself and keep myself (fairly) fit and warm, earning money to do these things. So I should do the same for my neighbour, showing that the LOVE of Jesus is the fulfilment of the law in my own life and lifestyle. Lord, teach me to better LOVE my neighbours, in order that Your LOVE may be channelled through me to them for Your glory. Amen.

62. Romans 15 v 30: “Now I beseech you brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the LOVE of the Spirit, that you strive together with me in your prayers to God for me.”

“For the LOVE of the Spirit.” Now, is this the Spirit’s LOVE for them, or is it their LOVE of the Spirit? From the context, it must be the former – “for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake.” This then is God’s LOVE for us – all men. Paul was using God’s LOVE as a pressure upon the believers in Rome, to exhort them to pray for himself. This means then that we too should feel free to do the same in our dealings with one another regarding prayer. As a result of God’s LOVE for us, we should pray for one another, no empty “God bless so & so,” but for their known needs of others, be they spiritual or bodily needs. Paul went on in the next two verses, to explain his needs for their prayers. So, we should not be afraid to tell others of our prayer needs, since those others share in the LOVE of the Spirit. We should distinguish however, in the Spirit, with whom to share those needs, being sensitive in the Spirit, to those who may not be able to handle the need without being led astray by the knowledge of the need. Amen.

63. II Corinthians 2 v 4: “For out of much affliction and anguish of heart I wrote to you with many tears; not that you should be grieved, but that you might know the LOVE which I have more abundantly to you.” 25th January 1987

“That you might KNOW the LOVE…,” yes, God wants each one of us to KNOW LOVE! He wants us to know all LOVE, true LOVE that is, not the world’s fabrications called LOVE. Paul here is saying that because he had to rebuke the Corinthians in the first letter, it caused him so much heartache that he realised that he LOVEd them all the more as a result of it. So LOVE grows as we exercise it. That exercising is not only doing things for those we LOVE, but being able to rebuke them when they are wrong, to put them back on the correct road, and to pray for them. Whilst we are not there to correct, God will watch over them to bring those prayers into being. That way, those corrected, rebuked and prayed for will go the correct way and so be able to know the LOVE that is directed their way. Hallelujah. Amen.

64. II Corinthians 2 v 8: “Wherefore, I beseech you that you would confirm your LOVE toward him.”

So LOVE is something which be confirmed. The context of this LOVE is where a person is to be forgiven and thus shown that he or she is not rejected, but LOVEd just the same. This is a direct parallel with the way in which God LOVEs each one of us. When we do wrong we grieve Him, when we repent He comforts us by manifesting His LOVE to us such that we know we are forgiven and we are to feel that we are LOVEd just the same – as if nothing had ever gone wrong! God’s LOVE never ceases, it is just that our wrongdoing puts us in a place where we cannot feel God’s LOVE. God never changes and thus He never stops LOVing us. In the same way, Paul is here exhorting us to treat a wayward (but obviously now repented) person in the same way in which God treats us. N. B. Even if that person has not repented yet, it makes no difference at all to the way in which God LOVEs them, nor should it make any difference to the way in which we LOVE them. Amen!

65. II Corinthians 5 v 14: “For the LOVE of Christ constrains us because we thus judge that, if one died for all, then we are all dead;” 15th February 1987

So LOVE is a force able to constrain. What does constrain mean? …to restrain without physical force. So LOVE is able to hold back something without touching physically. We have seen previously that LOVE is a force, but now we are seeing something new, an aspect of that force or power. LOVE can cause things to happen or not to happen without there being any physical connection. A Capacitor, in electronics, has a force exerted between its plates, which are held apart with a Dielectric substance filling the gap between them, yet there IS a connection between those two plates through the circuitry which generates the voltage (force) between those plates. Unlike the LOVE (of Christ) which is much more than that! That LOVE can make each of us do things which we perhaps would not otherwise do, or cause us not to do something which we would ordinarily do. Praise God for His restraining LOVE. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen.

66. II Corinthians 6 v 6: “By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Spirit, by LOVE unfeigned,”

‘“By LOVE Unfeigned…” commending ourselves.’ We do not have to ‘put on’ this LOVE of Christ. If we do have to put it on, then this, more or less by definition, means that we don’t have it! If we don’t have it, then we should be asking: why and what do we do about it? If we have to put it on, then it cannot be God’s supernatural LOVE, and other people – non-Christians and Christians, will be able to see it for what it is – a put on LOVE. We would therefore not commend ourselves at all, as the servants of the living Lord God of Isra’el, it would be hollow! So what can and should we do? Pray to the Father that we be completely open to Him, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with His LOVE – supernatural LOVE. That we may be a channel of His LOVE to others. Start with the person you dislike the MOST and ask God to fill you with His LOVE for that person, ask Jesus to really bless them (save them if that is needed) and enable you to see them as He sees them. Then you have done the hardest part, when you have allowed God to achieve that in yourself. Watch your attitude towards that person change as you allow Jesus to work in your heart in answer to that prayer, then start on the next one – it does get easier! O praise the Lord God of Isra’el for the way in which He works in us by His LOVE. Wonderful! Hallelujah! Amen.

67. II Corinthians 8 v 7: “Therefore, as you abound in everything, in faith, and utterance, and in knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your LOVE to us, see that you abound in this Grace also.” 18th February 1987

The Corinthians were abounding in LOVE towards Paul and his company, so Paul was exhorting the Corinthians to abound in the Grace of God too. We can see here that Grace and LOVE are obviously not the same thing, but that we should be in both anyway. By the power of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in each of us Christians, we have the power to do this. We don’t have to worry about it, only simply pray to God the Father, to be filled with His LOVE and His Grace, and His faith and all good things. We must, however, believe that God will give all these things to each of us, or we are wasting our time (but not God’s!). Ask, believing we have these things and we shall receive them. Hallelujah! Amen.

68. II Corinthians 8 v 8: I speak not by commandment, but by occasion of the earnestness of others, and to prove the sincerity of your LOVE.”

Is my love for Jesus sincere? How do I know? I believe it is, but how do I KNOW? Paul says he is speaking “… to prove the sincerity of your LOVE” as well as the other thing of which he wrote. So, is my LOVE for others sincere? My LOVE for Jesus or for others can only be proved by the enacting of that LOVE. Is my life basically one of LOVE for God and for those around me or not? We are not “allowed” to make mistakes or to have lapses, but on the other hand, the presence of mistakes and lapses in our LOVE certainly does not prove that our LOVE is missing or lacking in any way! Praise God that He doesn’t hold it against us when we go wrong! Hallelujah. What a terrible God He would be, if we thought of Him standing by, waiting for us to make a mistake, in order that we might have that held against us until we repent of it. Not that we shouldn’t repent, of course. God’s LOVE is sincere and it never ceases because God NEVER changes. We are to emulate that by the power of the Holy Spirit within us, but at the same time, acknowledging our humanity – as does God! Thank you Father. Amen.

69. II Corinthians 8 v 24: “Wherefore, show you to them, and before the Churches, the proof of your LOVE, and of our boasting on your behalf.” 20th February 1987

“Show … the proof of your LOVE.” We are not to hide the LOVE that God has given us. We must not be like the man who was given only one talent (of gold). It may be (but not very likely) that we have been given only one “talent” by God, and that is LOVE, but we MUST use it for the glory of God. Jesus said “by your LOVE one for another, shall all men know that you are my disciples” in John 13:35, so it is a direct commandment from Jesus that we don’t hide our LOVE. In the verse before us, we are exhorted to show the proof of our LOVE – in other words – exercise our LOVE! That is the only proof of LOVE, words without actions are meaningless in this context. Show our LOVE where-ever; to leaders and to fellow Christians AND to non-Christians too. God LOVEs all mankind, even though He knows who will accept or reject Him to the end. Amen.

70. II Corinthians 13:11: “Finally brothers, Farewell. Be perfect, Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of LOVE and peace shall be with you.”

“The God of LOVE and peace SHALL be with you.” It says in I John 4:8, that “God is LOVE,” and we know that God is perfect and hence, God is perfect LOVE (and perfect everything else too!). Therefore, saying that “God is LOVE” is stating just that. This verse seems to imply certain conditions to His presence with each of us:- that we are each perfect; of good comfort; of one mind (together and not double-minded to ourselves); and living in peace. In fact, I see that these are not conditions, but nothing less than a guarantee, that if we are these things (inasmuch as lies within our power, and with the help of the Holy Spirit) then the LOVE of God and peace WILL be with us. Praise be to God for His LOVE and mercy to each of us, and His unchanging perfection in all things. Amen.

71. Galatians 5 v 6: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision avails anything, nor uncircumcision, but faith which works by LOVE.” 28th February 1987

Outward signs are meaningless in a person, the working of the Law produces death. We mustn’t do the works of the Law, in this case, be circumcised, except for purely medical reasons. Absolutely no way should we do it for religious purposes. To do so would put us under the Law, Paul is saying. What we need is faith, faith in Jesus as our salvation, which works (or produces) LOVE. So now we see that applying faith in Jesus produces LOVE, and, of course, that is Godly LOVE. So, the more we walk in faith, the more God’s LOVE will manifest itself in our lives. Praise God that He has everything worked out. All we have to do is follow the guide, we don’t have to apply great effort to work out our theology, just follow the Lord Jesus by faith and He will work LOVE into our lives, and thus into those around us. Amen.

72. Galatians 5 v 13: “For, brothers, you have been called to liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by LOVE serve on another.”

Because we LOVE and have the LOVE of God within us and that God has freed us from the Law, Paul is saying that we mustn’t use that as an excuse to please ourselves in what we do. We must “by LOVE serve one another.” So what does this mean? It means that we must seek to help and serve others instead of seeking to serve ourselves only. This means many things, not that we should deny ourselves totally, becoming ascetics, but, if we are going to town say, then go around to our elderly neighbours to ask if they would like a lift too, or even just to come out for a ride out. But that wouldn’t cost us much at all; however, if we offered to bring them home again, that might cost us to wait for them, or even trudging around the town with them, carrying all their shopping for them. Even so, if we only do that for the friendly ones who appreciate it, then we should consider if we shouldn’t do the same for the cantankerous ones who show no appreciation. We would feel that they would take advantage of us if we did, but in truth, it is our attitude toward them that would make us believe that. God LOVEs a cheerful giver and that clearly doesn’t mean only money! Help me Lord Jesus to put this into practice. Amen.

73. Galatians 5 v 22: “But the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith (meekness, self-control; against such there is no law.)”

8th March 1987

“The fruit of the Spirit is LOVE!” LOVE has several aspects as we see here, in other words, LOVE gives rise to: joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faith, meekness, self-control. Above all, we see in this verse that it is the Holy Spirit who produces the fruit in each of us – LOVE. If we lack LOVE, Godly LOVE of course, in our lives, then. If we are not “born again Christians,” we don’t have the Holy Spirit within us to produce this fruit; and if we are Christians, then maybe we are too tied up, or in bondage to ourselves and our own desires, or even to religion, to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us to produce any fruit. Father, help me, help us to open up myself, ourselves to You and Your Holy Spirit, and allow Him to work in every area of my and our lives, to produce that fruit of LOVE in my, in our lives. Amen.

74. Ephesians 1 v 15: “Wherefore, I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and LOVE to all the saints.”

LOVE by someone else to others, especially Godly LOVE, makes for pleasure of heart in others. The operation of LOVE by someone taught to LOVE, gives great joy, especially to the one who did the teaching. LOVE passed on, shouldn’t be simply reflected back to whence that teaching came, that is what worldly LOVE does between couples and simply causes them to become self-centred, or at best, to be “each other centred.” No, the LOVE of God which we receive must be passed on in order to grow and give glory to God. If we don’t pass it on, then we absorb it and it doesn’t – cannot – give glory to God. We also see in this verse, that LOVE and faith are equated and equally necessary in each of our lives. If we are to give joy to the Lord God as well as to those men who originally taught us the Oracles of God, then we must put LOVE into action. Amen.

75. Ephesians 3 v 19: “And to the LOVE of Christ, which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God.” 19th March 1987

Knowing the LOVE of Christ will result in me, and we, being filled with all the fullness of God, it says in this verse. It also says that this knowledge is beyond understanding – this is obviously beyond human understanding as God knows all things! The LOVE of Christ is something which, I, and we must know without understanding it. Realising this should save us from questioning the LOVE of Christ, because He here tells us just that. From the context here, Paul is obviously referring to Christ’s LOVE for us rather than our LOVE for Christ; so, in order to be filled with the fullness of God, we don’t have to rush around, striving to LOVE Him, only to realise and accept the LOVE which Jesus Christ has for each and every one of us. HALLELUJAH! I mustn’t strive to LOVE! Amen.

76. Ephesians 6 v 23: “Peace be to the brothers, and LOVE with faith, from God, the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

LOVE with faith.” Here we see LOVE and faith coupled together, implying that they shouldn’t be separated. We must have faith in the God who is LOVE. If we don’t believe that He IS, how can we possibly LOVE, except of course, with purely human LOVE? So faith in God, in Jesus, in His incarnation, life, death on the cross, burial and resurrection, our subsequent baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit (after repentance, of course!) is absolutely essential to being able to LOVE with the LOVE of God. This seems so obvious now that I have written it down! Praise God for His revelations to us. Amen.

77. Philippians 1 v 9: “And this pray, that your LOVE may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement.” 2nd April 1987

Paul is saying that our (the Philippians specifically) LOVE in Jesus may grow and grow and be seen to be growing. He couples LOVE here with knowledge and discernment as seen from the following verse. What we see here then, is that the various attributes and gifts from God manifest in our lives, are as nothing unless we also manifest God’s LOVE in our lives. We also see that we have yet to have all the LOVE of God manifest in our lives, as Paul is praying that the LOVE may abound more and more in us. So, we can never show the fullness of God’s LOVE in our lives this side of Heaven. We can never, in this life, say that we have it all! Hallelujah. Praise God in the highest! Amen. Amen.

78. Philippians 1 v 7: “But the other, of LOVE, knowing that I am set for the defence of the Gospel.”

Paul is saying that Christ is preached in contention and Christ is preached in LOVE, but what matters is that Christ is preached! He rejoiced for both. What though, does one learn about LOVE in this verse? Christ is preached in LOVE, by one seeking to comfort Paul. How much better that the Gospel is preached in LOVE, how much more appealing to hear anything that is said in LOVE, than in contention! It is easier to listen to words spoken in LOVE, especially as really, the message of the Gospel is the LOVE of God. So LOVE is a means of speaking, a way of speaking, and an uplifting way of speaking. Speaking in LOVE enhances the word, but that is not what this verse says, although it may be implied.

79. Philippians 2 v 1: “If there be, therefore, any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of LOVE, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any tender mercies and compassions,…”

11th April 1987

This first “if” can only be a Greek “if and it is” (there are 4 Greek words all translated “if” in the Bible) so we know therefore, that this is “consolation in Christ, fellowship in the Spirit, and tender mercies and compassions!” Praise the Lord for this fact. I really do see the reference to God’s LOVE in this verse, another facet of His LOVE! Hallelujah! LOVE is comforting. To be “in LOVE” in worldly terms is to feel good, everything around us is good and we feel kindly disposed to everyone and everything around us. This, of course, is but a pale shadow of being “in LOVE” with God. We feel great, secure, comforted and worthy when we experience God’s LOVE in our lives. It is uplifting and we in turn are filled with God’s LOVE in a sort of perpetual motion, becoming more and more uplifted and filled with His LOVE. Hallelujah! What a God! Amen.

80. Philippians 2 v 2: “Fulfil you my joy, that you be like minded, having the same LOVE, being of one accord, of one mind!

LOVE is common to each one of us, we none of us have a different LOVE from God or even toward God. So it is only as we operate in that LOVE of God, that we can be likeminded, be of one accord and of one mind. So we have here another aspect of the LOVE of God, or God’s LOVELOVE unifies. LOVE brings us together. So one may ask the question, why are there so many divisions in the body of Christ? There is only one certain answer to that – it is not God’s Will or God’s doing! One may also wonder, if each of us is truly operating in God’s LOVE, would there be these divisions amongst us? What should each of us do about this situation? I believe that there are two things we can AND SHOULD DO, firstly to pray and seek God’s Will for ourselves in the situation, and secondly to pray for God to move and heal the rifts and divisions whilst we simply obey Jesus’ commandment to “LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you” without any form of discrimination whatsoever! We do not have the right or even the privilege to decide or judge if any other person or group is acting in God’s Will, especially as each one of us so often moves out of it!!! Jesus’ command to LOVE each other is totally unconditional. Hallelujah.

81. Colossians 1 v 4: “Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the LOVE which you have to all the saints;” 17th April 1987

Paul is here praising or commending the Colossian saints for their faith and LOVE. Once again, we have a coupling of faith and LOVE in the one verse and sentence, so we see again that Godly LOVE for the fellow saints needs to have faith in Jesus as Christ (Messiah in English) to be operative. It is becoming obvious that we cannot have real Godly LOVE unless we have faith in God, especially God in the form of God the Son, our Lord and saviour. Only as we are filled with God’s LOVE can we LOVE with a Godly LOVE. Hallelujah that we can not only be filled with Godly LOVE, but that we can “leak” it all over our brothers and sisters in Christ – be channels of God’s LOVE to others! Hallelujah again! O fill me anew with Your LOVE O Lord God. Amen.

82. Colossians 1 v 8: “Who also declare to us your LOVE in the Spirit.”

LOVE in the Spirit.” This could mean that Epaphras discerned in the Spirit, the LOVE of the Colossian Christians; or it could mean that he saw and told of the “LOVE in the Spirit” of the Colossian Christians. Either way, their LOVE (to each other) was reported to Paul. The LOVE of the Colossians, as reported, could only be God’s supernatural LOVE between them as Christian brothers. Our LOVE in the Spirit then, should be made manifest to those who look at us. We shouldn’t need to strive, it should just flow out from us so much, such that whilst LOVE is not a feeling, it should be felt, in its effects upon those we LOVE in the Spirit and should be seen in action by those who look upon us from outside the fellowship of believers. It should be such as to cause comments from outsiders, yet seem absolutely normal to all Christ’s people. Lord Jesus, fill me anew with Your LOVE. Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus.

83. I Thessalonians 1 v 3: “Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of LOVE, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father.” 24th April 1987

“Labour of LOVE.” In Galatians 5:6 & 13 we saw “faith which works by LOVE” and “by LOVE serve one another” respectively. Now we see here “labour of LOVE.” All of these serve to show that LOVE is and calls for action – work, serve and labour. In today’s English, labour, in this context, implies hard labour or working hard. In other words, we see that this work, service or labour of LOVE, means to put out one’s self to do what is done, in LOVE. That means that it should cost us something (although since it is done in LOVE, it may not seem like that) to do things in LOVE. In worldly terms, a boy’s LOVE for his girl will cause his priorities to change, so that the things which he does for the girl (in LOVE) will become the “norm” in his life. In a similar way then, we should find ourselves doing things for the Lord, in His LOVE, as the “norm” in our lives, except that those things which we do, should only be in accordance with His Will! Amen.

84. I Thessalonians 4 v 9: “But, as touching brotherly LOVE, you need not that I write to you; for you yourselves are taught of God to LOVE one another.”

In such a condition of Christian living were the Thessalonians, that Paul said he didn’t need to write to them about it. He was in fact commending them for their brotherly LOVE not only to one another whom they each knew, but also for their LOVE manifest towards fellow Christians in Macedonia, whom they had never even met! The biggest thing about LOVE that is revealed in this verse, is that they were each individually taught how to LOVE by God Himself! This is quite a revelation!!! That God Himself has such infinite LOVE and patience toward each one of us, that He takes time and patience to teach each one of us how to exercise Christian LOVE! This is quite amazing in the implications of it! We must, of course, be open to God, in order that we may be filled with His LOVE and be taught to apply His LOVE to our own life and lifestyle. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Amen.

85. I Thessalonians 5 v 8: “But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and LOVE, and, for a helmet, the hope of salvation.”

15th May 1987

A breastplate is an item of armour, as in Ephesians 6 where it is the breastplate of righteousness, here the breastplate of faith and LOVE. The implication here is that LOVE (and faith) of God is a form of armour. In a worldly sense, “do unto others as you would have them do to you,” is what it says in this verse, using LOVE as a form of defence. In a small way, of course, this is a part of the meaning of life, but there is so much more to LOVE than that. However, another aspect of LOVE may be seen here, as it is coupled with faith again. “Faith without works is dead” says the Lord in James 2:17 and LOVE is an action of faith. We have seen previously how LOVE is actions or works and so here is revealed that LOVE is the work of faith, and so, faith produces LOVE! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord Jesus for revealing that to me. Amen.

86. II Thessalonians 2 v 10: “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they received not the LOVE of the truth, that they might be saved.”

Now we see another aspect of LOVE, LOVE LOVEs the truth! In the context of this verse, we see outlined the way that Satan will deceive the unrighteous and that God will help them to delude themselves in the last days, into believing that Satan is really God – believe the lies of Satan. One must quickly add that God does not delude the unrighteous in the first place though, He only increases their desire for lies. LOVE, however, LOVEs the truth. So who or what is the truth? Jesus Himself is the truth, so in a way, since God is LOVE (I John 4:8, 16) then LOVE is self-perpetuating. This is emphasised by the end of I Corinthians 13, where we see that all things pass away except LOVE with faith and hope. So if I LOVE Jesus and am filled with His LOVE, then I cannot help but LOVE the Word of God, because that is truth! It is the expression, in human language, of God Himself and is the truth, the ultimate truth, the complete truth. Praise God for His truth and LOVE. Help me please Lord, to LOVE Your truth more and more. Amen.

87. I Timothy 1 v 14: “And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant with faith and LOVE which is in Christ Jesus.” 25th May 1987

We see here again the coupling of faith and LOVE, but this time with grace also. On this occasion, referring to the anti-Christian acts which Paul did before his conversion, we see that Jesus covered them all with an exceedingly abundant grace with faith and LOVE. This then, is a good example of LOVE covering sin, one of LOVE’s attributes. We see also here, that faith and LOVE are in Christ Jesus, since He is God and we know that God is LOVE, we now have a further word from God proving this. Hallelujah, our God is so constant – never changes – always full of LOVE and faithful towards us, showing abundant grace toward each one of us. As believers of course, we shouldn’t sin (although we do make mistakes) but the bigger our sin, the more grace God shows towards us. This is NOT a reason to sin! Hallelujah!

88. I Timothy 6 v 10: “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, which, while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

This most popularly mis-quoted verse does NOT say that money is the root of all evil. It says that the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil. It doesn’t even say anything against LOVE itself, it talks of LOVE directed towards money being evil. It is not LOVE which is evil, it is the mis-direction of LOVE here which produces evil. What we learn about LOVE in this verse is that it can be directed. It can be directed towards good or evil, and when directed in an evil manner, it will produce evil. Neither LOVE nor money is of itself, evil, but when mis-direction of one towards the other, this produces evil. We can see, from this verse, that this particular mis-direction of LOVE produces the root of all evil – greed. Father, please keep us from this LOVE of money and hence from that root of all evil. Thank You Father. Amen. All glory to God!

89. I Timothy 6 v 11: “But you, O man of God, flee these things, and follow after righteousness, Godliness, faith, LOVE, patience, meekness.”

The Lord Himself exhorts each one of us to seek and follow Him, part of that following Him is here expounded – flee other things (LOVE of money etc. etc.) and follow after …. LOVE …. This LOVE is that which we have been studying up to now and continuing – the LOVE of God – God’s LOVE. LOVE is God’s plan for each one of us, we are conceived in His LOVE, we live in His LOVE if we have Jesus as our Lord and saviour. We shall leave this earth to join Him in His LOVE if we are “born again Christians.” We haven’t yet come to the verse in these studies, but “God is LOVE” (I John 4:8) and all that He has for us in this life and eternity is His LOVE! LOVE … never fails He says in I Corinthian 13! Praise God that we are in His LOVE always! Amen.

90. II Timothy 1 v 7: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of LOVE, and of a sound mind.”

When each Christian was (and is and will be) born again, he or she is “adopted” by God. Adoption is not as we know it today, but a bestowing of power and responsibility (and LOVE too). At that time, God took away our fear of the unknown (especially of death) because He gave us our hope for the future and for eternity. This verse then, is the proof of this, for that is exactly what it says – “… has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and LOVE …” We have previously seen in this study series on LOVE that it has been coupled with faith; well here it is coupled with power (and a sound mind!). Now faith has power – to remove mountains even, so we mustn’t be surprised to see LOVE and power coupled together; after all, LOVE is the most powerful motivating force (or power) in all creation and in eternity too! It is everlasting power and the proof of this is in I Corinthians 13:13. God created us in order to LOVE us. O praise God for His LOVE. Praise God for His LOVE to each one of us, saved or not yet saved – He doesn’t differentiate, although He knows which of us will accept the sacrifice of His son Jesus, and who will not, He LOVEs everyone, even the most vile unregenerate criminal. He is LOVE. Hallelujah! Amen.

91. Philemon v 9: “Yet for LOVE’s sake I rather beseech you, being such a one as Paul, the aged, and now also a prisoner of Jesus Christ.”

LOVE can be appealed to, as can be seen in this letter to Philemon. In worldly terms this is “appealing to a person’s better nature.” It is like appealing to God Himself in person! Paul was appealing to Philemon for LOVE’s sake. This LOVE is, of course, the LOVE of God – His LOVE toward us – He being LOVE; in other words, appealing to Philemon for the sake of God Himself. Every “born again” Christian is a Temple of God, where God dwells and therefore where God’s LOVE (and the Holy Spirit) dwells. So, where something is unforgivable in the flesh in worldly terms, we can appeal to the LOVE which is in a Christian to forgive and forget the wrong that has been done (seventy times seven as Jesus said, and who said anything about counting?) – as God has forgiven and forgotten the wrong (sins) that each of us has committed against Him and against each other. Thank You Father for Your LOVE, to which we can appeal. Praise You Lord God. To You be the glory Lord Jesus. Amen.

92. Hebrews 6 v 10: “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of LOVE, which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister.”

“Labour of LOVE” doesn’t mean that we have to LOVE doing whatever; it means labour that we do, not because we like or do not like doing, but that we do because we LOVE Him who wants us to do it. In other words, the labour is carried out in order to please God (and that must not be confused with trying to get into Heaven by good works!). We are, if “born again,” already in the Kingdom of Heaven and in LOVE with God and Jesus and in the LOVE of God and Jesus. So, the work and labour of LOVE that we “minister to the saints” is done irrespective of what we feel towards any individual or group, it is done to please God only! So, LOVE is not only an action in itself, it also begets other actions as a result of itself. These other actions are only in accordance with the Will of God, we must not simply go off at a tangent and do our own thing, that only produces “dead works” and we have to repent of doing them (Hebrews 6:1)! Amen.

93. Hebrews 10 v 24: “And let us consider one another to provoke to LOVE and to good works.”

We are here enjoined “to provoke one another to LOVE.” So what does this mean and how can it be? Provoke can be used to mean “cause,” in other words to bring about others to LOVE – action. i.e. Cause one another to do the actions which display the LOVE of God in each other’s lives. How then will this happen? In the context of this verse, we are encouraged to be secure in what we are in God as Christians, and IN this security, to think not of ourselves and our own interests, but simply exercise the LOVE of God that is within us and, by example, encourage others around us to do the same. Hallelujah! Let it be so in me Lord Jesus! Amen.

94. Hebrews 13 v 1: “Let brotherly LOVE continue.”

Whilst the LOVE of God is supreme over all things, we are here exhorted to continue to LOVE our brother (and sister). This does not say “let brotherly LOVE continue as long as your brother is a Christian.” In other words, as God LOVEs every person, believer or not, longing for them all to come into His Kingdom, yet unable to permit them if they have their sin not forgiven: So, we do not have the privilege of discriminating between Christian and non-Christian. That LOVE must continue up to the last – who knows but God, which of the unbelievers is going to repent and ask Jesus to forgive their sin on their deathbed even. The next verse goes on to tell us that we mustn’t discriminate – we must LOVE even strangers. Remember that LOVE is an action and we are called to act (but not falsely!) out of the LOVE of God towards all people. Who knows, but God Himself, that by being a channel of God’s LOVE to a stranger, we may be sowing a seed or watering a previously sown one that God can bring to full fruit, of that stranger coming into His kingdom. Praise God for the privilege He has given each one of us to LOVE each of us. Hallelujah! Amen.

95. I Peter 1 v 22: “Seeing that you have purified your souls, in obeying the truth through the Spirit to unfeigned LOVE of the brethren, see that you LOVE one another with a pure heart fervently.” 24th June 1987

As Christians, we have, as the first part of the verse says, “Purified our souls… to unfeigned LOVE of the brethren.” In other words, we don’t “put on” the LOVE of our fellow Christians, it just flows naturally out of us and is not at all false. Since this is so, we are here exhorted by God to LOVE each other fervently with a pure heart. In other words, it isn’t an optional extra, this LOVE of the brethren, it is something into which we must put all our concentration and effort. So, our LOVE from God calls for us to make sure that we LOVE one another with a pure heart fervently. “A pure heart?” We mustn’t do it to see what we can get out of a situation, we must do it in order to obey God and thus glorify Him. Hallelujah! Amen.

96. I John 2 v 15:LOVE not the world, neither the things which are in the world. If any man LOVE the world, the LOVE of the Father is not in him.”

Here we see contrasted the two major types of LOVE and how they are absolutely opposed to one another! We are here commanded NOT to LOVE the world, i.e. worldly things. We are also told why – because the LOVE of God cannot abide in the one who LOVEs the world, possessions or position etc. in other words (but not only them, of course). We are given here the criteria by which we can discern if the LOVE of God dwells in a person – if they LOVE the world, possessions, power, respect of people etc. etc. then the word here tells us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the “LOVE of the Father IS NOT IN THEM!” We must beware, however, it does not say that one in whom the LOVE of the Father dwells, doesn’t and cannot have anything in the world. To say that would be to mis-interpret the Scripture. Praise God that He comes before all things. Amen. Praise God that He is greater than all things. Amen. Praise God that He is more powerful than all things. Amen. Hallelujah!

97. I John 3 v 1: “Behold, what manner of LOVE the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God; therefore the world knows us not, because it knew Him not.” 27th June 1987

What manner of LOVE has the Father bestowed upon us? Looking back on the previous studies, I see that it is:

An up-building LOVE;

A necessary to life LOVE;

A longsuffering LOVE;

A non-envious LOVE;

A non-self interested LOVE;

An unfailing LOVE;

A supernatural LOVE;

A God glorifying LOVE;

An enduring LOVE;

An overcoming LOVE;

An unchangeable LOVE;

A righteous LOVE;

An acting active LOVE;

A supremely important LOVE;

A sacrificial LOVE;

A pure LOVE;

A lifestyle LOVE;

A LOVE to be followed;

A fervent LOVE;

A covering LOVE;

An expressive LOVE;

A witnessing LOVE;

A fellowshipping LOVE;

A serving LOVE;

A LOVE to walk in;

An opposite to apathy LOVE;

A pleasing, pleasant LOVE;

A comforting LOVE;

An open LOVE;

A banner over me LOVE;

A feeling LOVE;

A wooing LOVE;

A powerful LOVE;

A delightful LOVE;

A strong LOVE;

An unquenchable LOVE;

A kind and gentle LOVE;

A big LOVE;

A tender LOVE;

A feeding LOVE;

A binding (to God) LOVE;

A displayed LOVE;

A great LOVE;

An inseparable LOVE;

A law-abiding LOVE;

A knowable LOVE;

A forgiving LOVE;

A constraining LOVE;

An abundant LOVE;

A sincere LOVE;

A perfect LOVE;

A peaceable LOVE;

A working LOVE;

A fruitful LOVE;

An effortless LOVE;

A faithful LOVE;

A defending LOVE;

An ever-growing LOVE;

A joyful LOVE;

A uniting LOVE;

A labouring LOVE;

A truthful LOVE;

A graceful LOVE;

A guiding LOVE;

A provoking (to LOVE) LOVE;

A continual LOVE;

A purifying LOVE.

