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Updated: 1 hour 7 min ago

Sharia Down Under

Mon, 2017-05-29 11:00
Sharia law, the president at the time of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils ludicrously argued, far from discriminating against women, "guarantees women's rights that are not recognised in mainstream Australian courts". The Australian Federal

Palestinians: Abbas Immediately Breaks Promises to Trump

Mon, 2017-05-29 10:00
Less than 24 hours after the Abbas-Trump meeting in Bethlehem, in which Abbas promised Trump and his representative, Jason Greenblatt, to cease all forms of incitement against Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) government in Ramallah resumed its

Memorial Day Message

Mon, 2017-05-29 09:00
Gatestone Institute wishes to thank the brave men and women of America's armed forces who gave their lives -- and continue to risk them every day -- so that we may sleep soundly in our beds at night. We are in your debt. — The Editors.