An unfeigned LOVE

Wow! Some LOVE! And we haven’t even reached the end of this series of studies yet! Not even half way through.

98. I John 4 v 7: “Beloved, let us LOVE one another; for LOVE is of God, and everyone that LOVEs is born of God and knows God.”

1. We are exhorted to LOVE one another because:

2. LOVE is of God – true LOVE, of course, not worldly LOVE,

3. We see that we cannot LOVE unless we know God.

Wow again! Three things in one verse. We are in the passage of Scripture that leads up to saying that “God is LOVE.” I believe that this chapter has more in it about LOVE, God’s LOVE, than I Corinthians 13. God is here pleading with us – each of us, to LOVE one another because in so doing, that in itself will be a witness to the LOVE of God towards the whole world. We see here too, for the first time, I think in these studies, that LOVE is born of God and those that do so, do so only because they “know God.” It behooves each one of us to know God better and better in our own experience, in order that we may witness to Him who LOVEs us, that the world may see Jesus (God) in our lives. Amen!!!! Hallelujah!

99. I John 4 v 8: “He that LOVEs not knows not God; for God is LOVE.”

11th July1987

Lack of LOVE is shown here to be a sign of not knowing God! We are called upon to exercise the gifts of the Spirit in our lives and it is implied here that we must, in the Spirit, discern those that are God’s people and those, even in the Church or who say that they are Christians and are not God’s people. We are given the sign here by which we may discern that position – is a person LOVing or not? The verse goes on to say that “God is LOVE,” an often misunderstood phrase. God is perfect LOVE, yet many think because of this that He won’t turn any away from heaven, even quoting this part of I John 4:8 to show it. Yet they fail to quote all the other things that God is, and so misinterpret the meaning of the Scriptures. “God is LOVE.” Hallelujah! The reverse of this first part of the verse is that if we don’t know God, then we cannot LOVE with a Godly LOVE, only with a worldly LOVE, which, as we have seen, is not Godly LOVE. Father, pour out your LOVE into me and those that know You, in order that we may all LOVE. Amen. Thank you Father.

100. I John 4 v 10: “Herein is LOVE, not that we LOVEd God, but that He LOVEd us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

Here we have the supreme definition of LOVE. It tells us what it isn’t as well as what it is. Both sides of the coin so to speak. LOVE is, or exists, because He LOVEd us! For no other reason can it exist than the fact that God LOVEd us , LOVEd us so much that He gave us free will to accept or reject His LOVE and thus, the free will to be with Him in eternity or not. He created each of us as objects of His LOVE, yet able to reject it and accept the consequent results of that rejection. Yet God never rejects us because of our rejecting Him. He is always waiting for us to change our mind (or repent – the big “R” word!) about rejecting Him and His LOVE toward us. O praise God that He LOVEs us so much, and out of that LOVE, He sent His only Son to be the bridge over the gap between us and Himself. LOVE in no way exists because we LOVE God. Hallelujah, it all depends upon God. What a LOVE! Amen.

101. I John 4 v 16: “We have known and believed the LOVE that God has to us. God is LOVE, and he that dwells in LOVE dwells in God, and God in him.” 12th July 1987

“We have known and believed the LOVE that God has to us.” John, as a believer (a Christian) made this statement and it can only be made by a Christian. If a person claiming to be a Christian cannot, in all honesty, make this statement, then is he or she really a Christian? A Christian, by definition, must at some stage in their life, have come to a recognition of the forgiveness of God (through repentance!) and hence the LOVE of God. This LOVE then, is fundamental to Christianity! The verse goes on to re-iterate that “God is LOVE” as in I John 4:8, only 8 verses earlier. This fact then must be vitally important or John wouldn’t have repeated it so soon. The verses go on again to stress the importance of LOVE in our lives, that he who “dwells in LOVE, dwells in God, and God in him.” This again re-emphasises the connection between our being or operating in LOVE – God’s LOVE of course, and our relationship with God; If we dwell in LOVE, then we dwell in God (and God in us) for God is LOVE. LOVE cannot be separated from God or vice-versa, it is as much a part of God as His holiness. Hallelujah that I know and believe the LOVE that God has for me. Amen.

102. I John 4 v 17: “Herein is our LOVE made perfect, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment, because as He is, so are we in this world.”

Now we see in this verse, that not only is God’s LOVE perfect, but that “our LOVE is made perfect” too. Now we know that we were full of worldly LOVE and that is not perfect by a very long chalk, yet this verse is God’s word that “our LOVE” will be made perfect! Hallelujah! Amen! Praise You Father! So how is this then? Well, when we were born again, we gave our whole selves to be the Temple of God, and from verse 16 above, we know that God dwells in us, each of us, hence we are filled with Him and His LOVE. This means then, that His LOVE is our LOVE, so, from this fact, “our LOVE” cannot be anything other than perfect for the simple reason that it is His LOVE in us that is “our LOVE.” So what all this means is that “our LOVE” is made perfect because His LOVE became “our LOVE” when we are born again. This ongoing process of perfection is that God’s LOVE within us is growing as we dwell in it, whilst the worldly LOVE is shrinking from not being used. Growing and shrinking are relative with or to the amount of time we dwell in each type of LOVE. Amen.

103. I John 4 v 18: “There is no fear in LOVE, but perfect LOVE casts out fear, fear has punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in LOVE.” 19th July 1987

This is a very telling verse, “He that fears is not made perfect in LOVE.” Fear of what we must ask? Fear of God? No, yet it could be. Fear of Satan and his powers? Almost certainly not. Fear of death and pain? Well, this is a whole subject on its own and every one of us fears them to a certain extent. By death, I mean the actual means of death. It must be fear of God then, verse 12 above tells us that “God’s LOVE is perfected in us,” whilst this verse says that if we have any fear, then we are not made perfect in LOVE, i.e. the end of verse 12 is negated! If then, we have any fears, we must each take both that fact and the fear itself to God and confess them to Him and ask Him to work out His word in us, both individually and collectively, which says that “His LOVE is perfected in us (verse 12) and proceed to acknowledge the perfection of His LOVE in our lives by letting it work out and show in our lives and our whole lifestyle. O praise the Lord for His LOVE towards each one of us. Amen. Thank You Lord God.

104. Jude 2: “Mercy to you, and peace, and LOVE be multiplied.”

God’s desire is not only that we should know His LOVE and also LOVE one another as He has given commandment; but in this verse, we see that He wants that LOVE to be multiplied. Well now, since the LOVE of God is infinite, how then, can it be multiplied? To multiply infinity by anything gives infinity, which is the same, so what can it mean? It can only mean that more people should know that LOVE! This will come about when we “LOVE one another,” not simply reflecting the LOVE of God backwards and forwards among believers either. It must mean when we each (and corporately) LOVE those who are not believers, therefore expanding the number of recipients of God’s LOVE. We must set out to LOVE people into the Kingdom – not pressurise them! After all, if I LOVE someone who presently does not know Jesus as Lord and saviour in their own lives, twice as many people (me and now one other) will know the Lords LOVE. In other words, TWO times the original number – me! O Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. If I LOVE a couple with the LOVE of God, it is THREE times! Wonderful God, His LOVE will be multiplied, because if each of the couple LOVE a couple in the fullness of time, it is SEVEN times! Hallelujah. Amen.

105. Revelation 2v 4: “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first LOVE.” 31st July 1987

We have seen that we are commanded by God Himself to LOVE one another (with the LOVE of God) and we remember how at first, that was a burning zealous LOVE – what form of LOVE is it now? God is telling us in this verse, to return to that burning LOVE for Him. He wants us to be on fire for Him, to be channels for His LOVE to come cascading through to other people. A form of LOVE, a volume of LOVE, and intensity of LOVE that cannot be ignored by those receiving it. A LOVE (like God’s, for it is the same LOVE!) that demands a response! A LOVE which overwhelms, a LOVE of such intensity that people know it comes from God Himself. A LOVE which makes the LOVE of LOVErs in the world seem cool by comparison. O Lord, fill me anew with your LOVE that I may be consumed by it, that it shall override all my inhibitions. Amen.

106. Leviticus 19 v 18: “You shall not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself: I AM the Lord.

Not only must I not avenge myself, nor even bear any sort of grudge against anyone else, the children of my people, but I must go much further than this, I must LOVE my neighbour as much and in the same way as I LOVE myself. This is too much Lord! You mean that I mustn’t be upset at all by whatever nasty things anybody says about me or does to me? That’s right My son, you shall not avenge yourself or even bear any grudge against them. But that is impossible Lord! Why, you are filled with My LOVE aren’t you? Well yes Lord, I am. Well then, Let it work out in your life in LOVing your neighbour. That means to look after his interests the same as your own; it means to care for them if they are sick or in problems; it means to go and talk to them if they are lonely; it means to mow the lawn for them if they are away; it means to tell them about Jesus and My LOVE for them. Lord, this is very difficult, nay, impossible for me. No it isn’t, you are filled with My LOVE, not only that, My way is not burdensome for you. Help me then Lord, that I may obey Your will and so be pleasing to you. Amen.

107. Leviticus 19 v 34: “But the stranger who dwell with you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall LOVE him as yourself; for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.” 4th August 1987

In verse 18 before, we saw that we must LOVE our neighbour, now we see that we must LOVE strangers who dwell with us – as if they had been born among us! Again, I must LOVE him as myself! The Lord is showing us that we must not differentiate between people at all. We are to LOVE as He LOVEs – without exception. There is no-one whom the Lord doesn’t LOVE and desires to have them in the Kingdom – even Ayatollah Khomenie is LOVEd by Jesus and the Father. He has, however, given every single person free will, to accept or reject God’s offer of forgiveness. Whether any given person does accept or reject the LOVE of God and the opportunity of forgiveness doesn’t alter the fact of God’s LOVE towards them; after all, God NEVER changes (Malachi 3:6). So none of us can not LOVE anyone else as our self – because it is God’s command anyway. Amen.

108. Matthew 19 v 19: “Honour thy father and thy mother; and, you shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself.”

In Leviticus, we have the laying down of the Law of God. Many Christians will say “I am not under Law but under Grace” and to a large extent this is true. However Jesus Himself reinforces the Law to believers in certain aspects. Jesus took LOVE even further in Matthew 5:43, when He said we should even LOVE our enemies! Coming back to neighbours, Jesus pointed out in Matthew 22:39-40 that LOVE; a) of God and b) of our neighbours; is the foundation of both the Law AND the Prophets!!! Just in case I might seek to avoid an obligation to LOVE my neighbour because Jesus was speaking to unconverted Jews in both examples above, Romans 13:9 is written to believers! As is Galatians 5:14 and James 2:8! So what do I learn about LOVE in Matthew19:19? This verse reinforces God’s word not to discriminate between men, I must learn in Jesus, to LOVE all men (women and children). Also, if I do LOVE all my fellow men, then I shall not break any of the Laws mentioned by Jesus in verse 18: no murder; stealing or bearing false witness(!) but I shall honour my father and mother and LOVE my neighbour as myself – full circle! Hallelujah, thank You Lord Jesus for Your LOVE within me to cope with all this. Amen.

109. Matthew 22 v 39: “And the second (commandment) is like it, you shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself.” 8th August 1987

Again, this was spoken to unbelievers. The Bible says these words so many times that it is impossible to deny them and their application to me, or to you dear reader! Again, look after the interests of neighbours as if they were my own interests! “LOVE my neighbour as myself.” This instruction of the Lord cannot be twisted to change its meaning, it is crystal clear and unambiguous in the words used. This begs the question, who is my neighbour? The parable of the good Samaritan comes to mind, where the Lord was asked that question in Luke 10:29, when Jesus answered that we should regard those whom we have previously regarded as having nothing to do with them, as neighbours. So it doesn’t necessarily mean the people next door! Only in the towns and villages does that situation exist anyway, people next door. The Samaritans were, at best, ignored by the Jews, yet Jesus says that these are the type of people that we must LOVE as ourselves! Amen. Help me Lord to be Your LOVE in my neighbourhood and work. Amen.

110. Mark 12 v 31: “And the second is this: you shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

We must observe this “You shall LOVE your neighbour,” it smacks of ‘Ve haf vays off making you LOVE,’ to use the worldly expression! It doesn’t say ‘You might LOVE’ or ‘You could LOVE’ your neighbour. It says “You shall LOVE your neighbour.” This must mean then, that it is a foregone conclusion in the mind of God! Not that it will happen whether I like it or not, because I still have free will, but, that if I decide to go God’s way and do His will; then it is not an impossible task to LOVE my neighbour as myself (which means, as we have previously seen) because God has spoken – “you shall LOVE.” So I simply have to make the decision to do as God has instructed (commanded) me and because He has spoken it, then it will happen. If God has spoken a word, it cannot not come about. That is marvellous Lord Jesus! Praise Your wonderful name – JESUS. Thank You Lord, that because You have spoken it, I shall LOVE my neighbour as myself. You have spoken the word O Lord, so very simply, if and when I decide to go your way on this, it will happen. I will LOVE my neighbour as myself. Amen.

111. Deuteronomy 6 v 5: “And you shall LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.” 8th August 1987

To LOVE takes and lot of effort and time. God here explains how to LOVE. He says this in particular reference to LOVing Himself. “With all your heart,” this means that there must be no room in our hearts for LOVing anything else – notice – anything, not just anyone. God intends that our hearts should be full with LOVE for Him. “With all your soul,” what is my soul? It is my spirit, the real me that dwells in my body, so my whole self must LOVE the Lord my God. “With all your might,” might = strength. So, I must apply my whole strength and my whole self, with my heart full of nothing else but LOVE towards the Lord my God. The Lord my God must be before everything and everybody else in my life. The LOVE of God must consume me and my whole being. Hallelujah, it can only be if I am filled with Your LOVE dear Lord. Amen

112. Deuteronomy 10 v 12: “And now, Isra’el, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to LOVE Him, and to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul,”

Whether one thinks of Christians as being grafted into the ethnic nation of Isra’el, or, erroneously, as part of the “new Isra’el” (which doesn’t exist in Scripture); the words here are very clear: The Lord our God requires of us “…to LOVE Him.” It is made clear in this verse that this LOVing of God is mandatory and not optional for each one of us and collectively. It is also mandatorily coupled with fearing Him, walking in His ways and to serve Him with all our heart and with all our soul! This last, we saw in the study above, so what about fearing God? (Perfect LOVE casts out fear! See I John 4:18) This is Old Testament teaching, relevant to before Jesus came and brought us to a personal relationship with the Father. So, we must LOVE the Lord our God with all our heart and all our soul and we must walk in all his ways. We must also fear Him. So what does this mean? Obviously not to be afraid and cowering away from God because of what He might do to us, but rather to be afraid to move out of His LOVE and protection and for fear of the things to which we would then expose ourselves – Satan and all his demons! Thank You Lord Jesus for the new relationship which you have made possible with the Father. Hallelujah! Amen.

113. Deuteronomy 11 v 1: “Therefore, you shall LOVE the Lord your God, and keep His charge, and His statutes, and His ordinances, and His commandments always.”

“You shall LOVE the Lord your God,” not may or might LOVE. There is an imperative about it, even an urgency. The Lord your God has spoken it, therefore it cannot not be! Hallelujah, for we know of a certainty, that if the Lord speaks something, then it must happen. We see here too, that as a result of our LOVE for the Lord our God, then we shall keep His charge and His statutes and His ordinances and His commandments always. His LOVE within us will ensure that this will happen. We shall not be able to help ourselves – not that we would be unwilling to do these things – they will simply be the most supernaturally natural thing for us to do in any and every circumstance. His LOVE within each of us will make it that we wouldn’t even see an alternative course of action! Hallelujah! Amen.

114. Deuteronomy 11 v 13: “And it shall come to pass, if you shall hearken diligently to my commandments which I command you this day, to LOVE the Lord your God, and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul,”

The next verse goes on to list the benefits of LOVing the Lord my God, serving Him with all my heart and soul: The Lord undertakes to prosper us. However, this is followed by a warning to not let these benefits deceive my heart, causing me to turn aside and serve other gods and to worship them. i.e. The benefits or in other words – materialism! The “benefits” of that deception are then listed. So, we are each to LOVE the Lord our God for Himself, not for the benefits that He promises us for doing so! We are to enjoy the benefits and even to expect them because the Word tells us, but, we must each worship the giver and not the given! We must hearken diligently to His commands to LOVE and serve the Lord our God. To hearken means to not only listen, but to put them into practise. In this verse, to put into practice diligently! To LOVE and to serve the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul – God must come first in all my affairs and occupations. Help me Lord Jesus to be filled with Your love to be able to do these things, as my LOVE is so inadequate for the task. Amen. Hallelujah, Jesus hearkens to my prayers.

115. Deuteronomy 11 v 22: “For if you shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you, to do them, to LOVE the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to cleave to Him,” 30th August 1987

If we each LOVE the Lord our God, keeping all His commandments, walking in His ways and cleaving to Him, then here we have further promise of benefits for us. The Lord will drive out all these nations before us… and we shall possess them. In other words, the closer we walk in God’s paths and ways and commandments, then the more He will drive out the world and its ways from before us. In practical terms, the world will be less attractive to us as we focus more on God Himself! The more we LOVE the Lord, the more we shall be able to LOVE the Lord because other things will be less and less attractive to us. So, the more I LOVE Jesus, the more I’ll be able to LOVE Him. That then is what is meant by a consuming LOVE. The LOVE of God within. Hallelujah!

116. Deuteronomy 19 v 9: “If you shall keep all these commandments to do them, which I command you this day, to LOVE the Lord your God, and to walk ever in His ways, then shall you add three cities more for you, besides these three,”

Once more, the importance of LOVing God is stressed (nothing in Scripture is just mentioned!). Not only is it the first commandment of the Ten, that God should have the most important place in our lives; but it is repeated over and over again, that we must LOVE the Lord our God and walk in His ways, keeping His commandments. There is no other way to please God! LOVE and faith are essential ingredients to the Christian Lifestyle. We see in this verse, the beginnings of how God wants us also to have mercy on our fellows through LOVing God by setting up cities of refuge as places to rest whilst tempers cool, reason and justice can then take their course. We must not be quick to judge. We must be the LOVE of God in these sort of situations. Help us Father, that we may be Your LOVE here on earth, to portray Your LOVE in our lives and be channels of Your LOVE to those around us. Amen!

117. Deuteronomy 30 v 6: “And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your seed, to LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.” 5th September 1987

‘The Lord my God will circumcise my heart… to LOVE the Lord my God…’ O Lord, do it soon! I struggle in life, if I am honest before God, to LOVE Him, but here God promises to make a major breakthrough in my life. Circumcision is the sign of the Covenant God made with Abraham and his seed, so if this is the will of my heart, to LOVE God, then He will do it – He here makes the promise to do so, and if any stray away from Him, He undertakes, in this Chapter, to bring them back! It all revolves around the desire of my heart. If I desire to LOVE the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength, then the Lord is here offering to make it happen. It all depends upon what is the desire of my heart. Lord Jesus, I do desire to be cut off from all the tinsel of the world and to LOVE You as we both desire. Please Lord Jesus, fulfil Your promise now – in me. Amen.

118. Deuteronomy 7 v 9: “Know, therefore, that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God, who keeps covenant and mercy with them who LOVE Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations,”

God, we see here, will never break His covenant to those who LOVE Him. It does not beg any questions about what happens when those who should LOVE the Lord, but do not! This is because in this same verse, we are told that “He is God, the faithful God.” He doesn’t change, we are told elsewhere (Malachi 3:6) hence those who He says are His – are His. This cannot change because God Himself cannot and will not change. His LOVE is from everlasting to everlasting. But, to keep within the covenant and mercy of God, we must keep His commandments. God will be faithful to them who do. It is explained elsewhere in the word, what happens to those who fail to LOVE Him and keep His commandments – roughly speaking, they will move out from under God’s covering, He doesn’t remove His covering of them – He can’t because He cannot change, if He did, then He wouldn’t be God. It is therefore, for our own good and benefit then, that we must LOVE the Lord our God and keep His commandments. Thank You Father. Hallelujah! He LOVEs me!

119. Daniel 9 v 4: “And I prayed to the Lord, my God, and made confession, and said, O Lord, the great and awesome God, keeping covenant and mercy to them that LOVE Him, and to them that keep His commandments,” 8th September 1987

I am minded of that lovely old song, “There’s a way back to God from the dark paths of sin, There’s a door that is open and you may go in…” The context of “Them that LOVE Him,” here is that of national repentance by the Jews, firstly here in the person of Daniel. I see here then, that repentance is a way of showing our LOVE of God to God – by keeping His commandments. One of these commandments is to repent and to turn back to God and to LOVE Him with all our mind, heart and strength, and to walk in His ways and to keep Him as our number one LOVE. So, LOVE is something we can demonstrate to God – not for display to other people (or we become “Holier than thou!”) but to display to God Himself. He said. “Obedience is better that sacrifice” (I Samuel 15:22) and this quotation probably shows the will of God for us to LOVE Him for Himself, better than any other. Amen.

120. Deuteronomy 7 v 13: “And He will LOVE you, and bless you and multiply you, He will also bless the fruit of your womb, and the fruit of your land, your grain, and your wine, and your oil, the increase of your cattle and the flocks of your sheep, in the Lord which He swore to your fathers to give you.”

God will LOVE me! Now ‘will’ in this context, is not some time in the future, but now, immediately, at once, in the present time, straight away and without delay! It means that God will never not LOVE me with all of His LOVE. I am the object of His LOVE yesterday, today and forever. In the context of this verse, the outpouring of LOVE was conditional upon the people hearing and obeying the Ordinances of God as outlined in the first five books (the Pentateuch or Torah) of the Bible, but for me, it is conditional upon my LOVing and trusting Jesus to be my Saviour and to be the Son of God. In this LOVE, I will find myself not disobeying those Ordinances of God. Hallelujah, such is God’s LOVE for me that, in effect, I can do no wrong. In practice, because I LOVE God so much, I don’t want to do any wrong. I want to praise Him and exult Him and to see Him praised and exulted in my own life and home. Hallelujah, praise be to God who LOVEs me so much. Amen.

121. Deuteronomy 10 v 15: “Only the Lord had a delight in your fathers to LOVE them, and He chose their seed after them, even you above all people, as it is this day.”

26th September 1987

No one else, “Only the Lord had a delight in your fathers to LOVE them.” The fact that no-one else in the world had any delight in or LOVE for them is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that the Lord did (and still does!). It is the same for me, I must not seek for the world to LOVE me or have regard or delight in me; the only thing that is important in my life is that God LOVEs me. I do not need to worry about whether or not I please the world, but it is important for me to have the knowledge of the fact that the Lord does delight in me and LOVE me so much. It is only important that I seek to walk in His LOVE for me and so seek only to please God. Now to please God will, in some circumstances, mean that I will please the world too:- in my legitimate work, if I work such as to please God, then I must please my employers too, for instance. Praise the Lord for His steadfast (unchanging) LOVE for me. Amen.

122. Deuteronomy 10 v 19:LOVE you, therefore, the sojourner; for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.”

We have no excuse to not LOVE anyone in the world, since we are in the world too. We are, as are all, born into the world as members of the world, endued with its sinful nature. My being LOVEd by God so much that He saved me out of it, is no different either, for God “so LOVEd the world” as in John 3:16, and He still LOVEs everyone in the world, and desires the very best for everyone in it. Because I am saved from the consequences of my sin in Eternity, doesn’t mean that I don’t need to LOVE everyone who is still in the world. God’s LOVE for me didn’t become either greater or less because I became born again; I simply came into God’s ways and purposes for my life. That means that I can (and should) LOVE every non-Christian and pseudo-Christian as well as those who are born again, baptised in water and the Holy Spirit! In terms of LOVing people, I cannot and must not differentiate between Christian and non-Christian. God doesn’t, therefore I shall not. Who knows that for the fact that I show LOVE to a non-Christian, that may be one of the steps in that person’s entry into the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah. Amen.

123. Deuteronomy 13 v 3: “You shall not hearken to the words of that prophet or dreamer of dreams; for the Lord your God tests you, to know whether you LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.” 10th October 1987

So, here we see that LOVE can be tested. The Lord says that He sends false prophets and dreamers of dreams (visionaries) to test us, to test the LOVE that we have for Himself; to see that we should totally reject not only the ideas that the false prophets bring, but the false prophets themselves! So desperately important was this for the Hebrews in these times, that they were to kill such false prophets and dreamers, lest they should in any way be polluted by them and in any way compromise the way in which they LOVE the Lord their (and our) God – with all their heart and with all their soul. It is just as important for us today, as God’s sons, to avoid not only the corruption of our LOVE for God, but even the possibility of that LOVE being compromised by worldly things – God must come first in our lives – even before our own families. Help me Father to LOVE you as I ought. Amen.

124. Deuteronomy 30:16: “In that I command you this day to LOVE the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His ordinances, that you may live and multiply; and the Lord your God shall bless you in the land to which you go to possess it.”

To LOVE the Lord, the God of Isra’el – my God, is to seek (and to find) life and goodness, multiplication of myself in all respects and blessings upon me and upon mine. To not LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el is to choose death and evil, cursings, and a denial of all blessings upon me and mine. To LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el is to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments and statutes and ordinances. This is the manifestation of my LOVE to the Lord God. If I do this religiously, as did the Jews (Hebrews or Isra’elites) then it will be seen by the world for what it is and I will not be much of a witness for the Lord Jesus. However, if I obey the Lord in joy – willingly – with abandon to the worldly things, and not at all reluctantly or in fear, then the world will see me as a witness to the Lord and I may be used by the Lord as His witness and thus give glory to God. Amen.

125. Deuteronomy 30 v 20: “That you may LOVE the Lord your God and that you may obey His voice, and that you may cleave to Him; for He is your life, and the length of your days: That you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.” 15th October 1987

Love, as we see in this verse and in verse 19 before it, is a choice. We, I, have the ability to choose life or death – spiritually in this context of course. If I choose life, then I may LOVE the Lord my God with all my heart and all my mind. That I “may LOVE the Lord” means that if I want to, if I choose to LOVE Him, then it is entirely possible. It is my choice, no one will force me into it, but if that is what I choose – to LOVE and obey the Lord God of Isra’el, then it is entirely possible, there is no hindrance to that LOVE, nor can there be – outside of myself. So, once I choose to obey the Lord and to LOVE Him, I may LOVE Him solely because that is the way I choose – life, not death! Hallelujah! Amen.

126. Joshua 22 v 5: “But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the Law, which Moses, the servant of the Lord charged you,, to LOVE the Lord your God, and to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commandments, and to cleave to Him, and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

Cleaving is the word used by the Lord in the context of marriage. So the LOVE of God is a cleaving LOVE. Note well at this point, that we are to “take diligent heed” to do these things – to “LOVE the Lord our God… and to cleave to Him.” Thus we see that it is supremely important to, amongst other things, LOVE the Lord my God and to cleave to Him (forsaking all others!) in my LOVE. It is to be an exclusive LOVE by me towards God. In the context of marriage, I must forsake all others, and, in the context of LOVing God, I must forsake all worldly things. This does not mean that I must become aesthetic and shut myself away from them, but that I must not be looking to worldly things to own them or have the use of them as a desire above or before the Lord. He Himself may, in His grace and infinite wisdom and purposes, add these things to me – praise God, He has done so already in so many respects, that is another reason why I do LOVE Him so much. Lord, help me to LOVE You for yourself though, not for what you can give me. Amen.

127. Joshua 23 v 11: “Take heed therefore, to yourselves, that you LOVE the Lord your God.” 24th October 1987

Once again, the Lord, in His word, stresses by repetition, how important it is to LOVE the Lord our God. Our LOVE for Him is to be beyond comparison with our LOVE for anyone or anything else in this world or anywhere else. We must not even think of considering anyone or anything as being in the same league as God. To do the things which show our LOVE to God must become the most important items in our lives. That will involve a radical change of lifestyle for every one of us – no exceptions. The ordinances of God must become first in our lives. This is not to say that we must become legalistic, but we must put Bible reading and study, prayers to and worshipping of our God before all our pleasures etc. This is not going to be easy. I must confess that I like my life the way it is, but I must change as God wants me to change, simply because I LOVE Him and want to show it. Amen.

128. Judges 5 v 31: “So let all your enemies perish, O Lord; but let them who LOVE Him be as the sun when he goes forth in his might. And the land had rest forty years.”

Isra’el had obeyed the Lord and had as a consequence seen the Lord defeat Sisera and his thousands, hence “so let all your enemies perish, O Lord.” The preceding part of this chapter is praising and glorifying the Lord, so we see in this last verse of the chapter that in praising the Lord God, that Barak and Deborah are calling upon the Lord, not only to glorify Himself but also to glorify them that LOVE Him! Since this is Scripture, it means that we now see that LOVE (of God) glorifies the one who does the LOVing! Praise God then, that when we LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el with a Godly LOVE, then we shall each be glorified. “And the land had rest forty years!” Amen, O Lord, Amen.

129. I Samuel 18 v 22: “And Saul commanded his servants, saying, speak with David secretly, and say, ’behold the king has delight in you, and all his servants LOVE you; now, therefore, be the king’s son-in-law.’” 7th November 1987

The context of this LOVE is fear and is therefore not at all a Godly LOVE. The servants of Saul did as they were told, because they could not afford not to do so. Saul wanted to destroy David and tried many times and methods to do so, but, even when he knew that the king did delight in him (verse 28) he continued to try to kill David and even gave him his second daughter, Michal, to David just to try to be a snare to him. What an awful man was Saul, corrupted by the power of his kingship. He was the Lord’s anointed one, he did not seek kingship, it was thrust upon him. Saul did not have the LOVE of the Lord within him and was used as a form of punishment to the Isra’elites because they had rejected the Kingship of God and wanted to be as other nations when they were (and still are) God’s special nation. Oh how terrible to be without the LOVE of God – to operate outside that LOVE and to not have any LOVE towards God!

130. II Chronicles 19 v 2: “And Jehu, the son of Hanani, the seer, went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, ‘Should you help the wicked and LOVE them who hate the Lord? Therefore there is wrath upon you from before the Lord.’ ”

Jehoshaphat had fallen in with the “wrong crowd,” Ahab, king of Isra’el (the 10 tribes of the north) was utterly evil in the Lord’s sight and was to be destroyed by means of being drawn into battle by the words of false (deceived) prophets. Jehoshaphat, however, had agreed to help Ahab: “Should you help the wicked, and LOVE them that hate the Lord?” said Jehu to him. Jehoshaphat had recognised the deception of the false prophets and had asked Ahab for a true prophet of the Lord (Micaiah) to be fetched, who then told Ahab the truth, but Ahab did not want to know the truth! But, what of LOVE? We see here that Jehoshaphat had taken his eyes off the living God and instead had LOVEd that which was evil – Ahab – and had consorted with him instead of keeping his LOVE for God pure and unsullied, looking to God for his guidance. It would not have been wrong to LOVE Ahab, to win him back to God, but Jehoshaphat did not do that, he sullied himself with that which was not a Godly LOVE and Jehu was sent to tell him that he was going to suffer for that by the wrath of God!

131. Nehemiah 1 v 5: “And I said, I beseech you, O Lord of Heaven, the great and awe-inspiring God, who keeps covenant and mercy for them who LOVE Him and observe His commandments.” 14th November 1987

The LOVE of God is faithful, even when, as we see from the context here, God still faithfully waits for them to turn back from their sin, towards God. He LOVEs them so much that they can come back under His mercy and covenant just by repenting and turning back to God and obeying His commandments. Such a LOVE is almost beyond our human comprehension, so we can only accept that it is so by believing in Jesus as our saviour. Such LOVE can only come from God, yet, it is the same LOVE that He also expects to see manifest in each of those who LOVE Him! This is supernatural, way beyond our capabilities to do. Thus, we can only operate and manifest such LOVE under the supernatural power of God by the Holy Spirit. That Holy Spirit is what I need, Father in order to give glory to You. Give me Your LOVE that I may glorify You Lord. Amen.

132. Psalm 4 v 2: “O you sons of men, how long will you turn My glory into shame? How long will you LOVE vanity and seek after falsehood? Selah.”

O what shame upon those who do these things! Entirely LOVing the wrong things and so turning God’s glory into shame. This occurrence of the word LOVE so obviously shows a wrong application of LOVE, LOVing vanity and seeking after falsehood. It doesn’t say that the LOVE itself is right or wrong, but it says very clearly indeed, that the direction in which the LOVE is projected is very wrong. The sons of men referred to here, are looking at the things of this world and seeking after them – materialism, and also seeking the things that we know to be lies (in our hearts we know them as lies). This includes material prosperity and alternative medicines etc. and have the effect of taking our eyes off Jesus and on to the “what’s in it for me” school of thought (the compensation culture of today) – pure worldliness! This verse also give the result of these things – God’s glory is turned to shame! This verse finishes with Selah – think about it! Amen.

133. Psalm 5 v 11: “But let all those who put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; let those also who LOVE Your name be joyful in You.” 21st November 1987

The LOVE of Jesus is a source of joy. So LOVE and joy are linked together in the name of Jesus. If we LOVE the name of God (the Father) God (the Son – Jesus) and God (the Holy Spirit) then we shall be joyful in the living Lord God of Isra’el. It is not a command – ‘ve haf vays…’ it is a statement of fact, to LOVE the name of Jesus will simply result in our being Joyful within. Oh what a wonderful God we have, who is not only concerned with our salvation (of our souls) which is our end, but also He is concerned with our present inner wellbeing – being filled with the joy of the Lord! Thank you wonderful Father, that You are concerned with every one of our lives, beginning, middle and end, so much do You LOVE each one of us. Amen.

134. Psalm 18 v 1: “I will LOVE You, O Lord, my strength.”

There is none other on earth or in Heaven that I am called upon to LOVE more than the Lord. This is a declaration by David, king of Isra’el, to the Lord and to all those who follow after Him. It was written many centuries ago (more than 25!) and if I will declare it too, then I am doing the very same truth. However, I must NOT think that is all I have to do – just say, or even write, that “I LOVE Jesus.” I am minded of two or more Scriptures: “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17) in other words, works alone are not enough; and “Obedience is better than sacrifice” (I Samuel 15:22). The Lord wants to see our salvation worked out in our lives. Words prove nothing! Even Satan believes that Jesus is the Son of God and why He came to earth as a man, that is why he has done everything to try to stop it and deceive us ever since! Anyone who says that they are Christian but does nothing more than say the words, cannot LOVE Jesus if their lifestyle isn’t in accordance with the Scriptures – they are deceived and will find out on Judgement day. I must not only say that I LOVE the Lord Jesus, I must show Him in my life. Amen.

135. Psalm 31 v 23: “Oh, LOVE the Lord all you saints; for the Lord preserves the faithful, and plentifully rewards the proud doer.” 28th November 1987

What a cry from the heart of the Lord Himself! He created each of us to worship, praise and LOVE Him, and that is what He is crying out that we should do. When we LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el, with all our mind, heart and strength, then we are doing exactly what the Lord intends and wants us each to do. We are designed and made to LOVE the Lord, and if we don’t, we cannot have the true peace of mind that can only come as a result of doing that which we are made (constructed) to do. If we do LOVE the Lord the verse goes on to tell us that the Lord will preserve us – the faithful (I’m not sure what the “Proud doer” means) and will plentifully reward us in Heaven for sure. There is an implication in this verse, that His saints may not be LOVing the Lord as they should, so we cannot shrug off this verse by saying “I do LOVE the Lord,” we must each examine ourselves before the Lord, to ensure that we hear and obey this call to LOVE the Lord as we ought. Amen.

136. Psalm 40 v 6: “Let all those who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; let such as LOVE your salvation say continually, the Lord be magnified.”

Who could not LOVE the Lord’s salvation? Yet many don’t, one could say – most don’t – and probably won’t! To those of us who do, we have here in this verse, another instruction which we shall obey simply because we LOVE the Lord: We shall “say continually, the Lord be magnified.” This does not, of course, mean that we shall repeatedly keep saying over and over and over, the same little phrase; but rather that we shall continuously seek ways to magnify the Lord Jesus in our hearts and voices and deeds, that the Lord shall be magnified (or glorified) in our lifestyle and in our speaking. Then others will be caused to seek Him, then more and more people will seek Him “and rejoice and be glad in Him.” O wonderful Lord Jesus, help me to say continually in my life, “the Lord be magnified,” that others may see Your glory through me. Amen.

137. Psalm 70 v 4: “Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let such as LOVE Your salvation say continually, let God be Magnified.”

6th December 1987

If I LOVE the salvation of God, then here am I instructed in what should be done about that LOVE. I am instructed to say continually: “Let God be magnified.” So, what do I learn about LOVE in this verse? I learn that LOVE carries responsibility! In this verse, I am told, by the Lord God Himself, that I must say continually, “Let God be magnified.” We all know that words alone don’t mean too much, so we must read into this instruction a little more, i.e. that the instruction is not only literal, but also that it means what we are to say – that we are each responsible to make sure that we allow God to be magnified in our lives, both individually and corporately! We must each conduct ourselves at all times – continually – such that God is magnifies and seen to be so by others around us. This is our testimony or witness. We are not called upon “to cast our pearls before swine,” or to throw the Gospel away to all and sundry, but to give it to those who ask for it as a result of the LOVE of God being magnified in our lives. Amen. (That piece was written on the 6th of December 1987, and as I type it in 2007, I can only see that last sentence as being highly contentious, but it was what I felt the Lord telling me to write in 1987).

138. Psalm 69 v 36: “The seed also of His servants shall inherit it, and they who LOVE His name shall dwell therein.”

To LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el is to become subject to the salvation of God. This Psalm is a promise of that salvation to come, when we who “LOVE His name shall dwell therein.” The Psalm actually refers to God saving Zion and building the cities of Judah and dwelling there. I am sure that to us Gentiles, that refers to the “new Jerusalem” that will descend from Heaven after the Judgement, but as I write this sitting in the earthly Jerusalem, I must admit that I think that I would be happy to dwell in this one as a foretaste of the real thing to come. So, in all this we see another aspect of LOVE, that it is a prerequisite to being able to dwell in the new Jerusalem, i.e. to being able to enter into Heaven – God’s presence! Help me Lord Jesus, that I may be able to LOVE You as I ought. Amen.

139. Psalm 97 v 10: “You who LOVE the Lord, hate evil. He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” 17th December 1987

Here is further instruction into the action of LOVE – hate evil. We must not only turn aside from all evil, we must hate it in such a way that we have a horror of being involved in evil. This is because we do LOVE the Lord. If we don’t have this abhorrence of evil, then we must each question ourselves how much we do LOVE the Lord Himself, as otherwise, we couldn’t associate with evil in any shape or form. The verse goes on to show that we will be delivered out of the hands of the wicked, so, to be delivered means that we were in their hands. It doesn’t say that we are to seek to be in their hands, but we could find ourselves in that position as a result of sharing the Gospel with them – which we shouldn’t be afraid to do since we know the consequences of that – He delivers us out of the hands of the wicked! “Though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, yet I will fear no evil.” Amen.

140. Psalm 119 v 132: “Look you upon me, and be merciful to me as You do to those who LOVE Your name.”

We are beginning to see the results of the LOVE of the Lord. To LOVE the name of the Lord, Jesus, calls down upon us the mercy of the Lord, He will be merciful to us who do LOVE the name of the Lord. Yet here in this verse, we see more, the Psalmist is imploring the Lord to look upon him and to be merciful to him, the way in which the Lord is merciful to those who LOVE His name. The Psalmist is acknowledging to the Lord (as we each must!) that his LOVE for the name of the Lord is not very good in absolute terms, but, he (and each of us) has the right to ask the Lord to still be merciful to us as if our LOVE were perfect! This is our hope! Even though we now fall short of God’s standards, of LOVE or anything else, we can still ask for His mercy upon us (and expect Him to hear us) as we submit ourselves to the Lord (again in His mercy) for Him to make changes in us that make us perfect in His sight! Hallelujah, we have this hope within us. Amen.

141. Psalm 119 v 165: “Great peace have they who LOVE your Law, and nothing shall offend them.” 31st December 1987

Again we see a by-product of LOVE, peace. In the word here, it is the LOVE of God’s Law, but we are not under Law but under grace; so the Church age equivalent is to LOVE to know and to do the Will of God in our own lives. So what this boils down to in our day is that peace of mind will come to each of us as we LOVE to know and to do the Will of God. The more we seek that Will and do it for ourselves, then the greater peace of mind we shall each have. The context of this verse shows that it is not physical peace that is meant (see verse 161) but a mental peace – with God, with the result that “nothing shall offend them.” In other words, we shall be so much at peace with our God, that nothing that man can say or do, will be able to disturb our equilibrium – offend us. Praise be to God in the highest Heaven for all that He is to each of us. Amen.

142. Psalm 122 v 6: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; They shall prosper who LOVE you.”

Here we have another verse showing a result of LOVE of God and His Will. Whilst God’s word is literally true, it also has other hidden meanings which are not always apparent. The Jews up to Jesus time had, in their minds, turned this verse around to think that if someone became rich, he must be righteous in God’s eyes! We know though, that God must come first in our lives, we must LOVE Him and do as He Wills, IF God Wills, He will prosper us. We must not fall into the trap of trying to formula-ize the ways of God! We cannot expect to just push the right buttons to get what we want out of God. His word says that we shall prosper when we LOVE Jerusalem. This is literally true, we can show that LOVE by praying for the peace of Jerusalem, the resulting prosperity, we must not forget, is prosperity in God’s eyes, not in man’s eyes. This verse does NOT say that it is prosperity in the world’s eyes or standards. If we each show our LOVE for God by obeying His Will for us, by praying for the peace of Jerusalem and LOVing Jerusalem enough to pray for its peace, then we shall prosper in Christian Maturity and grow in the knowledge and LOVE of Jesus. Hallelujah, help me Lord to do your Will and so to bless you. Amen.

143. Psalm 145 v 20: “The Lord preserves all those who LOVE Him, but all the wicked He will destroy.” 2nd January 1988

We see here the ultimate statement of God, “The Lord preserves all those that LOVE Him, but all the wicked will He destroy!” It is only by LOVing Him that we are preserved at the end, i.e. saved from eternal damnation in Hell. So we see now that to LOVE God is supremely important to our well-being. So LOVE is supremely important to each one of us; the LOVE of God, of course, not of anything else. If I want to be preserved, I MUST LOVE God above all else. That is the eternal meaning of this verse. This verse also has a limited application to us during our lives here on earth, but it mustn’t be taken out of context, verse 17 says “The Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works.” It is not for us to question God, or to try to put Him into any sort of a mould. Verse 20 is our eternal destiny. Praise God in the highest, He alone is worthy to be praised! Help me O Lord Jesus, that I may learn quickly to LOVE you as I should. Amen.

144. Proverbs 1 v 22: “How long, you simple ones, will you LOVE simplicity? And the scoffers delight in their scoffing, and fools hate knowledge?”

This is not referring to the LOVE of God of course, a “simple one” is one who refuses to contemplate eternity and who wants life to be unhurried, uncomplicated, un-harassed and altogether easy and no problem; thinking only of themselves and their immediate surroundings and personal comfort. That is what they LOVE and want, an easy life with no worries about anything or anybody else! Let us be honest, that is what I would like, that is my old nature which constantly strives with my new nature. “It is dead but it won’t lie down!” I must be constantly on the watch out for its re-appearance and take action against it when it does. Give the old nature to Jesus every time it does re-appear. Bit by bit I give it to Jesus and so it will gradually disappear, but not finally until I go to be with the Lord forever. Such is the LOVE of God that He wants me to give it all to Him so that He can deal with it and so bring me to His perfection. Hallelujah. Amen.

145. Proverbs 4 v 6: “Forsake her not, and she shall preserve you; LOVE her and she shall keep you.” 9th January 1988

Who is “she?” From the context of this verse, “she” is unmistakably wisdom. “Wisdom is the principle thing,” says verse 7, and it goes on to say that understanding only comes from wisdom. Now, we must LOVE wisdom, we are told in this passage. This begs 2 questions: (a) what is wisdom and (b) how do we LOVE wisdom?

(a) Wisdom is the instruction of the Father, it is good doctrine (vvs1 & 2)

(b) To LOVE wisdom is to seek that instruction, retain the Father’s words and keep His commandments and so live (verse 4). In other words, hear and obey God.

This goes along with what we have previously seen – that LOVE is an action, not a feeling. To LOVE wisdom is to obey God’s commandments in our individual lives and this action will preserve me and keep me. Preserve and keep me from what? The context of this verse again tells us this – from evil and hence from the evil one, preserving us to Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen.

146. Proverbs 8 v 36: “But he that sins against me wrongs his own soul; all they that hate me LOVE death.”

Now we get to the truth about LOVE in a slightly different way. We have previously seen many aspects of LOVE, but now we see where we are if we don’t LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el. This is not the opposite of LOVE, it is rather showing the deep truth of what is really going on when we LOVE the wrong thing. In other words, when we put our LOVE in a different direction to the Lord Jesus. If I don’t LOVE the Lord Jesus, then I must LOVE death – that is the deep truth! If we don’t LOVE Jesus, then I must LOVE something else and that can only be death – spiritual death We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that in the context of this verse, we are looking at a specific aspect of God – wisdom – and the understanding which follows it. This verse is specifically about LOVing this aspect of God of course, but it has a wider application to LOVing every aspect of God. Thank you Father for showing me these things. Help me to LOVE every aspect of Your wonderful Self. Amen.

147. Proverbs 9 v 8: “Reprove not a scoffer, lest he hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will LOVE you.” 16th January 1988

The LOVE of a wise man is here shown to be the result of someone else LOVing him enough to tell him that the wise man is going wrong. The wise man will see the error of his ways and will be grateful for the rebuke and consequently will LOVE the one who rebukes. We have therefore, another aspect of LOVE – the willingness to accept a rebuke and act upon it. Who would think that in this 147th instance of the word LOVE in the Bible, we would be seeing a completely new aspect of LOVE. Surely, we shall not plumb the depths of God’s LOVE this side of heaven, there is always something new in LOVE – God’s LOVE. We must remember though, that it takes a wise man to have this aspect of LOVE, not worldly wise, but a wise man after God’s own heart and LOVE. Praise God above for His LOVE and variety. Amen. Show me more please Lord Jesus. Amen.

148. Proverbs 16 v 13: “Righteous lips are the delight of kings, and they LOVE him that speaks right.”

Any king worthy of the position has to continually combat evil, so he will value the words from the mouth (or lips) of a righteous man. That man however, wouldn’t be called righteous if he didn’t have a history of both righteousness and no evil. Only that sort of man will the king LOVE. This LOVE then is a righteous LOVE, a God like LOVE. The king will LOVE the man who speaks righteousness into situations. In other words, right judgement and right advice will cause one in authority (i.e. a king) to LOVE the one who gives that advice or judgement to the king. We have then, another aspect of LOVE – it is evoked by righteousness in a person.

149. Proverbs 18 v 21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that LOVE it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

“They that LOVE it?” There are 2 things mentioned here to be in the power of the tongue – death and life. Matthew 12:36-37 remind us that we are also condemned or justified by our words, since each one of us will have to account for every word we have spoken. Obviously I need and we all need to recognise this and to make sure that we LOVE only the power of the tongue for life and to seek to exercise that only, whilst we seek to repent before the Lord God of Isra’el of those times when we have displayed to Him and to others, our LOVE of the power of death in our tongue. That is the only way to escape the due condemnation of God in that day. Again we see here in God’s word, that LOVE is an action, but this time an action of exercising control over our tongue, not to stop it from speaking, which is a God given function, but to seek to speak in the power of life – to speak life into every situation. Amen.

150. Ecclesiastes 3 v 8: “A time to LOVE, and a time to hate; a time of war and a time of peace.”

Taking this verse out of context would lead one into error – that there is a time for God to LOVE. However, praise God, the context of this verse tells us that this is man’s view of life, where hate is portrayed as the opposite of LOVE as war and peace are shown as opposites too. So what do we learn of LOVE here? Firstly that man’s idea and view of LOVE is very different from that of God, who after all, is LOVE! Secondly to realise that LOVE has a time in man’s view – but not in God’s view, for Him it is eternal and everlasting. Thirdly, that when man speaks of LOVE, it is a different thing altogether to the LOVE of God. i.e. worldly LOVE and Godly LOVE. The fact that worldly LOVE has a time means that it is transitory and hence is not the same as God’s eternal LOVE. One can also conclude that this worldly LOVE is a LOVE of things and insomuch as even in man’s world there is some LOVE of God, that LOVE treats God as an object of LOVE as in worldly objects, instead of a continual or eternal LOVE which is that of which God lavishes upon us and expects from us. Amen.

151. Song of Solomon 1 v 3: “Because of the savour your good ointments your name is as ointment poured forth; therefore do the virgins LOVE you.” 6th February 1988

Since this whole book is a type of the LOVE of God towards us, we can take the “name” as being “Jesus” or “I AM.” The virgins in the context of this book is the bride, where Jesus is the bridegroom, and so we see that the bride, which is the believing remnant of Isra’el with the Church grafted in, LOVEs the name of Jesus since His name is like ointment poured forth. So, we see here in this verse, that LOVE is evoked by the name of Jesus. The name has the savour of “good ointments,” not just any ointment, but good ointments, i.e. the very best. The name of Jesus then, evokes LOVE in those who are to be part of His bride. Lord Jesus, I do LOVE You, because You first LOVEd me and I can do nothing else since You called me to be Yours. Amen.

152. Song of Solomon 1 v 4: “Draw me after you. We will make haste. The king has brought me into his chambers. We will be glad and rejoice in you; we will remember your LOVE more than wine. The upright LOVE you.”

Wine is good to taste and good for the digestion, and has definite therapeutic properties and is generally a good thing (as long as it is treated with respect) and a good wine is something to be remembered later with pleasure. This verse says that we (me!) will remember the LOVE of God more than wine; some people (very few I imagine, but some) live for wine, they eat, sleep and drink wine and they study it and it is, in fact, their job and their hobby. We are in a position with the Lord to remember His LOVE to a far greater degree than that! His LOVE means so much more to each of us than wine does to those described above. So we see again here, that the Lord’s LOVE – of Him to us and us to Him, is a memorable LOVE, a LOVE to be recalled with great gladness and rejoicing, often. The upright LOVE Him. There is only one difficulty to me in this, since His LOVE is ongoing and ever present, it is difficult to recall past LOVE in view of His LOVE being ever present! Hallelujah anyway! Amen.

153. Isaiah 56 v 6: “Also the sons of the foreigner that join themselves to the Lord, to serve Him, and to LOVE the Name of the Lord, to be His servants, every one that keeps the Sabbath from polluting it, and takes hold of My covenant;” 21st February 1988

The context shows us a result of a particular LOVE – the LOVE of the Name of the Lord; those that do this, and the passage details how it would be done, shall receive benefits which are also detailed in this chapter. The context shows that these promises are not only to God’s chosen people, Isra’el, but to the Gentiles who join themselves to the Lord God of Isra’el, thus encompassing all those who profess the Name of Jesus – LOVing it above all else. To show this LOVE in action, we must LOVE the Name of the Lord, be servants of the Lord (i.e. do what He wants, not what we want) keep hold of the Sabbaths to prevent it being polluted and also to take hold of the covenant of the Lord and keep our part in that covenant. This is the proof of our LOVE for Jesus – when we do these things. Help me Father God, to discern Your Will for me in all these things, to do Your Will and not mine, that You may be glorified.

154. Isaiah 61 v 8: “For I the Lord, LOVE justice, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.”

What an exciting passage, the context of this verse is here! All about how the Lord will treat His people Isra’el in the Millennial kingdom. No wonder the disciples asked Jesus if He would at that time restore the kingdom to Isra’el. “I the Lord LOVE justice.” We know from the previous studies in this series, that LOVE is an active thing and therefore, the Lord states here that He will actively pursue and execute justice and so we may rely upon the Lord to be just, but what do we learn of LOVE? Well, we see here in this verse, that as the Lord has so often in these studies, shown us that we must LOVE, and what we must LOVE (above all, the Lord!) He shows here that one of the things which He LOVEs – He LOVEs justice and by example, He wants each one of us to do the same – to LOVE justice – the Lord’s justice, not getting our own back when we feel that we have been wronged! So, LOVE sets an example to be followed. Help me Lord Jesus, that I may follow Your example of LOVE and not my own desires. Amen.

155. Isaiah 66 v 10:”Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all you that LOVE her; rejoice for joy with her, all you who mourn for her,” 28th February 1988

The context of this verse is the restoration of Isra’el as a nation; see in particular verses 7 to 9. We have seen this start happening, starting in May 1948 – a Scriptural generation ago – very significant (this study was done on the 28th of February 1988!). However, what do we learn of LOVE? It seems that now, the Lord is taking me into, not so much what LOVE is, but at whom and what the LOVE that He has caused me to examine, should be directed. Yesterday, it was towards justice, today it is towards Jerusalem, God’s Holy city. We are no longer to mourn for Jerusalem, since 1967, the Jews (now a generic term for what were once known as Isra’elites) have now taken over the whole city. They did NOT turn out the Arabs living there though, as the Arabs did to the Jews in 1948! The result of this is that Jerusalem is still not a city of peace. We are, however, directed in this Scripture, not to mourn for Jerusalem any more, since Jerusalem is now united under the government of God’s chosen people – Isra’el. I do LOVE Jerusalem, now I must rejoice with her. Amen.

156. Jeremiah 5 v 31: “The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means, and My people LOVE to have it so; and what will you do in the end of it all?”

The Lord is saying here that as if all things that are being done – false justice, false prophesy, false priesthood etc. etc. etc. were not bad enough for the individuals concerned in each of the sins, the whole people of God LOVE things being that way so much that they wouldn’t have it any other way! This LOVE by the people compounds the sins! The people just want the easy life – don’t stir up trouble, let sleeping dogs lie. We must not LOVE the easy life. This is not to say that we must be ascetic, but where there is injustice towards God, we must at the very least take time to pray about it to ask the Lord to do something about whatever it is, to ask Him if and what He wants me to do in the situation. This way we can show our LOVE of the Lord because we do LOVE the Lord. The verse ends with a question, but also begs the question – what is the end of it all? The end must surely be the Day of Judgement, where we must each answer for our own actions and inactions. Lord Jesus, help me that in the end, you may be able to say to me: “well done thou good and faithful servant.” Amen. Amen. Amen.

157. Hosea 3 v 1: “Then said the Lord to me, ‘go yet, LOVE a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the LOVE of the Lord toward the children of Isra’el, who look to other gods, and LOVE cakes of raisons.’” 6th March 1988

LOVE. Three times used in this verse. Hosea is told to go and LOVE as the Lord LOVEs, i.e. these two LOVEs are to be the same. The third LOVE is shown to be the LOVE of the world, cakes of raisons were used in Canaanite sacrifices to other gods and shows therefore, the spiritual state of Isra’el at that time. Thank God that His LOVE for Isra’el (and real Christians too) never changes. Hosea was told to marry this woman and that she was going to be always unfaithful to him, yet he was to LOVE her as the Lord LOVEs His people Isra’el, even though He knew before He made the world, that they would be unfaithful to Him over and over and over again. So what of LOVE in this verse? Well, LOVE, we see in this context, never gives up. LOVE of this quality is unchanging and prepared to be slapped in the face with evil countless times, and yet still never give up. Hosea was just a man as I am, so to LOVE to that quality cannot be impossible or he wouldn’t have been told to do it – so I must do it too. Amen.

158. Hosea 4 v 18: “Their drink is sour: they have committed harlotry continually; her rulers LOVE shame more than glory.”

The consciences of the people of Isra’el, from the rulers downwards, had become seared so much that their values had become reversed. They had moved so far away from LOVing and worshipping the living Lord God of Isra’el, that they LOVEd and actively pursued the very things which caused them shame. They didn’t see it as shame at all and the thing which they should have poured out their LOVE upon – the glory which the God of Isra’el had for them, they treated that as if that were shame. So, we see now that, for their sinning, God had reversed their values and caused them to LOVE shame (as God saw it). It would seem then, that the Lord God of Isra’el is showing me that He can steer our LOVE! He has steered the LOVE of Isra’el, in this context, by reversing their values. He has given them over to their sins. He knows, because He made us, that eventually we (or Isra’el) would come to our senses and realise that we are directing our LOVE at the wrong things. Praise God for His LOVE – He never gives up on us! Hallelujah!

159. Hosea 9 v 15: “All their wickedness is in Gilgal; for there I hated them. For the wickedness of their doings, I will drive them out of My house, I will LOVE them no more; all their princes are revolters.” 20th March 1988

“I will LOVE them no more:” What to see and learn about LOVE in this context? We know from past studies that God’s LOVE is unchangeable and irreversible, so what has changed here? This seems to contradict this. God will remove the actions of His LOVE from someone or a group, but it pains Him terribly to do it, as an act of discipline. He cannot stop LOVing those He LOVEs, but what He can and does do then, is to put a barrier between Him and us to prevent us receiving that LOVE and exposing us to the forces of the world in order to bring us back “into line.” When we come back to Him, He will welcome us with open arms like the father of the Prodigal Son! His LOVE, as such, cannot change or cease. Praise god for His constant LOVE for each of us. Amen.

160. Hosea 14 v 4: “I will heal their backsliding, I will LOVE them Freely; for my anger is turned away from him.”

This is the Lord’s greatest desire for Isra’el and the Church: to “LOVE them freely.” This is another aspect of LOVE, not so much what it is now, but how it should be used – freely! The Lord God of Isra’el desires that His LOVE towards His people should flow freely towards us; but we can stop it by our backsliding and idolatry. It follows then, that since God’s great desire is for His LOVE to flow freely from Him to us, that equally, His desire is for us to get rid of the hindrances to that free flow. That means that to receive His LOVE, we must each turn from our backsliding and worldliness. He then promises to heal us from those things if only we will turn to Him and ask. So let’s do it now. Father God, I acknowledge your desire for me to have Your LOVE flowing freely into and through my life and I turn back to You now in Your mercy and grace and ask You to heal me of those things which hinder Your LOVE flowing to me. Thank you Heavenly Father that You never refuse those who turn to You. I now receive Your healing and expect to change my life as of now. Hallelujah! Amen.

161. Amos 5 v 15: “Hate the evil, and LOVE the good, and establish justice in the gate; it may be that the Lord God of Hosts will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.”

A new aspect of LOVE is shown here. That effect of working out LOVE in our lives is now shown to be the means of averting the justice of God upon our sinful selves. We are to “hate the evil and LOVE the good.” Since LOVE, we have seen, is a verb and thus this LOVE is an action; we are here called to act LOVE towards the good. I don’t see from this context, that the direction of the LOVE is here towards people, as this would require us to judge whether a person is good or evil – which we are called upon not to do. This direction is therefore towards good or evil actions on our own part. We are called upon to exercise justice and to uphold the poor, to do good to our fellows, be they good or evil in our eyes, etc. etc. Help us O Lord, to exercise Your LOVE in my own life in all its aspects. Amen.

162. Micah 3 v 2: “Who hate the good and LOVE evil; who pluck their skin from them, and their flesh from their bones.”

This is a statement from the Lord of the condition of the leadership of Isra’el at the time of Micah. It is also a statement from the Lord of the condition of the leadership of this country at the present time – both the political leadership AND Church leadership – at all levels. Humanism reigns. Those of us who, in spirit and in truth, do LOVE the Lord, or at least desire to do so with all our heart, must pray to the Lord to change the hearts of those in political or Church leadership, that they may LOVE the Lord’s good and hate the evil. Lord Jesus, lead me into those prayers, that I may do Your Will in all things. Thank You Lord Jesus that in Your LOVE, I know that You hear me and will answer my prayer. Amen. Now, let the LOVE of God prevail in my heart that He may be glorified. Amen.

163. Micah 6 v 8: “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, and to LOVE mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” 3rd April; 1988

We now have a re-iteration of God’s requirement of each of us: “to do justly, and to LOVE mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” “To do justly” means to exercise justice in my life – not to be in anyway partial towards some people – they are all LOVEd by the God who made them. “To LOVE mercy” means to exercise mercy to all and to some only but without reservation, even to those who will kick me in the teeth if I exercise mercy towards them. I must LOVE mercy as the Lord Himself does, and exercise it continually at all times. “To walk humbly with your God” means to know where I stand with God – by seeking Him and by practice, to be certain of my standing with Him. To walk always with God knowing that I am accepted enough (i.e. completely) to walk beside Him, not arrogant but secure in my standing with God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

164. Zechariah 8 v 17: “And let more of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and LOVE no false oath; for all these are things that I hate, says the Lord.”

Now the Lord is continuing to instruct me on how to use the LOVE which He has set within my heart. I must not LOVE a false oath. In other words, I must LOVE “truth and peace” as it says in verse 16, I must avoid using false oaths. I must seek to expose false oaths, not to LOVE them and promote them. I am not to become a sneak, yet to expose false oaths in a way that Jesus would have done – PUBLICALLY! However, I am not called upon to do that unless the Lord tells me to do it, because, in my own strength, I could just as easily “get hold of the wrong end of the stick” and totally misread a situation and cause problems where there were none before in God’s eyes. I must not LOVE a false oath, but I must only move on a situation when God tells me to move. I could even be quite right in my assessment of a situation, but not completely “clean” myself without realising it and thus the Lord cannot use me. I must always pray about such things – injustices etc. Amen. Help me Lord Jesus to move only at your behest. Amen.

165. Zechariah 8 v 19: “Thus says the Lord of Hosts: The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feast; therefore, LOVE the truth and peace.” 5th April 1988

The Lord says that He will turn around our mourning into “joy and gladness.” He says that we must, as a result of this, “LOVE truth and peace.” Jesus is “the truth” and we do LOVE Him. This word today, however, instructs us to LOVE real truth and real peace. We all know what a worldly peace is – where it uneasy, not knowing when it will be broken. Jesus peace is an unbreakable one, it exists in the hearts of men. It produces an outward serenity, an ability to praise the Lord God of Isra’el no matter what comes against us! This, and Jesus, is what we are to LOVE, as commanded by God. If we do LOVE the truth and the peace, then we shall finish up with the truth and the peace. Hallelujah! Amen.

166. Matthew 5:43: “You have heard that it has been said, You shall LOVE your neighbour and hate your enemy;”

It has been said, Jesus was saying here “You (I) shall LOVE your (my) neighbour.” Jesus was not countermanding this in anyway shape or form – we shall LOVE our neighbours, but He was countermanding the next part of the saying “and hate your enemy.” If I hate anybody to any degree at all, then I would be denying Jesus in this. I shall LOVE my neighbour. Oh, what a beautiful certainty there is about that sentence – I shall – not - I may or I might, but shall LOVE my neighbour. Not forgetting that LOVE is an action, not a feeling. This short sentence, “I shall LOVE my neighbour” conveys not just the certainty of it, but also the joy of it! The joy of doing the Will of God, the joy of being a light for the Lord, the joy of LOVing my neighbour. What a joy is within me knowing all these things. Praise the Lord Jesus for His LOVE within me and being able to do His Will with it. Amen.

167. Matthew 5 v 44: “But I say to you, LOVE your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you.” 7th April 1988

What a positive attitude Jesus is telling us to have here. This is the basis of the whole Christian lifestyle. Jesus says that it is natural to LOVE our friends and relatives and our neighbours, but the difference between Christians and all others in this world is that we Christians must LOVE our enemies and LOVE those who hate us, and LOVE those who just make use of us without any thought of our good or welfare, and LOVE those who persecute us. Almost saying – the more anyone is bad to us, the more we must LOVE them – so no longer an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth! WOW! Isn’t this different! This can only be supernatural LOVE, we don’t have it in the natural at all. We cannot LOVE our enemies like this unless we are Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit and the LOVE of God. Father, please fill me anew with your LOVE and Your Holy Spirit today – and every day. Amen.

168. Luke 6 v 27: “But I say to you that hear, LOVE your enemies, do good to them that hate you.”

“I,” God Himself is telling each of us to do this – LOVE your enemies! Jesus only ever said and did those things which His Father in Heaven showed Him and told Him. We cannot treat this as anything other than a commandment from God Himself. I must LOVE my enemies as much as I LOVE my friends and family. I am not permitted to do anything else but LOVE anyone, I must, by this same commandment, do good to them that hate me – which are my enemies. I must LOVE them, for who knows (but God) that my LOVing them may be instrumental in their salvation. What better good could I do to them? Father God, in order to fulfil this your commandment, fill me to overflowing with your LOVE that I may flow over those around me, be they friends or enemies, that Your LOVE for them may flow through me. Amen. Hallelujah! Amen.

169. Luke 6 v 35: “But LOVE you your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the sons of the Highest; for He is kind to the unthankful and to the evil.”

Another person’s relationship and attitude (or even actions) to or toward me, is no concern of mine (unless it is the result of something I have said or done or not done, of course) and should have no bearing at all upon my attitude to that person and the way in which I allow myself to be used as a channel of the Lord’s LOVE. The Lord’s commandment here is quite explicit, LOVE my enemies and do good (to them) and lend (to them) not hoping to get a return. I must therefore, put into practice what I have previously learned (about LOVE) in this series of studies, not for the reward promised here, but because the Lord instructs me to LOVE – action, not feelings. I will LOVE all, friend or foe, because I LOVE the Lord and He LOVEs me too. Hallelujah Lord Jesus, that I am so filled with your LOVE that I have to let it overflow me onto all those around me! Amen.

170. Matthew 5 v 46: “For if you LOVE them that LOVE you, what reward have you? Don’t even the tax collectors do the same?”

Jesus is not saying that we shouldn’t LOVE only them that LOVE us. That is easy, to return LOVE – that is why those in the world are able to do it – it is the natural thing to do. We, as Christians, those who are called upon (in verse 48 of this chapter) to be perfect as God is perfect, are able to do supernatural as well as natural things. In fact we should do those supernatural things which God expects us to do. In this case before us, Jesus in this context is calling us to LOVE supernaturally! He is calling us to LOVE those whom we do not in any way LOVE in the natural, in fact we cannot LOVE in the natural: those who persecute us; those who hate us; those who use us for their own ends; those who take the mickey out of us, or those who simply ignore us. These are the people God is calling us to LOVE supernaturally! One could summarise this by saying: “Don’t only reflect LOVE to those who LOVE you, so much as to let LOVE pass through you to those who don’t know God’s LOVE for themselves.” Help me dear Lord, to be a channel for Your LOVE to those I don’t think should have that great LOVE. Amen. Hallelujah.

171. Luke 6 v 32: “For if you LOVE them who LOVE you, what thanks have you? For sinners also LOVE those who LOVE them.” 2nd May 1988

This is further reinforcement that Jesus did not say that we shouldn’t LOVE those that LOVE us, we should do that, it is quite right. We should not expect any thanks for it. There is no reward in Heaven for doing so, is what Jesus is saying. Don’t think that we are doing the right thing in God’s eyes by just LOVing those who LOVE us. God made us in that way in the natural, but nothing natural gets us any reward in Heaven for doing it. We only get rewards in Heaven for doing God’s Will, and as far as LOVE is concerned, that was clearly set before us in the previous study to this one. We are called by God (in His Will) to LOVE in every respect, those who, in the natural, we could not LOVE at all. That is the only way in which God is going to be glorified. Hallelujah, He gives us the means to do it too!!! To be channels of God’s LOVE to all those with whom we come into contact! Amen.

172. Matthew 6 v 5: “And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are; for they LOVE to pray standing in the Synagogues and at the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Verily, I say to you, they have their reward.”

This LOVE is not necessarily the wrong LOVE, but it is certainly directed in the wrong direction. It is not directed at God (although they would have others believe that it is!) and it is not directed at others around them, because it causes those around them to look and venerate the hypocrite instead of glorifying God, it is LOVE that is directed straight to themselves! Oh, there are many who are willing to follow those hypocrites, but none of them are led to worship, praise and glorify the living Lord God of Isra’el. So, we may question whether it is a Godly LOVE at all. What we must realise about LOVE in this context, is that where it is aimed is very important. We are to LOVE ourselves in truth, but we must not aim our LOVE at ourselves! We must direct our LOVE to God and to those around us in the knowledge that we also LOVE ourselves. If we do aim our LOVE towards God and those that He LOVEs (ALL people) then we surely shall receive some of the benefit of that LOVE and in that way we shall be LOVing ourselves, but will not be directing that LOVE at ourselves as such. In this way too, God will be glorified. Amen.

173. Matthew 6 v 24: “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and LOVE the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” 8th May 1988

We now have, in this verse, further instruction about directing our LOVE. We saw yesterday, we must take care in which direction we do aim our LOVE, and today, the Lord is giving us part of the reason why. It must be obvious anyway, but, He is saying that we cannot aim our LOVE in two directions at once. We cannot serve both God and the world with its desires. They conflict! They conflict because they are opposites, we can only LOVE one of them and as Christians, we have ‘thrown in our lot’ with God, so we mustn’t even consider serving any other interest but God! To serve Him and His interests is to serve our own (best) interests in a way, not setting out to serve our own interests, but knowing that God always has our best interests at heart. We may not always agree with God’s way of looking at things, but we must always trust Him. Always! Praise God for His mighty LOVE for me. Amen.

174. Luke 16 v 13: “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and LOVE the other; or he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

Again, the Lord is making it clear that we must each – and corporately make a choice: to be either for God or for the world and money – lust – power – self-gratification in all things. If we aim our LOVE in God’s direction, we know that we are doing His Will. He may or may not make us rich or powerful in worldly terms; but whatever station or riches or poverty He permits us to be in, we must LOVE God and seek to do His Will with whatever He gives us and where-ever we find that He has placed us. Above all else, we must not do as the Jews of the Old Testament times did – become ‘stiff necked’ and think that whatever achievements we reach are by our own efforts. We must each give God the glory – by giving it all to Him! We must LOVE to Lord our God with all our heart and soul and strength and all our being, and serve Him only! Amen.

175. Matthew 22 v 37: “Jesus said to him, ‘You shall LOVE the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’.” 30th May 1988

This reply of Jesus to the Pharisees was not just in answer to a question about LOVE, but about the Law. Jesus turned it around however, to make the point that the whole of the Law and the prophets hangs upon, not only that we are to LOVE with all our strength, but that we are to direct that LOVE firstly towards God Himself and mainly so. Also towards our neighbours as our self! We are not called to an ascetic lifestyle! We are to LOVE the Lord our God and Him only – by also LOVing our neighbour as our self. By showing LOVE to our neighbour – consistently, not just on occasions – we are showing our LOVE of God as a witness to our neighbours. In this way, they will see the LOVE of God in operation in our own lives. Amen! They will see this as something desirable and so want it for themselves – salvation to our neighbours. Hallelujah. Amen, amen, amen!

176. Mark 12 v 30: “And you shall LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength: this is the first Commandment.”

“The first Commandment” means the most important Commandment. It is very significant that Jesus, in His answer to the Scribe doesn’t stop there, He went on to say which is the second Commandment – LOVE your neighbour as yourself! He went further in other Scriptures to say that these two are more important than all the others put together! There is no other way into Heaven except by the LOVE of God and neighbour. So we may see that LOVE is the most important thing in life, but, it has to be true and Godly LOVE. Also, we are seeing here again, it has to be true and Godly LOVE correctly directed – towards God and our neighbours. Mark puts the quality of this LOVE even more powerfully than Matthew does, it has to be an all-consuming LOVE, a LOVE beyond comparison with everything else. Every aspect of my life must be controlled by the LOVE of God, I must always be receiving LOVE from God and always pouring it out for Him. Back to God Himself and also upon my neighbours. Lord God, help me please to be able to receive Your LOVE and to be a much more effective channel for it. Amen.

177. Mark 12 v 33: “And to LOVE Him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to LOVE his neighbour as himself, is more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.” 11th June 1988

This Scribe showed to Jesus an understanding of such a degree that Jesus was able to say to him that he was not far from salvation (the Kingdom of God)! LOVE, Jesus agrees here, is much more important than any other part or total of the Law, even though the whole Law was given by God Himself. LOVE is more important than everything else put together, yet not just the LOVE, but what we do in it, or under it, and to whom. We are instructed that we must LOVE God first and foremost and at all times. Part of that LOVE for God must be shown in LOVing our self and our neighbour. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus defined our neighbour – as one who will help us in any time of need. This is obviously much more than just our natural family and is equally obviously, not confined to fellow Christians! Amen.

178. Luke 10 v 27: “And He, answering, said, ‘You shall LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself;”

Jesus here reveals something, which has been hidden from the eyes of the Church for many centuries: that salvation comes to the Jews as a result of LOVing the Lord God with all their heart, soul, strength and mind and LOVing their neighbour as themselves. Obviously, to LOVE God and neighbour like this when previously they had not, involves and change of direction in their lives – repentance! We have Jesus’ word here that this will bring them eternal life! We, as Gentiles must similarly repent and LOVE God and neighbour in the same consuming way. These words were spoken to one of the establishment of that time who thought that he was OK by God’s standards, and that this Jesus was an upstart causing problems and that he had to put Him down. There are many today in the same position and condition who think that they are always right and those who say different to them are wrong. These are our neighbours today as well. God LOVEs them and so must we!!! Amen. Help us Lord to see all men as You see them and to LOVE them as You do. Amen.

179. Matthew 23 v 6: “And LOVE the uppermost places at feasts, and the chief seats in the Synagogues.” 22nd June 1988

We see once again an example of wrongly directed LOVE in the Bible. Jesus is speaking of the Scribes and Pharisees, saying that to do the things that they teach is the right thing to do (!) but not to do what they do. They show only their LOVE for themselves. What they do is direct their LOVE wrongly. They seek for the approval of men, the respect of men, to be given the privileges and trappings of office of men. They seek only to glorify themselves in the eyes of men! This is wrongly directed LOVE! We have seen much, and will no doubt see even more of where and how LOVE should and shouldn’t be directed, but there is a principle hereof, which we shall undoubtedly see more, that wherever we do direct our LOVE, the result should be always to give glory to God and not to ourselves or any man or any place or even to any time. The Scribes and the Pharisees .... “LOVE the uppermost (or most privileged) seats.” That is not to be our way! If we seek to glorify God, who knows but God in His grace and mercy, that He may allow a tiny fraction to come back to us, but we must not seek it! Praise God in the highest. Amen.

180. Mark 12 v 38: “And He said to them in His doctrine, beware of the Scribes, who LOVE to go in long clothing, and LOVE salutations in the market places.”

Jesus here warns the people of Isra’el to be careful of the Scribes, who seek the best things in life for themselves. They “LOVE salutations” – to be acknowledged by men, to be exalted in the eyes of men, or in other words, to be glorified themselves. They “LOVE to go in long clothing” which was a sign of being a somebody, a sign of their own importance in the eyes of their fellow men. The warning here (it is of great importance to realise) is not to the Scribes and Pharisees not too direct their LOVE to the wrong things or people or places, BUT to the people – you and me – not to exult people in our own eyes! If we go to Church to be “fed,” and regard the Minister there as the one who “feeds” you with “the Word,” then we have already exulted that man in our own eyes! If you go to Church to meet God, then you have already exulted that place in your heart! Each of us should be seeking God in His Word to be fed directly in our place as kings and priests – according to the Word. Likewise, we should go to Church WITH God (in our hearts) to corporately praise Him, to worship Him and to glorify Him!!! Amen. Biblical shepherds don’t feed the sheep, they lead them to the pastures to feed themselves!

181. Luke 7 v 42: “And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me, therefore, which of them will LOVE him most?” 26th June 1988

Simon, the Pharisee, who was not (at that time at least) a believer, rightly judged that the one who had been forgiven most would LOVE the most. Jesus confirmed his judgement of the hypothetical situation. I have been forgiven (and hopefully you, who have read these words too) much sin in my life, including not accepting Jesus at one time, subsequently not obeying Him at all times. In all honesty, there are still times when I realise that I haven’t. I also realise now that I am forgiven for not LOVing Him as I should – having been forgiven so much! Lord Jesus, I confess now to You that I have not LOVEd You as I ought, that I have been nothing less than ungrateful to You in my attitude; I now repent of that attitude and ask You to correct it within me and forgive me anew and fill me anew with Your LOVE that I may from this time, LOVE You as I ought. Hallelujah! Amen. Praise You Lord Jesus, I do LOVE You and I will LOVE You more. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your full and frank forgiveness of me! Amen. Amen. Amen.

182. Luke 11 v 43: “Woe to you Pharisees! For you LOVE the chief seats in the Synagogues, and salutations in the market places.”

“Woe” – a curse upon you! From the mouth of Jesus, what a terrible thing to happen to anyone, yet these people, to whom Jesus was speaking, didn’t care because He hurt their pride! He told them the truth about themselves and told them that they were cursed by God Himself and they didn’t like it at all. Their problems included the fact that they preferred to have the respect and salutations and even worship of men – this is where they aimed their LOVE, instead of giving their respect and salutations and worship to God. The respect, worship and praise of men, they caused to be diverted from God to themselves and for this, they were cursed. It serves to underline the importance of where we each aim our LOVE, it must be to God first. We must not try to divert any of it to ourselves! This is what happened to Lucifer and as a result, he was cursed and thrown out of Heaven. What a terrible thing to be cursed by the living God! We must strive to make sure that none of us falls into this trap. Lord God, guide me and keep me in your ways, leave me not to my own ways which lead to your curse. In Jesus name Amen. To God be the glory. Amen.

183. Luke 20 v 46: “Beware of the Scribes, who desire to walk in long robes, and LOVE salutations in the market places, and the highest seats in the Synagogues, and the chief places at feasts.” 3rd July 1988

We continue to be shown, by the Lord, the wrong way to apply LOVE, and in fact the wrong LOVE form. This form of LOVE is a cancerous LOVE, it is all take and little or no give, it also destroys the one who holds this form of LOVE: by deceiving them into thinking that they are going to Heaven when they are NOT; by seeking more and more the respect of men to themselves; by causing them to see themselves as what they are not; by diverting their attention away from the LOVE of God and His commandment to LOVE their neighbour as themselves; and other evil results, as may be realised just by thinking about their situation. By thinking in this way about the negative form and application of LOVE, we cannot but realise that it is wrong – for the simple reason that it does take our eyes and LOVE away from God. Praise be to God who LOVEs us so much, to want to LOVE us back into a right relationship with Him and out neighbours! Hallelujah! Amen!

184. John14 v 21: “He that has my commandment and keeps them, he it is that LOVEs Me; and he that LOVEs Me shall be LOVEd of my Father, and I will LOVE him, and will manifest Myself to him.”

O what a wondrous thing, Jesus says that He “will LOVE him” that has His commandments and keeps them! Now I want to be LOVEd by Jesus, I want that very much and not only for myself, but, we must not fool ourselves that being LOVEd by Jesus, in this context, is the way into salvation – John 3:16 shows the only way for that, coupled with Acts 3:38! This being LOVEd by Jesus is an associated issue, not the central issue in salvation. The verse above spells out those who will receive the LOVE of Jesus and it seems fairly obvious that those who do receive that LOVE by virtue of having and keeping Jesus commandments, will be those who have already “believed on Him, repented and been baptised in the name of Jesus.” The LOVE of Jesus toward each one of us is not conditional, but the receiving of it and manifesting of Jesus to each person is conditional upon the “having and keeping Jesus commandments.” How can we expect the blessings of Jesus commandments if we don’t actually do them! Lord Jesus, help me to be ever mindful of Your commandments to do them and so to show my LOVE towards You. In Jesus name, Amen.

185. John 14 v 23: “Jesus answered, and said to him, if a man LOVE Me, he will keep My words; and My Father will LOVE him, and We will come to him, and make Our abode with him.” 10th July 1988

Jesus is saying that the result of a man LOVing Jesus, the result of that LOVE will be that the man will keep His words. The LOVE for Jesus must come out in that way. So we have here a measure of a man’s LOVE for Jesus, that if his lifestyle is different to his spoken words, then the LOVE for Jesus cannot be as great as that man professes. We must also remember that we are called upon NOT to judge one another’s person! What I must do, if I LOVE Jesus as much as I say, is to make sure that I keep the words of Jesus and His commandments, in order that my lifestyle is not out of step with that LOVE and the confession of that LOVE to those around me. We are back to the old adage – “actions speak louder than words.” A holier than thou attitude doesn’t glorify God in the eyes of non-believers. Lord Jesus, help me keep your words and commandments, that my lifestyle doesn’t in any way contradict my LOVE for You. Amen.

186. John 15 v 12: “This is My commandment, that you LOVE one another, as I have LOVEd you.”

In the previously studied verse (John 14:23) we see that we are to keep Jesus words, and two verses before that, we see that we are to keep Jesus commandments. Here today, we have set out clearly in unmistakeable terms, one of these words and commandments. One can argue that we don’t have to LOVE everyone, only fellow Christians. Well, this study is not to discuss, argue or debate the points involved. Let each one of us start where this study is and at least see that we must obey Jesus command, it is not optional to LOVE one another. Start with all those in your local fellowship or Church, not missing out anyone at all – “can’t stand that Joe Bloggs, but I don’t mind the rest” isn’t obeying Jesus Command! Jesus didn’t allow any exceptions to His commandment. So maybe a conscious start by setting out to be a channel of the LOVE of God to every member of your local Church or fellowship. Pick the person or couple that you like the least, and invite them to join you and your family in Sunday lunch – crack the hardest problem first. That way the rest is easier, get to know that person (or couple) – you cannot LOVE someone you don’t know, not in truth. Charity (LOVE) begins at home they say. Also, the standard of LOVE is also given in this verse – “as I have LOVEd you.” Hallelujah, what a release!

187. John15 v 17: “These things I command you, that you LOVE one another.” 14th July 1988

This verse is part of a discourse by Jesus and He is saying here, that by keeping all His commandments, we shall be better enabled to LOVE one another. The abiding in Him in verse 7, is a prerequisite of being able to operate a Godly LOVE – towards Jesus or towards each other. Jesus must abide in me, in order that His LOVE may flow out to others. Jesus says elsewhere in the Gospels, that this LOVE flowing out towards fellow Christians, will be a part of our witness for Jesus. This witness is that which backs up our evangelistic words that we speak. Without this outflow of LOVE, our words, however good and powerful, are spiritually meaningless. We must have LOVE in and through our lives and this passage in John shows us some of the prerequisites (after salvation of course) for having LOVE within each of us, in order that we may obey the commandment of Jesus to LOVE one another. Amen.

188. John 15 v 19: “If you were of the world, the world would LOVE its own; but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

The LOVE of the world is self-LOVE and is not true or Godly LOVE in any sense of the word. The world – people who are not bound for Heaven – cannot LOVE those who have within them the light of the world, Jesus, because that light is the Spirit of truth which shows up their deeds (however apparently good in worldly terms) for what they are – not of God! Humanism is anti-God because it sets out to achieve peace and goodwill in the world by human means, leaving out God. God’s LOVE toward us is unconditional as we have seen in previous studies in this series, but the world’s LOVE is conditional upon us not “rocking the boat” – upsetting the carefully laid traditions and precepts of men, and not showing up the truth of men’s motives etc. etc. In other words, not exposing them to Jesus and the Holy Spirit of truth, ultimate truth, Godly truth. The LOVE of the world is fickle and not to be trusted, unlike God’s LOVE which, as we have seen, is unchanging, in fact, unchangeable and totally trustworthy! Hallelujah for the LOVE of God towards each of us, praise Him for His truth and LOVE which the world cannot accept – would that they could. Praise You Lord God for Your purposes which we so often cannot understand. Praise You Lord God of Isra’el for Your unchangeable LOVE. Amen.

189. Romans 8 v 28: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that LOVE God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.”

This is one of the promises of God toward each and every one of us. It is unchangeable. It is, however, conditional. It is to them that LOVE God! Now do I LOVE God in order to see what I can get out of Him? That is conditional, but it is a condition imposed by me, not God. The condition that we have in this Scripture is God’s condition, not ours! So what sort of LOVE of God is it? It is unconditional on our part – LOVing God for who He is, for what He has already done for us, what He is yesterday, today and forever. Then, out of His LOVE for those whom He has called for His purposes, He makes all things that happen to each of us, good or bad in our opinion, work together for our Ultimate good – training us with both good and bad situations (in our opinion!) for His purposes here on earth and in Heaven above. Hallelujah! God knows best for us each one. Help me to acknowledge that and so trust Him more and more. Amen.

190. Romans 13 v 8: “Owe no man anything, but to LOVE one another; for he that LOVEs another has fulfilled the Law.”

The only debt we have is to the Lord Jesus, it is clearly laid down here that we are not to owe to any man. The debt we have to the Lord Jesus is to LOVE one another and that is shown here. Later in this chapter, we are reminded to “LOVE our neighbour as ourself;” LOVE therefore, is to be the driving force of our lives in Christ Jesus; it is to be the main motivation of all that we do. This LOVE is, of course, Godly LOVE, the LOVE of Jesus which dwells within each believer. This is not a passive LOVE, it is an active LOVE, one which seeks to shine the light of Jesus into the lives of all those around us. I had a dream last night in which I was running a stall of some description at some sort of function and a gang of yobs came and smashed it down; in this dream, my first reaction was to call out to them that Jesus LOVEs them and doesn’t want them to be harmed in any way; then my own reactions came in: to rush over and belt them one, to threaten them, to call them all the names under the sun. Then I realised which was the reaction of Jesus and that was the reaction I should always have in real life. That first reaction was not passive LOVE as it first seems when it happened in my dream, Jesus LOVE took that situation and turned it into an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus into the life of those yobs. I would want that first reaction to be my first reaction whenever things go wrong in my life. Father God, I know that is Your will for me too, so can it be. Please Father, so work in me now that it will be my first reaction to all adversity and persecution, to LOVE my “enemies” into Your Kingdom. Hallelujah, this is the way forward. Amen.

191. Galatians 5 v 14: “For all the Law is fulfilled in one word, even this: “You shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself.” 23rd July 1988

We have seen this before, so what will the Lord show us this time? If we do this one thing, we shall have fulfilled all the Law! We saw in the study on RIGHTEOUSNESS that as a result of being made RIGHTEOUS, that we would find that we do not transgress the Law, and here we see another thing which is similar: that by LOVing our neighbour as our self, we shall fulfil the Law in this one thing. Perhaps one could say that with RIGHTEOUSNESS we will keep the letter of the Law whilst with LOVE we shall keep the spirit of the Law. This must not be misconstrued as saying that LOVE is to be operated in order to keep the spirit of the Law, but we must each realise that keeping the spirit of the Law will be a natural (or even super-natural) outcome of the LOVE of Jesus being operative in our lives toward those around each of us. Praise God in the highest for His revelations. Amen.

192. James 2 v 8: “If you fulfil the royal law according to the Scriptures, you shall LOVE your neighbour as yourself, you shall do well;”

“Who is my neighbour” Jesus was asked. He replied, in parable form, he who helps you – having mercy upon you when you are in no position to help yourself. Now, our context today for LOVE is that, being partial, by showing respect to persons who appear to have money and/or influence, is not the thing to do! We are to not help them any more than we help the poor (in material or spiritual ways) and thus, we shall become neighbours to all men. The context of LOVE in this verse does not say that we are to favour the poor man either!! We are called upon to treat, help, show LOVE, be neighbour to all men equally, first through to the brethren – fellow believers. In other words, we must show LOVE, Godly LOVE to all mankind without favour or partiality. We are not called upon to judge whether one person or another should or shouldn’t receive the LOVE of Jesus through each of us. Father, help me to see all men (and women and children) as you see them, as objects of Your LOVE, and to conduct myself in my attitudes as a channel of that LOVE, that all those around me shall benefit from Your LOVE. Praise You Father God. Amen.

193. I Corinthians 2 v 9: “But as it is written, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that LOVE Him.” 30th July 1988

We have no idea, not the slightest conception of what God has prepared for those that LOVE Him, not even the vaguest hint of what is to come. But, the next verse goes on to say, by His Spirit He has revealed them to us (Obviously those who LOVE Him) “that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God (verse 12). As intelligent beings, we observe that God’s plans are revealed to us, not all in one go, but progressively. As we go on in the Lord, He reveals a little more to us – little by little – in fact, as we can cope with it. He LOVEs us so much that He wants each of us to know all about Him as well as to know Him. Equally, He knows that we couldn’t cope with the whole knowledge of Him, so He reveals a little more each time we have coped with the previously revealed part of His LOVE and being. Father, we do LOVE You and praise You and worship You, for the way in which You are so gracious and LOVing to us. Thank You Father. Amen.

194. I Corinthians 8 v 3: “But if any man LOVE God, the same is known of Him.”

This is a new aspect of LOVE that we have not seen before in this study. It may have been hinted at, but not seen in so many words. The fact that a person LOVEs God, means that God knows the fact! What a wonderful assurance – not only is Jesus mine, as in that old chorus, but God knows exactly who LOVEs Him and, conversely, who doesn’t. He knows those who ‘pay lip service’ to Him, but their hearts are not really towards God; who do what they do to make men think how good they are – and very many ARE deceived by them. This new aspect of Godly LOVE means that we are relieved of a great burden – we don’t have to judge whether or not a person really does LOVE God. We have only to weigh that person’s words and that is all, as to whether they are the words of the Lord God of Isra’el to me, to each individual one of us. This sets us free to hear what God says to us even through the unbelievers! Hallelujah, we knew this in our hearts but here is the proof. Wonderful God. Praise Your holy Name for all time and eternity. Thank You Father for this revelation to Your people. Praise God in the highest! Amen.

195. Ephesians 5 v 25: “Husbands, LOVE you wives, even as Christ also LOVEd the Church, and gave Himself up for it.” 7th August 1988

What an edict! What a wonderful God to give us husbands such an instruction, we have confidence that we can LOVE to the extent that we are instructed since we know that God doesn’t ask or tell us to do something that is beyond our capabilities. Praise the Lord that He is so gracious! Now back to LOVE. We have an instruction today in this verse on the application of LOVE, not only the direction in which it is to be sent or applied, but also, we are told the quality of the LOVE too, “as Christ LOVEd the Church.” There is no higher form of LOVE – as we have already seen in previous studies; The Lord Jesus was willing for a short while, to give up His ‘God-ness,’ and put Himself into a mere human frame, suffer the utmost humilities and degradations and physical pain, from those that He created to be worshippers of Himself. All to save them (us) from the results of their (and our) sin. That is the quality of LOVE with which we husbands must LOVE our wives. Thank You Lord Jesus that You not only tell me to do this, but You also give me the wherewithal to do it! Hallelujah! Amen.

196. Ephesians 5 v 28: “So ought men to LOVE their wives as their own bodies. He that LOVEs his wife LOVEs himself.”

I must LOVE my wife – this is the Lord’s commandment to me, I cannot escape it nor deflect it on to anyone else, the commandment is for me personally. The only person to whom it doesn’t apply is an unmarried man, or widower, who obviously has no wife to LOVE, equally obviously, they are to put all their LOVE towards the Lord. When this command says that a man ought to LOVE his wife as his own body, this is not referring to any self-centred LOVE of one’s own body, but a Christ like LOVE as displayed by (verse 29) Christ’s LOVE for the Church – nourishing and cherishing it. So ought men to LOVE their wives in the same way as any normal person nourishes and cherishes their own body. To LOVE my wife in this way when we are indoors together and without visitors, in other words, when no one else can see us, is part of my Christian witness. It is easy to make a show when others are looking, but those others will see it for what it is – a show – if it doesn’t stem from my normal way of treating my wife even when we are alone. Lord Jesus, help me to see, and in Your strength correct, every little detail where I fail to do as You command me, especially concerning my LOVing my wife – whom You gave me. Amen. May You be glorified Lord, in the answer to this prayer. Hallelujah! Amen.

197. Ephesians 5 v 33: “Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular so LOVE his wife even as himself; and the wife, see that she reverence her husband.” 14th August 1988

When we see “nevertheless” in the Bible, it means – pay special attention to this next part. We men are here told to “in particular so LOVE his wife even as himself.” In other words, this application of LOVE is much more important than any other application of Godly LOVE (except to remember the first commandment!) that we must LOVE our wives as much (or maybe more) as we LOVE our own selves and look after our own selves. Why is this? The context of this LOVing of wives is that it shows to the world in a tangible form, the relationship of Christ to the Church! It is therefore, a part, a major part, of our witness to the world and is hence, of prime importance. Christ, the Lamb, is to be the husband of the Church, the bride, at the marriage of the Lamb in Heaven during the Tribulation. The world then, has to have an opportunity to see Christ’s LOVE in action in the form of us Christian husbands LOVing our wives – each of whom Christ gave us to be LOVEd! Hallelujah Father! That I may be a better and better show of Your LOVE. Amen.

198. Colossians 3 v 19: “Husband LOVE your wives and be not bitter against them.”

LOVE – bitter? Why could a husband be bitter against his wife? Perhaps he thinks that she should do everything he says and immediately, since the Scripture says: “wives submit your selves to your own husbands.” If a husband thinks that is what the Scripture means, then he is sadly wrong – that is the description of a slaves duty and we are looking here at a Scripture pertaining to wives, not slaves – or even hired servants! We’ll not enter any discussion of what a wife is or is not. Husbands LOVE your wives- one husband, one wife – many husbands, many wives – one each! This LOVE of husbands for wives, is to be as Christ LOVEs the Church and gave Himself for it – hence, a sacrificial LOVE by husbands. We must avoid going to the opposite extreme of wife-slaves and thinking that the husband must indulge every whim of the wife (dancing to her tune maybe?) thus becoming a husband-slave. Remember always the relationship of Jesus to the Church and remember that the husband/wife relationship should parallel that. Husbands LOVE your wives. Thank You Father that You never expect more from us than is possible, because You made the way. Hallelujah. Amen.

199. Ephesians 6 v 24: “Grace be with all them that LOVE our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.” 18th August 1988

This is Paul’s blessing upon the Ephesians believers. It is also a statement of fact about all believers and about LOVE. This is as a result of LOVE, LOVing in particular, Jesus our Lord and LOVing Him sincerely. Paying lip service to LOVing the Lord Jesus will not, especially in the long term (including Eternity) result in His grace being with those of us who do only pay lip service to Him. However, those of us who do sincerely LOVE our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity – in spirit and truth – will be blessed with His grace being with us all the time. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Grace is defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary as : “unmerited favour of God,” “divine regeneration,” “inspiring and strengthening influence.” All of these are ours, we are told in this verse, by sincerely LOVing our Lord! What a wonderful God He is. Praise His holy Name, He does this to those who rejected Him, even to those who still reject Him at the present time. Hallelujah again and again. Amen.

200. I Thessalonians 4 v 9: “But, as touching brotherly LOVE, you need not that I write to you; for you yourselves are taught of God to LOVE one another.”

Paul writes here to the Christians of Thessalonica, and says to them a very revealing thing – that they (and hence - we) do not need anyone to tell them (and us) to LOVE one another; they (and we) are taught directly by God Himself that we ought to LOVE one another and also how to do so! We do not need teachers, it is put into us when we are born again, to LOVE our fellow Christians. Those Christians who don’t feel this are either not born again in the first place or they have had this LOVE suppressed within themselves by many painful experiences at the hand of other “Christians.” All who have been born again will testify that they have, upon being born again, known that LOVE for their fellow believers, even if they maybe don’t have that LOVE now. God Himself puts that LOVE into us – again – we don’t need a man (or a woman) to teach us that LOVE. What we do need is to operate in that LOVE. The “how to” is in God’s word as we have been seeing in there so far, in 200 verses from His word on the subject of LOVE! Praise You Father that I don’t have to struggle and strive with Your LOVE within me, but simply let it happen. Hallelujah! Amen.

201. II Timothy 4 v 8: “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day; and not me only, but to all them also that LOVE His appearing.” 21st August 1988

What a comfort, Paul had been deserted by all those who had been with him and helping him (except Luke) now he was in prison almost friendless; yet here he is, triumphant not only for himself either, but for all them that LOVE the appearing of the Lord Jesus in power and glory! Why? He knew, and this was his comfort – and ours – that there is a crown of righteousness awaiting him when the Lord comes again! So, we see today yet another aspect of LOVE, Godly LOVE: it has a reward at the end of time – a crown of righteousness. I suppose that we could call this another aspect of “comforting LOVE” but really, it is a new one – rewarding LOVE! Hallelujah! Praise God that His LOVE has an inexhaustible supply of aspects to it! Amen. We may not ever see them all, even in Heaven, but we’ll have all Eternity to find out just how big is the LOVE of God! Amen again.

202. Titus 2 v 4: “That they may teach the young women to be sober minded, to LOVE their husbands, to LOVE their children,”

Isn’t it strange that women should need to be taught (well, younger women) to LOVE their husband and their children? Isn’t it strange too, that the older women should need to be told to do the teaching of those younger women? This tells us something of the difference between worldly LOVE and Godly LOVE surely. To LOVE husbands and children then must mean in a Godly way, whereas previously it must have been in a worldly way – enough to keep husbands and children quiet and thus not trouble the wife and mother too much – give her a quiet life. Now, younger women are to be taught to LOVE husbands and children in a Godly way. In other words, to seek to promote their own salvation and for their ultimate good, not the short term good that is indulgence. To LOVE their husbands and children into the Kingdom of God in effect, instead of taking the easy way out. To set an example of Godly LOVE to them that is hard not to follow after, to be such a witness of God’s LOVE that it will sow seeds and water them in the hearts of husband and children of the LOVE of God, that will eventually result in their salvation. Hallelujah for such a ministry for wives! Amen.

203. Titus 3 v 15: “All that are with me greet you. Greet them that LOVE us in the faith. Grace be with you all. Amen.” 24th August 1988

This is another aspect of LOVing one another – that LOVE of the Lord God of Isra’el. Another way of showing our LOVE towards our fellow Christians is given here, simply to ask to be remembered to other fellow Christians. This seems such a simple thing to do and of little consequence. Let us just think for a moment upon the implications of this. The fact that someone has asked to be remembered to someone else means that they were thinking of them and by implication, thinking of them in a positive way. This immediately has the effect of uplifting, even if only to a small degree, the one thought of when they receive those “second hand” greetings. So here, we have today, in this verse, a positive action in LOVE or of LOVE, which up-builds a person which is an aspect of LOVE which we saw in the very first of these studies of God’s LOVE. Hallelujah, God is so worthy to be praised. Amen.

204. James 1 v 12: “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to them that LOVE Him.”

We see today, another form of reward of LOVing the Lord, a crown of life. This passage seems to say that there is a qualification though – ‘enduring temptation.’ This is obviously coupling together LOVE and enduring temptation, for it says elsewhere in the Bible (I Corinthians 10:13) that no man shall be tempted beyond what he can bear AND God will provide a way out of that temptation – another aspect of His LOVE to us of course. (Be aware and know that no temptation comes from God – see James 1:13 ff!) So now we have two rewards for LOVing the Lord God of Isra’el: a crown of righteousness as seen in II Timothy 4:8, and now a crown of life. WOW! We know - or should do by now – that we are, each Christian, a king, a royal priest, for Jesus is the King of kings; now we see another proof of that priestly kingship of ours – only a king wears a crown! All this because we LOVE Jesus and THAT because He first LOVEd us. What a LOVE, what an enormous heart to contain such LOVE. Thank You Lord and Father God for such a LOVE which compels my LOVE in return and then rewards that LOVE. Wonderful God. Amen.

205. James 2 v 5: “Hearken, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom which He has promised to them that LOVE Him?” 26th August 1988

We must be careful not to misinterpret this verse, it says very clearly that the Kingdom is promised to them that LOVE Him – God, the Lord Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. It does not say that the Kingdom is or is not promised to the rich or the poor but to those that LOVE God whether rich or poor!!! The context of the verse is about being partial towards the rich and against the poor – judging by appearances. The point about LOVE in this verse is that if we do LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el, we shall not be partial in this way – it is not for us to judge who shall come into inheriting the Kingdom. God has Himself chosen poor people to be rich in faith – let’s face it, they have to since they are not rich. “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” Jesus said, but He followed that by saying “but with God, all things are possible!” Praise the Lord, again we are told that if we LOVE the Lord, we must not judge!

206. I Peter 1 v 8: “Whom, having not seen, you LOVE; though now you see Him not, yet believing, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

We see today, that faith (believing) and LOVE are closely coupled together. How could we LOVE Jesus and rejoice in Him if we didn’t believe that He is God? We must believe in Him (or have faith in Him) in order to LOVE Him. We cannot LOVE some abstract thing without form, only that which we can see and feel or touch and communicate with; so why do we LOVE Jesus? It is because our faith makes Him real to us – tangible. We constantly see the evidence of His LOVE for us and so we believe in His LOVE for us and so we believe in Him or have faith in Him, so we LOVE Him. Not only are LOVE of God and faith in Him closely coupled, LOVE for God cannot exist without faith in God to start with. So we may conclude that Godly LOVE within us comes as a result of our faith in God Himself. Praise God that He has made all these things so interdependent.

207. I Peter 1 v 22: “Seeing that you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit to unfeigned LOVE of the brethren, see that you LOVE one another with a pure heart fervently,” 28th August 1988

Unfeigned LOVE? LOVE with a pure heart? Surely, LOVE with a pure heart IS unfeigned LOVE? My dictionary shows ‘feign’ to be: invented, forged imagined, fictitious, simulated or pretend. This last meaning is possibly the one in God’s mind as He had this verse written down, He does confirm this in the last part of the verse – an instruction to each one of us that we have seen several times before – to LOVE one another with a pure heart fervently. “With a pure heart” means without any motivation for our own ends, without thought of anything for ourselves. We must LOVE one another selflessly is what is written here – as Jesus did for each of us. Not only must we LOVE one another with a pure heart, but we must do it fervently. Wow, not just for the hour or those times per week that we are in each other’s company. ‘Fervently’ – hot, glowing, ardent or intense! Only in the power of the Holy Spirit could we attain, much less sustain such a LOVE. Help us please Lord Jesus, to LOVE one another in the way that You command. Amen.

208. I Peter 2 v 17: “Honour all men. LOVE the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the King.”

LOVE the brotherhood.” How important must it be then since this command of Jesus is repeated over and over and over and over again in the New Testament, and not a few times in the Old Testament too. This commandment comes in quite a number of different contexts too. This tells us that, whatever the circumstances, we are to obey this command – LOVE the brotherhood! We have seen in previous studies too, that it is not to be surface LOVE either, but, as in the last study (I Peter 1:22) showed us, “with a pure heart fervently.” It doesn’t mean that we are forever to be heard gasping out the words, “I LOVE you brother or sister,” probably that should never be necessary to speak them at all, for LOVE, as we have now seen many times, is an action and it is that action that should be our witness to the unbelievers, of the LOVE of God within us. Help me Father to obey Your command, in the way that is pleasing to You and no other way. Help me Father to be obedient to You in every other of Your commandments too, in Your LOVE. Amen.

209. I Peter 3 v 8: “Firstly, be you all of one mind, having compassion one of another, LOVE as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous,” 3rd September 1988

We are shown today just how unlike worldly LOVE is the Godly LOVE to which we are called to walk. We are to have compassion upon each other, to LOVE each other as if we were brothers (and sisters of course) to be pitiful and courteous towards one another and the next verse continues: “not paying back evil for evil or railing for railing.” These are the ways of the world. We are saved out of the world by the LOVE of God and it is with that LOVE that we are filled and are to operate. We are to be of one mind – to seek the glory of God in each other, even when the other Christian makes a mistake and curses us or something else that causes us to be affronted, we must still LOVE that other person. It might be me that goes wrong next time... God cannot be glorified in the world if we only show His LOVE to be the same as the LOVE of the world. We are called upon to be witnesses for God by example to all mankind – before we even speak! Praise God that though it is impossible in the world to be like this – with God all things are possible! Hallelujah! Amen.

210. I Peter 3 v 10: “For he that will LOVE life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile;”

Now this is something new, neither this verse nor its context say that it is wrong to LOVE life, it doesn’t say that it is right either. It does say that should I want to LOVE life, and so want to see good days (obviously in Heaven, but possibly here on Earth too) then I must refrain from speaking evil in any form, i.e. of any person or place or time etc. and I must not speak any form of guile. Now evil I think that we all understand what it means, but guile? Guile in my dictionary is: ‘treachery, deceit, cunning devices.’ So, if we want to LOVE life and see good days, I and you must be honest and open and pure in our lips. Not only must I seek to glorify God in my lifestyle and in my speaking, but here we see a more detailed part of how to do this: I must not speak evil or cunning. Praise God that His word is so detailed and precise. Father, this is impossible in worldly terms to be completely free from speaking evil and guile, but praise Your wonderful name, what is impossible for man, is easy for You. So help me Father that I may accomplish this – in the name of Jesus. Amen.

211. I John 3 v 11:LOVE not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man LOVE the world, the LOVE of the Father is not in him.” 11th September 1988

This puts things strongly in their places: first we are told again not to LOVE the world and the temporal things in it; then we are reminded why this must be so. Because if we do LOVE the world, then we do not LOVE God. It is very simple and clear cut, as it says elsewhere in the Bible (Matthew 6:24) no-one can serve the world and God. It is very interesting too, that the next verse, I John 2:16, qualifies the last study about LOVing life by pointing out that ‘pride of life’ is a LOVE of the world. Please note however, that LOVE of life and pride of life are not the same thing, that pride of life is a sin is stated here. If I LOVE any or even one of the things of this world, it is symbolic of where my heart is – not with God. We must, however be very careful to realise that this is not a call to an ascetic life or lifestyle, but it is a question of our heart attitude towards things of the world; are we really grateful to God for those things which He has allowed us, or do we seek for more of them? Praise God in the highest for His grace and goodness towards us. Amen.

212. I John3 v 11: “For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should LOVE one another.”

Here, John is reiterating Jesus command in John 13:34 when Jesus said ‘a new commandment I give to you, that you (and me) LOVE one another;’ He went on to tell us why – so that all men will know this, that we are disciples of Jesus. Again, this LOVing of one another is a major part of our witness. John is saying in today’s verse, that he is not telling us something new, that this message is one that we have heard from the beginning – the Ten Commandments even. Not only will we not break them if we LOVE God in spirit and in truth; but, if we truly LOVE one another as Jesus has commanded us, then in that LOVE we shall not break any of the Ten Commandments. Look at the last five Commandments (Exodus 20:13-17) and realise that they are all concerned with our attitude and actions toward those around us. If I LOVE someone, I’m not going to kill them or commit adultery with them or steal from them. Nor will I bear false witness against them or covet anything belonging to them! So these are more signs of our LOVE to one another. Hallelujah Lord, You are so explicit in everything. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen.

213. I John 4 v 7: “Beloved, let us LOVE one another, for LOVE is of God, and everyone that LOVEs is born of God, and knows God.” 18th September 1988

What a wonderful paragraph this is, in verses 7-10, the word LOVE is use nine times! We are told yet again, to LOVE one another, for the reason this time, that ‘LOVE is of God.’ It is a Godly thing to do, each of us, to LOVE one another. What a beautiful thing it would be, if every one of us really did operate in Godly LOVE as God commands each one of us. Praise God that one day, we shall be perfect in that LOVE, no more self and sin getting in the way and spoiling things between God’s people. Hallelujah Father, that You are perfecting us ready for Your Kingdom and so, we mustn’t give up and say to ourselves (or others) ‘it’s no good, I keep failing in this LOVing each other business,’ we must recognise that our God is a God of LOVE, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Also that we are bound to fail if we try in our own strength. Each time I fail, I must ask the Lord to forgive me, and ask Him to help me LOVE others in His strength in the future, in order that we fail less and less often. Thank You Lord God of Isra’el that You are LOVE, and that LOVE is directed at me. Wonderful God, praise You Father. Amen. Read Jude verse 24!

214. I John 4 v 11: “Beloved, if God so LOVEd us, we ought also to LOVE one another.”

The Lord God keeps on hammering away at this point, which was the main commandment that was given to us by Jesus: ‘LOVE one another!” From the number of times that this point is repeated alone, in the New Testament, we ought to be able to realise how important it must be in our lives. What other commandment is re-iterated so often? The keeping of the commandment “to LOVE one another” can only be a foundational part of our Christian life. In verse 20, we are told, in no uncertain terms, that we are liars if we don’t LOVE one another whilst calling ourselves Christians – LOVErs of Christ Jesus! It couldn’t be put more strongly or more clearly to us, could it. I MUST LOVE MY CHRISTIAN BRETHREN! There is no qualification or exception given in the Bible to this at all. I have no choice, I must simply obey the Lord Jesus, and not in any sort of nominal, lip service way either. I must wholeheartedly LOVE my Christian Brethren without reservation, in action and in deed. There is no other option in God’s word. Help me then Father, to honour Your command and glorify You in my lifestyle. Amen.

215. II John v 5: “And now I beseech you, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment to you, but that which we have had from the beginning, that we LOVE one another.” 25th September 1988

Whoever the ‘lady” is in the letter, is beside the point in our study, for once again we have Jesus’ commandment reinforced to each one of us as to its importance.. In the next verse, this commandment goes as far as to show just how foundationally important it is that we LOVE one another! If we don’t LOVE one another, then we are not walking in the Lord’s commandments, therefore, it cannot be that we LOVE the Lord! Verse 6 says “this is LOVE, that we walk in His commandments,” it couldn’t be clearer. So, we are seeing here today, that LOVE is an action – walk, obey – and also that it is the very foundation of the Kingdom of God. I John 4:16 tells us that God is LOVE. If He is in us, then we have His LOVE within us and we cannot not LOVE one another. If we do not LOVE one another, this can only be by deliberate disobedience of God Himself. There is no other way in which we (Christians) can be in the state of not LOVing any brother or sister in the Lord. If you or I do not walk wholeheartedly in this commandment of the Lord, then we are in deception – strong words! Amen. Praise God!

216. I John 3 v 14: “We know that we have passed from death to life, because we LOVE the brethren . He that LOVEs not his brother abides in death.”

The fact that we LOVE our Christian brothers and sisters, in the way expressed in verse 18, “not ... in word, neither in tongue, but indeed and in truth,” is, we are told here, the sign by which we are to know that we are saved! Now, I ask myself, and I suggest that you ask yourself too, ‘Do I LOVE my Christian brothers and sisters in deeds and in truth, or is it only in words and in tongue?’ This is what one might call, the acid test. Is there any single person, even in the Christian world, of whom I know or know of, that I couldn’t say, ‘I would do anything for that person, even if it cost me my life to do it?’ For that is the level of LOVE we are commanded to have and to do toward each other! I have to be honest and say that presently, I do not feel able to say that. Having said that though, I am on the way towards fulfilling Jesus’ commandment to ‘LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you.’ Father, I acknowledge my inability to do this, especially in my own strength, and as such, I fall way, way short of Your standards for me. Fill me anew with Your LOVE Father, as at the first, that I may begin to advance towards obeying Your commandments. Thank You Father. Amen.

217. I John 3 v 23: “And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and LOVE one another, as He gave us commandment.”

Once again we are told that we are commanded to LOVE one another. Not suggesting that we should or that it would look better if we did LOVE one another, but commanded by God Himself! Not only are we reminded again that we are commanded to LOVE one another, but, in this verse, we are reminded how fundamental this command and obedience to it is, to our very salvation, it is coupled together in this one verse to the commandment to believe on the name of Jesus Christ, which is our very salvation! Wow, this is beyond any shadow of doubt, showing each one of us, that if we do not LOVE our brothers and sisters in Christ, then we must doubt if we are saved, born again, REALLY going to Heaven, and even, if we are Christians in the real sense of the word. The Father is coupling together so tightly salvation and LOVE for the Christian brothers and sisters especially (but let us not think exclusively, as we have previously seen!) that He is saying that this LOVE for one another, if it is missing or in any way qualified in our life, then this is a sign that we are not really born again. Father, I acknowledge before You the importance of LOVing one another, and in Your strength I will obey Your command. Amen.

218. I John 4 v 12: “No man has seen God at any time. If we LOVE one another, God dwells in us and His LOVE is perfected in us.”

The perfection of God’s LOVE is only when we LOVE one another then. Whilst we are still discriminating in our LOVE for one another, God isn’t dwelling in our whole being and His LOVE cannot be perfected in each of us. In other words, we can hold up God’s purposes in our own life by failing to LOVE one another without discrimination or partiality as we are commanded by God Himself! What a devastating revelation! So, to LOVE one’s brothers and sisters in the Lord, is really so very important for our own good, not just for our witness in the world. This makes it all the more important then, for us to obey God in His commandment to LOVE one another. It really is, not just to be obedient, but it is for our own ultimate good. Wow! What a God, what a wonderful God, the only God. His commands are not just in order that the world may see Him revealed in each of us, but it is for our own individual good directly, not just indirectly. Praise You wonderful God. May Your purposes be fully worked out in MY life. Amen.

219. I John 4 v 19: “We LOVE Him, because He first LOVEd us.” 9th October 1988

If God hadn’t first LOVEd us, we wouldn’t even know what LOVE is, much less be able to LOVE Him or respond in any way to Him. This is only because He LOVEs us and that we have known His LOVE, that we are able to LOVE Him at all. So our LOVE for Him is a consequence of His LOVing us. We cannot really appreciate why He LOVEs us, we cannot question that fact either, because it is not our place to question God about anything. We can, however, ask God to tell us things or help us to understand them. He, in the LOVE of God, created us knowing that most of us would reject Him (exercising the free will that He gave us) in order to be able to have fellowship with us and for us to LOVE Him and praise Him and worship Him and adore Him. These are all things which we can only do as a result of His LOVing us first. So, our LOVE, Godly LOVE, can only be because He first LOVEd us. Thank You Father God, that such a God of LOVE are You, that although we don’t understand why or even how much You LOVE us, we are able to respond the of the knowledge of that LOVE and to LOVE You. Praise Your wonderful self, Lord God of Isra’el. Amen.

220. I John 4 v 20: “If a man says, I LOVE God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he that LOVEs not his brother, whom he has seen, how can he LOVE God, whom he has not seen?”

It seems like a certain amount of repetition, this verse before us today, but what is God telling us about His LOVE through this verse? The first thing is that if we have God’s LOVE within us, then it is omni-directional, not directed – it goes everywhere! Secondly, it is mutually exclusive with hatred – or even dislike! Thirdly, it is born of faith – we cannot see God to LOVE Him. Now we know that God is not a liar, and His word is irrefutable, it says here in this verse. So we know it is true, that we do not LOVE God if we do not LOVE our (Christian?) brothers and sisters! Once again, we must seriously doubt our very Christianity, our salvation, if we cannot say in all truth before the Lord God of Isra’el, there is no one of whom I know that I cannot say that I LOVE him or her in spirit and truth, with all my heart, because they are God’s people. Now, if one cannot in all honesty say that, then tell the Lord and ask Him to fill you (and me) with His LOVE again. Don’t be disheartened, remember that we shall not be perfect until we stand before Him in Heaven, and also remember how often Isra’el went against the Lord, yet they are still His own people, kept for Him. Hallelujah!!! Amen.

221. I John 4 v 21: “And this commandment we have from Him, that he who LOVEs God LOVE his brother also.” 16th October 1988

Once again we are told that LOVing our brother is not an optional thing at all – “this commandment we have from Him!” It cannot be made clearer, God Himself is commanding us to LOVE in the direction of our brother (or sister, gender doesn’t come into this). We have previously seen “by this shall all men that you are my disciples ... if you have LOVE one to another” in John 13:35, so we are also privy to knowing the reason for this commandment – because it is the very foundation of God’s witness to the unconverted – through those who are converted and their actions toward each other! Thus the importance of LOVing one another cannot be overstated. We must not tear down our Christian brothers behind closed doors anymore, we must freely forgive one another and pray for those Christians that we feel have wronged us in any way, that the Lord God of Isra’el will bless them and uphold them in men’s eyes and guide them into all righteousness! Praise God! May His will and commandment be done in us. Amen.

222. I John 5 v 2: “By this we know that we LOVE the children of God, when we LOVE God, and keep His commandments.”

Now when I first read this verse, I read ‘by this we know that we LOVE God.” After reading it a few times, I realised my error! We see here today another aspect of LOVE – the LOVE of the children of God. We have seen much of this in previous studies in this series, but now we have a guide in the word itself to know how we know that we do LOVE our brothers and sisters in Christ, ALSO the Jews, who are referred to over and over again in the Old Testament as the “children of God.” We shall LOVE them all under that heading, when we LOVE God and keep His commandments! This doesn’t work the other way around according to the context, we cannot LOVE God by LOVing His children. No, we must LOVE God and keep His commandments in order to be able to LOVE the children of God. This must be so in any case, as the LOVE of God is always to come first in our lives. So, today we see that we are not only to LOVE God, but also to LOVE His children which includes LOVing the Jews! Hallelujah. Praise God for PFI who point the way. Help us Lord God of Isra’el to LOVE you more and more and to keep Your commandments and so to glorify You in our lives and lifestyle. Amen.

223. Luke 11 v 42: “But woe to you, Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over justice and the LOVE of God; These ought you to have done and not to leave the other undone.” 30th October 1988

The Lord Jesus, in cursing the Pharisees, was saying that they were doing all the right things, but for the wrong motives. He was saying they should have done all this tithing, but they had ignored the execution of justice and LOVing God. Their LOVE for God was not there at all, it was all surface show, which was why they tithed but didn’t show mercy and justice. Hence, we see today that LOVE for God shows itself to be much more than skin deep or top show, but it is seen in the way in which the one who has that LOVE of God within them also LOVEs justice and mercy. Seeking to have justice executed – not vengeance, for that is God’s alone, but Godly justice, not seeking to punish necessarily, but the application of discipline. We must remember that Godly LOVE isn’t an indulgent thing, saying yes to all our prayers, but is a guiding teaching LOVE. Hallelujah, thank You Father for Your quality of LOVE, may it fill me and overflow to those around me – Christians or not. Amen.

224. John 5 v 42: “But I know you, that you have not the LOVE of God in you.”

The Lord knows every person, whether or not they LOVE God, having the LOVE of God within them. So, it is a “known by God” LOVE. How terrible for those of whom Jesus is speaking here, He knew those to whom He was speaking at that time who didn’t have the LOVE of God within them, and from the context, it sounded as though Jesus knew that they never would have the LOVE of God within them. How awful it must be for God, knowing what is the alternative to rejecting the LOVE that He so freely offers. To know and to speak to those He knows will never accept that LOVE! Thank You Father that we are never privy to that knowledge. We, since we do not know the end result of any person’s life – Heaven or Hell – must LOVE them as does God Himself, who does know the end from the beginning. He does know and yet He still goes on and on LOVing even those who will reject Him and His LOVE to the very end. How much of a burden the Lord has removed from us, we only have to LOVE as He LOVEs us. What a LOVE this is, to keep on LOVing those who reject Him. Yet we have that same LOVE within each of us! How can we fail to go on LOVing our brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same LOVE within them, and yet we frequently do! Father, please forgive us and open our eyes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

225. Romans 5 v 5: “And hope makes not ashamed, because the LOVE of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us.” 6th November 1988

The LOVE of God, in our hearts – shed abroad – by the Holy Spirit. Today we see that the LOVE of God is a gift to each one of us, it is shed abroad, not put into a little corner of our hearts, but shed abroad, scattered all over our hearts into every broad space and every little nook and cranny as well. That LOVE of God is throughout the whole of our being. How then can I not LOVE all of God’s people? It can only be that I suppress that LOVE, consciously or unconsciously. God isn’t going to suppress it, Satan can’t suppress it, so it can only be me. Thank God that “there is now therefore no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus....” What remains to be done then is to confess this suppression to God the Father through Jesus, to ask His forgiveness for it and then to ask Him to set us free from this suppression of His LOVE in our hearts. Hallelujah Lord, what a wonder You are – set my spirit free to worship You and to set free Your LOVE within my heart. Amen.

226. Romans 8 v 38-39:38 For I am persuaded that neither death, not life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 nor height, nor depth, nor any other creation, shall be able to separate us from the LOVE of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

What this is saying, in a nutshell, is that the LOVE of God is “an all-conquering LOVE.” There is nothing able to withstand the power of the LOVE of God, to stand between each of us, and the LOVE of God. Paul isn’t stating his opinion in this letter, he is stating the word of God! This is absolute fact, this means only one thing – that LOVE of God cannot be stopped from going out to all men, even the most hardened non-believer; BUT, God gave each and every person on the earth, the self-will to accept or reject the LOVE of God. This does not nullify or prevent that LOVE of God from going out to that person who rejects it, for this verse tells us that it is impossible. It cannot be stopped or prevented at all, but that is not the same as the LOVE of God being accepted, for as said, God has given each of us the free will to choose to accept or reject that LOVE. The LOVE of God cannot be withstood by anything else except or free will. God desires with all His being that each of us would accept His LOVE, for He doesn’t want any to perish at all. So great is His LOVE, that although He knows each and every one who will reject His LOVE to the very end, He still goes on LOVing them! Thank You Father for so great a LOVE. Amen.

227. II Corinthians 13 v 14: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the LOVE of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.” 26th November 1988

What better could one do then to wish these things upon anyone else? May we each have that grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the LOVE of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit with each and every one of us. What do we learn about the LOVE (of God) we are studying, in this passage today? We see that this LOVE is something to be wished upon or given to others. It is not a thing to be kept for oneself, but to be shed abroad. There is no shortage of that LOVE from God! “God is LOVE” we are all told in I John 4:8, and we know too that God is many times bigger than we can ever imagine. So from this, we can see that we shall never run short of Godly LOVE, no matter how much we are used as channels for it to pour through to other people! So let each one of us try to give away more of God’s LOVE to others through our supernatural lifestyles and so bless others with “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the LOVE of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.... Amen.”

228. II Thessalonians 3 v 5: “And the Lord direct your hearts into the LOVE of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”

We are reminded today, that the Lord God hardened the heart of Pharaoh in Egypt when Moses was pleading for the Isra’elites to be released from slavery. Paul is saying that the Lord can also direct our hearts into the LOVE of God, or soften our hearts. The Lord knows those who are His before we are born and is able to soften their hearts, to bring us into direct contact with the LOVE of God. Notice that “the Lord direct your hearts into the LOVE of God.” So today, we see that the LOVE of God is something into which we can enter! We can actually be in the LOVE of God, not close by, or alongside, or under, or above, or even that it is backing us. Those of us who LOVE God and are born again of the Spirit, we can know that we are in the midst of the LOVE of God – we are totally surrounded by it – protected all around and above and below by that LOVE of God. Oh how wonderful, so that is how “perfect LOVE casts out fear” (I John 4:18) because we are cut off from fear by His LOVE, an impenetrable barrier of LOVE. Praise God for His LOVE to each of us, we are completely wrapped up in it, just as we wrap up precious things in cotton wool to protect them. Hallelujah. Praise God the Lord God of Isra’el that He LOVEs each of so much. Amen. Amen. Amen.

229. Titus 3 v 4: “But afterwards the kindness and LOVE of God, our Saviour, toward men appeared,” 4th December 1988

The AV above seems to cloud what the Lord is saying in His word, but the NIV seems to be saying that this LOVE of God’s appeared on earth (in the form of Jesus, His Son) and everything changed! It was not by anything we have done nor even could do, try as many do. It was solely by the grace of God in sending His LOVE into the world, that we were given the means to be changed from inherently evil people into good. Even so, our situation is not a passive one, we are instructed by God in this passage to go seeking the good that we can do – even so, not in our own strength, but in His LOVE! It is vitally important that we only operate in His LOVE, because only His LOVE can change anything at all. We, in our own strength, can only tamper with surface issues, only God in His LOVE can make fundamental changes, especially in men’s hearts and attitudes. Praise god above for His life changing LOVE. Amen.

230. I John 2 v 5: “But whosoever keeps His word, in him verily is the LOVE of God perfected; by this we know that we are in Him.”

If I keep God’s word, then the LOVE of God is perfected in me! Also, this is a sign that we are in God. So, this LOVE of God is a LOVE of “signs.” We can know its presence by reading the signs. Some of the signs of the presence of LOVE, true LOVE, Godly LOVE, are given in this passage before us today. By LOVing our brothers and sisters in the Lord, by walking in the light, not darkness. These are some of the ways in which we can be comforted by the Lord, when we are feeling down and separated from everyone, we must look for those signs about ourselves. Do we LOVE every Christian brother or sister? Are we doing things that we shouldn’t? Are we not doing the things that we should? Are we keeping the word of God? If we are able to answer these questions correctly, then we are comforted by the fact that God tells us in His word, that these are the signs of His LOVE toward us and of our LOVE for Him. Conversely, if we are not able to answer any or all of these questions correctly, then we already know what we should be doing about it – getting before the Lord and repenting of it. Hallelujah Lord Jesus. Amen.

231. I John 3 v 16: “By this perceive we the LOVE of God, because He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our life for the brothers.” 9th December 1988

How shall we know the LOVE of God? By the knowledge that He gave His only Son Jesus to give His life – lay it down – for each one of us (I John 10:18)! To know the LOVE of God for each of us, we have only to see and believe that Jesus is God become man, and that He became man in order to lay down His life voluntarily, in order that we may know that LOVE and have life and life more abundantly. Because of that LOVE of God, Jesus lay down His life in a way that is probably still the most agonising, painful and drawn out way known to man, even today! Such is the force of that LOVE that He was willing to suffer the most vile cruelties and humiliations known to man, in order to demonstrate God’s LOVE toward each of us! Praise God in the highest Heaven, let His praises ring out through all the earth! O most wonderful LOVE. Thank You Father for the sheer magnitude of Your LOVE to me. Hallelujah. Amen.

232. I John 3 v 17: “But whosoever has this world’s good, and sees his brother have need, and shuts up his compassions from him, how dwells the LOVE of God in him?”

This verse brings to mind the secular saying, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” The Lord is saying in this verse, if, seeing a need in a brother, you having the wherewithal to fulfil that need but don’t, how can you claim to have the LOVE of God dwelling within you! Quite a condemnation really – and a challenge to all who claim to be Christians. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Priest (the highest level of religion) the one whom one would expect the highest standard of religious behaviour, walked on by on the other side of the road, completely ignoring the needs of the injured one. Sometimes, all the manifestation of LOVE that is needed is a ‘phone call or a letter to someone who is low – or it may need a visit. The showing of LOVE isn’t always going to cost large amounts of money or time or even effort, BUT, Jesus is saying that if we don’t pay that cost, whatever it takes in the particular circumstances, then how can we claim that the LOVE of God dwells within me! This is not a put down because “I” once missed an opportunity to show LOVE, we have a gracious and merciful LOVing God, who says that once we have repented of the particular problem – “What problem? I don’t remember any problem in your life!” Praise God that His LOVE is a merciful and forgiving LOVE and “He remembers our sin no more.” (Isaiah 43:25). Amen.

233. I John 4 v 9: “In this was manifested the LOVE of God toward us, that God sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.” 11th December 1988

The LOVE of God, we are reminded today, caused Him to make the ultimate sacrifice – to send His one and only Son – Jesus – into the world to be born as a man and to die the most agonising and drawn out death. Then worst of all for Jesus (who is God) - to be separated from His Father (and the Holy Spirit) by the weight and penalty of our sins! Such a LOVE cannot be imagined, but it was in this way that the Father decided to show His LOVE toward us. So much did (and still does) He LOVE us, that knowing that we would “spit in His face” by rejecting His LOVE, He still went ahead and carried on creating each and every one of us! He knew that we couldn’t come to Him to LOVE Him, nor even receive His LOVE as He desired, so He still went ahead and created each and every one of us – and made a way for us to come to Him, to LOVE and praise and worship Him. What a magnificent LOVE, what an incomparable LOVE! Thank You Father, we don’t understand why, but gratefully we accept Your LOVE and offer ours in return – Your LOVE has provoked ours! Amen.

234. I John 5 v 3: “For this is the LOVE of God, that we keep His commandments: and His commandments are not burdensome.”

Today, we see, in God’s own words, a definition of His LOVE: “that we keep His Commandments.” What could be clearer than that? It is not the only definition, but we must remember that all these definitions in His word, are not contradictory but complementary! That is a very important thing to remember. If we truly LOVE God, then we shall keep His commandments – and to do that is not burdensome. This does not say that we must teach the TEN COMMANDMENTS etc. saying “you must do this or you mustn’t do that.” Rather, the spirit of the situation is “you will want to do this and you won’t want to do that” because you LOVE God so much that you will not want to hurt or offend Him, by going against those things (the commandments) that He has given for our guidance, wellbeing and blessing. So, a sign of our LOVE For God is that we shall not fail to keep His commandments. Oh Hallelujah, what a wonderful LOVE! We must remember also, that we are incapable of keeping the Law (commandments) in our own strength – Romans 7:23-25 followed by Romans 8 tells us about that. It is only when we are full to overflowing with the LOVE of God, and by His grace through Jesus His Son, that we will be able to keep His commandments. Thank You Lord Jesus and Father God for Your grace, mercy and Righteousness and LOVE which enables me to keep Your commandments. Amen, Amen, Amen.

235. Jude v 21: “Keep yourselves in the LOVE of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life.” 24th December 1988

The Lord here commands each of us to do something – “Keep yourself,” no one else will do it for us, not even God Himself! The Lord God of Isra’el gave each one of us free will – to obey God or not to obey God. This now shows us that it is down to each and every one of us to “Keep our self in the LOVE of God.” The last study, on I John 5:3, tells us what the LOVE of God is in this context – “keeping His commandments!” This is where His LOVE gives us the opportunity to exercise that free will that He gives us. We can keep ourselves in the LOVE of God by obeying His commandments, or, we can move out of the LOVE of God by choosing not to obey His commandments. The choice is entirely ours! For myself, I want very much to keep myself in the LOVE of God, “looking for the mercy of our Lord.” So help me God, I know that You hear the cry of a contrite heart. Amen.

236. Deuteronomy 7 v 7: “The Lord did not set His LOVE upon you, nor choose you, because you were more in number than any other people; for you were the fewest of all people.”

So the LOVE of God is something to be “set upon” someone, but not by any virtue of that person or group of people. The Lord sets His LOVE upon us and upon Isra’el simply in order to show His grace and mercy and in order to keep His own promises. God doesn’t ever break His word, He cannot break His own word or He would no longer be God! We do not in any way, shape or form, deserve the LOVE of God to be set upon us! Isra’el, with whom God made numerous unbreakable promises (and they are still unbreakable!) were told at the time, that the Lord set His LOVE upon them, and whether they choose to believe it or not, His LOVE is still set upon them as a people and He will yet bring His word over them to be. His word, like His promises (covenants) is unbreakable. God never changes (Malachi 3:6). They are His people and His LOVE is set upon them for no other reason than because He said so! Praise God that we Gentiles have the privilege of being grafted into the true Olive Tree – Isra’el (Romans 11:17). Praise God too, that in His LOVE He has said that He will graft back in that part of Isra’el that was broken off when they rejected Jesus as their messiah in the 1st century or so after His birth. He will keep that word, promise, covenant (Romans 11:24). O praise the Lord God of Isra’el for His grace, mercy and truth, for His LOVE and His unbreakable word! Amen, Amen, Amen.

237. Psalm 91 v 14: “Because He has set His LOVE upon me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known my name.” 27th December 1988

Reading this Psalm the first time, I imagined that the writer was expressing his own thoughts – that the writer would deal thus with those who knew the Lord – delivering them and setting them on high. Now, I am sure that there is more than an element of truth in this, in that we certainly should treat fellow believers in this way; but upon writing out the verse at the head of this study of LOVE, I realised that it was the Lord’s own words! Anyone who sets their LOVE upon the Lord Jesus, Jesus will deliver that person and set him or her on high, i.e. Jesus will exalt each of the believers – in the eyes of the unbelievers – because each of those unbelievers is a believer, or has known His name – Jesus! So, once again, we see a form of result (or reward?) of LOVing the Lord God of Isra’el – that we shall be delivered and set on high. Praise God that because we LOVE Him, He will exalt each of us (believers) to be on high with Him. O wonderful God! Worthy are you to be praised. Amen.

238. Isaiah 63 v 9: “In their affliction, He was afflicted, and the Angel of His presence saved them: in His LOVE and in His pity He redeemed them; and He bore them, and carried them all the days of old.”

Such is the LOVE of God for His people Isra’el, such is His pity for them – for all the ways in which they departed from Him and disobeyed Him, all of which He foreknew(!) He still redeemed them. We cannot even begin to imagine this quality of LOVE. It has no end, it is beyond measure, it has no beginning – if it had, then it couldn’t be infinite and we couldn’t begin to comprehend it. The Lord God of Isra’el allowed Himself to be afflicted in their affliction. It hurts God to see what He is having to put His people through in order that they will eventually turn again to Him and be, once more, His people. He knows that discipline hurts for a while until the lesson is learned, just the same as any good father knows. To discipline a child that does wrong is an act of Godly LOVE, not as the “do-gooders” would have it to be. God has this LOVE and this pity for His people that, through the afflictions (discipline) down the ages, He will redeem them – they will again turn to Him, seeing the magnitude of His LOVE to them. Hallelujah, You will again turn the heart of Isra’el to Yourself! Amen. Such a LOVE!

239. Zephaniah 3 v 17: “The Lord your God, in the midst of you is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over you with Joy; He will rest in His LOVE, He will Joy over you with singing.” 29th December 1988

“He will rest in His LOVE.” So, LOVE is secure, we are able to rest in LOVE – God’s LOVE, not our LOVE! Wow! It doesn’t imply that God’s LOVE is something in which we can hide out of sight of our enemies, cowering from them. It says that God “will rest in His LOVE,” in other words, that LOVE is so big and so secure that even the sound or threat of His enemies (and ours) cannot disturb that rest! That this LOVE is showered upon us means that we too can have that same rest. Perfect LOVE casts out fear, the Lord says in 1 John 4:18, here we have the truth of it. In God’s perfect LOVE, there can be no fear and if there is no fear, then we can rest or relax along with God the Father. Praise God for the quality of His LOVE and praise God all the more, because with that LOVE, He LOVEs each and every one of us (saved or not!). We can be secure in His LOVE and rest! Amen.

240. John 15 v 10: “If you keep My commandments, you shall abide in My LOVE, even as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His LOVE.”

LOVE of God has pre-requisites – the keeping of Jesus’ commandments. It is quite clear and unequivocal – “if you keep My commandments, you shall abide in My LOVE,” not “might” or “may,” but “shall” – very positive indeed – beyond any shadow of doubt. It is one of Jesus’ promises to each of us. Now, what are these commandments? Firstly, it is plural; secondly, Jesus only said one commandment in His life as a man, here on earth – “a new commandment I give to you,” He said in John 13:34 and He gave the reason for it in v35. Now this begs the question of what are the other commandments to be obeyed? I am not going to attempt to spell them out, only to say this: I believe that we should, each one of us, come to the point where we find ourselves obeying them all, as a result of our LOVE to the Lord God of Isra’el. Not because some person takes it upon themselves to force others to learn the 10 commandments and to obey them by force or fear of some threatened retribution. It is, I believe, a sort of “chicken and egg” type of situation: one keeps the commandments of God as a result of LOVing Him, and we receive His LOVE as a result of obeying His commandments. Yet, obeying His commandments is no way in which to get into Heaven, nor to receive His LOVE, simply because that would be to do it in our own strength – trying to use our own righteousness to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus gave the truth of this in Matthew 5:20 when He re-iterated, in effect, the words of Isaiah 64:6. So, although in our verse today we see that our obedience is a pre-requisite to receiving His LOVE, then LOVE is a pre-requisite to obedience! Hallelujah. Amen.

241. Romans 5 v 8: “But God commends His LOVE toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” 31st December 1988

So, LOVE, Godly LOVE is commendable! In the context of this verse, we see that no one would give their life to save an evil person’s life, but there might possibly be a few people who would give their own life to save the life of a righteous person. God, in the person of Jesus did give His life for all of us – when we were all evil – in our sin! Such a magnitude of LOVE is unheard of in human history as the context explains. We, as humans, cannot conceive such a magnitude of LOVE! It is part of the mystery of God Himself. No wonder that God commends His LOVE toward us, in human terms, He would commend His own LOVE toward us; but we mustn’t fall into the trap of judging God by our standards! God alone could commend His own LOVE towards anyone. We praise You and thank You Father God, that You do indeed commend Your own LOVE towards us and that by Your LOVE, we are able to be saved from Hell and to enter into Your presence. Wonderful God. Hallelujah! Amen.

242. I John 4 v 12: “No man has seen God at any time. If we LOVE one another, God dwells in us and His LOVE is perfected in us.”

So, the sign that God’s LOVE dwells in us is that we LOVE one another! What a sorry comment this is of the so-called Christian peoples, when we look around at the number of professing Christians who say things like: “I wouldn’t even pray for him/her after the way that they have treated me” or “that minister turned his back on me once too often, I don’t want anything more to do with him.” We have all heard these sort of things said when we are with “fellow Christians.” Consider what sort of impression this leaves with non-believers, do they see the LOVE of God spread abroad? This verse tells us something more about LOVE – that if it dwells in us, then “God dwells in us and His LOVE is perfected in us.” Now, this perfecting is an ongoing process, which means that we still make mistakes (and are forgiven). “No man has seen God at any time” this verse says, so how do non-believers see God? They see Him in the LOVE of God dwelling in believers showing itself in our attitude towards other believers! This LOVing each other without any discrimination at all is so important. It can be, not only our own witness that we destroy, but the witness of others who do manifest the LOVE of God better than perhaps we do. O Lord, please forgive me for the occasions when I show anything less than Your LOVE in my life and fill me anew with Your LOVE – please don’t give up on me Lord. Amen.

243. I Kings 11 v 2: “Of the nations concerning which the Lord said to the children of Isra’el, you shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in to you; for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods! Solomon clung to these in LOVE.” 7th January 1989

What a terrible weapon is sex in Satan’s armoury! We mustn’t underestimate its power, nor must we forget that sex and human LOVE are gifts from God to us for our pleasure. They were given to be used in the place that God has prescribed – namely the marriage of a man and a woman, his wife. I am not suggesting that having a number of wives in those days was wrong, after all, king David’s heart was fully after the Lord and he had quite a few wives! The lesson on LOVE today, is that be it Godly LOVE or human LOVE, God has said where that LOVE shall be directed and where it shall not be directed. God says that it shall not be directed outside Isra’el in those days and I believe that means today that human LOVE, shall not be directed outside the circle of true believing Christians. In other words, we must not marry an unbeliever. Such is the grace of God that I did, but my wife is now a true believer! Hallelujah. Praise and thank you Father. Amen.

244. Isaiah 38 v 17: “Behold, for peace I had great bitterness, but You have in LOVE to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption; for You have cast all my sins behind Your back.”

Such is the magnitude of the LOVE that God has for my soul (and of each one of us) that He has cast all of my sins (and those of each one of us) behind His back. Now this is metaphorically speaking of course, since God is omni-present, He has no back! Our sins are put where even God can no longer see them – as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12) and they can never meet! Now sin is going against God, not necessarily against man (David said “against thee only have I sinned” after he had committed adultery with Bathsheba and then had her husband murdered. Psalm 51:4) but now we see again the magnitude of the LOVE of God toward us, or at least we gain an insight to His LOVE, that He has delivered my soul from the pit of corruption – saved me from Hell and into His presence for evermore. When I think of some of the things that I have sinned against God, I can’t begin to number them all, then I begin to realise the magnitude of that LOVE towards me. Thank You Father that by Your grace and mercy, and in Your LOVE, You have saved me to Yourself. I can never thank and praise You enough. Hallelujah! Amen.

245. I Corinthians 4 v 21: “What will you? Shall I come to you with a rod, or in LOVE, and in the spirit of meekness?” 14th January 1989

Today we compare LOVE with force and see that they are opposites. Paul is asking the Corinthians which way they would rather he come, with a rod (force) or in LOVE? Obviously, we don’t know their answer, but, equally obviously, it wouldn’t have been the first one. LOVE is a force, but it is a force that draws towards itself, rather than one which pushes from behind, making people do what they don’t really want to do – reluctantly. LOVE gives peace, peace of heart, it produces a change of heart too, so that people do willingly the things that previously they didn’t want to do. So, LOVE is a force, but not one which the world recognises. It is not the kind of force that comes to mind when one talks of force in a worldly way. God’s LOVE then is a force – a Godly force – LOVE. Hallelujah. Praise God in the highest for the force of His LOVE.

246. II Corinthians 8 v 7: “Therefore, as you abound in everything, in faith and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your LOVE to us, see that you abound in this grace also.”

The context of LOVE today is that sharing what we have. The chapter actually majors on money (and the sharing of it) but this verse before us today is about the grace of sharing, not only money, “see that you abound in this grace also,” but of the gifts of God, faith, utterance and knowledge and in all diligence. What the verse is saying about LOVE (Godly LOVE from the context) is that all these things – sharing – should spring out of LOVE. So, we see something new about LOVE today, that LOVE begets other things! LOVE should cause us to want to share what we have, be it money or gifts of the Spirit, with those who have a lack of any of these things. We are to “abound” in this grace. This means that we are to do this thing – sharing all – in abundance, i.e. very often and very much, in great quantity. It is then, to be a major part of our lifestyle! A part of our living testimony to the LOVE (and grace) of our Lord Jesus Christ. We should note, however, that the context of this sharing, is with fellow believers in this chapter, it is for the poor believers in Jerusalem, so the implications of this, is that this grace is to be shown towards believers. Thank You Lord for showing me this, help me to abound in this grace. Amen!

247. Ephesians 1 v 4: “According as He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him, in LOVE, 5 having predestined us to the adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to Himself...” 19th February 1989

In the LOVE of God the Father, He has predestined us - me – to the adoption of son-ship by Jesus Christ Himself. To gain a better understanding of God’s LOVE towards each of us, we must understand what “the adoption” means. In the days of the Roman empire, a son was adopted by a father by publically proclaiming that his son, having now completed all his education under his tutor, was now considered by the tutor and hence the father, to be worthy of all trust and authority of his father. From now on, the son had the full authority of the Father, who would now always back up whatever the son said or did! Adoption means something completely different now, compared to those days when the Bible was being written. To put this into a modern context, a father would, being satisfied that his son was worthy of it, publically proclaim – adverts in the press and letters to the bank etc. etc. – that his son was authorised to sign the father’s cheques etc. and that he, the father, was prepared to honour any debt that the son incurred etc. etc. What a magnitude of LOVE has God for us to prepare us to receive such an adoption! Hallelujah! What a cause for rejoicing! What a LOVE!

248. Ephesians 3 v 17: “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in LOVE,”

The LOVE of God is that which must be the very foundation of our lives. Each of us must be thoroughly rooted and grounded in the LOVE of God! We must conduct our lives completely guided by the LOVE of God in every aspect of our lives. This passage goes on to say, that by being so rooted and grounded in God’s LOVE, we may be able to comprehend (understand) the magnitude of Christ’s LOVE, which passes knowledge (understanding)! So we see today, another reason why we need the LOVE of Jesus in our lives. It is a paradox in earthly terms – we cannot understand the LOVE of God unless we are operating within it! Wow! That is enough to blow the mind of non-Christians. Hallelujah! Lord God, pour Your LOVE and Your Holy Spirit into me for I cannot operate without it. Amen. Praise You Lord God of Isra’el.

249. Ephesians 4 v 2: “With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in LOVE,” 26th February 1989

“Forbearing one another in LOVE.” Make allowances for the foolishness of other Christians, bearing with their errors or with their slowness to comprehend or any other thing that in a worldly way would cause us (me!!!) to look down upon another person because of that fault. Looking at that sort of situation, how in the LOVE of Jesus, can I look down on someone else in these sort of ways? If I do (and when I did!) then I have to repent and apologise to that person or group! Lord, give me the courage to do that – to repent and apologise. In that way only will You be glorified O Lord God of Isra’el. A purpose in life is to glorify God, and to do that, we must, each one of us, be channels of God’s LOVE to one another. That means “forbearing one another in LOVE.” Help me please Lord. Amen.

250. Ephesians 4 v 15: “But, speaking the truth in LOVE, may grow up into Him in all things, who is Lord, even Christ.”

O what a misused and misrepresented phrase that is – “speaking the truth in LOVE.” How often has it been used as a reason to tear down people instead of building them up and encouraging them! We have all been victims of that misuse at one time or another, haven’t we? What then is “the truth in LOVE?” Is it not that we should be channels, messengers, even ambassadors, of the LOVE of God to our fellow men (and women) that we should speak the Gospel to them that they might be saved? Isn’t that “speaking the truth?” Isn’t it done in LOVE? Surely, as we do these things, spreading the LOVE of God to unsaved men and women, then we shall grow up into Christ! O what a labour of LOVE, to show that LOVE, by showing to non-Christians the LOVE that God has for them in offering them salvation. For He desires that that no (wo)man should go to Hell. So, let us all “speak the truth in LOVE” to all those around us. Praise be to God who is the author of truth. Help us (especially me) to respond to this call. Amen.

251. Ephesians 4 v 16: “From Whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body to the edifying of itself in LOVE.”

So LOVE is edifying. The body, the Church, is to be increased and edified in LOVE. Not only that, but it will do it to itself! So by the LOVE of God, the body is self-perpetuating. The previous verse told us “who is the head (of the body) even Christ.” Then as a result of His being – His existence – the whole body (the Church) fitly joins together and is compacted, as a further result of every believer in the Church doing that which the Lord requires of them and has given them the ability to so do. If someone is not doing, acting, saying etc. what the Lord would have them, then they are not operating in the LOVE of God and they endanger the whole body at that point. We, all of us, need the LOVE of all believers to hold the body together in Christ Jesus. We all know what happens to a person if, say, their Achilles Tendon were to break, yet that is only a very small part of the human body. In the same way, the Church needs every believer to be operating fully and correctly in the LOVE of Jesus. Praise the Lord. Amen. Help me please Lord God of Isra’el to do Your will for me. Amen and Amen.

252. Ephesians 5 v 2: “And walk in LOVE, as Christ also has LOVEd us, and has given Himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.”

“Walk in LOVE?” What does it mean to “walk in LOVE” then? It is surely to operate in LOVE, to do everything in the LOVE of God, to be directed by LOVE, to be saturated in LOVE, to let everything we say or do or even think, be controlled by the LOVE of God. Even our attitudes are to be surrendered to the LOVE of God. Note also that this verse begins with “And.” This means that to be walking in LOVE is in addition to those things we are to do in the preceding verses! There is no limit to the LOVE of God and it follows therefore that we are to walk in that LOVE and all these other things, without limit also. Now that is a very tall order and not to be undertaken lightly, it calls for a commitment to God way out of human capabilities, it can only be done supernaturally. So we need God’s help in this, and the only way for that is to ask for it in prayer – constantly! Father God, You are so great, yet it is Your desire to help me do these things. I ask You now to help me commit myself to You and to give You glory in all these matters. Amen. Hallelujah.

253. Colossians 2 v 2: “That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in LOVE and to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ,” 12th March 1989

LOVE knits together. What does LOVE knit together mean? Well the immediate answer is that it knits together the hearts of believers for their comfort, that is what this verse says in so many words. The hearts of believers knit together in LOVE, so now we see that LOVE is a bond, it bonds (or knits) us together as sons of God through Jesus. How often have we gone into a strange Church, whilst on holiday say, and somehow felt at one with some of the people that we meet there. Somehow, we feel as though we have known them for a long time – the bond of LOVE operating between believers who, in the flesh, have never even heard of each other maybe, until that Church service or meeting. That bond of LOVE is one of the mysteries of our God! What a wonderful God of LOVE that we know someone before we even hear of them, much less meet them. O how worthy of our praises are You, Lord God of Isra’el. Hallelujah! Amen.

254. I Thessalonians 3 v 12: “And the Lord make you increase and abound in LOVE one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you,”

LOVE has an aim which is revealed to us today – that our “hearts may be established unblameable in holiness before God” in verse 13. We therefore see that God’s LOVE in us, directed toward one another and toward all men (note the order of priority) is the way to unblameable holiness before God, We have seen in Scripture (Mark 16:16) that we must believe and be baptised in order to be saved (again note the order) now we see that this is only the beginning of our walk with God. To “abound in LOVE one toward another and toward all men” is another part of God’s way ahead for us, for us to be established unblameable in holiness before God. We can turn that around and ask the question – if we do not allow the Lord Jesus to make us increase (in faith) and abound in LOVE one toward another and toward all men, does that mean that we cannot be established unblameable in holiness before God? I will not attempt to answer that, it is for each one of us to get before God as an individual, in all humility, to ask Him for ourselves. I believe I know the answer, but we must each obtain the answer from God Himself. Praise God in the highest for His mercy and grace toward us. His LOVE has no end. Hallelujah. Amen.

255. I Thessalonians 5 v 13: “And to esteem them very highly in LOVE for their works sake. And be at peace among yourselves.” 25th March 1989

LOVE is to be used. Now that sounds wide open to abuse by the world and that is true, but praise God, we are definitely not the world and therefore, we shall not abuse LOVE. LOVE is to be used to esteem very highly those who labour among us and are over us in the Lord for the sake of the Lord’s work that they do among us. That does not say that we should do everything that we are told by them if the Lord is telling us something directly, for no man is infallible save Jesus, but we must LOVE them and esteem them very highly, not just “highly,” but “very highly!” They are right normally or the Lord wouldn’t have them to be where they are and that is how we are to regard them. We are to do this, not as a result of who they are or their personality or qualifications, but for the sake of the work which the Lord has given them. We are, in His LOVE to make that work more pleasant and endurable and even a joy for them. “Esteem them very highly in LOVE!” Praise God for His LOVE and grace and mercy toward us all. Amen

256. II Timothy 1 v 13: “Hold fast the form of sound words, which you have heard of me, in faith and LOVE which is in Christ Jesus.”

Once again, faith and LOVE are coupled together in Scripture. We have been given much “Sound words” in Scripture, and today we are told that in faith and LOVE, we are to hold them fast – tightly. Let us not be tempted by any other argument or persuasion, to let them go. If we LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ and have faith in Him, then we cannot let go of the words of eternal life. We must not let any other persuade us that there is any truth in the words of any other person unless they speak (or write) them in agreement with the words of God. We are told to test the words of a prophecy and in the same way – against the same standard (the Scriptures) – we must test the words of others when we hear the alarm bells ringing in our minds. “Hold fast the form of sound words... in faith and LOVE!” That faith and LOVE which is in Christ Jesus. If we do LOVE Jesus and have faith in Him, then listen carefully for these alarm bells in our mind, especially when listening to whom we do not know. At the same time, we must not close our minds to the possibility that the Lord may be speaking to us in a different way. Lord, please give me that ability to (the gift of discernment) discern when You are speaking to me in Your sound words in a different way, and when those alarm bells should be ringing. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen.

257. I John 4 v 16: “And we have known and believed the LOVE that God has to us. God is LOVE, and he that dwells in LOVE, dwells in God, and God in him.” 1st April 1989

Wow! What an expression of the LOVE of God and our relationship to that LOVE and to God. Many people when they think of which Scripture talks best of God’s LOVE, think immediately of I Corinthians 13, but I submit this chapter of I John in its place. God is LOVE is stated twice in the whole Bible and both times are in this chapter (verses 8 & v16). The supreme importance of God’s LOVE in our lives and our relationship with God is expressed very concisely here in this verse: “he that dwells in LOVE dwells in God.” This is the outworking of true Christian discipleship! If we do dwell in LOVE, we have here God’s word that He will dwell in us! What greater promise is there to any believer then, that God dwells in us? We know that God never breaks His word, so here is a promise upon which we can utterly depend! O praise the Lord God of Isra’el, for He is worthy to be praised! Hallelujah! Amen!

258. I John 4 v 18: “There is no fear in LOVE, but perfect LOVE casts out fear, because fear has punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in LOVE.

There is no place for fear in God’s LOVE. His LOVE, which is perfect, casts out fear. Since we dwell in God, we dwell in LOVE – God’s LOVE and therefore we cannot fear. Now some will dwell in condemnation because they have fear or worries. Well, I have good news for you – that fear or worry that you have does not come from God, it comes from Satan and that is why God wants you to give it to the Lord – He knows that we can’t handle it and He can, but He doesn’t condemn us for it. God’s own word in this verse today, tells us that only “perfect LOVE casts out fear” and the Lord Himself knows that we are growing towards that state of perfect LOVE. We shall not attain perfection in everything until we go to meet Him, so that is why He forgives us so willingly and completely. What a wonderful LOVE we have here, to know that He who is LOVE has forgiven us before we have even done a thing wrong! WOW! What a God! Praise His wonderful name. Hallelujah! Amen! Hallelujah! Amen.

259. II John v 3: “Grace be with you, mercy and peace from God, the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and LOVE.” 8th April 1989

The LOVE of God sends each one of us believers, grace, mercy and peace – salvation – because of the grace of God, mercy in forgiving our sins, and His peace, which results from the first two when we accept them. All this in the LOVE of God. Not only that, this is absolute truth, not a relative value of truth. Such is the LOVE that God has to and for each one of us, that He sends this grace, mercy and peace to every one of us. So much bigger is that LOVE than we can ever possibly measure or comprehend, that He commends this grace, mercy and peace to all mankind – if only they would accept it and believe – or rather the other way around. This is truth, but the paradox is that we cannot see it until we believe it first. What a mystery. What a magnitude of LOVE in that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” in order that we might have this grace, mercy and peace from God. Thank You Father that You LOVE me so much. Amen. Glory to God.

260. Psalm 109 v 4: “For my LOVE they are my adversaries; but I give myself to prayer.”

Men of the world LOVE darkness, because they do evil things, therefore, they cannot stand where the LOVE of God dwells! So, they become adversaries of those within whom the LOVE of God dwells. That person, within whom the LOVE of God dwells is, by salvation, a righteous person and hence, their righteousness contrasts and shows up the evil in those who do not believe. For this reason, evil people cannot stand one who LOVEs the Lord God of Isra’el. We who LOVE the Lord, must not be surprised then, if we find people who will try to “do us down,” apparently just for the sake of it. Rather, we must question ourselves why it doesn’t happen! No wonder that James 1:2 tells us that we should “count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” Again, if we don’t then we should question ourselves about it. We must LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el with all our heart and mind and soul and strength – not making a show of it though – that would be worse than anything! Hallelujah Lord God, praise You that You LOVE us so much more than we could ever imagine! Praise You that You cause Your LOVE to dwell within each of us when we believe. Praise God in the highest. Amen.

261. Psalm 109 v 5: “And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my LOVE.” 28th April 1989

The way of the world is so opposite to the ways of God and His LOVE that, although God Himself, and through each of us His sons, can only do good and show only LOVE; the world, in the control of Satan can only reward good with evil and LOVE with hatred, or apathy at best. So what we see today about God’s LOVE is that in our dealings with the world – our jobs or recreation or anything else - we must do good and show LOVE at all times (because we are God’s) but we must expect to receive in return from the world, only brickbats and hatred and evil, and to be passed over for promotion and be blamed for things we haven’t done etc. etc. etc. Simply because the world system cannot abide us and will do us down at every opportunity! This is the way of the world – we mustn’t become fatalistic – please don’t do that. We mustn’t be surprised when it happens. After all, why has God caused this Psalm (109) to be written down? Praise God that He is so different to the world, there is no other god to compare with the living God, the Lord God of Isra’el. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen.

262. Song of Solomon 1 v 9: “I have compared you, O my LOVE, to a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots.” (Solomon speaking)

The LOVE expressed in this verse is twofold. Firstly, it is the LOVE of king Solomon for the Shulamite maiden which is expressed; but secondly, it is also an expression of the degree of LOVE which Jesus has for His bride, the Church. This LOVE is being compared to something big and powerful and glorious too. This LOVE is not glorifying those horses nor Pharaoh either, the comparison is to give glory to the value and magnitude of the LOVE Solomon had for that Shulamite maiden, which is but a shadow of the LOVE which God has for the bride of His Son Jesus. O what excitement there is in Heaven in looking forward to that marriage! What joy there is in Heaven to see the LOVE that Jesus has for the bride. O what wonder there is in Heaven as all the company of Heaven sees how much that LOVE burns in Jesus for the Church! How can anyone withstand such a LOVE as has Jesus for each one of us? O wonderful LOVE! Praise be to God in the highest for His LOVE is beyond all comparison! Hallelujah! Amen. Thank You Father that You LOVE me to such an extent.

263. Song of Solomon 1 v 15: “Behold you are fair my LOVE, behold you are fair, you have Doves eyes.” (Solomon responds to the Shulamite maiden) 30th April 1989

The Dove is the symbol of innocence and harmlessness and gentleness. The LOVE of Solomon for this Shulamite maiden was such that he only saw these things in her. Praise God that He only sees those same things in each of us when He looks at each of us, who are covered by the blood of Jesus! In the words of the song, “When He looks at me, He see not what I used to be, He sees Jesus.” This is the LOVE of God: Its very innocence and gentleness is the power of God; only one who is so secure in that LOVE could afford (in worldly terms) to be so innocent and gentle. Praise God in the highest that this is His plan for us – to be so secure in Him and in His LOVE, that we can afford in the face of all that the world can throw at us as Christians, to be innocent and harmless and gentle back to those who seek to harm us. Hallelujah! Amen.

264. Song of Solomon 4 v 1: “Behold, you are fair, my LOVE; behold you are fair. You have Dove’s eyes within your locks; your hair is as a flock of goats, that appear from Mount Gilead.” (Solomon speaks)

Not only is this verse expressing Solomon’s thoughts of the Shulamite maiden, but it expresses exactly how the Lord God sees His people Isra’el and the Church. God sees them as extremely desirable and He will do all in His power to win the LOVE of His people Isra’el and the Church. The only thing that He will not do is to force them to LOVE Him, He has after all given every one of us free will and He will not take that away from us! What a wonderful God, to have such a LOVE, that no matter how we (Isra’el and the Church) go against God’s wishes for us, He is still there patiently seeking to woo us back to Himself. He never gives up LOVing us. His word tells us that He never changes (Malachi 3:6). So, if He ever did stop LOVing us and wooing us, then He would have changed (and then would no longer be God!). Praise God that He will never stop LOVing us and trying to woo us away from LOVing ourselves and the world and all of its attractions, back to LOVE Him above all things. Lord God of Isra’el, help us to realise more of the greatness of Your LOVE toward us, in order that we may respond to that magnificent LOVE that You have for us! Amen. Thank You Father.

265. Song of Solomon 2 v 2: “As the Lily among the thorns, so is my LOVE among the daughters.” (Solomon speaks) 6th May 1989

The perfect LOVE of Jesus for His Church, of God for His people are each as outstanding to all other forms of LOVE, as is the Lily blossoming among the thorns. In all the difficulties and problems, even persecutions, of Isra’el and Christians in this world, so God’s LOVE for them stands out as a shining beacon as something so good among all the evil! The world cannot but admire the LOVE of God for His people, in the same way that the daughters of Isra’el admired the beautiful LOVE that Solomon had for the Shulamite maiden, it was absolutely beautiful to behold to all that saw it. Think how LOVEly it is today, when out, to see a couple so very obviously “in LOVE.” Looking into each other’s eyes, how we feel uplifted just to have observed such a thing – so pure and LOVEly. Yet this is but the faintest shadow of the LOVE God has for us Christians and His people Isra’el! Praise God in the highest! Thank You Father for such a LOVE! Amen.

266. Song of Solomon 2 v 7: “I charge you, O you daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and by the hinds of the field, that you stir not up, nor awake my LOVE, ‘till it please.” (the Shulamite maiden speaking!)

The roes and the hinds – gentlest of animals and most easily frightened – so treat my LOVE whilst he sleeps. This is my man, don’t disturb his rest, until he is ready. So much does this Shulamite maiden LOVE Solomon who is wooing her, that she wants all the very best for him – if he is tired, then let him complete his rest in order that he be refreshed. This is a picture of the way in which God LOVEs His people – Isra’el and the Church – that He wants the very best for us. No second best for us, only the very best of all. What a shame that we can’t always see what is best for us, but, we can trust the Father to know and do what is really best. Hallelujah! What a LOVE! He knows what is best for us, yet when we insist on having what we think is best and it is different to His, He patiently waits for us to realise that what we wanted was only what we wanted – not the best for us after all. He waits for us to turn back to Him in repentance, saying, “yes Father, You were right again and we were wrong.” Praise You Father that You ARE always right and where we see things differently to You, then we are always wrong. Thank You Father for so much LOVE.

267. Song of Solomon 3 v 5: “I charge you, O you daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and by the hinds of the field, that you stir not up, nor awake my LOVE, ‘till it please.” (Solomon speaks) 14th May1989

When the Lord repeats something in His word as here, He is telling us something very important! “My LOVE in this verse is Solomon speaking of the Shulamite maiden, whom he doesn’t want to be disturbed. As we know, Jesus is the bridegroom and the Church is the bride; so the parallel is that we are not to stir up nor awaken Jesus until the Lord pleases, but what does this verse mean? I believe that it means that we are to worship Jesus whilst He “rests” and we must not “stir Him up” in order that He should perform wonders and mighty works! We are to LOVE Him for Himself and Himself alone, we must not seek for miracles, for the when and where and how and why and what of miracles are in His remit alone. When they happen, then we should praise God and give Him the glory, but until then we should LOVE Him. During the time of any miracles we should LOVE Him. And after the miracles we should LOVE Him! We should seek Jesus in order to LOVE Him more. Help us Father to LOVE You more and more. Amen.

268. Song of Solomon 8 v 4: “I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you stir not up, nor awake my LOVE, until it please.” (the Shulamite maiden speaking)

Love is something so precious, so much to be valued that it must not be disturbed until the time is right – in the Lord’s time. LOVE is a thing of such beauty that we must not simply invoke it when we think fit, our God is, as we have seen, a God of LOVE and we must exercise that LOVE when and where and how that God of LOVE tells us and at no other time. This may seem like a contradiction of previous studies of words in the Scriptures, but it isn’t of course, we have been shown many times and directions in which to exercise that LOVE of God and, of course, our whole life is to be conducted “in LOVE.” But, and this is the point, we mustn’t try to stir up or awaken LOVE when and where God has not told us to! Gold has its value as a result of its rarity, LOVE is so precious because it is of God Himself and not at all scarce. So, although there is no shortage of LOVE, “do not scatter pearls before swine” is perhaps the way to look upon this situation. Praise God that He is LOVE and that there is no other god like our God Hallelujah! Amen.

269. Song of Solomon 2 v 10: “My beloved spoke, and said to me, Rise up, my LOVE, and come away.” (the Shulamite maiden speaks) 27th May 1989

LOVE, in this context is being used as a term of endearment, but let us think, it wouldn’t be used if LOVE were not there in the first place! LOVE then is also a form of address, in a limited circumstance obviously. We can see how the world debases the concept of LOVE as in a greeting: “’ello luv,” as used by many to complete strangers! This bears no relationship at all to Godly LOVE. In the context of LOVE that we have before us today, we see that the Lord Jesus is speaking to His bride, the Church, and tells us to rise up, to cease from resting, to come away from worldly things, to come away to Jesus and start to act as His bride, actively LOVing Him. By showing that LOVE to the world, that Jesus might be lifted up and glorified in the eyes of the world (then He will draw all men unto Him John 12:32) Hallelujah! If only the Church would act in its LOVE for Jesus, not hiding behind closed doors, then it will happen. Praise God, that is His intention. Amen. Amen.

270. Song of Solomon 2 v 13: “The fig tree puts forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes give forth fragrance. Arise, my LOVE, my fair one, and come away.”

“Arise, my LOVE.” Now is the time for action my LOVE! These words are the Lord’s of course, spoken to His Holy nation - Isra’el – who for so many centuries now have not been active as a Godly people, whilst the Lord has been dealing with us Gentiles, grafting us (the wild olive tree) into the remnant of believing Isra’el (the cultivated olive tree Romans 11:24). Now that “the times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24) are drawing to a close, God in His unfathomable LOVE, will turn His attention back towards His chosen Nation – Isra’el, calling them to “Arise, my LOVE, my fair one, and come away” – out of the world of which she is so much a part. God never changes (Malachi 3:6 again) and His attitude of LOVE towards His chosen nation of Isra’el has never changed – nor will it (Jeremiah 31:35-37). How can we comprehend a LOVE such as this, that will, in that LOVE, allow His chosen race to suffer all that has happened to them down the centuries and still say that God LOVEs them? It is way beyond my ability to understand such a LOVE, yet, I must believe it is, for the sake of my own Salvation! Praise God for who and what He is! Amen. Hallelujah. Amen.

271. Song of Solomon 4 v 7: “You are all fair, my LOVE, there is no spot in you.” (Solomon speaks) 29th May 1989

These are the words, not only of Solomon to the Shulamite maiden, but of the Lamb of God to us at the marriage feast of the Lamb of God! At that time we shall, as the Bride of the Lamb, be “all Fair” and without spot. In other words, so great is God’s LOVE for His Son’s Bride, the Church, that He was prepared to and indeed did sacrifice the Bridegroom in order that we should be made worthy of the LOVE of the Bridegroom! I must be honest and confess that such a magnitude of LOVE is way beyond my comprehension! I just revel in such a LOVE, I cannot understand it, but I believe it and, praise God in the highest, that is just what He wants me to do. In my LOVE for Him, with which He has filled me to overflowing, I long to obey His commandments and do His will. But knowing that I fail so often, I look forward to that day – at the marriage feast of the Lamb – when God’s word says that I shall be perfect. He will then say to me and to all the others with me, “You are fair, my LOVE; there is no spot in you.” Hallelujah. Amen. This is our hope for the future, a certainty for those of us who believe! Hallelujah. Glory to God in the highest! Amen.

272. Song of Solomon 5 v 2: “I sleep, but my heart wakes. It is the voice of my beloved that knocks, saying, open to me, my sister, my LOVE, my dove, my undefiled; for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with drops of the night.” (The Shulamite Maiden, the Bride speaks)

O what LOVE Jesus has for His Church, He calls us “His LOVE, His dove, His undefiled (and His sister). The Lord brackets together His LOVE with the dove and the undefiled. The dove is perhaps the most harmless and peaceful of creature and is undefiled too, but we have to acknowledge before God that we are defiled – we want our own way most of the time! Now and again we suddenly realise this and run back to God and repent before Him, and then we start all over again. Praise God that in His eyes now that we are washed in the Blood of the Lamb, so He only sees Jesus when He looks at us and so we are undefiled in His eyes, this is the LOVE of God at work. Praise God too, that by the time we get to Heaven, we shall be indeed and in fact, undefiled and perfect in all our ways! Thank You Father, for such a LOVE that You have towards us. Hallelujah! Amen.

273. Song of Solomon 6 v 4: “You are beautiful, O my LOVE, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.” (The Bridegroom speaks) 10th June 1989

Beautiful as Tirzah? This to me is meaningless, but comely as Jerusalem is indeed a compliment! These are the ways in which the Lord God of Isra’el looks upon both His people Isra’el and His Church. He LOVEs us with such a tender LOVE and He regards us as beautiful and comely; but why “terrible as an army with banners?” As the heart of a LOVEr dissolves when he looks at his bride, so does that of a soldier when he sees an approaching army with their banners flying. Banners are for each of the army’s battle honours! So also does God regard His people – as His army with all of His banners flying – battle honours of His war against Satan and his forces of evil. In His LOVE for us, He sees us as not only the Bride for His Son Jesus, but as His conquering army with very many banners – melting His heart in LOVE and pride in us, His people whom He has created and saved! Hallelujah. Praise the Lord God of Isra’el. Amen.

274. John 15 v 9: “As the Father has LOVEd Me, so have I LOVEd you; Continue you in My LOVE.”

“Continue you in My LOVE.” This phrase is, within the context of verses 1-14, a commandment! We are therefore seeing today, that the LOVE of God may be commanded into being. We are not to expect to naturally be filled with and operate in the LOVE of God, as we have previously seen, but to supernaturally be filled with and operate in the LOVE of God! We are here commanded by Jesus Himself, to “continue in His LOVE.” That means then, that in the first place we must seek Jesus and His LOVE in order to be filled with His LOVE supernaturally in order that we may then obey His commandment to “continue in My LOVE.” There is no other way in which we can obey this (or other) commandment, but to do so supernaturally. We must realise that our own form of LOVE bears no comparison with God’s LOVE and that there is no way of obeying this commandment in our own strength! Our LOVE, the world’s LOVE and any other LOVE doesn’t even begin to be, in any way shape or form like God’s LOVE, O Hallelujah! Praise God in the highest! His LOVE is available to us! Amen.

275. John15 v 10: “If you keep My commandments, you shall abide in My LOVE, even as I have kept My Father’s commandments, and abide in His LOVE.” 18th June 1989

Nothing could be more obvious, that Jesus both kept His Father’s commandments and abides in His LOVE. Now this is the promise of Jesus, so we know that it is true and cannot fail – if we keep the commandments of Jesus – then we SHALL abide in His LOVE. There are no other “ifs” and no “buts” at all. Verse 12 tells us “This is my commandment, that you LOVE one another, as I have LOVEd you.” Nowhere does it say: “don’t bother with all the other commandments, this is the only one now.” John 13:24 tells us that this is a new commandment, in other words, an additional one NOT instead of any or all previous commandments. But if we do keep this new one “as I have kept the Father’s” or “as I have LOVEd you,” then we shall find that we shall not break any of the previous commandments either! Isn’t God wonderful? He, in His LOVE for us, has provided a way by which we can keep ALL His commandments by being filled with His LOVE! Hallelujah Amen.

276. I Corinthians 16 v 24: “My LOVE be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

In the context, this is Paul’s LOVE to be with us all in Christ Jesus and it follows the “Grace of the Lord Jesus” being with us. Paul has set the example to us in the way in which he gave his LOVE, not only to the Corinthians of course, to all those who LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ. He didn’t withhold his LOVE at all when he told those to whom he wrote (naturally, we know little of what he said when face to face) when they were doing or saying the wrong things and when they were doing or saying the right things. Paul was, in his LOVE, open and honest in all that he wrote, yet not afraid to call a spade a spade. Yet he always did it from the point of trying to build up the people, not tearing them down. He condemned no one, but allowed the Holy Spirit to convict people of their wrongdoing, thus allowing them to repent and be built up again in LOVE! Lord God, help me that I may be so filled with Your LOVE, that I may be one like Paul, able to build up and not to destroy, to praise where praise is due and allow Your Holy Spirit to convict where that is necessary, especially in my own life! Praise God in the highest for His LOVE and grace towards each one of us. Amen.

277. II Samuel 1 v 26: “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me. Your LOVE to me was wonderful, passing the LOVE of women.” 21st June 1989

To see the LOVE of a woman for a man is in itself a wonderful thing but king David is saying that Jonathan’s LOVE for David was a far more wonderful thing! Now king David was here extolling human LOVE between two men, who worked together and had a covenant between them. We know, praise God, that there is an even more fantastic LOVE, beside which these other LOVEs of women to men or men to men in this instance, is not a LOVE to be compared at all with the LOVE of God! Hallelujah, wonderful God. Thank You for Your LOVE, which surpasses all other LOVE, that You shower down upon me. Praise You Lord Jesus, wonderful, wonderful God of LOVE. Amen.

278. Song of Solomon 1 v 2: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. For your LOVE is better than wine.”

Again, we have a comparison of different things with LOVE. In this verse, we are not told that wine is good or bad. Indeed, the conclusion is that it is very good, but that the LOVE of Solomon (or Jesus – both are bridegrooms) is better than wine. The Scripture at this point is an immediate record of conversations with or about the LOVE of Solomon towards the Shulamite maiden, but, as always with Scripture, there is a deeper meaning and in this case, it is of the LOVE of Jesus to His people Isra’el and the Church – bridegroom and bride respectively. So great is the LOVE of Jesus for His bride, that it is better, not only than wine, but of all else to which it may be compared too! Thank You Father, that through Your Son Jesus, we are subject to a LOVE beyond compare! Praise You Father. Amen.

279. Song of Solomon 4 v 10: “How fair is your LOVE, my sister, my spouse! How much better is your LOVE than wine! And the fragrance of your ointments than all spices!” 28th June 1989

The Lord God of Isra’el feels this way about His bride! Is it not wonderful to know that, if you know and LOVE the Lord God, that this is how He feels about your (& my) LOVE toward Him? Does it not make you (and me) feel that we want to show our LOVE to Him all the more, by doing His commandments in His way and in His time; just to please Him and give Him more joy and more pleasure in us – His bride? If it doesn’t, then we must each be seriously examining ourselves, to know our motives before God. Praise God, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this if we didn’t LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el with all of our hearts and want to give Him joy in us! Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Glory to God in the highest!

280. Philemon v 5: “Hearing of your LOVE and faith, which you have toward the Lord Jesus, and toward all the saints,”

Hearing about the LOVE that Philemon had for the Lord Jesus and for all the saints, caused Paul to thank God. It is always uplifting to God’s people, to see in action the LOVE of God in people’s lives, but today we see that it is not only the seeing but the hearing about that LOVE operating in someone else’s life that causes uplifting. I am sure that it uplifts the Lord Himself to see it too. So here is a reason for that new commandment that Jesus gave to “LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you.” It is not often that we are given a reason for God’s actions, but for this commandment to LOVE, we certainly are! By exercising that LOVE of God in our lives, we cause the Lord and many on earth to give thanks to God for it. Mind you, in the case before us – Philemon – it was not a case of doing it once, but, that the LOVE was continuously shown and operated, to the glory of God. So, this is the enjoinder for us, operate continually in the LOVE of God, never let us move out of that LOVE and the result will be as in the case of Philemon, I’m sure that is why Paul’s very brief letter to Philemon has been included in the canon of Scripture! Praise God in the highest for His LOVE toward us and may each one of us be completely filled with that same LOVE – to overflowing! Amen.

281. Philemon v 7: “For we have great joy and consolation in your LOVE, because the hearts of the saints are refreshed by you, brother.” 2nd July 1989

What a wonderful ministry – to refresh the hearts of the saints! That gives great joy and consolation as a result of the LOVE shown, in this case by Philemon. So, another aspect of LOVE, the LOVE of God manifest in a person’s life, is that it gives “great joy and consolation” to others by refreshing the hearts of the saints. A refreshing LOVE then. To refresh means ‘to make able to continue,’ and by implication, this means those who are jaded and weary. Praise God for such a ministry of refreshing others! Lord God of Isra’el, help me to so want to be filled with Your wonderful LOVE, that I may be a continual source of refreshing and joy and consolation to the saints around me. Amen. Hallelujah! Amen.

282. Revelation 2 v 4: “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first LOVE.”

What a terrible thing to have the Lord God of Isra’el say such a thing to one – much less to a whole Church! What sort of LOVE then is the Lord saying that has been left? Remember when you were first saved – or even when you were first in LOVE with your spouse? How you were all fired up and full of enthusiasm for whatever was the cause! That is the level to which the Lord refers! He is saying, I believe, to all who call themselves Christians, that is how you should be LOVing Me now and always. How many of us do LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el that much? There is no uncertainty in this passage, if we do not LOVE Him with that intensity, then He has something against us. Oh dear me, I for one feel convicted by this and I’m sure that I’m not alone. Lord God, forgive me that, although I have done all manner of good things (and many bad!) and works for You, I have not LOVEd You as I ought. So fill me to overflowing with Your LOVE, that I can LOVE You as I ought. Thank You Father God. Amen.

283. Genesis 27 v 4: “And make me savoury food, such as I LOVE, and bring it to me, that I may eat; That my soul may bless you before I die.” 15th July 1989

Isaac was expressing his own will and his own desires in this verse. It was also God’s Will that his son should be blessed, but not the one Isaac had intended as we, of now know! So what sort of LOVE is this that we have here before us? It is a hungry LOVE but a worldly LOVE. Much the same sort of LOVE that we express when we say, for instance, ‘I’d LOVE a big Mac,’ or ‘I’d LOVE a cup of tea’ etc. This LOVE has little to do with Godly LOVE and is a very much watered down version of even worldly LOVE. It is simply expressing our own desire and not much more. So it is a personal expression of our own desires, they are part of us and the gratification of them gives us pleasure, but also, I thank You that You can and do overrule when our desires get in the way of Your Will. Hallelujah! Amen.

284. Exodus 21 v 5: “And of the servant shall plainly say, I LOVE my master, my wife and my children, I will not go out free.”

If a man, Hebrew, shall sell himself to another person, presumably to pay his debts, he must be set free in the seventh year. However, if the master gives the servant a wife and they have children, at the end of six years, the servant has the choice of going out alone free or staying as a servant to be with his family, as this verse shows. So this LOVE is a human LOVE, but it does show the power of LOVE, even human LOVE, that a man may sell his whole self (body) for that LOVE, forever and ever. LOVE is the most powerful thing in the world, Satan cannot defeat it because only God is the source of LOVE. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord God of Isra’el who LOVEs His people Isra’el so very much that even though they reject Him, He still goes on LOVing them until they do! Amen.

285. Judges 16 v 15: “And she said to him, how can you say, I LOVE you, when your heart is not with me. You have mocked me these three times, and have not told me wherein your great strength lies.” 29th July 1989

We see in this context, that LOVE is usable – can be used to manipulate! This is definitely not Godly LOVE! Human or carnal LOVE then is, as we can see in the passage before us, is able to be manipulated. Samson LOVEd Delilah so much more than he LOVEd the Lord God of Isra’el, that he gave away his position as a judge of Isra’el in order to give Delilah what she wanted. He didn’t realise that she wanted was money, so we see her using his LOVE for her, as a way of obtaining that Philistine money. We also see that, by her actions or lifestyle, that she didn’t LOVE this huge strong Isra’elite either, but was flattered by his LOVE for her; she was, after all, only a foreign whore selling her body for money. So Samson’s moral weakness led to his own downfall and subsequently, his death. There is nothing wrong with LOVE between two people, as long as it is God ordained, anything else leads ultimately to death! Jesus reminds us in Matthew 22:37 “you shall LOVE the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind!” Amen.

286. II Samuel 13 v 4: “And he said to him, why are you, being the king’s son, lean from day to day? Will you not tell me? And Amnon said to him, I LOVE Tamar, my brother Absalom’s sister.”

Here is a man in LOVE, and earthly LOVE, but LOVE. Along comes Satan in the form of a second cousin, Jonadab, to spoil and corrupt that LOVE if he can. Now Satan cannot corrupt God’s LOVE, but he can and will corrupt an earthly LOVE if he possibly can. Satan’s method, as always, is to make everything seem reasonable and right: ‘you are the king’s son aren’t you?’ As Tamar pointed out, Amnon could have had her as his wife only for the asking for the king’s permission. However, Amnon’s LOVE had been corrupted into lust, as the context shows, and Satan had succeeded in another instance. So, we see today, that earthly LOVE is corruptible! Praise You Lord God of Isra’el, that Your LOVE and our LOVE of You cannot be corrupted by Satan or anyone else! Hallelujah. Amen.

287. Psalm 116 v 1: “I LOVE the Lord, because He heard my voice and my supplications.” 1st August 1989

What a wonderful thing, to have the security of knowing that the Lord hears my voice and my supplications! With the security of that knowledge, how could I not LOVE the Lord? So, LOVE, God’s LOVE, gives security. The Lord may not grant every request and supplication, but I know that He hears me, there is no doubt of that. Hallelujah. Now, is my LOVE for the Lord the same LOVE as the Lord has Himself? Can I say with Job, ‘Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him?’ My own LOVE for the Lord is not sufficient, but I can ask the Lord to fill me with His LOVE, in the security of the knowledge that the Lord will hear that request if I make it. Praise God in the highest, glory to God in the highest for His LOVE for me.

288. Psalm 119 v 97: “Oh how I LOVE Your Law! It is my meditation all the day.”

We see from the context of this verse, that to LOVE the Law and meditate upon it, is to gain wisdom. This is obviously a good thing, so what do we learn of LOVE here? We see the importance of directing our LOVE towards the right things as God would have us do. We must learn to LOVE and to LOVE the right things with a Godly LOVE and today we see one thing towards which that Godly LOVE should be directed – God’s Law. We also see why we should do this, the next verse tells us that this will makes us wiser than our enemies. Hallelujah! Lord God, help me to learn to LOVE Your Law in Your way, that I may look forward to the next time that I may read it and meditate upon it. Amen.

289. Psalm 119 v 113: “I hate vain thoughts, but Your Law do I LOVE.”

10th August 1989

What a wonderful sentiment! How I wish that, truly, in my heart, that I could say this as in this verse. I have to be honest with myself and confess that I don’t LOVE the Law of God or His Word in the way that this verse means; but I do have the hope of the Lord Jesus within me, that I shall in the fullness of time do so. Hallelujah, for the Lord our God is merciful and He will fill me with His LOVE with which to ‘LOVE HIS Law’ and His Scriptures! So, LOVE today is an honest LOVE, a LOVE that is all truth and grace and mercy and justice, just like our God, the Lord God of Isra’el who never changes (Malachi 3:6) and whom we can, therefore, trust to the very end of time and in to Eternity. Praise You Lord Jesus, Son of God the Father. You are the only perfect Lamb of God, the eternal sacrifice of our Lord God. Hallelujah. Amen.

290. Psalm 119 v 163: “I hate and abhor lying, but You Law do I LOVE.”

The Law of God is light and life, lying is the way of darkness and death! So, which should I LOVE? A silly question really! So what does it mean, to LOVE God’s Law? Well, we all know that LOVE is an action from previous studies, so it follows that in LOVing the Law of God, action is called for. There is only one possible action in LOVing the Law of God, and that is to OBEY it and follow it in every respect. We all know (or should know...) the Ten Commandments, and we know how Jesus interpreted them for us, that even our thoughts must be subject to God’s Law! We also know that it is impossible, in our own strength, to avoid breaking that Law at some point or another. So what can we do if we truly LOVE the Law of God? We need help!!! So praise the Lord God of Isra’el, He desires to help us, when we are ready to let Him, by filling us with His LOVE and power at salvation and by the ongoing process of perfecting us. Hallelujah for such a gracious and great God. Fill us anew with Your LOVE Lord Jesus, that we may be better equipped to obey You Law. Praise You too Father God, that we are no longer under Law, but under grace, Your grace, and this means that I will find myself breaking Your Law less and less as You continue to perfect in me – Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Amen. (As I type this out, I no longer believe that we are not under Law, the Law still applies to each and every one of us!)

291. Psalm 119 v 119: “You put away all the wicked of the earth like dross; therefore I LOVE Your testimonies.” 13th August 1989

One could always think that LOVE in this context was born out of fear of what the Lord has (and will) done to the wicked, but we must remember that ‘perfect LOVE casts out fear,’ (I John 4:18) but, if we think it out, this verse says: ‘therefore, I LOVE Your testimonies;’ meaning. I LOVE to hear about the great things which our God has done. I LOVE to hear or read about all those wonderful things which God has done – from the Creation right up to answered prayers today. How great is our God, what wondrous exploits He has done! Praise His wonderful name! Let us see then, that here is another direction in which our LOVE should be pointed. Amen. Hallelujah!

292. Psalm 119 v 127: “Therefore, I LOVE Your commandments above gold; yes, above fine gold.”

The context of this verse is in the previous verse: “For they have made void Your Law.” They, being the ungodly general public. How like today!? Because the general public and even our leaders in government and civil service are in the process of making void God’s Law (abortion, making illegal to “not spare the rod;” Proverbs 22:15; 23:13, 14 etc. etc.) it behoves each one of us to LOVE God’s commandments all the more! We should proclaim the commandments (not just the 10 of course, but Jesus’ commandment to LOVE one another, must be shown in action!) to the whole world, remembering of course, that we owe this to our neighbours first. Our LOVE for the commandments of God must not be rammed down the throat of unbelievers by shouting about them, but shown to them purely by our example. Our LOVE for those commandments of God, must be such that our lives must not be governed by “thou shalt” and “thou shalt nots” but that at every decision point in our lives, we shall be so filled with the LOVE of Jesus that we will supernaturally naturally do as He would do – simply because we are filled with Jesus in our inner being. Hallelujah! Amen. May it be so in me Lord Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah – He has heard me.

293. Psalm 119 v 159: “Consider how I LOVE Your precepts; revive me, O Lord, according to Your Loving-kindness.” 15th August 1989

So, a result of our LOVE for God’s precepts (Law, commands, Scriptures etc.) is that we can expect the Lord God of Isra’el to hear and so answer) our prayer for revival. We can rest assured in this because of the “LOVing-kindness” of the Lord. All this in one verse! So what do we learn of LOVE in this verse? Well, from the foregoing, we can see that we have the right to expect something specific from the Lord - Revival! This ties in with a much earlier study in this series (number 1) that LOVE up-builds. Hallelujah! The more we LOVE the Lord and His precepts (Law, commandments, Scriptures etc.) the more He will revive us when we ask, in order that we shall (not can) LOVE Him and all that there is of Him and all about Him. A sort of perpetual motion principle, except that it is God Himself who is putting in more and more of His LOVE into the situation. O praise God, praise Him in the highest for His mighty acts (and testimonies – last study but one). O Lord God of Isra’el, revive me in Jesus name, to LOVE Your precepts more and more and more. Amen.

294. Psalm 119 v 167: “My soul has kept Your testimonies, and I LOVE them exceedingly.”

‘I have remembered the great works of God and I LOVE to think about them often,’ could be a paraphrase of this verse. In other words, to remind myself of all the wonderful things that God has done: from creation; through bringing the nation of Isra’el through the Red Sea; making the Sun stand still for Joshua; right through to all that is accomplished through His Son Jesus – salvation for our souls; to restoring His people Isra’el to the land and today to the answers to our prayers. Then there are secular things as: the miracle of birth and countless miracles, for Isra’el, for Christians and even for the unsaved. Consider re-instating the State of Isra’el. The more we remember all these wonderful acts of God, then add in the myriad tiny details like leading us to that ‘lost bunch of keys’ when we ask Him. How can we do anything less than LOVE them exceedingly! So, LOVE magnifies our God to us as we remember all that He is and has done. Hallelujah! Amen.

295. Proverbs 8 v 17: “I LOVE those who LOVE me, and those who seek me early shall find me.” 27th August 1989

Today, LOVE is of wisdom. ‘Wisdom LOVEs those who LOVE wisdom and those who seek wisdom early shall find wisdom’ may be another way of writing this verse, since the whole of Proverbs 8 is in praise of wisdom. Wisdom is a part of God and hence this verse is an exhortation to LOVE this aspect of God, not forgetting the other aspects of course! If we seek Godly wisdom early in our lives, soak it up and apply it in our lives, then shall wisdom be found more and more. This means that if we seek (and by implication, continue to seek wisdom) then we shall continue to be wise through to the end of our lives here on Earth. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that those who LOVE wisdom in this way will have the respect of man, this is Godly wisdom and the world despises anything to do with God! There will be a reward in Heaven for those who do LOVE the wisdom of God! Hallelujah. Amen.

296. John 14 v 31: “But that the world may know that I LOVE the Father and, as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go from here.”

Obedience is better than sacrifice, we are told in I Samuel 15:22 and here in this verse today, we see that Jesus was totally in obedience to His Father – even to death. He LOVEd the Father so much that He would not in any way or sense do anything less than total obedience. So, we see today, that LOVE (of God) shows itself in total obedience. So, we can say that a measure of our LOVE of God is in the degree to which we are in absolute obedience to Him. Since we fail Him so often, we must say to ourselves, thank God for Romans 8:1. We must not think ourselves to be under condemnation because we fail to be completely obedient to God all the time. God is perfecting His LOVE in us all the time and we shall eventually reach that perfect LOVE when we stand before Him in Heaven! Hallelujah that now “when He looks at me He sees not what I used to be, but He sees Jesus” in the words of that glorious song! Praise God for His mercy and grace. We must not expect instant change as the world wants everything to be instant, God works in His own ways and times. Praise His holy name. Amen.

297. John 21 v 15: “So when they had dined, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you me more than these? He said to Him, yes Lord; You know that I LOVE You. He said to him, feed my lambs.” 29th August 1989

If we LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el with a Godly LOVE, then we are to obey this commandment to feed Jesus lambs. Contrary to popular misconception, this instruction was not given only to leaders in the Church, it was given to Peter at the time and applies to all Christians, “feed My lambs” said Jesus! It does not say either, ‘give My lambs spiritual food!’ It says quite literally “feed My lambs.” This is not to deny the spiritual aspects of the command, but to bring home the truth that we are collectively responsible to every member of the body of Christ (the Church) to see that no one is hungry in our midst for whatever reason. People don’t only go hungry because of poverty! Jesus has already said in John15:12 that we are to LOVE one another and to do as in the verse before us today, is simply the out working of Jesus previous command in a practical way. Hallelujah! Praise God in the highest! Amen.

298. John 21 v 16: “He said to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you Me? He said to Him, yes Lord; You know that I LOVE You. He said to him, feed My sheep.”

Whilst the question, “do you LOVE Me” was here directed at Peter, the Lord would have us consider the question directed at each and every one of us today. Do I really LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el as I ought? A very sobering question. Reflect upon the answer for a while......... Again, we must remember Romans 8:1 and not feel condemned, Jesus never condemned anyone but He did and still does convict our spirit of those things in our lives that He wants us to submit to Him for Him to change in our lives. Peter’s reply, “You know that I LOVE You” is absolutely correct, for we know that God knows all things, even the thoughts of our heart before we do! He knows all those who have a heart for God, even though those same people have a tough time being obedient to the commands of God, and thus are failing in their own eyes to LOVE God as they ought. Again, we must not feel condemned when we fail, because condemnation is from Satan and not God. What a wonderful God then, who LOVEs us so much that He simply encourages us to keep on trying. Thank You God for Your encouragement. Amen.

299. John 21 v 17: “He said to him a third time, Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you Me? Peter was grieved because He said to him a third time, LOVE you Me? And he said to Him, Lord You know all things; You know that I LOVE You. Jesus said to him. Feed My sheep.” 31st August 1989

Whose sheep? Jesus has made it quite clear in these 3 verses, that the sheep belong to Him and no-one else. So, if we LOVE the Lord Jesus as we ought, then we shall not differentiate between any of His sheep, irrespective of where or even how they worship the Lord God of Isra’el. If we do differentiate, then we are showing our LOVE for God in its true colours! I John 4:20 and several other verses in this letter, show the truth of this statement. We can hide nothing from God, our deepest feelings colour our attitudes, yet we may be quite unaware of them, be some of them right and some of them wrong, yet God knows them intimately, as Peter realised in this verse today. If we truly LOVE the Lord God of Isra’el, then we shall not be condemned (Roams 8:1) by this realisation, but we shall joyfully long for the Lord to have His way within our deepest soul to change it into His likeness. Hallelujah, O what a joy to know. Amen.

300. II Corinthians 12 v 15: “And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I LOVE you, the less I be LOVEd.”

This is a selfless LOVE, Paul says that even though the Corinthians LOVE him less and less the more he pours himself out for them, he will still go on LOVing them more and more. He says that he will spend all that he has (i.e. materially) and will use all his energy on them to show his LOVE for them, and if they reject him more as a result, he will continue to do it because he LOVEs them with the LOVE of the Lord! What a LOVE! Such a display of LOVE must be second only to the LOVE which Jesus displayed by going to the cross for those who would still reject Him! So what do we see of LOVE in this context? We see that LOVE is selfless and is not put off by rejection. Hallelujah, what a saviour! No wonder Paul could say ‘imitate me’ in I Corinthians 4:16, 11:1 & Philippians 3:17. If we LOVE like this, think how much the world will ridicule us, but how much God will be glorified, provided that the LOVE so displayed is Godly LOVE. Hallelujah! Amen.

301. I John 4 v 20: “If a man says, I LOVE God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he that LOVEs not his brother, whom he has seen, how can he LOVE God , whom he has not seen?” 4th September 1989

What is the Lord showing me today? LOVE is not something with which one can flippantly say ‘I LOVE God!’ Our actions, which can be seen by those around us (our witness) can deny the words we speak – make us a liar! We can so very easily destroy our witness to God, by being seen to not wholeheartedly LOVE our brothers (and sisters). It makes it imperative that we make sure that we LOVE all our brothers without exception and are seen by the world to do so without exception, before we tell anybody that we LOVE God! O how important is the unspoken witness that we give to the world. How easy it is to destroy our own witness in the eyes of the world. How important it is to LOVE one another, the commandment given to us by Jesus Himself and reinforced by the next verse to the one we are studying. Father God, forgive us that so often we back-bite against our brothers and think that no-one notices. Thank you for Your grace and mercy towards us, help us to be better witnesses to You. Amen.

302. II John v 1: “The elder to the elect lady and her children, whom I LOVE in the truth; and not I only, but all they that have known the truth.”

“I LOVE in the truth.” This is not saying ‘I truly LOVE,’ but John is saying that he LOVEs those who are in the truth, God’s truth, absolute truth. This truth is the revealed word of God in the Scriptures and in Jesus Himself, who is the truth incarnate. So John is expressing his LOVE for all the believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour. The elect lady could be the Church at Jerusalem or at some other place, but, since it is not specified, we must assume that it is to the body of believers in general. John is being obedient therefore to Jesus ‘new’ commandment to LOVE one another. The lesson to learn here today is that we are not only to LOVE, actively, those with whom we are in daily or frequent contact, but we are to LOVE, actively, those whom we may never have actually met in far off places. Now this is a much bigger thing. We cannot obey this command now until we pray to God for how we can do this. He may want us to pray for Christians in specific areas, or those in particular problems, He may want us to get off our knees and do something specific – ask and God will answer. Hallelujah Father. Help us to obey Your commandment to LOVE one another in Your way. Amen.

303. III John v 1: “The elder to the well-beloved Gaius, whom I LOVE in the truth.”

8th September 1989

What is the truth? Jesus is the truth! So John LOVEs Gaius in Jesus. I have heard of the description of our relationship with God and our brothers and sisters in Jesus, being described in form, as a wheel, with God as the hub and us as believers becoming saved and hence joining the wheel at the rim; the spokes represent the path of growth of each believer as we grow towards God’s perfection in the centre. The amazingly obvious thing in this analogy is that as we grow closer to God, we also grow closer together with our fellow believers, just as the spokes of the wheel get closer the nearer to the hub they are! We can learn today about LOVE then, that our closeness to our brothers and sisters in Christ is an indication (or measure) of our closeness or growth in God. We must, however, remember that we are not called upon to judge other people (only the actions) and so we must only use this indication to measure our own personal growth. Thank You Father. Amen.

304. Revelation 3 v 4: “As many as I LOVE, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous, therefore, and repent.”

The Lord says that a sign of His LOVE to each of us is that He will rebuke and chasten us. This begs the question, if I don’t feel rebuked or chastened by the Lord – what is wrong? Have I hardened my neck so much that I don’t feel it, or am I so full of pride that I am not going to change, or am I, in fact, in the Lord’s will at the present time? If, after a thorough heart searching, perhaps after talking with a respected Christian friend or maybe even after some Christian counselling, I cannot see that the Lord is trying to tell me something, then, maybe, I am in His will at the present time after all. I must be ready at all times to be rebuked and chastened by the Lord, I must always be ready to receive that. Praise God that He is always waiting for us to turn back to Him, to hear Him and to obey His will. Thank You Father, that You are so patient, gentle and LOVing with me. Amen.

305. Genesis 29 v 32: “And Leah conceived, and bore a son, and she called his name Reuben; for, she said, surely the Lord has looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will LOVE me.” 22nd September 1989

We see today an example of a woman trying, unsuccessfully, to win her husband’s LOVE. She didn’t of course set out to have 4 sons in order to please him, that could be called a divinely ordained accident of nature; but, she did hope, that to give him 6 sons would result in him LOVing his wife as he ought – wrong! He felt that he had been wronged in having Leah as his wife in the first place. ‘LOVE cannot be forced’ is the message today. We have before us a type of the situation in which God has placed Himself into quite willingly. God desperately wants everyone of us to LOVE Him, but, although He has given every one of us very many good things, He cannot force us to LOVE Him. Wonderful are the ways of God, He knew that most of the human race would reject His LOVE right to the end, yet He still made every one of us. What a God! Hallelujah Father God, that I LOVE You responding to Your LOVE to me. I cannot see how anyone could reject You, but as You gave us all free will to do so, and many take that option. Praise the Lord God of Isra’el! Amen.

306. Exodus 20 v 6: “And showing mercy to thousands of them that LOVE Me and keep my commandments.”

This is God Himself speaking here to each of us following the second commandment: “You shall not make unto yourself any graven image.....” Having said what He will do to those who break this commandment, He tells us in this verse before us what He will do to “Them that LOVE Me and keep My commandments.” He says (and assuredly does) He will show mercy to them that LOVE Him. When we think and so realise, that there is nothing in us that would justify our going to Heaven, in fact quite the opposite, an awful lot that does condemn each of us to Hell for Eternity; only then can we begin to realise just how much mercy has the Lord God shown to them that LOVE Him! His LOVE to every one of us is unconditional, there is no-one on Earth toward whom God does not direct His LOVE; His mercy, as we can see in this verse, is conditional, it is shown to them who return that LOVE to Him and so keep His commandments. Praise God for His LOVE and for His mercy to “thousands.” Hallelujah, praise God that I receive His mercy! Amen.

307. Deuteronomy 5 v 10: “And showing mercy to thousands of them who LOVE Me and keep My commandments.” 30th September 1989

If we wish to enjoy the mercy of God, then here is the way to do so clearly set out quite unambiguously: LOVE God and keep His commandments. You may say, ‘but I have tried to keep His commandments and OK for a while, but then I find myself breaking more of them, I can’t keep it up.’ Well, this is the case for all of us, in our own strength we cannot keep all God’s commandments all the time. As Paul said in Romans 3:23, that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Paul himself had the same problem, as he explained in Romans 7, but continued to explain what to do about it in the next chapter. We need to LOVE God and to walk in the Spirit. This will enable or empower each of us to be free of the law of sin and death. We shall not be condemned when we do make a mistake, such is the LOVE of God that if we confess it to Him, He will cleanse us anew to go on LOVing Him and so no longer breaking His commandments. What a wonderful God He is! Hallelujah! Amen. Praise God in the highest! Glorious God.

308. Proverbs 8 v 17: “I LOVE those who LOVE Me, and those who seek me early shall find Me.”

To those who LOVE God’s wisdom, that wisdom shall LOVE them and come to be more and more natural to them. The earlier in life that we seek God’s wisdom, the earlier we shall find her (interesting that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all male!). So, we see of LOVE today, that LOVE begets LOVE, LOVE up-builds itself by LOVE. As we have seen in previous studies in this series, LOVE, Godly LOVE, is even growing, getting bigger and bigger all the time and throughout eternity. We see then today, a different aspect of that LOVE, that it is tied up with God’s wisdom. So, it is a wise thing to LOVE God and His wisdom. Greater wisdom than this is not amongst man. Man’s wisdom is foolishness compared to God’s wisdom as it says in I Corinthians 3:19. Hallelujah. Father God, help me, give me the desire to seek Your wisdom and to LOVE her too. Amen. Glorify Yourself, Lord God in Your wisdom and LOVE. Amen.

309. John 14 v 31: “But that the world may know that I LOVE the Father, and, as the Father gave Me commandment, even so do I. Arise, let us go from here.” 8th October 1989

Here is Godly LOVE shown in its perfection, “as the Father gave Me commandment, even so I do.” This is the perfect expression of Jesus’ LOVE for the Father. Notice how He doesn’t say ‘My Father’ but “the Father,” thus including us in His Fatherhood. Hallelujah! Then, “arise, let us go from here.” In other words, let us not just remain where we are just talking about it, but let us get up and ‘go for it,’ to use the modern idiom. Again, we see that LOVE is not to be a passive thing, but LOVE is to inspire us to action! Let us not mistake what that action is to be either, it is quite clear in this verse that we are not to do ‘our own thing,’ but to do what God the Father commands us to do. Again, just because it says in the Bible to do something (after all, it says to do far more things than we are able) we must have the command of the Father to us personally, the anointing, in order to accomplish that command. Praise God in the highest for His LOVE toward us and His command to “tarry in Jerusalem, until you be endued with power from on high.” Luke 24:49. Amen

310. John 21 v 15: “So when they had dined, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you Me more than these?’ He said to Him, yes Lord; You know that I LOVE You. He said to him, ‘feed My lambs.’”

What a truth Peter answered Jesus, “You know that I LOVE You.” Jesus knows exactly how much each of us LOVEs Him, much more than we know ourselves. As we all have heard, in the Greek original, Peter, brought to the point of realising the inadequacy of his own level of LOVE for Jesus (compared to Jesus LOVE for him) was forced to use a word meaning a much lower level of LOVE when he replied to Jesus the third time, “You know that I LOVE You.” This tells us of LOVE: our own LOVE for Jesus is inadequate and Jesus knows it, we have to come to the same point as Peter too, and realise the same thing for ourselves; and that Jesus LOVE transcends that inadequacy on our part! We normally would answer Jesus in the same way as Peter, rather flippantly perhaps, saying what we thought Jesus wanted to hear, not realising the reason for the question in the first place. Praise God in the highest for His LOVE. Hallelujah, Amen. (I have since heard that, in Hebrew, Peter’s native tongue, there is only one word for LOVE!)

311. John 21 v 16: “He said to him again the third time, Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you Me? He said to Him, yes Lord; You know that I LOVE You. He said to him, feed My sheep.” 15th October 1989

Still willing to please Jesus in his own way, Peter quickly replies : “yes Lord; You know that I LOVE You.” So, today we are seeing that our own way of LOVing is not what Jesus wants of us. In this story in three verses, we see how gently Jesus was leading Peter to realise what sort of LOVE he really had for Jesus, gently but firmly. The firmness of Jesus’ LOVE is not readily apparent, but it is still there. So, today we see, even at this stage of this series, yet another aspect of Godly LOVE, it is a firm LOVE, it doesn’t set out to please in its own way, but only in truth and in absolute terms. There are no ‘white lies’ in Godly LOVE, only LOVE or lies. Thank You Father God for what You have shown me today of Your LOVE. Amen.

312. John 21 v 17: “He said to him the third time, Simon, son of Jonah, LOVE you Me? Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, LOVE you Me? And he said to Him, Lord, You know all things; You know that I LOVE You. Jesus said to him, feed My sheep.”

Now is the true nature of the LOVE that Peter has for the Lord revealed to the man himself. Peter saw what he himself was like, maybe for the first time, his LOVE for Jesus was not the Agapé that he thought it was, but a lesser , human level of LOVE. So what do we learn of LOVE today in this verse? We see that it is very important that each of us, as did Peter, must come to the place where we see our LOVE for Jesus as it really is. When we are first born again, our LOVE for Jesus seems to know no bounds and in all the relief and excitement we think: ‘this is it!’ We are so wrong in thinking that our LOVE for Jesus is Agapé at that time, but it will grow into that as we grow in the Lord (that is not measured in years, of course!) so let us not ‘knock it.’ That first LOVE is still a worldly form of LOVE and as we go on growing in the Lord (don’t forget that Simon Peter had been with the Lord for about 3 ½ years at this point) so our LOVE for Jesus will grow from worldly LOVE to Godly LOVE. O praise God for His grace, mercy and LOVE towards us, that He grows us. Hallelujah. Amen.

313. II Corinthians 12 v 15: “And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I LOVE you, the less I be LOVEd.” 18th November 1989

Paul is echoing to the Corinthian Church, the very same feelings and actions in LOVE as the Lord God of Isra’el has expressed to and about His own people Isra’el. It doesn’t matter how much we reject the LOVE of God, it does not cause that LOVE to diminish one tiny little bit! “God is LOVE” I John 4:8 tells us, and we have previously seen in these studies, that God’s LOVE is an ever growing LOVE, rejection of God’s LOVE does not diminish it at all, nothing can do that, not Godly LOVE, only human LOVE can diminish! What a wonderful thing is this LOVE of God, it is unstoppable! Praise God that even when we reject it like fools, when we come to our senses, that LOVE is still there, every bit as big if not bigger, waiting for us to accept it. Hallelujah, WHAT a saviour! Thank You Father, I revel in Your LOVE for me.

314. I John 4 v 20: “If a man says, I LOVE God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he that LOVEs not his brother, whom he has seen, how can he LOVE God, whom he has not seen?”

What a test God has provided for us to apply to ourselves, to find out exactly where we ourselves are in our lives and our LOVE for the God! Sermons could (and no doubt have been) preached on this verse. I must look into my own life to see if there are any people of any age or sex, who I have ever ignored or turned up my nose to or even just avoided the company of them. When I find out about myself in this way, I must repent of those actions and confess them to God, I must then take whatever action is possible to apologise to the people concerned and ask for their forgiveness (that is probably the hardest part after admitting the situation exists!) for not LOVing them as God has commanded me. O dear, now we are really getting down to the nitty gritty of LOVE, Godly LOVE in our own lives. We can’t slide around this one by saying that this only applies to our immediate Christian brothers either, this is mainly to do with them obviously, but not exclusively so! O Father God, help me to cope with this as only You can help, I am quite out of my depth here with this situation. Thank You Father. Amen.

315. II John v 1: “The elder to the elect lady and her children, whom I LOVE in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth;” 25th November 1989

We see coupled together LOVE and truth again. John, in his Gospel at John 14:6, tells us that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me,” and in John 1:14 & 17 that Jesus brought us truth. This then couples LOVE very tightly with truth, since Jesus is both! If we LOVE, then it can only be in truth, there can be no falsehoods or lies (not even little white lies!) within us, if we LOVE. Perfect LOVE drives out fear in I John 4:18, we are told, but the same verse goes on to say that “he that fears is not made perfect in LOVE.” Thus, in LOVE, we mustn’t fear the truth. If LOVE, Godly LOVE, abounds between friends in Jesus, then having our ‘dirty washing’ brought out of our past should not be a cause for fear. When we have real friends in Jesus, they, in the LOVE of Jesus will help us repent of those things if we have not done so already. God the Father will not hold them against us any more, they will removed from us as far as the East is from the West (Psalm 103:12). What a God, what a release, every way He helps us, to free us from bondage to the past. Hallelujah, What a saviour. Amen.

316. III John v 1: “The elder to the well beloved Gaius, whom I LOVE in the truth.”

What a wonderful letter this is, the whole tone is one of encouragement with a warning about a false prophet, Diotrephes. “Gaius, whom I LOVE in the truth,” or, as we saw in the last study, “whom I LOVE in Jesus” it could just as well read. This one, Gaius by name, had brought great joy to John when he heard about what was going on in that local Church and how Gaius was upholding the truth of the Gospel in the face of the false prophet who had apparently taken over the Church there. In that LOVE by Gaius for the truth, that he was holding fast to it under persecution from within the Church, we see a coupling together of LOVE and truth, also the producing of Joy in others. Isn’t it strange though, that so much opposition to the work of the Lord comes from within the Church? Does anything change? Father God help me that I may not hinder Your ongoing work and that I might be an encouragement to all that do Your will. All glory, praise and honour to You Lord Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit. Amen.

317. Revelation 3 v 19: “As many as I LOVE, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore and repent.” 2nd December 1989

O dear, what a blow for those who have this LOVEy dovey type of God! This is God’s word, we cannot deny it. It is here directed to those (like me) who are neither hot nor cold towards God, take life as it comes, type of people. Well God isn’t threatening us, be sure of that, He wants us to know that life isn’t going to be a bed of roses because we are Christians! He, because He LOVEs us so very much, wants us to be His very best and that cannot happen without discipline (a much disliked word today!) what runner who didn’t constantly practise ever won a race? LOVE of God then brings discipline in the form of rebukes and chastising when we go against God’s will for us. O praise God that when He rebukes and chastens us, then we have the proof that God LOVEs us. The world can give us ‘nice’ things, but only God is going to rebuke and chasten us. What an example of Fatherhood too! Hallelujah, praise God when things go wrong in our lives, no wonder James 1:2 says “count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” Amen.

318. Genesis 29 v 32: “And Leah conceived, and bore a son, and she called his name Reuben; for she said, surely the Lord has looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will LOVE me.”

What a foreshadowing this is, of the Lord God of Isra’el LOVing Isra’el, who much preferred the ways of the world. So what do we see of LOVE today? That Leah tried every way she knew how, to gain the LOVE of Jacob her husband. However, they were worldly ways. Jesus used the Heavenly ways to woo Isra’el (only Judah and Benjamin were left at Jesus time, of course) and, apparently, one third of them believed and accepted Him as their Messiah (Christ is only the Greek word for this) by the end of the 1st century AD. He is still wooing them and also us Gentiles (being grafted in amongst the Jewish believers – Romans 11:20) for He longs that all shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. He also knows that, having given each of us free will, that many will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven because we exercise that free will and choose to reject the LOVE of Jesus, choosing Hell for our eternal destiny. Jesus still LOVEs each of us to the end. Praise God then for the tenacity of God’s LOVE to each one of us. Thank You Father for the free will that You have given me and that I LOVE You. Amen.

319. Exodus 20 v 6: “And showing mercy to thousands of them that LOVE Me, and keep My commandments.” 7th December 1989

This is in the middle of what is probably the best known passage in the whole of the Bible, the Ten Commandments and is rather frightening in its implications. God is a jealous God and the preceding verse shows what will happen on Earth to those that hate Him and that He will show mercy to the “thousands of them that LOVE” Him. One could read into this passage that only a small proportion of the population will hate Him and suffer, but I believe that it is only a small proportion of the total population who will benefit from God’s mercy by virtue of their LOVE for God. This is the frightening implication. This is what should add impetus to our desire to tell the world about Jesus, in order that more can have the opportunity to receive His LOVE and to LOVE Him and so receive His mercy. Lord God, have mercy on me and help me to LOVE You as I ought and to tell others of Your LOVE. Amen.

320. Deuteronomy 5 v 10: “And showing mercy to thousands of them who LOVE Me and keep My commandments.”

The Lord our God is a jealous God (verse 9) and will execute His wrath upon those who break His commandments. Yet we see also that He will show mercy to those who do if they are among those who LOVE Him (and keep His commandments) because He knows our humanity and our ability to break His commandments, even if we don’t realise it. God, Jesus, looks at our heart, not what our body does. If we LOVE God with all our heart and soul and body, then normally we shall not break His commandments (fail to do His will in today’s terminology) intentionally. Even if we do, He will show mercy to us. Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin, so if our heart attitude (LOVE) towards God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is to LOVE Him, then we will be as hurt as God is when we realise what we have done, Jesus will have mercy upon us and together we shall comfort one another! Wow! That is quite a revelation, that Jesus and I will comfort one another after I have gone against His will for me. Obviously, I shall have to realise that I have done wrong and repent of it before this can happen! What a God of mercy and LOVE we have! Amen.

321. Proverbs 8 v 17: “I LOVE those who LOVE Me, and those who seek Me early shall find Me.” 17th December 1989

This whole chapter speaks of wisdom (as of course, do most of Proverbs) and it is well to note that Jesus possessed wisdom from the beginning (verse 22) and that wisdom has strength (verse 14). So, to seek wisdom is to seek Jesus, the Lord. Not only that, the earlier that we seek wisdom, we see in this verse that the more likely we are to find her! If we LOVE wisdom then, we see today that we shall receive the LOVE of wisdom. So the more we LOVE, the more we are LOVEd. We have then, another example of an ever growing LOVE part of God. This time though, LOVE is coupled with wisdom. Who could imagine that God is anything but wise? Who could doubt that wisdom has been a part of God since before time began? O what a wonderful LOVE, that increases all the more, the more I use and apply it in my life! O praise You Lord Jesus, who could have imagined that one of the weakest and most submissive of animals could be the most mighty Lamb of God. Hallelujah!

322. Proverbs 8 v 21: “That I may cause those who LOVE Me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasuries.”

Such is the LOVE of God toward them that LOVE Him, that He will fulfil their needs. We don’t have to struggle and strive for promotions or strike for more money in this world, after all, we are in this world as His ambassadors, to show the world that we are not of this world. By showing to the world the ways of God and relying on Him and His LOVE toward each of us. How much has this and similar verses been corrupted in its meaning to appeal to weak people to come to Jesus for the wrong reasons. We must come to Jesus because we LOVE Him and in the knowledge that He LOVEs us and wants the best for us. We must however, realise that Jesus is concerned with and for our spiritual wellbeing very much more than for our carnal wellbeing. His LOVE for us wants us to be with Him in Heaven as His Bride, all the world’s riches will be left behind when we die. Of course, Jesus doesn’t want us to suffer for our faith in Him, but we mustn’t question Him as to His perfect plan because we don’t understand it and why so many believers are persecuted in various parts of the world. We must learn to trust His LOVE in all things. Amen.

323. John 8 v 42: “Jesus said to them, if God were your Father, you would LOVE Me; for I proceeded forth and came from God: neither came I of Myself, but He sent Me.”

24th December 1989

We have seen before that we LOVE Jesus because He first LOVEd us , but we see today that because God is our Father, then we LOVE Jesus. So we LOVE Jesus because He first LOVEd us, and because God is our Father, through being born again. If we are not born again, then God is not our Father, no matter how much we protest that He is, like the Pharisees of Jesus day, and so we cannot LOVE Jesus. Remember, LOVE is an action not a feeling or just words. We cannot LOVE Jesus unless we show that LOVE. All the good works in the world cannot save us! All our own righteousness is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) so in order to call God our Father, only the sacrifice of Jesus is sufficient to let us be born again, in that LOVE of God. LOVE is a sign then, that God is our Father, we must LOVE Jesus, letting the world see that we LOVE in order to demonstrate to the world the LOVE that He has for them unto salvation. Our LOVE for Jesus is a witness or sign to the world that they may choose life not death. Hallelujah! Amen.

324. John 10 v 17: “Therefore does My Father LOVE Me, because I lay down My life, that I may take it again.”

God the Father LOVEs God the Son (Jesus) because Jesus was prepared to lay down His life at the Father’s behest. Such is the LOVE of God that there really wasn’t any question in the Father’s or Jesus’ mind that this laying down (and subsequent taking up again) of the life of Jesus as the final sacrifice was going to happen. Like our hope of salvation, it is a certainty! So, the LOVE of God is a certainty, there is and can be nothing that can prevent it! O Hallelujah! What a LOVE! What a God! The context of this verse is the parable of the good shepherd. There is only one shepherd, the good shepherd, Jesus. All the others are hirelings who do not LOVE the sheep, us, in spirit and in truth. So we see of LOVE today, that it is totally reliable, that it is a certainty. You can “bet your bottom dollar on it,” as the worldly saying goes, but we are warned against using this as license to do our own thing. All that we do must be done in LOVE of God, which means “in His will.” Any other works that we do, however well meaning, are dead works and thus to be repented from (Hebrews 6:1). Amen.

325. John 14 v 15: “If you LOVE Me, keep My commandments.” 1st January 1990

Interestingly, Jesus did not say keep only My new commandments. The LOVE of within each of us will cause us to keep Jesus commandments, ALL of them, not just the new ones. We shall not go about religiously performing according to the commandments, we shall, in LOVing Jesus, be able to look back over our lives and realise, ‘Oh, I haven’t broken any of the commandments!’ What a joy to know that if we operate in the LOVE of Jesus, then all other things will fall into place without our worrying about doing them. Do the LOVE of Jesus, worry (not that we should worry at all about anything in Jesus name) no, concentrate on LOVE, LOVing Jesus with all our heart, all our soul and all our strength and Jesus will bless us with that realisation that we are going well in the other areas of our lives. Hallelujah, what a saviour! Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord of all. Amen.

326. John 14 v 23: “Jesus answered and said to him, if a man LOVE Me, he will keep My words; and My Father will LOVE him, and We will come to him, and make our abode with him.”

IF! How Jesus treats us depends upon our action towards Him. If we LOVE Jesus, then these things will happen. Jesus Himself said these words, so they must be trustworthy and true. If I LOVE Jesus, then, as a result of this, I WILL keep His words; not maybe, not if I try really hard, but if “I LOVE Jesus!” Wow! What a comfort. Again I see that I don’t have to struggle and strive to remember to keep His words, LOVE will do it! Oh Hallelujah, What a God, He has it all worked out. He is beyond compare. Praise God in the highest! He alone is worthy to be praised. If I LOVE Him, then all these spiritual things will simply fall into place. It will happen just as Jesus says it will in my life, as long as I truly LOVE Him. Oh what blessings can follow from that LOVE of God.

NB. This is not a recipe for material blessings, prosperity, wealth and the good life in a worldly sense. We must be very careful not to expect those things as a result of our LOVE for Jesus. They may or may not be ours in this life, but they will not necessarily be the result of LOVing Jesus, we must keep our motives pure in our LOVE for Jesus, LOVE Him for Himself and not for any other reason! Our LOVE for Him must be as His LOVE for us – selfless. Amen.

327. Proverbs 20 v 13:LOVE not sleep, lest you come to poverty; open your eyes, and you shall be satisfied with bread.” 3rd January 1990

This does not say ‘do not sleep.’ Sleep is very necessary to our living healthy lives. We need sleep! That does not mean that we are to sleep whenever possible, there is a time for sleeping and there is a time for being awake. The message here is one that we saw many studies ago in this series: where we direct our LOVE is important and in this verse we see where not to direct it. Our attitude is in question today, do we continually look forward to going to sleep? Do we talk a lot about sleeping? Do we often yawn during the day? Do we want to fall asleep at work etc. etc. etc? If some or all of these things are true in our lives, then we must seriously question if our attitude is right towards sleep! Are we LOVing sleep when we should be LOVing the Lord Jesus? Remember the first commandment, to LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength! Let Him dominate our thoughts, not sleep, or we shall come to spiritual poverty as this proverb says. So praise the Lord!

328. I Corinthians 16 v 22: “If any man LOVE not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema maranatha.”

Strong stuff “anathema maranatha!” My Bible notes tell me that it means ‘accursed, our Lord comes.’ So, if I don’t LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ, then I am to be cursed, I am already damned to Hell. The implication here is that we either LOVE the Lord Jesus or we don’t, there is no middle road, we are all bound for Heaven or Hell. There are no other alternatives. However pious we are, no matter how staunch a Roman Catholic or Baptist or C of E etc., if we don’t actively LOVE Jesus, then this verse makes it quite clear where we are heading when we die and come the day of Judgement. There are no ‘ifs and buts’ involved, LOVE (an action remember) Jesus means that we go to Heaven. Love not Jesus means that we go to Hell! So the power of the LOVE of God in our lives is a saving LOVE, saving us from going to Hell. O praise God in the highest for the power of His LOVE, when it is active in our lives (not upon, for it is always active upon our lives) that it leads us to salvation. Hallelujah! Amen.

329. II Corinthians 11 v 11: “Wherefore? Because I LOVE you not? God knows.”

5th January 1990

Paul is NOT saying to the Corinthians that he doesn’t LOVE them! He is saying that he has done all that he has done for them, including not taking a penny piece from them, simply because he LOVEs them so very much! Not only that, he points out to them that the Lord God of Isra’el knows every little detail of what he has done for them and all the reasons why. Such a LOVE can only come from God Himself, it had been (and so continued) an intensely practical LOVE, the acting active LOVE that we have seen all through these studies, not mere words or feelings towards the Corinthians (and many others of course). Paul said ‘do you think that I have done all these things because I don’t LOVE you?’ After the LOVE which God has shown us through the life on earth, the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus, which is perfect LOVE; the LOVE which Paul showed toward those whom he discipled was the nearest thing to that perfect LOVE of Jesus that we have seen on earth and probably will ever see. No wonder Paul was able to say, ‘ be you imitators of me’ in I Corinthians 4:16 O praise you Father God for Your LOVE, may it be manifested in my life to Your glory. Amen.

330. I John 2 v 15:LOVE not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man LOVE the world, the LOVE of the Father is not in him.”

Well, it couldn’t be stated any more clearly than in this verse! We are not to direct our LOVE toward the world nor anything in it! That really only leaves people to whom we can have LOVE in the world. Well that certainly doesn’t disagree with anything in the previous studies! If we do LOVE the world or anything in (or of) the world, then it is made quite clear that the LOVE of God is not in us. Does this mean that we are not to have worldly possessions? Or that it is a sin to be ‘well off?’ By no means, what God is saying here is that our attitude towards them is not to hold on to things, possessions etc. but to regard them as the Lord’s possessions, to be willing to give everything away without a murmur if the Father says so, remembering that we are merely God’s stewards in respect of all worldly things! Remember the widow’s mite in the Temple as Jesus watched? She gave away her very last possession without any thought of return, God will have looked after her, and her reward in Heaven is great. O praise God for the privilege of being His stewards of so much in this world! Help us O Lord God, to remember our position in this world as Your stewards, and help us to be good stewards and witnesses for You. Amen.

331. I John 3 v 18: “My little children, let us not LOVE in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” 13th January 1990

God is so good and has everything under His control, nothing can happen without He foreknows it and has allowed it! In this, the very last of these studies on LOVE, what has He arranged to be this very last verse? The one that re-enforces the fact that LOVE of God is not in words, spoken or written, but LOVE is an action and is His ultimate truth! LOVE is not a feeling, LOVE is a deed or an action. God knows what we are like, and how we ‘bend His ultimate truths to suit our purposes.’ Some would say, ‘what sort of LOVE is it that allows a child to die a terrible death of, say, Leukaemia?’ We don’t understand at all the ways of God, king David obviously did when his own child died, the first born of Bathsheba (II Samuel 12:13-23). So we must learn that the LOVE of God is very different to human or worldly LOVE. The LOVE of God is “in deed and in truth.” O praise the Lord for He is good! His standards are absolute, whereas ours standards are relative. O wonderful Lord God of Isra’el, the only God! The one who is changeless (Micah 3:6) always LOVing His people, His inheritance, Isra’el, never breaking His covenant with them! Praise You Lord Jesus, wonderful King of kings, Lord of lords. Hallelujah.


Thank You Lord for all the wonderful things You have shown me of Your LOVE in these studies. Praise Your wonderful name. Amen. Amen. Amen.